Does African Mango Plus Really Work?

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Does African Mango Plus work?African Mango Plus is one of the best-selling African Mango products out there, and promises to boost your energy, boost your weight loss, and generally just make you feel good. But is there any science behind the claims, or any testing that’s been done to see if this is legit? We look into this further to bring you the info you need to make a solid decision.

If you’re not familiar with what African Mango is, it’s from a Irvingia that is indigenous to Africa, hence the name. African Mango supplements use an extract from the plant so that you get a more concentrated dose of the parts that work, and you don’t have to eat a bunch of mango fruit in order to benefit from it. If you’re considering diet pills, you should always go with ones that use all natural ingredients rather than the ones that use chemicals and other substances that were created in a laboratory and are meant to effect your body in sometimes dangerous ways.

The Claim
African Mango Plus claims that you will have more energy, less fatigue, an increase in your metabolism, and loss of fat in the areas you care about most. Basically, they’re claiming this is the best diet pill you can take at the moment, and that it will give you the energy you need to be more active in your life, and to get more out of your life. If you set aside the fat loss effect, and just consider what a natural increase in energy would do for you, it’s easy to see that this is at least worth a trial run.

The Hype
African mango has gotten a lot of hype in diet circles as the Next Big Thing for weight loss. It’s important for you to look past the hype and do your own research as to whether or not something works. Check to see if testing shows that a product works. Getting swept up in all of the excitement is easy to do unless you’re careful.

The Cost
A one-month supply of African Mango Plus is $50, but you get the most savings when you order more of them. You can get a six month supply for $150, effectively cutting the per month cost in half, down to $25 a month. Obviously this would be the best way to go, but it makes sense to try out one bottle for a month to see how you like it, and then buy in bulk if you want to stay on it.

The Commitment
Since this is sourced from all natural ingredients, you can choose to stay on it for as long as you’d like, and you don’t have to worry about getting too skinny. Eventually your weight will stabilize at your natural level, but you can continue taking it for the benefits of increased energy and less fatigue.

The thing we like best about African Mango Plus is that it doesn’t make any over-the-top claims like you see with other diet pills and programs. There’s nothing that says you lose X amount of pounds in X amount of days. They simply state that you’ll have increased energy and you’ll see a reduction in fatty areas of the body like the midsection, thighs, and butt.

Diet pills are usually something that we say you should avoid, but when it’s all-natural, and promises to give you a natural boost of energy, as well as help you get a handle on your fat loss, we have an easier time recommending it as something to accelerate your results and keep you motivated.

Studies and Documentation
African Mango Plus hasn’t been on the market long enough to have a full scale study done on it, but the main ingredient of it has been. There have been two major studies done on it, one that showed overall weight loss, and one that showed weight loss plus a decrease in body fat percentage. The latter pretty much proves what people have been experiencing all along, that this doesn’t just work to lose overall weight, but specifically helps you lose body fat, which is what we’re really going for here.

Final African Mango Plus Review

African Mango Plus is getting a definite Try rating from us. From what actual users are saying you have a high probability of seeing some results with this. Obviously, those results will be amplified by eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise, but you will also see results even if you don’t do anything else in addition to taking it. Use this as part of a comprehensive plan, and you’ll see more results, more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Our Recommendation
If at this moment you are set on not doing any exercise, or eating healthy foods and you just want to take a pill for weight loss, that’s fine. Just be aware that when you start having more energy, and you start losing a bit of weight, a natural phenomenon is that you want to be more active with that energy, and you want to eat healthy foods as your body naturally gravitates away from foods that bring you down. So using this as a catalyst is a great idea, and can be the push you needed to get you on the path of a healthier lifestyle.

What do you think? Does African Mango Plus work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does African Mango Plus Really Work?

  1. I do not believe it is the mango seeds alone that works with weight loss. People on Amazon have reported losing weight and other have claimed it does not work. I think you need to incorporate diet and exercise for these tablets to assist in your weight loss. The people who said it worked, most were eating healthy and exercising. I also think that the caffeine in the product gives you heaps of energy so you become more active, therefore losing weight. the enzymes in the mango seeds might help, but what is it about diet products and caffeine.

  2. That’s way too much money to commit to a diet in my opinion! It’s even false to think that they’ll clear up your acne/pimples too. If you have oily skin they will cause you to break out more. It seems a lot more logical to just eat really mangoes than relying on “supplements”, “vitamins” or “pills” to get the results you want. Also if you eat too much fruit you’re going to get fat because you will have a superabundant amount of “nature sugar” in your body. There’s no short cut to losing weight and these are just proving that you can’t rely on expensive pills with potential side-effects to get the job for you. I totally agree with you: You will pay for convenience. And you may not like the results after you wasted all that money on them.

  3. $50 a month! My God! Aside from the potential acid erosion caused my eating raw fruits, what reason would you have for not simply eating a couple mangos everyday? I guess there are people out there who don’t have the time to eat a mango? They are pretty messy, I suppose, and you have to have a knife handy, which clearly will not always be the case. But you know, just plan things a bit. Have your mango for breakfast, at home, where presumably you have access to a knife. But that’s the thing, convenience. People will always pay through the nose for convenience.

  4. I’m usually pretty skeptical about supplement weight loss products. Usually because in the fine print we know that the best results come from proper diet and exercise. So really how do you know if the supplement is aiding your efforts? Also, as with most supplements it seems a little pricey. I understand that it’s essentially an energy pill (mostly natural) but if this is the only case why not just shop for fresh African Mangoes. I’m going to hold off on committing to this but would really appreciate hearing from anyone out there who does give this a try. There’s just so much out there and often times things like this aren’t around for too long before a new product becomes the “it” product.

  5. It’s only mango one way or another, so I don’t see how it can hurt trying. I get scared of those products that claim secret formula lol or some pills pumped with ingredients a normal person can’t recognize, but I feel pretty safe eating a mango. It’s only 50 bucks to try, that’s like skipping starbucks for ten days, only this one might actually make you healthy. The hell with it, I’m giving it a try.

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