Does African Mango Extreme Really Work?

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Does African Mango Extreme work?African Mango Extreme is trying to create a sort of all-in-one weight loss solution by offering three different product types, with African mango at the center of it all. But are they able to pull it off, and should you rely on a few bottles of diet pills for all of your weight loss success?

African mango is something that you may not have heard about until recently, and that’s because it has only gotten really popular in the last few years. The product life cycle for a diet pill usually involves several years of it lying dormant, and then one company will see some initial success with it, and then others will jump in on the trend, and then it will get debunked, and one by one the companies will go out of business. It’s something that we’ve seen again and again, and you can be sure that something new will come along shortly and follow the same path.

The Claim
They say that African Mango Extreme blocks your fat, and suppresses your appetite, but doesn’t have the side effects that other fat blockers and appetite suppressants have. They say that this can increase your metabolism, and can boost your weight loss efforts by more than 8 times. They also claim that there have been studies down that prove it can reduce your cholesterol levels.

However, many of the claims they are making refer to African mango in general, and not their product specifically. The claim that links the two together is that they say their product contains African mango extract. One thing that African mango does not do is block fat absorption. So we’re not quite sure why they include that in their claims unless there is an additional ingredient that is known to do that.

The Hype
The hype comes from some of the news stations running spots on how African mango is the latest diet craze, and even Dr. Oz chiming in on at at his blog. It really doesn’t take much to tip the scale and have a diet fad go full viral.

The Cost
African Mango Extreme is $20 a bottle, and comes in three different forms: Original, Lean, and Detox.

The Commitment
Your commitment level here will be entirely up to you. You can choose to only take the pill, and you should see weight loss according to their claims. You could also choose to combine exercise with it, or start making better food choices, or both. The more you help the pill out, the more it will show as far as results go. If you only rely on the pill and keep your current lifestyle, you might see slow results, if any.

African Mango Extreme is really trying to take this to the next level by offering three different varieties of essentially the same product. In addition to their original blend, they also have a Lean version and a Detox version. The Lean version adds Acai and Resveratrol, so they are trying to capitalize on three weight loss trends with one product. The Detox version attempts to throw in a colon cleanse at the same time as you’re losing weight with African mango.

For starters, a colon cleanse is not something you want to leave in the hands of a pill like their Detox pill. The best way is to get a colonic done by a professional. Apart from that you can get products that are entirely focused on giving you a thorough colon cleanse, not whatever laxative effect these pills have to mimic a colon cleanse. As far as suppressing your appetite goes, the original function of African mango is supposed to give you more energy and naturally boost your metabolism.

As for their Lean approach, by throwing in an appetite suppressant and mixing in Acai berry, which most studies have shown doesn’t do anything, they are just adding too much and it’s unlikely you will see the results you want. Plus, users say it causes stomachaches.

Final African Mango Extreme Review

African Mango Extreme gets a staggering mix of reviews, and most of the positive reviews are a little too positive, if you catch our drift. The negative reviews are most enlightening, as they paint a more believable picture of what these pills do, which is nothing. Usually you see a healthy mix of people that are on the fence, but with this it’s only 5 stars or 1 star. That’s a bit suspicious.

Our Recommendation
You can safely avoid these pill, in all of their different forms. We’ve gone through the top brands of African mango and have found only a few that we’d recommend. One is African Mango Plus, which has some of the best reviews we’ve seen, and also has the right amount of ingredients to produce the results people are going for.

What do you think? Does African Mango Extreme work or not?

Customer Review on “Does African Mango Extreme Really Work?

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I was very excited about African Mango Extreme and I was actually about to purchase it, until I decided to do a little more research and I found your website. It’s very refreshing to come across a website that actually tells you to not buy something as opposed to trying to push you every product imaginable. I’m still tempted about this product, but I think I’ll take your advice and pass on it.

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