Does Snore Guard Really Work?

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Does Snore Guard work?Snore Guard is trying to build some credibility by only allowing you to get it through your dentist. This is because it is custom fitted to your mouth. In theory this should make it fit better than a one-size-fits-all mouthpiece, by making sure it lines up with your teeth. But does a professional fitting really make it work better?

If you’re a chronic snorer you probably want to get rid of the problem pretty badly. If you live alone it’s bad enough, but if you’re constantly waking up your partner next to you, it can be bad for everyone involved. The good part is that this will give you the extra motivation you need to find a solution and put this behind you. The only problem is that there are many snoring products out there that don’t live up to their claims, so ti’s not the easiest problem to overcome.

The Claim
The makers of Snore Guard claim a 99% success rate from people that have tried it and reported back. They say that the positive feedback is in the form of reduced snoring, which means that in most cases it will lessen the amount of snoring you do, and in the best cases it will eliminate it altogether.

The Hype
Anyone that snores would love to stop, so there is a built-in market of ready buyers that are willing to give a product the benefit of the doubt and try it out as long as it makes a decent enough case that it can work. When you include things like a professional fitting from the dentist, it’s easy to see how this anti-snoring aid is getting a buzz around it.

The Cost
If you buy a Snore Guard in the United States you’ll need to ask your dentist for an exact price, because they will be adding on a fee for customizing it for you. If you order from Canada it’s $60 Canadian dollars. Therefore you know that in the United States anything more than that is what the dentist is charging as their service fee, and you can determine from there if it is reasonable or not.

The Commitment
All that’s really required by you is to start wearing this as part of your nighttime ritual. It should be easy enough to remember to put in, because you’ll want to get a good night’s sleep, and after a few nights of wearing it it should become a habit that you just start doing every night.

The Snore Guard is similar to other snoring solutions, but gets an extra boost of believability by having your dentist fit it to your mouth. If you’ve ever had your dentist custom fit something to your teeth you’ll know that the extra precision can make a big difference in the effectiveness of a product. They do things like make bite guards to prevent grinding your teeth at night. By making a custom mold, they make sure that everything stays in place, and feels real comfortable so that you don’t even notice it after a few minutes and can get to sleep without feeling like you have a foreign object in your mouth.

Opening the Airway
The concept here is that this mouthpiece will keep your airways open while you sleep, which should prevent the snoring effect from occurring. Most snoring products out there are trying to fix the same problem, they just go about it in different ways. The goal is to find a product that doesn’t disturb your sleep, that allows you to wear it all night comfortably, and of course one that stops your snoring.

Why the Sales Channel Difference?
We’re not quite sure why this is sold direct in Canada and why you have to see your dentist to get it in the states. Apparently they have been selling them through dental office for over 20 years now, but it seems like a roundabout way to market the product. There are other ways to mold things to the teeth, like boiling them to soften up the plastic and then biting down on it.

Final Snore Guard Review

The Snore Guard gets pretty solid reviews from those that have tried it. The common consensus is that at the very least you snore less often through the night, and when you do it is not the thunderous kind of snoring that can keep a household awake, it is gentle and won’t disturb your own sleep, or prevent you from getting sleep. We’re giving this our Try rating, but we also recommend a less expensive alternative below.

Our Recommendation
Snore Guard is a good option, but you can get the same sort of results without having to consult with your doctor, and without paying the higher prices by going with ZQuiet. It’s basically the same concept, just without the custom fitting. Most people that try it say that they don’t even notice it in their mouth, and that it helps in reducing the amount of snoring they do, and in many cases gets rid of it altogether.

Also, if you don’t like the idea of having something in your mouth all night, try My Snoring Solution, because that is a chin strap worn around your head that serves essentially the same purpose. Those that said they can’t fall or stay asleep with something in their mouth have said that they prefer a chin strap.

What do you think? Does Snore Guard work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Snore Guard Really Work?

  1. One of the worst products out there. I don’t recommend buying snore guard at all. Customer service would never pick up. Left them many msgs and won’t call back.

  2. While anything may work, I think what most people may really need is a hard shot of boner juice. Straight to the lips!!

  3. Snore Guaed Pro is the way to go. I have used Z Quiet before and it does nor even come close to comfortability or quality of design. This is even an improvement over the last version of Snore Guard Pro. The last one was good but this one feels even better. Trust me when I say this, a dentist makes all the difference in the world with getting the bite and position correct too.

  4. This looks like will the trick for my situation. I bought 3 mouthpieces to stop my snoring and two of them did, but both of them feel uncomfortable because I have a rather wider jaw than most people. What I needed all along was a mouthpiece that could be molded to my jaw, so this will probably work out perfectly for me. I’m feeling awesome right now! I just hope the process of ordering, molding, and having it in my hands doesn’t take too long.

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