Does the Motion Pod Really Work?

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Does the Motion Pod Work?There has always been a need for light when you want it, and there have been many different products designed with motion detection technology, but normally this type of product is setup for outside type of use. The Motion Pod on the other hand is something that can be used for both inside or outside, utilizing the same type of motion detection technology.

With the Motion Pod, what is great is that you are able to utilize sensory motion technology that will allow your lights to turn on and off automatically, when you come in close to the proximity, or as you walk away. You’re able to either peel and stick the item to where you want it, or utilize a strong magnet that you can attach to any type of metal, making its great for inside or outside.

The Claim
The claim of the Motion Pod is that it is a powerful LED light equipped with a smarts sensor that can detect movement from up to 10 feet away. It will turn on when someone or something comes within that proximity, and then turn off again once there is no more motion. The light bulbs last for up to 100,000 HRS and not only, as stated, are you able to peel and stick the items, you also have the advantage of having a very strong magnet so you can attach its to many other areas where you need emergency light for example.

The Hype
The big hype with the Motion Pod is that you are able to utilize motion detection technology for such an affordable cost.  With the drastic reduction in price with the Motion Pod, and the fact you’re able to stick it to anywhere that you need some immediate light, such as stairwells, underneath kitchen cabinets, and even areas in the basement, you can pretty well put a light wherever you need one.

The Cost
The cost of the Motion Pod is for a set of four for $19.95, but for an extra $6.95 shipping and handling, you can receive an extra four more Pods for no cost.

The Commitment
There is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the item and this is a Lifetime Warranty. You will not need to replace the lights as they are rated for over 100,000 HRS, and there is no programming installation or timers ever needed to have the products work to their capacity. They are easy to install, and with their magnets and peel and stick way to attach to the surfaces that you need to light, they are designed to accommodate most surfaces.

The Motion Pod  is actually pretty handy to have because it’s always great to have some extra light when you need it.

Final Motion Pod Review

Really the Motion Pod is something that would be a great addition to not only the home, but if you have a garage, or an RV, or a boat for example, this lighting unit would be really helpful in so many different ways. We’re prepared to give the Motion Pod a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation

What do you think? Does the Motion Pod work or not?

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