Does My Fly Birdie Really Work?

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Does My Fly Birdie Work?When the weather is great we like to encourage the kids to get outdoors and enjoy it. The challenge comes with how to entertain them while doing this. You can only play so many sports during the day, and while water activities are fun they still need some other forms of play. This is where the My Fly Birdie may bring some intrigue to the outdoor play.

The My Fly Birdie is really a very simple toy and you could look at it as a modern day version of a kite. Except there are no strings to hold onto.It looks like a bird and it flies like a bird and the kids will be absolutely mesmerized by it. There are no batteries it is just a simple wind up which the kids can do themselves.

The Claim
The promoters claim that the My Fly Birdie can soar up to 150 feet. Then as it loses its wind up power it will glide back down to the ground.

The Hype
Really the hype is that it is simple yet will definitely intrigue the little ones. What really catches their attention is that the wings flap like a real bird.

The Cost
The cost for the My Fly Birdie is $10. plus $6.95 for shipping and handling.

The Commitment
You are going to have to convince the kids that this can be a lot of fun, so perhaps you will want to demonstrate how it is done first. Don’t forget to give it back to the kids though. You can adjust the tail for the direction of flight for the My Fly Birdie.

Children love things that are different. The My Fly Birdie is not likely to be a toy that you are going to find at the department store so to begin with your youngster is going to have something unique, at least until the other kids in the neighborhood talk their parents into buying them one. You could really expand the fun of this item by getting a couple and letting the kids race their My Fly Birdie.

Final My Fly Birdie Review

We are going to give the My Fly Birdie a Thumbs Up rating. There is no doubt that over the years that kite flying has always been something the kids enjoy. They just seem to enjoy anything that will go up in the air or fly. So this leads us to believe that this toy will be a success as well.

Our Recommendation
The promoters say the My Fly Birdie is great for indoors and out, but as a parent I would think that maybe you will want to restrict this to outdoor use. Also, you may want to make sure they are playing with it in an open area. Otherwise you may find yourself climbing a tree or two to retrieve it. Overall the cost itself isn’t bad, but when you add the shipping and delivery fee onto it, then it isn’t what you would call cheap.We have brought to your attention other outdoor toys in the past as we think it’s important to have a good selection of entertainment for outdoor play. Take a look at Spin Balls, for example.

What do you think? Does My Fly Birdie work or not?

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