Does My Lil Rainbow Really Work?

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Does My Lil Rainbow work?My Lil Rainbow is a simple device that you put on an endtable that beams a rainbow onto the wall to make a room more cheerful when it’s bedtime. But how well does this work, and will kids that are afraid of the dark really benefit from it?

Being left alone in a dark room can be scary for most children, and there are plenty of products on the market that light things up in different and creative ways to help soothe a child and get them to go to sleep. There are stuffed animals that light up, pillows that light up, and different projectors that can change their color and shape to fascinate your child. But this just sort of sits there and projects a static rainbow onto the wall. Let’s see if it can do anything else to try to entice a purchase.

The Claim
The makers of My Lil Rainbow say that their product makes any space in your home a happier place. They say it’s designed to turn off after 10 minutes so it won’t waste the batteries. They say it’s helpful for kids that are afraid of the dark, and that you can put this on any flat surface so you can beam it where you want it to go. They say it’s easy to turn on by just pressing a button on the top of it. And since it’s battery operated it doesn’t need to be plugged in and can be used anywhere.

The Hype
It doesn’t get much simpler than a product like this, and they trump it up as much as they can without going overboard. At the end of the day it’s just a light that hits a prism and reflects it onto the wall. They’ve tried to make it as impressive as possible by giving it an easy to use button, but aside from that there aren’t any other bells and whistles that would entice you to buy. It doesn’t play music, or change colors, or have any other functions.

The Cost
You end up getting two My Lil Rainbow units for $36 which includes shipping. They start you off with a price of $20, but make it impossible to order just one of these. If you could order just one the price would come to $28 which would be rather high for a product of this nature. By adding the second unit, they tack on another $8 shipping charge and it brings you per item price to $18 with shipping included. The only thing is you probably don’t want two of these, unless you happen to have two children around the same age with separate rooms.

The Commitment
All that’s really needed here is to put this in place and press the button. The lights do the work, and your child can look at a rainbow in their room which may help them get to sleep more quickly, or at least feel better than having no lights and being left in the dark.

This would be a good idea except for the fact that it emits too much light from the base of the unit itself, which lights things up too much in the room and might be distracting if you’re using this as a method to help your child go to sleep. It is basically flashing a light and having it bounce off a prism. A better design would have been to simply beam the rainbow out directly without having it bounce off anything, saving space, and reducing the amount of light pollution created inside the room. Check out the video below to see how much space this takes up, and how much light it emits in addition to the rainbow.

Final My Lil Rainbow Review

My Lil Rainbow is getting our Thumbs Down rating because of a few different design flaws. For one, it’s too big for what it does, taking up a lot of room on a nightstand, and making it hard to fit both a lamp and the rainbow projector on the same nightstand. Next, it is underwhelming, and once you’ve seen the rainbow one time, it quickly loses its appeal. Finally, it doesn’t have any other function than shooting a rainbow onto the wall. No flashing lights, no music, nothing. To top that all off the price is wrong on this one, by about double.

Our Recommendation
We’re recommending against this because it is a big bulky device that only has one function, and you can be served better by other products like Flashlight Friends where your child can have a stuffed animal friend and be able to use the light to make their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night if they need to go.

What do you think? Does My Lil Rainbow work or not?

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