Does Nerdwax Really Work?

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Does Nerdwax Work?Anyone who has ever worn glasses has probably experienced a situation where even the best fitting masterpieces can sometimes be extremely hard to keep on your face. Especially in a situation where you are exposed to extreme heat and a little bit of sweating, your glasses can easily slide off at inopportune times that can be sometimes extremely embarrassing. Nerdwax takes care of that problem and we are going to examine whether it is worth the money or it is just smoke in the water.


The apparent magic behind Nerdwax is that it basically creates a layer of friction between your glasses and your skin. Now right away they advocate you make sure that the glasses that you are wearing have been absolutely properly fitted so that they are touching the bridge of your nose and that they are properly resting against your head and are comfortable behind your ears as well. Once all this criteria has been met Nerdwax will take care of other uncomfortable situations.

The Claim
The claim with Nerdwax is that under all conditions, as long as your glasses are fitted properly, even if your face gets wet from sweat or under other conditions, such as rain for example, your glasses will remain solidly firm to your face and will not move around or fall off.

The Hype
The hype with Nerdwax is that not only will it keep your glasses firmly in place but because it is supposedly made of natural products it is even in good for your skin.

The Cost
The cost for Nerdwax is only $10.00 per tube and under most conditions as long as you are not applying an enormous amount on a regular basis it should last two to six months.

The Commitment
The commitment with Nerdwax is that it guarantees it will be able to keep all types of classes firmly in place on your face under all in any conditions. This means that even if it is raining or your face is wet from sweating, as long as the nose grips on your glasses are kept clean and the skin where you are applying Nerdwax is also very clean and it is not oily, your glasses should not move around at all.

It is important that you follow all the instructions when dealing with Nerdwax. This means making sure that the nose grips on your glasses are kept dry in clean when you first apply Nerdwax and that your skin itself should be cleaned thoroughly in order to ensure there is no residue that might interfere with the products performance. Also, as stated, it is very important that the glasses you’re wearing have been fitted properly, as this will make a huge difference in whether they are kept in place. Obviously if the glasses you’re wearing are not properly fitted even using glue will make it difficult to keep them in place.

Final Nerdwax Review

There’ve been mixed reviews when it comes to Nerdwax, as some people find that it hasn’t properly work for them, but often some of the issues are a result of the glasses not being properly fitted in the first place. For those individuals that take the time to properly make sure that the areas where nerdwax is being applied is properly cleaned in the first place, generally the results are as stated and they do keep your glasses firmly in place.
We would give this product a thumbs up and recommend Nerdwax for those individuals that have a problem with their eyewear moving around on them under various conditions.

Our Recommendation
Another problem that can occur with glasses is keeping them clean. One has to do this without scratching the lens. A product that may help with this is the Smitty’s Glass Wax.

What do you think? Does Nerdwax work or not?

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