Does Nerve Pain Plus Really Work?

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Does Nerve Pain Plus Work?Many people suffer from different forms of chronic pain and many have to resort to strong prescribed medications to help get rid of it. Most people would prefer to take something more natural, so is Nerve Pain Plus something they can count on for pain relief?

Nerve Pain Plus is a homeopathic product designed to deal with nerve pain or discomfort such as numbness, tingling and burning. It can be use to treat pain created from the muscles, or back or even headaches. It is being recommended for sciatica and peripheral neuropathy. The Nerve Pain Plus promoters suggest taking one of the capsules twice daily.

The Claim
The company is claiming that Nerve Pain Plus deals with a variety of types of nerve pain. They are saying that its ingredients comes from plants and minerals. They are indicating that this product does not just mask the pain, but deals with the affected nerves directly. They are also saying that it takes time to get results from the Nerve Pain Plus because nerve healing processes are very slow.

The Hype
It is not hard to create a hype for any type of pain relief and especially the various types of nerve pain. People that suffer with this affliction are in a great deal of discomfort and are vulnerable to anything that has any hope of helping them find some relief. The fact that this is a homeopathic product is also appealing to many. A lot of people want to stay away from prescribed pain relief because of the potential chemicals it may contain.

The Cost
Your first order will cost you $89.90 and is supposed to be free shipping. This is a 90 day supply. Then every three months your credit card will automatically be billed $89.90 plus $8.99 shipping. With your first order you will also receive the topical Nerve Pain Plus product free.

The Commitment
There are already some strong indicators that you are going to have to give the Nerve Pain Plus some time to do its work. The company is indicating that you should feel some relief in 90 days or less, however the money back guarantee is only a 30 day money back guarantee.

Final Nerve Pain Plus Review

We are going to give the Nerve Pain Plus a Try/Buy rating. There is not enough data available as yet from users to determine the validity of the product. There are so many products now on the market touting relief for chronic pain that it’s almost as bad as diet supplements. Every individual is different and so is the cause of their pain and the level of its intensity. Therefore any reviews of any type of chronic pain or nerve pain product is going to be greatly varied.

Our Recommendation
The first thing that anyone who is suffering from pain should do is of is course see their health care provider. They should also discuss with this professional any over the counter treatments they are going to use to help them with pain relief. If the decision is made to use the Nerve Pain Plus or any other naturally orientated pain relief it is important to do some research on the ingredients. There is a lot of supporting evidence that now show that some natural ingredients do help with pain. This is a topic that we have discussed in the past and have reviewed various topical products that are applied externally for various types of chronic pain. The majority of them have mixed feed back such as the Provoxyl topical cream, for example.

What do you think? Does Nerve Pain Plus work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Nerve Pain Plus Really Work?

  1. just over two months ago I had a flare up of Trigeminal Neuralgia a really excruciating stabbing pain which kept me awake in tears for four nights this made me retreat into my bedroom where i kept to myself because of the constant pain on the right side of my face shooting into my brain. I had had this condition for the last 30 odd years. I had several types of treatment done the last seemed to work for several years until the last two years when it seemed to come back with a vengeance a friend had introduced me to nerve pain plus on the fourth night of my agony I called her and asked her to source the NPP for me she got two bottles and was advised that i should use an increased dosage until the pain subsided which I did on my very first time of taking this the pain subsided tremendously i was able to lie down on my bed for the first time in 4 nights. The problem is that the person who has been bringing it down seems to be having problems in getting it. I would appreciate you advising how can I get this down without the hasstle that has seemed to crop up I have seen the benefits and would like to continue using it.

  2. I bought this product to help my disabled 79 year old father. He has a number of physical problems, including chronic pain in the lower back, shoulders, and aches in his arms, as well as numbness in one foot/leg. He also suffers from either neurogenic or vascular claudication, an inability to walk more than a few steps with out extreme weakness in the legs. Doctor after doctor for the last 3 years, no real answers. A number of times he has been prescribed pain meds, but his side effects are so strong, it is really not worth it, so those are out. Aleve and ibuprofen have helped in a stop-gap way, but because he is on Warfarin, a blood thinner, his cardiologist strongly discourages those.
    Since being on Nerve Pain Plus for about 5 weeks, he says his lower back pain is almost gone, and he almost never complains about any pain at all. He has not asked for an Aleve/ ibuprofen in that time as well. So I was encouraged by this!
    All this is background to another possible positive effect of NPP. I think my father has suffered from PBA (Pseudobulbar Affect) for about 5 years now. We did not understand why even the most mundane emotions would make him sob or his body shake trying to hold back sobs. Often the episodes would be connected to a memory or some other type of nostalgia, even just a touching commercial on TV. Kind of the things that the rest of us might get a little lump in our throat or a warm feeling about, he would essentially “burst” into tears. There weren’t exactly waterworks rolling down his face, and the episodes would be over very quickly. He was aware of the issue, and even mentioned that he couldn’t control it. I sat doing a puzzle with him for about 2 hours one day, and he had about 8 – 10 of these episodes in that time frame, as he listened to classical music and talked about conductors/ composers. His friends and loved ones just kind of got used to it, but it was socially awkward. Well, since being on NPP, I HAVE NOT SEEM HIM CRY AT ALL IN 3 WEEKS!

  3. I think if this stuff really worked they would sell it in smaller bottles and not lock you into a subscription.
    Those two requirements caused me not to try it.


  4. I do not have diabetes, but I suffer from a form of neuropathy in my feet. The pain has been diagnosed as nerve-related by my GP, a neurologist and two orthopedic surgeons from whom I sought answers and some form of relief. The problem arises mostly at night. The pain is divorce in nature shooting pains, general burning feeling and a persistent HIGHLY localized burn, something like a hot pin sticking into my toe. This has been going on for about 8 years and if anything, it is only getting worse. It is strange that I never even heard of such a thing, nor did I ever know anyone who had heard of it, until I developed this problem myself. I cannot sleep and my life is being slowly ruined because of the sleep deficit and pain.

    I took Nerve Pain Plus faithfully for over a year.

    I did not discern any notable reduction in my symptoms.

    In my case, it simply did not work. I canceled my standing order over a year ago.

  5. I bought this for my husband because he heard an ad for it helping Nerve Pain. He has had tingling in his feet for several years and did not want heacy duty drugs to help him. We ordered a three month supply and within just a couple days his nerve pain went away, and hasn’t came back yet. We are holding our breath. We have been using health products since about October 2006 and really feel healthy for 70 years old, but constant pain in hubbys feet kept him awake at night. This product is awesome.

  6. Does your product stop the stabbing, shooting pain in legs ? Thank You. Jeannie Dean

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