Does Neuro Trim Really Work?

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Does Neuro Trim work?Neuro Trim is part of the Neuro line-up of drinks, and is getting the most attention because of its weight loss promises. But what are actual users saying about it, and is this the best way to tackle your slimming down challenge?

There are plenty of drinks out there that promise you’ll lose weight if you drink them, including diet shakes and smoothies, and most of them actually will provide results, at least for awhile. It’s basic science that if you’re taking in fewer calories your body will respond by losing pounds. But the real question to ask is if this is the best way to lose weight over the long run, and will you be able to wean yourself off of them when the time is right, and will the weight you lose be fat, or will it also be taking away some of your muscle mass?

The Claim
The makers of Neuro Trim claim that their beverages help with an assortment of specific problems like sleeplessness, stress, and of course in this instance losing weight. They say that the fiber it contains has been clinically proven to reduce appetite and help with overall weight loss. They say there’s a thinner you in every bottle, which is a pretty bold claim since holding back on one meal isn’t going to necessarily make you thin. In fact there is a lot of research showing that you can upset your natural appetite and metabolism by using products that suppress how much you eat.

The Hype
Weight loss products that don’t involve a lot on your part are always laced with a bit of hype. It’s the classic thought of being able to drink a tonic and have it miraculously help you lose weight. The other part of the hype is the sleek packaging they’ve come up with, the curved and unique bottle has to contribute something to the overall price of the product.

The Cost
You can get a 12 pack for $30 at Amazon, which brings your per bottle price to $2.50, but it’s been noted that this isn’t much of a savings compared to buying individual bottles at retail price, so it’d be more for the convenience factor of getting them all at once.

The Commitment
All you’d have to do is remember to drink this 30 minutes before you eat a meal. In that regards the commitment level is very low. But you should also be combining this with eating sensible meals and getting regular exercise if you want to see the most benefit from it. At this point you won’t be able to tell what is responsible for the weight loss, which should make it easier to step down your Neuro Trim intake once you’ve developed your new healthier lifestyle.

Neuro Trim is basically a fiber supplement that you drink before you have a meal so that you feel fuller during the meal and eat less. Feeling hungry is a natural process, and is not the enemy here. By stifling this natural response of the body, rather than eating foods that help you feel satisfied and full, you aren’t doing anything to help with long-term weight loss. Processed and packaged foods, including the ones you get at many chain restaurants, are laced with all sorts of additives in them that make you crave more food than you need, and make you feel hungry shortly after feeling full. It’s better to remove the cause than to try and treat the symptoms.

It’s also a matter of choosing foods that won’t spike your blood sugar levels, causing you to go into a “food coma” or simply feel fatigued for the rest of the day. It might be a good idea to use a product like this for the short term, to help you adjust your food choices and eat more natural foods that are’t packed with chemicals, but using it for long term use to help you lose weight will put you out of touch with what your body really needs.

Final Neuro Trim Review

Overall we’re not too impressed with Neuro Trim and have to give it the Thumbs Down. While it does have impressive packaging, it just doesn’t deliver as reliably as its other offerings do. For example, Neuro Sleep gets overwhelmingly positive feedback, while Neuro Trim has more split responses. If you’re set on curbing your appetite using a supplement, why not try Fullbars, which get better overall reviews, and are an edible product instead of a drink.

Our Recommendation
You can get better results by selecting better foods and adding a 30 minute walk after your meal. This way you’re not treating food or your appetite like the Bad Guy, and you’re getting back to a more natural state which your body will appreciate and which will start paying dividends right away. If you really want to lose weight, turn to the natural side of things and steer away from gimmicks and flashy packaging.

What do you think? Does Neuro Trim work or not?

175 Customer Reviews on “Does Neuro Trim Really Work?

  1. I have been doing Neuro Trim Tropical Lychee drink, 1 bottle a day, I Start at breakfast and drink on it till around 2 in the afternoon. It’s helping me with steady energy throughout the day and better bowel movements. It’s helpful in keeping me on track with proper eating and health food choices. My water in take has increased as well. The reviews are all over the place with this product from what I have read. Please keep in mind it’s a helpful tool to get you going in the right direction on better food choices and a healthy direction for change.

  2. I have not tried Neuro Trim; however, this is my experience: after eating a well-balanced meal, I am still hungry – always! I found out through personal experience that if I drink a fiber drink after I eat a well-balanced meal, I am thoroughly satisfied/satiated. It takes a wee bit of self discipline; but with a wee bit of effort and the passing of time, the end results are the most satisfying. Eat your meal. Drink the fiber drink – any fiber drink. Wait 15 minutes and Voila! you are happy, satisfied, and most importantly – no longer hunger for more food. I pray this helps someone.

  3. I do not think you fully understand the point of this drink. It does not want you to necessarily skip a meal. It is more designed to help you not eat so much during meal time. I have never even tried this product, but from all the reviews, I would recommend drinking one a day, throughout the day. That way you are not full all the time, but you will not be eating as much at every meal. I hope this helped a little.

  4. I was all excited about neuro trim until I realized (thanks to this article) that skipping meals doesn’t translate to weight loss. I got a little carried away thinking that I could lose weight easily without even making much effort, but of course you get nothing for free in life. It sucks to find out the truth, but at least I get to save some money I guess.

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