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Nitrocut will likely be a little different than anything you’ve seen on the market until now. This is because it promises a lot of the same thing that other powdered supplements do, but it does it in pill form so you don’t have to mix and drink shakes. But does it really work, or is this just a lot of hype?

Getting ripped is the goal of a lot of guys, but it’s hard to know how to go about it. There are so many products out there that say they’ve got the answer, and you try them out and you don’t get the results. So when something like this comes along that says it can make you stronger and leaner with more energy and focus, and it’s all in a pill, it merits a second look to see what the catch is.

The Claim
Nitrocut says that you will experience more power, have better gains and be able to last longer at your workouts. They have such faith in their product that they claim they don’t need to lock you into a membership or tempt you with free samples. Instead, they offer you a refund within  35 days if you haven’t seen the results that you wanted.


The Hype
To get the sort of results they’re talking about by just taking a pill seems like it would be a great idea. However, after this long we all know about things that sound to good to be true. It’s a good thing to bring an ounce of skepticism to the table, because it makes you a smarter shopper. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try things based on your skepticism, but that you shouldn’t get brainwashed by them either.

The Cost
Nitrocut is $50 for a one month supply, which includes free shipping within the United States. When you consider that you probably won’t need many more supplements than this one, it sounds like a pretty good deal. You might end up spending an extra $50 a month on a meal replacement shake so that you don’t have to cook all of your meals, which would still be quite reasonable for a monthly expenditure on supplementing your workouts.

The Commitment
You should look at taking this for at least a month, but they say that each day you take it in succession the better the results. Since it is not loaded with a bunch of stimulants and chemicals you shouldn’t have trouble being on it for the long term. Eventually you’ll be able to cut back the dosage and simply maintain what you achieve.

Nitrocut is based on Nitric Oxide, which has been getting a lot of talk and attention in recent years as a long-overlooked way to help give you the energy and the motivation to get into the gym, and then give you the strength to lift harder than you would otherwise. The fact that this all comes in a pill form can’t be overlooked. Shakes are a much easier option than preparing a meal, but a pill is a much easier option than making a shake. If it can deliver the same goods then it’s making a strong case for itself.

We like that this doesn’t contain caffeine or other stimulants that can leave you feeling jittery. Many pre-workout supplements make you feel good during your workout, but then can make you feel strange when you’re finished, and for hours afterward. We also like that they haven’t put any sodium in it, so you don’t have to worry about an increased sodium level, which can add water weight and make you feel bloated.

A lot of people that have tried this have said that they’ve seen good results from it, and that it was able to get them past a plateau and push them to a new level of cutness. When you’ve been doing the same thing for months and even years it’s always good to shake things up and see if you can reach a new level, or get a renewed desire to do the same exercises you’ve always done, but get better results from the same time spent.

Final Nitrocut Review

Nitrocut is one of the more intriguing products we’ve ever evaluated. We’re giving it a Try rating because it has many benefits over going with a powdered solution like a whey protein or muscle building shakes. Taking a pill is easier than mixing a shake, and it’s providing the same sort of effects without the unnecessary filler.

A lot of this is going to depend on you and your workout habits. If you push it hard out in the gym you’re going to get better results than if you just put in a mediocre effort or don’t go at all. You might want to consider getting a personal trainer in your first month so that you can really work your muscles out, and get out of your comfort zone.

Our Recommendation
They say that in the first month you should easily see enough results to decide whether you want to stay on. Since this isn’t an auto-bill auto-ship product there’s no harm in getting a one month supply and seeing what you look like one month later. Before and after pics would be in order so that you can objectively determine what you want to do. With a 35 day money back guarantee in place, it begs to be trialed.

What do you think? Does Nitrocut work or not?

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