Does Nose Huggie Really Work?

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Does Nose Huggie really work?The Nose Huggie looks like an oversized clothespin, and it’s designed to help you reduce the size and change the shape of your nose without having to resort to a nose job.

Nose clips like these started getting popular in Japan, and the idea is that the cartilage in the nose allows it to be malleable, and consistent sustained pressure will force it to yield to the shape you want. But specifically, does Nose Huggie work?

Many people are unhappy with the look of their nose. Either it’s too big, or it’s off-centered, or there’s a bump on it. Whatever the case, there are definitely millions of people that would be willing to try something that doesn’t hurt and doesn’t require surgery in order to work. Before these nose clips came out, there wasn’t really any other alternative, you either had to learn to love your nose or see a plastic surgeon.

The Claim
Nose Huggie states that by applying it to the part of your nose that you want to change for just 15 minutes a day, you can see results in a few weeks.

The Hype
There is always hype behind products that allow you to avoid surgery. Faced with the option of getting a nose job from a plastic surgeon, or holding a clamp on your nose for 15 minutes a day, most poeple will opt for the clamp. If it were true that you could get the same results of a surgery costing thousands of dollars for something as inexpensive as Nose Huggie, people would be lining up to buy it.

The Cost
It’s $18.90 including shipping for your Nose Huggie. This is just $2 more than their competition.

The Commitment
You simply need to clamp the device to the part of your nose that you want to change. It will put constant pressure on the area for as long as you wear it, and the recommendation is that you should wear it for 15 minutes per day for two weeks, and then one week more in order to help the results stay.

No research and development seems to have gone into the creation of the Nose Huggie. They have someone dressed as a doctor that remains unidentified throughout his pitch, and is most likely not a doctor. The product seems to have ripped off another very similar product called Nose Right.

The following video evaluation was definitely bought and paid for by the makers of Nose Huggie, and there is no way in the world that the guy in this video actually has a Nose Huggie, or used it in any way shape or form. Have a look:

Real opinions are mixed, but you have to take into consideration that feedback can be easily manipulated by companies, and it’s hard to get an accurate read on what the consensus is. Most people that use a product like this aren’t willing to admit that they had a problem with their nose. They are reluctant to put their name next to their review, and fess up to the fact that they had work done to their nose.

However, those that aren’t happy with the product are willing to voice their displeasure, because they don’t have anything to lose since it didn’t work for them, they’re still in the same boat they were in before they tried it.

Final Nose Huggie Review

We’re giving this one the thumbs down. Nose Huggie is indisputably a knock off of Nose Right, which hit the market first, sells for less, and ships worldwide. Both products look almost identical, so it’s unclear which one would work and which one wouldn’t. Their website is a little more flash than their competition, and their promos look like they spent more on them, but this would make sense since they didn’t spend any time manufacturing a new product, but rather just took the design and concept outright.

Our Recommendation
You can safely avoid the Nose Huggie, and if you’re bent on trying out this sort of system on your nose, you can buy the Nose Right from their official site for less than you pay for the Nose Huggie. In our opinion it’s probably likely that neither system provides permanent results, and both are best avoided.

What do you think? Does Nose Huggie work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Nose Huggie Really Work?

  1. My sister laughs when I use noseright but I like to think it works. My toddler thinks it’s a binky.

  2. Nose Huggy LLC out of Corinth, TX sells the individual clamp for $19.99. You can get a complete set of clamp, bridge straightener and uplifter, all Chinese made silicone gadgets, for less than $3 on Ebay and probably a half dozen other places. Don’t overspend for these cheap trinkets, like me…

  3. Very easiest way to make nose reshape without any facial exercises just try to use noseright tool which is help you to get smaller nose naturally

  4. i have a long nose and i want to get rid of my long nose, is there any suggestion please inform me… thanx

  5. This is a creepy concept. A lot of people aren’t totally happy with their noses, because they’re on the center of their face, so they are pretty obvious. It’s easy to start to hate your nose, and wish it was different–I know I’ve felt that way before–but this seems like it would be painful and not help at all. I imagine it might make your nose look different temporarily, but it would be very painful and not give you permanent results. If you are that unhappy about your nose, you should try to do something to help you feel more confident and happy with your overall appearance, and maybe you’ll start focusing less on the things about yourself that you don’t like. I don’t think this product is a good idea.

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