Does Nubo Bottle Really Work?

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Does the Nubo Bottle really work?It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re being active, and a Nubo bottle is designed to give you clean drinking water no matter where you are. Depending on what your current method is for getting your recommended 8 glasses of water per day, the Nubo bottle should help meet your needs. It is designed to turn ordinary tap water into something that tastes great, but are they sensationalizing things here, or is it really that good?

Few can deny what a pain it is to keep a bottle of water full and handy when you’re going about your day. It seems like a waste to use up several single-use bottles each day, but we all know we’re not supposed to drink straight tap water. Not every office has a water cooler to gossip around, and bringing around a Brita or a Pur water filter just isn’t practical.

The Claim
They say that their water bottle is unique because it functions differently from other filter-in-bottle units. Of course it’s reusable, but this one has a gravity fed filer, and you fill it up from the bottom. You also don’t have to squeeze the bottle to get water out, like you have to with other models. You also don’t have to suck the water through the filter as you drink, it’s pretty much just like a regular water bottle in this regard.

They also claim that their bottle is environmentally conscious than using a water bottle and throwing it away or even recycling it. They also claim that they can take regular tap water and turn it into refreshing, clean water that is suitable for drinking on a regular basis.

Some of their lighter claims have to do with the design of the bottle, and how much water it holds – 16 ounces, bigger than your typical 12 ounce bottle of water, meaning less trips to refill it. They say that it fits in most car cup holders, and it’s good for your kids to use at school. They also say that the plastic they use does not contain any dangerous chemicals, and it’s also safe for the dishwasher and can be recycled.

They also state that after 350 fills you can easily replace just the filter, keeping the bottle and therefore saving the environment even more.

The Hype
There’s not too much hype surrounding this product, because almost all of their claims are pretty easy to validate. It does reduce the amount of plastic that you consume, and it is easier to carry around this one bottle, and be able to fill it up from just about any water source and not worry if you’re drinking less than perfect water. This makes the break room at work, any drinking fountain, or kitchen sink the perfect place to fill it up and have a drink.

The Cost
This should be a major cost savings if you can really get 350 refills out of it. When you compare this to buying bottled water it’s pretty easy to see that a Nubo bottle is cost effective. For $19 you get one bottle, which boils down to 5 cents per fill up.

The Commitment
You have to be committed to being a regular water drinker, and taking your Nubo bottle with you when you’re on the go, at work, or even at home. If you’re already in the habit of drinking your required water per day, this will hardly be much more commitment, because you just fill it up from the tap and go on with your day. If you’re used to buying and storing bottled water from the store, this can actually reduce that expense and heavy lifting.

People have reported that the water does in fact taste pretty good, and the unique way that it filters the water without the need to squeeze it or force the water through the filter is a pretty good invention, and an improvement on its predecessors.

Final Nubo Bottle Review

Although our initial reaction was that this would only come in handy on hiking trips, or camping trips, it’s pretty easy to see that this is great to have as an everyday item, and even as something that can reduce your food and beverage costs per month. If you’re into the green movement you’ll definitely see the value in using up less plastic, and also in the fact that they are using a safer plastic than the ones used by most water bottling companies.

Our Recommendation
A Nubo bottle is definitely handy to have around. Whether or not you go gonzo for water and use it every day, or whether you just want to have it handy to encourage yourself to drink more water, it’s a good buy. There’s really little chance that you won’t get your money’s worth out of it, even with minimal use. If you’ve got a camping trip planned or other outdoorsy activity, it makes even more sense.

What do you think? Does Nubo Bottle work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does Nubo Bottle Really Work?

  1. Nubo does indeed work great … and now they have a Gen II bottle which is a little bigger and has a great flip top cap. It works the same as the original Nubo bottle but looks so much better. Not pricey at all if you switch from bottled water to Nubo. You will save hundreds!

  2. i’m not sure i’d use this everyday, but do agree it would be a good addition to a camping trip or similar.
    I already have a water filter in the house, and so just fill up a normal bottle from that if i need to take one out and about in the car with me.

    Nice idea, but a little pricey in my opinion.

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