Does Nulastin Really Help Grow Natural Eye Lashes?

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NulastinEvery woman wants to have long beautiful eyelashes and full brows that they can style to suit their faces perfectly. The problem is most women do not have this. So, they end up buying lash products to create the illusion of this. But, there may be a product that will help give permanent results like Nulastin.

What is Nulastin?

Nulastin on its own is a brand that focuses on a few quality beauty care products such as those to help with the growth of eyebrows and lashes. Two very important components of the appearance.

Taking The Eyelashes For Granted


Most of the attention that we put on the eyelashes relates to how they enhance the appearance. But the real purpose is for the protection of the eyes. So having long healthy eyelashes serves an important practical purpose.

About Eyelashes:

fetus and eyelashes

They first develop on the unborn fetus between the 22nd to 26th week.

They never grow beyond a certain length.

They fall out naturally when they have reached a certain length.

They can differ in color compared to the hair coloring.

They take about seven to eight weeks to grow back in if they have been damaged or removed.

Possible Eyelash Problems

Eyelash problems

When individuals have problems with their eyes they don’t realize that the lashes themselves could be the culprit. Some examples are

  • Madarosis – loss of eyelashes
  • Parasitic – the lashes can become infected with crab louse
  • Infected lash follicles

Along with a few others

So if you want the best-looking eyelashes then you want to make sure they are healthy. Then you can look at something like Nulastin to enhance them.

Nulastin For Lashes

Lash SerumBeing as most women want long beautiful eyelashes this is a product that draws a great deal of attention. Then it comes down to determining if it is really going to work.

What Is In Nulastin for Lashes?

If anyone is going to put something close to the eyes then they want to be absolutely sure of what is in the product. Most companies that have products like this are not going to divulge all their secrets, but they will focus on what is not in the product. Then they will use buzz words that people can relate to so the product makes sense. In this case elastin and keratin.

Nulastin does not contain:

  • Parabens
  • Lanolin
  • Coconut/MCI?MI
  • Gluten
  • Topical Antibiotics

What It Does Contain Is

A blend of five ingredients that contain keratin and elastin.

The Credibility of the Company

Eyelash Beauty


When buying a beauty product there should be some knowledge about the credibility of the Company. There are far too many companies that spring up in the beauty industry that just throw products on the market.

Nulastin was founded in 2016 and developed a formula called the first elastin (Elastatropin®) protein of its kind. This is what brought them to market with the products that they carry. The founder is Dr. Burt Ensley, who holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology.

The company has performed several clinical trials and has run consumer evaluations based on 10,000 individuals but this does not appear to be restricted to just the lash products.

Overall the company is promoting good ethics but the information can be confused with the other product lines. So for those who are just focusing on the Lash product, they will need to sort through this.

The Company has put a lot of focus on their marketing including the way they handle their reviews.

The Reviews


Finding reviews for Nulastin in the traditional sense is interesting. It isn’t marketed on Amazon by a bunch of different sellers. The Brand has its own page there. So you are not going to see a ton of feedback. Then other review sites like Site Jabbers have some reviews but they get mixed in with other products that Nulastin is selling. One thing is for sure is that they appear to be keeping a tight rein on the reviews as many that are posted have follow-ups by reps. Thanking them for leaving them on various sites.


Another alternative is to go to sites that are posting about the best lash products. However, the drawback with these is they may be selling these products so you are only going to get the positive factors about them. Although in some cases they may do a pros and cons comparison.

Making A Decision

To make a decision about Nulastin then it means you are going to have to do a comparison on the merits of what the Company is saying about the product compared to other products within the same product that has the feedback. Here is an example:

Lavish Lush

Lavish Lush By Pronexa Hairgenics

This is a comparable product to Nulastin marketed as an eyelash and brow serum.

It is one of the first ones that is going to come up on Amazon with some very impressive stats. Such as 18,926 reviews giving it 4.4 out of 5-star rating. 80% is the five stars. Keep in mind that these ratings encompass a lot of different features about the product not just its effectiveness. It includes ease of use, quality, value, etch

The Price

If you want to make a choice by price then this is another big factor you have to decide on if you are purchasing by brand or effectiveness. So let’s look at Nulastin and Lavish Lush,

Nulastin is selling its lash and brow products in various packages.

For the Lash Follicle Fortifying Serum, you can purchase this for $79.95

Lush Lash can be purchased for $29.95.

The Brand

There are big differences in which these two companies are building their brand which has an effect on the way you are going to choose your lash products. For example, Lavish Lush does not go to any large elaborate website but instead goes to an Amazon storefront that sells all the rest of the Lavish products.

So the bottom line is you can go with the company that has the most reviews with a much lower cost lash serum product. Or, go with the one that has put a lot of dollars into the marketing and base your buying decision on their word.

If you have tried Nulastin or can compare it to another product then why not leave a review here and share it with others.




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