Does Nulastin Really Work?

Does Nulastin Work?Every woman wants to have long beautiful eyelashes and full brows that they can style to suit their face perfectly. The problem is most women do not have this. So, they end up buying lash products to create the illusion for this. But, there may be a product that will help give permanent results like Nulastin.

Nulastin is a serum that has been fortified to encourage lash growth. The serum s based on a DNA protein. It is supposed to strengthen the hair follicles. By doing this it helps to stop the breakage and thinning of the lashes. The same applies to the brow.

The Claim
The company claims that this is a cruelty free USA product. They are saying that it safe as well as easy to use. The safety comes from the fact that ingredients are apparently naturally sourced and derived. They are backing the product up with a claim that Nulastin has been clinically proven.For the purpose of fortifying the lashes. They are claiming that increases the thickness of the lashes by 120%. Plus increases the length up to 61%. There are two separate Nulastin products. One for the lashes and one for the brows.

The Hype
The hype for Elastin really revolves around each claim that is being made.Specifically about the elastin properties which are critical for any type of hair growth. The other big bonus is that it is quick and easy to use.

The Cost
The cost of Nulastin is not cheap. Nulastin for lashes can be bought for $79.95. The same price applies for Nulastin for brows. In one wants to buy this as a kit they are looking at $139.95.

The Commitment
Not much of a commitment other than applying either Nulastin product as directed. One has to be diligent about doing this if they expect results.

We like the concept behind Nulastin. At first we were concerned about the price. But when you think of the tons of money that is spent on mascara and brow products then the price of Nulastin is not unreasonable.In fact, with good results it may be a money saver. One many not need to buy the mascara products any longer to create an illusion of long lush lashes.

Final Nulastin Review

We are going to give the Nulastin a thumbs up. Even though there are not many reviews for it as yet. There has been a lot of work put into the production of this product. Pertaining to the clinical reviews. Plus, they are pretty adamant at providing specific results. It does not have the indicators of being a hit and miss type of product. It must be kept in mind that any type of hair growth varies for each individual. There are other components that lend to the growth and health of the lashes. Therefore it is likely possible that each and every person is not going to get the same exact results with Nulastin.

Our Recommendation
Nulastin is not the only product on the market that is designed to increase lash growth. Another one is Latisse.

What do you think? Does Nulastin work or not?


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