Does the Oreck Steam Glide Mop Really Work?

Does the Oreck Steam Glide Mop Really Work?
Does it realy work?

 Does the Oreck Steam Glide Mop Work?We have talked about a lot of different cleaning devices, but this is because we want to be sure to keep you up to date with what is new on the market and hopefully find ones that is going to make your life a whole lot easier. For this reason we are bringing you some info. about the Oreck Steam Glide Mop.

As much as we hate doing it and dread the time when it becomes necessary we all know that the season is finally upon us….yes, it is spring cleaning time! That time of the year when we look at the house and see all the muss and clutter of another winter of soggy mittens and boots and salt crusted snow pants (if you live in a snowy climate of course, which if you don’t…lucky you!) and the accumulated grime of the holidays and endless entertaining and know that the time has come to clean, clean, clean! This product under review today will make that job much easier over all. The Oreck Steam Glide Mop is way more than just a mop as you will come to learn.

The Claim
The claim about the Oreck Steam Glide Mop is that this unit will make cleaning, spring or otherwise, just a little easier to bear by making the process simpler and more manageable and ultimately less time consuming and labor intensive.

The Hype
Much of the hype I realized by the fact that we are just starting to get a sense of how effective steam can be in cleaning the entire house. We used to use steam more for cleaning clothes or ironing and things of that nature but companies like Oreck has shown us the practicality of using this force of nature for other purposes as well.

The Cost
The cost of the Oreck Steam Glide mop is a very reasonable $75.22 right now at That is marked down from the original $99.99 and makes it an even better bargain for what it does.

The Commitment
The only commitment required for this Oreck Steam Glide Mop is the commitment to an exceptionally clean house with sparkling floors and shower stalls, not to mention counter tops and appliances.

The thing we absolutely love about cleaning with steam is the fact that you can forego all the nasty chemical compounds that are used in traditional cleaning supplies. Because the Oreck Steam Glider Mop only needs regular tap water to clean even the toughest most stubborn caked on stains you can avoid the use of harsh chemicals that are dangerous to both humans and the beloved pets in your life. This Oreck Steam Glide Mop comes with a 20ft cord so you will be able to do multiple rooms without having to unplug and plug back in every 2 minutes like some vacuum cleaners and such. The steam generated is hot enough to melt away even the most durable stains off of your hardwood and laminate floors, your countertops if you are so inclined and even the sides of the shower stall and tubs. The re-usable cleaning pads can be washed and used again and again saving you money over the course of time.

Final Oreck Steam Glide Mop Review

If you truly want your house CLEAN then steam is the way to go. The hot steam helps to melt away those tough stains and also kills bacteria as it goes without harsh chemicals. What more could you ask for in a cleaning device?

Our Recommendation
If you are truly seeking a way to clean easily and with little physical effort than steam is the best way to go and the Oreck Steam Glider Mop is definitely one of the best we have seen in this space. Great value for the money and does exactly what it claims it will do. What more could you want in a cleaning apparatus? You may want to take a look at the Dirt Devil Steam Mop so you can do some comparisons.

What do you think? Does the Oreck Steam Glide Mop work or not?


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