Is Nopalea Really Relieve Muscle, Joint & Body Inflammation?

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NopelaAt some point in your life, you either have or will experience muscle inflammation. It could be due to an injury, infection, autoimmune condition or drug side effect. The way your muscle inflammation is treated will depend on what is causing it. Perhaps, Nopalea will work for you.

What is Nopalea?


Nopalea is an inflammation supplement containing Bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are a powerful class of antioxidants, found in the Nopal Cactus or Prickly Pear, which is found in the Sonoran Desert. This is combined with a number of other anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory berries, fruits and water. Nopalea is intended to support the body’s normal anti-inflammatory function performed by your immune system.

What is Muscle Inflammation?

Sole Muscles

The clinical term for muscle inflammation is Myositis. There are a number of forms of Myositis, each with specific characteristics as it relates to the cause and affected area of the body. However, the most common symptoms for any type of Myositis are:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Swelling
  • Pain

The most common causes of muscle inflammation are tension, stress, overuse and minor injuries. In these cases, the pain is generally localized to a specific area of the body. However, with “systemic” muscle pain, the pain is throughout your entire body and is usually the result of an infection, illness or side effect to a drug.

Two Types of Inflammation


Just as there are different forms of Myositis, there are two different levels of inflammation.

  • Acute – your body’s natural response to inflammation brought on by such things as bacteria, fungi, injury, and trauma. It comes on quickly and stops when the body has dealt with the issue. Acute inflammation is actually considered to be a “normal” response by the body.


  • Chronic – this happens when your body’s response goes into overdrive and starts attacking healthy cells and tissues. Chronic inflammation is very serious and can lead to such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

How Do You Use Nopalea?

Use Nopela

Nopalea comes in liquid form. It is recommended that you drink three ounces per day for the first month. Then you go onto the “maintenance” dosage of one ounce per day.  They also have a recommendation “for faster results” to drink three ounces in the morning and three ounces in the evening for the first 60 days. Nopalea is not a cure-all; it is a long-term program for joint health.

One bottle of Nopalea is 32 ounces. This means, if you follow the recommended three ounces per day to start, you will need three bottles for the first month. Then, if you go to the maintenance dosage of one ounce per day, you will need one bottle per month going forward. Should you decide to go with the “faster results” option of six ounces per day, you will need 12 bottles for the first two months.

What Can You Expect From Using Nopalea?


Here is the scenario:

  • You have a healthy cell
  • Now it is being attacked by toxins and inflammation
  • You add Nopalea to help fight the toxins and inflammation
  • The cell returns to normal

Nopalea backs their claims with results from a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study that showed Nopalea:

  • Helped to improve joint mobility and range of motion
  • Improved neck and back motion for better mobility and flexibility
  • Provided an enhanced quality of life
  • Lowered levels of C-Reactive Protein, which is the main sign of chronic inflammation

Who Makes Nopalea?

Nopalea is manufactured by TriVita. TriVita was founded in 1999 by Michael R. Ellison, who wanted to create a company to provide people with products to create lasting wellness. The name TriVita is a combination of Tri (three) and Vita (life) intended to point out that we are physically, emotionally and spiritually connected.

TriVita appears to be a reputable company.

Reviews on the company, from employees and customers alike, would suggest TriVita is an excellent company to work for and/or be a customer of. They even have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Where Can You Buy Nopalea?

Shop for Nopela

It appears Nopalea is not for sale in any health food or local grocery store. You can only buy Nopalea online, at,

What Is The Cost?

The cost of one bottle of Nopalea is $34.99 US. Nopalea comes in a 32 fl. Oz. bottle. You can also purchase a 4-pack for $119.99 US.

What Do People Who Use Nopalea Have To Say?

There is nothing out there that will work for everyone. Like any other product, health-related or otherwise, there will be those who love it, those who hate it, and everything in-between. When looking at customer reviews on, there isn’t a lot of feedback (only 45 reviews) as compared to the amount of sales. However, the ratings look like this:

  • 5 stars – 33%
  • 4 stars – 12%
  • 3 stars – 11%
  • 2 stars – 30%
  • 1 star – 14%


Although there is no matrix provided, the few reviews on the website are all very favourable. This may be to be expected, however, the results from may be questionable as well, since they don’t actually sell the product.




As with any product designed to improve your health, whether it be a piece of equipment or a dietary supplement, such as Nopalea, you should always consult your doctor before trying anything new. And make sure you have done your research on every aspect of the product that will impact you. This includes the pros and cons of the product, as well as the cost of the product, your return options, and their guarantee.

There is a lot of information about Nopalea available on the internet, from a variety of sources. The overall conclusion, based on all of the sites reviewed, would appear to be that TriVita is a reputable company that you can trust. And, whether for a specific condition or simply wellness maintenance, Nopalea is a quality product worth giving a try.

From Outside In

PenetrexSometimes a simple rub is enough to reduce muscle aches and pains. There are a lot of good products on the market for this. One that has brought relief so many is Penetrex. Be sure to read our in-depth review on this. Then between this option and Nopalea, you have some viable choices.

130 Customer Reviews on “Is Nopalea Really Relieve Muscle, Joint & Body Inflammation?

  1. It influenced me vote for our true President Donald Trump. But now he’s gone away, so thank you Nopalea.

  2. I drank Nopalea twice 6 months apart while having surgery on each foot. I was instructed to put ice on my foot every 20 minutes and keep my foot raised up to help with the swelling. I did so and drank a small cup of nopalea for the duration of my recovery each night. It helped with the inflammation and healing the cells.. When I went back to my doctor he asked “What did you do?” I said I did what you told me to do. All he gave me was a prescription for pain, and I could feel something happening in my feet after I drank it because the pain I was expecting to feel was not as severe as I thought it would be. I believe it was my nopalea doing its thing. I did not tell him I drank my nopalea . I usually keep it handy whenever I know I will need to do maintenance. I’m proactive when it comes to issues concerning my health. The first surgery was in the Fall and the second the following March. By July I was walking all over the place in Orlando Disney parks with my grandchildren. This worked for me. And I love the Berry taste. The $30 cost to me is worth it for a bottle, its not like I’ll need to buy it all the time because I use it so sparingly; and drink a small 1/2 a cup in the morning. IT comes in a case also I believe 6 or 9 small bottles. So try it for yourself, your body will vouch for you. God Bless.

  3. This stuff is a scam. All the positive reviews are one of two things. Old sick people , who think it worked because of the placebo effect. And 2, people who work for Nopalea , paid by the company to promote the product. This stuff is cactus juice , not OxyContin! Stop acting like it’s a miracle pain cure. If this stuff worked so well, then it would be recommended by doctors and all over the news, the bait you in and switch you to a more expensive plan. And then rip you off and keep charging you when you try to cancel it. And take advantage of sick old people. Greedy scammers

  4. Charles, glucocorticoids/mineral corticoids–catabolic steroids used for autoimmune and other inflammatory disorders suppress adrenal function, which is why they are weaned off. Although they do not act the same way, wisdom in usage in required for any supplement. There is no panacea, but betaines can be helpful, and the research clearly indicates that. I am not speaking specifically for Nopalea product. I have no affiliation with them what so ever. I believe if people can effectively use proper dietary sources or fine sound betaine supplements that yield anti-inflammatory responses, this is great. I have gone on record as saying that Nopalea Juice is quite expensive for many for long-term use, or even periodic use. Also, generally I take issue with multi-level marketing in general.

  5. While by no means are betaines a panacea, there are worthy of consideration. You will find the peer-reviewed scientific journal article at the below link:

    On Betaines:

    “More importantly, it is worthwhile to further investigate betaine because its significant anti-inflammatory effects could be beneficial for treating inflammatory diseases.” Site for scientific journal article:

  6. Aaron, re: of the underlying mechanisms that cause autoimmune disruption, these diseases produce profound inflammation and pain.
    Regardless, betaines have been found to be helpful in reduction of inflammation, which is the primary factor in pain much of the time. Now, how and from where one procures these betaines is a different matter. I took Nopalea, in greater doses than recommended, and it was helpful. I have chronic and cyclically exascerbations of pain d/t SLE an other issues. I found the cost of the product was prohibitive for the average person. What’s more I am not a fam MLM in general. I was no a fan of the automatic re-order. It is better to allow the customer to order this as they see fit, without having to pay more. Again, it is already an expensive product. If one can find a formulation that works just as well, w/o risks, for a more reasonable price, so much the better.

  7. Yes indeed. I had been experiencing pain in my knuckles but that has now gone. Me and Clench recommend this product.

    Thanks Nopalea, it works for me.

  8. I thought the entire hoopla about nopalea was a hoax. I attended a 90th birthday party for my father in law several weeks ago. I am 6’2″ and weigh 315lbs. (a bit hefty). His great niece was there and I did not recognize her, she had lost 150lbs this last year. Neither of us can exercise due to health issues. She told me about Nopalina (made with nopalea). I bought some on my way home. In the past 2 weeks, I have lost 16lbs. I know what you are going to say…that’s a bit much. You are right it is but I have not been under 300lbs in 20 years. I feel great. I had a Dr. appointment today and told her about this stuff. It turns out she is on it too. She said after 2-3 weeks weight loss will start to slow down but be consistent. I do not work at all and no one is paying for my comments. All I can say is that it works for me and I’m a happy camper!

  9. Grocery stores generally only carry one type of edible cactus (Nopalea or flat leaf cactus). I use Nopalina brand which has numerous Opuntia Ficus (or edible cacti).

  10. Your comments would ring truer if you said some like “I bought the product and used it for 2 weeks. It dis nothing for me. I don’t recommend it.” Anyone who has never used the product can make the statements you made.

  11. Consumer, it doesn’t sound like you even tried Nopalina. Why don’t you buy a small amount and try it for a couple of weeks. Then report back to us.

  12. I bought this four years ago and it healed my right knee arthritis after 3bottles were consumed. All the doctors prescription like glucosamine etc didn’t subside the bloating but with Nopalea it reduced by 50% immediate and got healed. Now my left knee is having arthritis too and am buying it!

  13. Dear Damien, I would recommend that you cease your ‘grip’ on anything nearby. This has caused you serious issues in the past.

    As for Nopalea, perhaps no.

  14. I take Nopelia Juice. It helps my physical pain and allergies. I have Asthma. It helps my breathing most likely because it helps the allergies. It isn’t a cure all. We have had few challenges with ordering it. We had a box of juice to freeze on our porch and the bottles broke open. They replaced it for free. I take the Sublingual B vitamin, too. there are days that without these products I would not be able to clean my house. They got in trouble because a doctor that was in their commercial for it said it helped multiple illnesses because they said it helped inflammation without the approval of the FDA. The FDA knows that inflammation has been shown in the recent years to be a part of multiple illnesses but they haven’t declared it an official cause to certain illnesses so the doctor didn’t word it right to the FDA’s liking. It seemed that they thought the doctor saying it was okay. I agree… if you haven’t tried it that it’s unfair to criticize it. It isn’t a drug like a chemical drug so it doesn’t work as fast. There are people in their commercials that have stated that it takes about a month for the average person to feel any effects from the product that is noticeable. that is common with alternative therapies. Blessings all.

  15. Janet, how can you POSSIBLY know if it works, or not, if you haven’t TRIED it?? Very naive. Tut tut.

  16. Ha! I have just read Tom’s comment (further down the page) & he has – & I’ve just realised I’ve answered my own question. Come to think of it, we had prickly pear growing along our driveway in our previous rental (I know, who puts cacti along a driveway?) another discussion for another day.
    I didn’t really take that much notice of the plant BECAUSE it was along our driveway, & it was a bit of a nuisance there, a small group of us tried cutting it back once, & all that happened was we got prickles all over us. Wish I had’ve realised at the time that it could’ve maybe helped with mine & my husband’s ailments. I’m going to find out if I can buy or grow it here, instead of paying $50 a bottle. A bit expensive, I think, & if it didn’t work, it’d be a huge waste of money; but at least if I buy or grow the fruit myself, it will be alot cheaper & if it does work, bonus!

  17. Hi Anthony, I’m not sure where you live, if it’s in the tropics or not. I live in the Southern part of Australia, & it’s definitely NOT tropical here. I was actually wondering myself if I could just buy – or even try growing – the fruit myself as the Nopalea juice is pretty expensive, I think. Could you please tell me if you live in a tropical climate or not? Thanks. Karina.

  18. Sounds like if you will have to stop eating to avoid all the toxins put into EVERYTHING that humans consume, including the air.

  19. I now suffer from extreme looseness of both bowels and bladder. I have however lost a lot a significant amount of weight, so thanks again Nopalea.

    The ladies have stopped calling. I’m not sure why.

  20. This helped me become a millionaire by scammibg ppl off to the next rip off product. Try monkey juice solves all your problems lol

  21. I have become significantly more popular with the ladies due to this product. However, the bowel issue has been rather difficult to explain away.

    Once again, thanks Nopalea.

  22. Previously I was a childish and insufferable human being. Then I tried Nopalea. I am still a childish and insufferable human being.

    Should I increase my dosage or get a grip on reality ?

  23. That Melvin was not me. I’ve previously experienced problems after taking this product.

    Thankfully my erection has finally subsided but I now find myself suffering from incontinence at both ends, which is no fun at all.

    Still I have no joint pain, so thank you Nopalea.

  24. I have seen the drink on television and I know it works, I have not tried it before but I can tell the drink just works buy hearing the stories from the people on the television. I JUST read people sad it did not help them but I know it can.

  25. Don’t downplay the results that people get when taking Nopalea. I’ve been a very health conscious person for 40 plus yrs. You can’t absolutely say only eating healthy will resolve health issues. Each person is different, so to say just do this or that is totally closed minded. And newsflash! even non- profits make some money, what company sells items for free!

  26. As a young arthritis sufferer nopalea really does work, I can notice a big difference. I have started and stopped it twice now and both times the same amazing results when I take it compared to the horrible results when I stop

  27. Oh God the pain ! It has also begun to affect my bowels, and not in a good way.

    Once again … should I stop taking Nopalea ?

  28. Works as well as any Placebo. Sugar pills are cheaper.

    Same as snake oil, only difference is the way the perpetrator is handled by the law. Snake oil salesman would be run out of town and or roughed up. Forced to return people’s money,

    In this case a $35 million dollar settlement with the FTC for Trivita to return to customers and also requirements to stop deceptive advertising and false claims. FTC is plain in calling this a SCAM Here is the link and this should make things very clear about what this product is and what Trivita is doing to scam people.

  29. Almost two years later and it’s still up … the discomfort is intense. Should I stop taking Nopalea ?

  30. The best thing you can do is get some Nothtli. It consists of prickly pear juice. I strongly suspect that Nopalea is a scam because overnight, their TV advertisements simply VANISHED. Sounds to ME like they found theirselves “under investigation!” I heard that Nopalea was really only about 2% cactus juice, and about 98% Apple and strawberry juice!!! Can you say “rip-off?!”

  31. If you want to buy the expensive Nopalea juice from Trivita, just remember that you are paying for the cost of their infomercials too. They will also claim that their brand is much better than any other Nopal Cactus juice, but they use the same Prickly Pear ingredients as the other brand juices with that fruit. So it’s up to you, pay more if you want their brand name on the bottle or enjoy the same benefits by buying it from your local herbal store instead at a much cheaper price. 😉

  32. Adreinne, I get your point. Remember the episode on The Andy Griffith Show when Elle Walker, the pharmacist, came to town? She refused to give old lady Emma the placebo that Emma had been taking for years. Kind of like what happened to your father. It is sad that these companies prey on the elderly.

  33. Kristin, Did you happen to read the title of this forum?
    Is Nopalea a Scam or Does It Really Work?
    I believe they are asking for testimonials on how people feel about its authenticity, and not actually making, as you said, “hyper-critical uber-judgemental majorly-skeptical of anything that sounds good culture! we are so traumatized and over defensive and so up in other people’s business!!!”.
    Whew!!! That wore me out.

  34. Since we are on this spelling kick, let’s throw in for correct grammar rules.
    Charles, To those who profess that this dangerous juice helps there pain…..that would be “their” pain.
    Oh my gosh I sincerely hope SIRI did not screw this up for me. I’m sure most of you know how well she can butcher a stalemate.
    HO HO HO
    Merry Christmas

  35. You may want to do some research into the cactus, where it grows and how common it is is various parts of the world before you say others don’t know what they are talking about. Do you honestly think a cactus develops medicinal properties because it grows in a particular desert? I’m glad you feel better though and that’s really all that matters. I’m recovering from 16 leg fractures and am in inconsiderable pain, that’s what piqued my interest in the product when I saw an infomercial about it. But the main ingredient is actually a noxious weed that grows all around the world…it isn’t some mysterious miracle cactus only found in one place. It grows here in Australia and is an introduced pest. It seems pretty expensive though.

  36. Anyone who thinks Prickly Pear only grows in a particular area and the desert conditions transform this noxious cactus into a super food is choosing to believe marketing hype. Prickly Pear grows here in Australia as well and is a weed. it’s one of those introduced plants that shouldn’t even be in Australia. Anyway, there are at least 5000 sources of the ingredient in the cactus from apples and many other fruits…so it is hardly rare as the ad claims. There is also NO peer reviewed scientific and evidence that it works. In fact, the only study ever done focused specifically on hangovers. So the claim that it is scientifically proven is also untrue. These two bs claims should be enough to ring alarm bells. I’ve not tried it but if people who have have experienced relief from pain, then.thats great. There are several claims on the ad that are simply untrue though, the obvious question is if the truth is so compelling, why invent fiction? It also seems very expensive for something mad from a cactus that grows as a noxious weed on several continents.

  37. I tried it for 2 months and didn’t notice any positive changes. Maybe it wasn’t long enough, but it was too expensive for me to continue especially with the JUNK they add to it. It doesn’t make sense that they don’t use stevia to sweeten it.

  38. I tried Nopalea, got sucked in by the sales blurb, and in a weak moment, ended up using it for about 6 months. Financially, I decided I had to cut back on certain discretionary items, and this stuff was first to go. Did it work? No, it seemed to make no difference to my inflammation (arthritis), and I can’t even say I ‘felt’ better. By the way all the ‘medical doctor’ people on the site seem dodgy…certainly not reputable, conservative representatives of the medical profession. Needless to say, the medical associations would not advise taking this, or any other ‘miracle’ substance. Anyway, for me personally, the product did nothing whatsoever. There are hundreds of ways on to reduce inflammation, and lots of potions. I wouldn’t recommend this one.

  39. Ok so I just got off the phone with “tiffany”, who asked me questions about my husbands health, medications, conditions, symptoms, I declined to answer. I asked if I could just get my husband the “free*” bottle. the short answer is NO. the long answer is, “we have many promotions, and you need at least 4 bottles”. I told tiffany I had some questions about the ingredients, she said there are many but she doesn’t know what they are. she also said nopalea is a “supplement”, which “helps with” ibs, heart disease, inflammation (like water, I wonder?), etc. I had to hang up. if my husband wants this grand placebo i’m afraid he’ll have to order it himself.

  40. Aloha John of May 9, 2013 at 1:21 pm. I checked this whole thing for my 81 year old Hawaiian “Aunty” who was suckered into this thing, and is actually very, very ill. As I read all the blogging, or whatever, and came to yours, I LAUGHED UNTIL I CRIED!!!!! That is hysterical! “Next you’ll see, “I died, but 3 oz. of Nopalea daily brought me back to life and keeps me alive!” I’m STILL LAUGHING AS I WRITE THIS!!!!! You are so, so funny. BUT the seriously sad and horrific thing is that this “product” doesn’t target “baby boomers” like it says above – IT TARGETS THE ELDERLY. They are the ones up in the middle of the night, watching infomercials such as this one by TriVita. They are the ones who are hoping for relief from pain and who are being essentially CRIMINALLY ASSAULTED. Mahalo for the laugh, John, but I will ensure my Aunty [in Hawai`i we call anyone who is our elder “Aunty” or “Uncle”] gets out of this SCAM and all her money back, etc. P.S. You should seriously consider doing stand-up! With Aloha, Jude

  41. I pay $30 a bottle, not $65… Plus shipping, per bottle runs $35.50. Still not cheap, but living on the east coast I don’t think is suitable for growing my own. Don’t really know if my arthritis and planatar fasciitis are better because of the Nopalea but they have gotten better but not cured.

  42. My father has sworn by this product for many years. Unfortunately, he is willing to spend money he barely has in order to get it. Just recently, my father suffered a very severe bacterial infection in his legs and feet. He refused to see a doctor and wanted to increase his dosage of this product. It was only until his infection severely incapacitated him that he was willing to get medical attention. His health has only improved through medical attention, but even now he still requests the product, even though he can no longer afford it. It may not be a scam, but it definitely preys on seniors who want to improve their health!

  43. Diana. I have sarcoidosis too and it is so painful and depressing. I am trying nopalea for the first time. I pray it works. I have that burning feeling near my spleen too and now my hips are shooting unbearable pain down to my legs. I have chronic fatigue and have had so many surgeries and afflictions since I was diagnosed. it’s a horrible disease. I pray we both recover.

  44. I was curious about the infomercial. Glad I found this website and read ALL of the posts. I am a blackjack dealer of 14 years and have chronic inflammation in my arm. For the last 2 years I have been prescribed hydrocoden, which is another name for Loratab. It helps with my arm but gives me headaches. I will continue my research to find more natural fruits and vegetables to help with my pain. I am happy it has helped some, but as a very low middle class parent of 3 I will not choose the expense of this item. As a few people have stated, “what helps one person may not help another”. Good luck everyone in your decision.

  45. I Agree with Diane and Rosa, this stuff should be called the miracle juice I am a 58 Y.O. male, about a year ago I couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning with so much back pain, after going to doctors and no one had a fix, I started drinking this juice,now I jump out of bed,i feel great, thank you Napolea ,

  46. Wow! I read every comment here! Maybe you did too if you are reading this. If so high five! Humans are very curious beings!!! Some of you have good points, and some of you are so super critical! What is up with our hyper-critical uber-judgemental majorly-skeptical of anything that sounds good culture! we are so traumatized and over defensive and so up in other people’s business!!!

  47. There is no way anthony bought the fruit and zapped up juice. If you do some research on the fruit you’ll find it is so sticky you cannot make anything out of it except glue and that some indians still use the plant for glue. It takes a process. nor just a juicer.

  48. I called & spoke to a salesman called Melvin. I asked about
    Diabetes & joint pain & he was so excited to day that
    Nopalea would help me immensley! When i asked
    if it would spike blood sugars, he had no clue, only
    commenting that others with diabetes were ordering
    the product. Obviously not worried about what they
    were ingesting!!

  49. No offense, but this is what’s called anecdotal evidence. In fact, that’s all I’ve seen. Nowhere have I seen a doctor saying person x is not having a problem with because of this product. All I’m seeing is person x tried this product and now they’re not having an issue with problem x – there might be other variables.

    Nest sayin’

  50. Dianne, autoimmune disorders are not caused by inflammation. They’re caused by the immune system having an inappropriate response to something normally in the body. This may cause inflammation, but it’s not caused by inflammation.

    Source: wikipedia

  51. I’m literally watching the infomercial and the people praising this product here, specifically Dianne, sound exactly like the testimonials on the infomercial. I think they’re from the company producing this product.

  52. Look at for Nopalea plus all kinds of the same juice of the ” Nopal ” cactus / Prickly Pear juices just not by that manufacturer for all different prices and you don’t have to join an autoship club. They even carry it in capsules and mixable powders but who really knows what the effective dosage is? Some one mentioned blueberries and they are the Best antioxidant , along with a slew of fresh fruits and vegetables and of course Omega 3 fatty acids , these All fight inflammation, decrease BP& triglycerides, heart disease, etc. Ask your MD. Also, look into Pain Management if you are having such debilitating pain that you are unable to function. Like I said, my parents have the cactus with the wonderful Prickly Pear fruit growing in their backyard in CA. They have always made things with it like jelly, juice, candied, and just eaten it off of the cactus. My Dad had both knees replaced and my Mom has had High BP and now Dementia / Alzheimer’s now . If I thought that prickly pear fruit juice would heal them, I would hook up an IV w/ a mixture of it somehow.

  53. OK Jen. That proves he’s a fake. I am a Registered Nurse and worked in ICU/CCU, Trauma and Flight for 24 yrs. I broke 2 vertebrae in my neck and then had 4 total spinal fusions from my neck to my behind. During my fourth surgery, to help stop bleeding, they gave me blood platelets contaminated with Staph. Then went into Septic Shock & coma and ventilator for 7 weeks and in Hosp. for 3 months. My pain was unrelieved by anything and now I have a implanted pain pump connected directly to my spinal cord. I have a homer health nurse that comes out to refill my pump w/ pain medicine every 6 weeks. This allows me to walk w/ a cane and get my mail and do some normal things. I tried for 18 months w/ every other thing they came up w/ for pain. Then I found a Pain Specialist and he has saved my life. Some of the stories that I hear on the infomercials , I believe can be not so much ” dangerous ” but making people feel like if they are in as much pain as they say, drinking a cactus drink is going to fix them. Severe pain is a symptom of something wrong. If they don’t want to take opiates or other meds, there are other modalities for treatment. What is causing the pain could be indicative of something worse going on and is not getting treated. There is a huge difference between unrelenting chronic pain and pain that makes you want to call it a day. If you are desperate to try anything for your pain, first check w/ your MD.

  54. You can buy it in fresh markets if you live out west. My parents live in CA and it grows in their back yard. If you go to a Latino store out west, they’ll most likely have it. You can order it online. It makes great jelly, juice, candied, and the fruit is very good just by itself when it is ripe. It is called ” Prickly Pear” and is a bright red or orange color and has spiny thistles sticking out, but not bad. We just cut it off of the cactus and eat it. It grows out in any area where there is room to grow. It is. Neat plant so many of my parent’s neighbors have it growing in their yards and they can get rather large. As far as I know, here is nothing special about the Sonoran Desert Prickly Pears except they may be sweeter due to it being dryer out in the desert. I would just buy it and juice it myself but if it’s inconvenient and you really believe in it, go ahead and spend $65.00 a bottle for it. Good Luck!

  55. My parents live in CA and have been growing prickly pear fruit on their cactus plants for years and have been making jelly, juicing it, and just eating the fruit off of the cactus, which is very good. It grows all over the southwest, and There is Nothing Special w/ the cactus in the Sonoran desert. Of course, the more dry the climate is, the sweeter the fruit seems to be. I was floored when I looked it out online and saw the price. Not everything you see on an info-mercial works or is new or is a scam. We have just had it forever and think it’s funny that people would spend that much cash on something that grows wild out west. Some one decided to cash in on it. I’m not saying it doesn’t work or does work. My parents are in their 80’s and my Dad has very bad knees which he had to have replaced 6 years ago and my Mother always had high BP and now has Dementia/Alzheimer’s but physically still is very active. If you believe something is going to work, it will for you. Have they done Blind studies? There is another drink called “Supple ” that says it does all of the same things!? I just don’t like to see people who are on a fixed income –like me. I am a disabled RN after 23yrs my spine gave out and hospital gave me Staph during my spinal fusion surgery–get scammed to spend their money on promises when there are cheaper alternatives. There is an infomercial about a great juicer. I have one of those but got it on sale at Bed and Bath. I make my own juice w/whatever I have and it’s great! Save your money!

  56. Thanks man,,,,,,,,,,,, I needed a good laugh!
    I feel better already after your report.
    Perhaps laughter is the answer.

  57. To those who profess that this dangerous juice helps there pain–it is true–all cortisol agents reduce inflammation–but with continued use–suppresses the function of the Adrenal Gland–which places YOU in danger. Goggle Adrenal Insufficiency.–Charles.

  58. Yeah I can do most anything right at their website. I did not check the date on this article but it might have been during the time they were switching over to the improved redesigned website. Pretty well made site I always thought, but then I was not looking for a reason to debunk them. You see, I believe that in order for ANYTHING to help you, be it a drug or natural remedy you have to WANT to feel better, you have to WANT IT to work. If your attitude is that you want to prove it doesn’t work, then that is what you will probably prove over and over again. If used as directed with a positive attitude it works and works well. Placebo effect you say? What does it matter? Less pain is less pain right? And the cost? a little over a dollar and sixty cents per day to feel better and have less pain? People will gladly spend ten bucks a day on beer and or fast food but say they just can’t swing that buck sixty on health juice today. I thin it is the best wellness company of all time myself. And BTW Nopalea is only one of an entire array of wellness products Trivita offers. All have been excellent.

  59. I am not an employee of TriVita. I am a 67 year old Human Resource Director in Clearwater, Fl. I have Fibromyalgia and Spinal Stenosis. In February 2012, a 87 year old man on a revoked license hit me and totalled my car. Six months later, walking into a local mall, a woman textiing hit me while I was in the crosswalk and threw me 10 feet. I have lived on hydocodone twice a day from my pain management doctor. Started Nopalea six months ago. Today the doctor called to say I have missed two appointments and reminded me I cannot get the pain pills without an actual appointment. Then, an epiphany…..I realized I had not taken one pain pill since for the past three months. I am also sleeping better since I started this tonic. What works for one person does not necessarily mean it will work for someone else. Yes it is expensive, but so are my doctor’s visit deductible and the pills themselves. I am also taking their B12 pills and feel so much better.

  60. I am a retired Family Physiian. Patients have been going to border towns/cities and getting the red Cactus Juice. This stuff is very dangerouis–causes Adrenal Gland disfunction and could hasten your departure from this Life.

  61. in pain 24 hours a day I’m tired of taking meds their not helping just making things worst because of the sidee affects so I brought the fruit and I’m going to try it for a month and I’ll keep every one posted

  62. Okay tomorrow they will come up with another product that claims to be better than Nopalea. What really surprised me was that there were two stories in this review that says a friend gave it to me and I started feeling better after awhile. What a joke! If Nopalea is very expensive why would someone give it to anyone to try it. This is why I believe it is a scam.
    Let me advise you that there are alot of earth’s green that can give you relieve and possibly even cure many ailments. Read a book on Dr Sandra Cabot – Raw juices can save your life. Every human on this earth should read this book.
    Raw juices can make the difference you are looking for. Goodluck everyone and may you be blessed with optimum health from raw juices.

  63. I’m with you. Been researching GMO. Seems to be causing inflammation. Pigs fed GMO corn were found to have stomach inflammation disease. What’s that doing to us eating the meats of these animals?

  64. I quite often shake my head at stories on the TV of people getting sucked in. Must admit, I got caught up in the hype and certainly the excellent technical posting here which suggested nopalea is highly effective, it simply did not work for me. All you need to do is eat healthy foods. Eat lots of fruits, veg, lean turkey,halibut,sardines,salmon, nuts, pumpkin seeds etc, stay away from dairy. This herbs works for me and recommend Curamin, ginger,garlic,olive leaf extract, NKO Krill oil, boswellia extract, bromelain,lots of green tea, camomile tea,etc.
    “We are Born Crying We Die Crying Try to Laugh in between”

  65. I have been taking Nopalea for almost 2 months and I have to say it does work .I was having joint pain in my knees,shoulders,hand ,feet, and hip. I notice it start effecting my breathing after 20 days of using NOPLEA. I have asthma and seasonal allergies.i would like to know does anyone else have this problem?

  66. This is in response to John’s entry on 6-8-13. I was looking for any reason I should order Nopalea when I ran across your comment. A product that can do all this … I gotta have it. I was laughing so hard I wet myself. Then I wet myself so hard, I laughed myself a little. I’m sure with an ounce or two of Nopalea, everything will be okay.

  67. I’m with Catherine, the sonoran desert isn’t just Mexico. I’m in Arizona and also live in what’s considered the sonoran desert. Plus, if you’d watched their commercial the Tivia people seem to think it is simply the ‘nopal superfruit’. But in Arizona we’ve been using the prickly pear cactus for all sorts of stuff for years and I think they’re just plain crazy. We still are fat, sick, tired and old here and down further into Mexico.

  68. I am trying this for the 1st time – will report on a weekly basis once I receive my bottles of Nopalea. I did not read any of these comments before purchasing, perhaps I would not have bought it today had I done so. But here it goes. The rep on the phone was called “Rebecca”. Pleasant, knowledgeable about the product of course, and a sharp sales person. We went from a 4 bottle package to a BOGO at a cost of $49.94. Yes I will be auto billed, and yes I will receive my next shipment in 2 weeks for an additional $ 50 for 1 bottle. Drink and pay as you go. LOL. This is the wave of tomorrow. Auto charge and auto ship that is. All companies are doing it its just not NOPALEA. If it works, haleluyah! If it doesn’t, then it was a remedy tried unsuccessfully. If you believe you can achieve. So I will believe !

  69. Amazing product!! First off, I am a bald male, and after one sip of Napolea, I woke up with a full head of hair! Secondly, my dog was hit by a car and pronounced dead at the scene, but with one sip of Napolea, my dog is back from the dead and acting like a new puppy! Next, my car’s paint was oxidizing heavily, so…you guessed it…a few oz.’s of Napolea and my car’s paint looks brand new! And finally, with only drinking a few oz’s per day, on my 30th birthday, I actually turned 29!! Amazing product and I recommend it to anybody who is balding, has a dead pet, needs a good automotive detailer, or who just wants to reverse the natural aging process!

  70. To everyone that goes for everything they see on TV. The company is out to make money. All you need to do is eat healthy foods. Get away from packaged, process foods. Stay away from chemicals, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, msg, anything added. Eat organic fruits, veg, meat. Eat nuts and seeds… not cheetos and poptarts. Some people would feel better if they stay away from dairy and skit would feel better away from wheat, gluten. Soy is another allergen that’s added to everything and alot of people are allergic or have a sensitivity to it. Your food is your medicine. Read labels or don’t buy food with a label.

  71. You can’t order on their website, you can order on Trivita (might be spelled wrong).

  72. It has given me a huge and durable erection when previously I was flaccid. Thank you Nopalea.

    Unfortunately it won’t go down.

  73. I have tried this off and on for 2 years. Before I got breast cancer and after to try to help with the chemo side effects. I have a multitude of chronic diseases besides the cancer I had and am now a survivor but do not attribute any of that to this drink. I almost died from the side effects of chemo and the hell it played on my organs but who is to say I would have not died without this juice?
    I have taken it for months now again and will not be ordering again. I cannot say it helps anything. But it has taken me 2 years to prove that to me.

  74. I have read many of your comments because I was just told I had osteoarthritis! I am in my 40’s and just seem to hurt all the time. I don’t want to complain, however, I am so excited to find someway to get relief without more meds. Maybe this is my answer!

  75. I was diagnosed with lupus 1 year ago so I know what it’s like to be in alot of pain …I don’t work for Nopalea I’m just a regular person I seen how people think the reps get on here and post well I’m not just to clear that up….anyway so I stated the Nopalea challenge 3 months ago and I can honestly say it has worked for me I haven’t took my predsoine in three months and if yous don’t know what that is it’s a steroid to help with inflammation. I makes you Moody you gain weight no matter how much you try not to eat you just get those cravings. It also can start messing with your stomach it’s an awful medicine that’s suppose to help but it seems like it makes it worse…so I needed a new soluion so my mom had seen the add for it on tv and she told me just give it a try you can always send it back so I did and like I said before I love it it’s worked for me ya it’s a bit pricey but I’m willing to pay that them have a life time full of stomach pains, and all the other stuff that comes with the steroids. So I guess what I’m trying to get my point across is it worked for me:) just give it a try ….and I forgot to mention I’m a proud mother of two and I need to not only try it for myself but for my kids also because now I got so much energy for my kids <3 so again I recommend Nopalea it's been my life changer 🙂

  76. I bought the nopalea product and the only thing that I ended up with was horrible diarrhea, for weeks. It did cause me to loose weight, but it was not the way that I would want to lose weight. I don’t notice that it did anything to reduce joint pain, and if you count the “burning ring of fire” from the diarrhea, it definitely caused more pain. Maybe it would work for some people but it did nothing good for me and I just lost a lot of money.

  77. If trivita beieived the product worked, they would send out free postage paid samples with all confidence the consumer would have good results & thus be future paying customer. End of story.

  78. It’s blatantly obvious that there are representatives from Trivita/Nopalea posting here on this site. It’s very easy to distinguish the posts if you’re familiar with the infomercials, the product, and have a little common sense. Before you blow hundreds on this snake oil (imo); if you have access to Nopal fruit in your region, purchase a quantity, juice it with whatever other fruit pleases your taste buds, and give that a shot for a month or so. You’ll save a LOT of money and you have nothing to lose. If you don’t see the desired results with your inflammation related issue, and you’re willing to pay anything for a chance at reducing your pain, then you can give Nopalea or some other product or therapy a shot.

  79. I have chronic tendonitis, often with searing pain in around my ankles and wrists. I tried Nopalea for about 4 to 5 months, as directed (more at first, then tapered down the dosage). I had very little improvement, although I can say there was some minor improvement, however, I cannot conclusively attribute the improvement to the Nopalea. Also, the whole thing did seem like a scam. I could not order on-line either because I had previously (years ago) order a different product from TriVita, and the website refused to allow me to order the Nopalea as a repeat customer. (How odd is that?) My husband then ordered some for me in his name. It was indeed a membership…the product is shipped regularly and automatically. It was VERY difficult to get the auto-orders stopped. And, there appears to be no way to order at the “reduced price” of $62.50 per bottle ever again once you’ve been a TriVita customer for any of their products. While I would like to try Nopalea again, especially in conjunction with seaweed (Limu) juice, I just think that if the product were really a legitimate miracle cure, they wouldn’t make it so incredibly difficult to get, it wouldn’t be so ridiculously expensive, and they wouldn’t have to force you into a membership/auto-order situation. There is just something fishy about the sales approach…Also, most of the bottles I received were VERY dusty and I couldn’t find any kind of date on many of them. While I don’t disbelieve some of the great results posted, I can say it didn’t really work for me.

  80. Now why do I think these companies set up these forums? This site is a “infomercial” on it’s own! Bet they write the scripts for those touting the benefits of their product. Next you’ll see ” I died, but 3oz of Nopalea daily brought me back to life and keeps me alive!” Reminds me of the saying ” if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!” The price itelf ought to be a tipoff that it’s a scam and ripoff.

  81. Actually, nopalea uses the nopal cactus fruit, otherwise known as prickly pear. Here in Texas you can buy the nopal fruit at many supermarkets. I’m not sure how much difference the “harsh conditions” of the Sonoran desert would have on the individual cactus, or how much is hype from the company but I’m going to buy some of the fresh fruit and try juicing it for myself.

  82. Hello, I am a Certified Massage Therapist. I am sure there are some great success stories for Nopalea helping individuals improve their quality of life. I would like to impress upon all that read this to consider seeking out a registered massage therapist for yourself and family members. Finding a good therapeutic massage therapist can help you become more aware of what is going on with your body and address possible issues before you allow your body to get so far along with the chronic inflammtion issues. As well if Nopalea is helping you or someone you love, massage can now play a big part in helping to maintain or possibly even improve the quality of your every day life. Massage is should not be looked atl as a luxury, but could possibly prevent much of your bodies inflammtion issues and improve the quality of your life if you find the right therapist and have a massage every 2 to 3 weeks!

  83. My wife and I have been taken Nopalea for a few weeks now and there has definetly been some benefits. I do have more energy and it’s helping me lose weight, or at least it did in the beginning.
    The biggest benefit is that my wife has not had an allergy attack since taken Nopalea. This is not a benefit that they talk about but that has been our experience. Also we have had some of the worst winds in the last 2 weeks, so the fact that my wife wasn’t knocked out by an allergy attack is HUGE!
    I am looking for an alternative since this stuff is incredibly expensive and built around an MLM.

  84. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in 2011 which is caused by inflammation. It’s call Sarcoidosis. My doctor said the only way they treat this is with predisone. Knowing the side effects of predisone I decided to look for natural alternatives. My symptoms were similar to having chronic flu like syptoms; my body ached all over; I had a particular burning pain on my left side near my spleen were the sarcoidosis was discovered and I was tired all the time. After seeing an informartial on Nopalea, I thought what do i have to loose. Well, I won’t be without it. I have been taking it for about a year and my symptoms have gone. I no longer have that burning p ain on my left side; my chronic fatigue has gone and the all over muscle aches have gone too. I was also having pain in my right hip and that has gone. So I’ll just say to anyone who has pain to try it and you have to take it everyday; not just when you feel like it and see if it works for you.

  85. I asked You to cancel My order and just recieved a bottle today. I can’t afford it, so don’t send Me any more. Thanks Ronnie

  86. I just received my first 4 bottle order of Nopalea today. My Mom and I both have Rheumatoid Arthritis and are looking for relief of joint weakness and pain and a boost to our immune systems. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I will post back in one month to let you all know how the nopalea is working for us..

  87. It sounds like all the replies from people saying how great it is…..all seem to list exact condition, dosages, how it’s worth the cost etc…..they sound like the people on the commercial especially the “Diane ” lady…. AMAZING that her, her 2 daughters , her grandchild, her neighbor and all her other friends and family had these terrible medical and NOT ONE OF THEM could get help from any dr but NOPALEA taken for several months ( that story will help sell there 4 bottle purchase offered when called) CURED THEM ALL…..I think they clearly work for the company, I took it for 3 months as prescribed and it did nothing, and they DID NOT HONOR THIER GUARENTEE…..TOTAL SCAMMMMMMMMMMMM……….

  88. i think its a scam. I tried it along with all my work mates (7 of us total) who all have chronic pain for various reasons for several months and had no noticeable effects. I did later realize the small market by my house sells these fruits imported and i liked the juice so i do eat and juice them sometimes, but I stopped buying the mail order stuff as I dont think it helped any of us. In fact a couple of us felt like it made our pain worse.

  89. I order my Nopalea Online all the time. It Tastes good , I have Osteoarthritis and as long as I drink 6 Oz. a day without fail , it DOES help. I know it is pricey , but I don’t want to be without it. You just have to drink this much everyday without fail.

  90. IN reply to this gentleman buying the nopal fruit, it isnt noplea fruit so that alone tells u he has no clue what he is talking about, and secondly, this nopal fruit is specifically from the sonoran desert that’s how it becomes an anti inflammatory, u cant grow in your back yard and get the same results, it develops bioflavanoids which is what fights it, due to the harsh conditions in the sonoran desert ive been taking it for a month and it is amazing i have asthma , and tendinitis and it works wonders

  91. IN reply to this gentleman buying the nopal fruit, it isnt noplea fruit so that alone tells u he has no clue what he is talking about, and secondly, this nopal fruit is specifically from the sonoran desert that’s how it becomes an anti inflammatory, u cant grow in your back yard and get the same results, it develops bioflavanoids which is what fights it, due to the harsh conditions in the sonoran desert ive been taking it for a month and it is amazing i have asthma , and tendinitis and it works wonders

  92. I was a skeptic, but I am a total believer now. Nopalea worked for me in about 5 weeks. The benefits came about very gradually. I have much less pain in my hips and legs and am able to walkup steps without clutching onto a rail. If your problem involves inflammation and you take the product as directed, it should work for you. I also recommended it to a friend who has experienced similar results. I now know why it is so expensive…I bought a prickly pear, cut it open and realized that it was mostly seeds. It would take pounds and pounds of the fruit to make enough juice so I am happy to purchase it from TriVita.

  93. This is the most ridiculous “review” I have ever read.

    You’re giving it a thumbs down essentially because of the pricing but you did no actual test.

    I’m not claiming it works, but I am 100% on board with adding anti inflammatory fruits and vegetables to my diet to ward off cancer. $140 is cheap compared to Chemo. Wild claim? Maybe, but no more than this asinine site.

  94. I’m not sure what they are talking about with the “can’t order online” thing. I ordered mine on-line just now.

  95. does anyone know how long is it good for I bought mine almost 2 yrs ago i took the deal for 5 bottles seemed to help but i got away from using it now my ulcers are acting up and my artheritis so i was wondering if i could still use it .it has been refrigerated since i got it any one know????

  96. Funny, I buy 40 lbs of Nopalea fruit for $25 retail. Press it in my juicer and get about 256 ozs of fresh pressed juice, whole, live, unpasteurized. That is .10c an ounce. I eat the fruit whole as well. Anti-inflammatory? Yeah, I feel it. Bottled juice with agave and other things added, no thanks. For a treat I may add some fresh pressed pineapped, a bit of lime or lemon and presto. Awesome fruit. The young leaves of the nopal are also excellent in smoothies.

  97. I must say, I’ll have to agree with Diane, In a BIG way. My mother who is a very strong, hard working 87 year old woman, woke up unable to move suddenly about 3 months ago. It started in her upper arms and neck, then proceeded to travel down her body: hips, legs,etc. She could feel unbelievable pain with every slight movement. She became bed / couch ridden. My sisters and I had to bathe her,cook for her, clean her home… Her doctor told us to start looking a for a proper care facility and that there was nothing he could further do for her. My father told us their neighbours, who were also elderly, had been looking really bad in the past – could barely move themselves. But he suddenly saw them working on their garden, taking long walks, and living their life again. He asked them what was up – how did they heal so well? They told him about Nopalea. He decided to order it for my mother. It did take about a month at 6 oz. per day. But the results have been like night and day. She’s back to being the mom I knew, much more careful in the garden ( so she doesn’t fall ) but an incredible difference. She only needs 3 oz. a day right now. The results of this drink has changed all of our lives. We are back to having one!! I highly recommend Nopalea!

  98. I have to say if it were not for Nopalea I would still be bed ridden with every thing from arthritis,migraines, nerve pain, vertigo, inflammation,allergies, severe pain, and a list of other things I had that stemmed from a brain stem injury. My friend had me try it and I am a big skeptic. I took it as directed, which I am finding out, if you do not take it as directed you will not get relief. I started with the 3 ounces twice a day for two months and maintain my relief and better health with just taking 1 ounce twice a day. I would rather go natural than taking a medicine that causes side effects. My pain did not happen over night and I did not expect relief overnight. Damaged, unhealthy cells will cause all kinds of problems in our bodies. Nopalea rebuilds those damaged cells . This process does not happen overnight either. If a doctor told you to take a medicine and said you will not notice anything for about 6-8 weeks, you listen and take it as prescribed. I do not see why people who want results expect it to happen over night. This is an all natural product that does not have side effects and does really work. All I can say is not only am I walking proof, so is my 27 year old daughter (who suffered from neck and back pain from a car accident), her 4 yr old son (who suffered from digestive issues and went to specialists that could not help), my 16 yr old daughter (who had digestive and inflammation problems and also saw several doctors that could not help), my list goes on with friends and family members that have received relief from Nopalea. Do not say bad things about a product that you may not have taken as you should have to gain the maximum benefits possible for your body. I encourage people to try it for themselves. Nopalea DOES work, only you can decide this for yourself. REMEMBER, nothing will work if you don’t take it as directed. That is just a given.

  99. Nopalea is a waste of money. I would not recommend it do anybody. This product deserves a Thumbs Down from me too.

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