Does OrGreenic Really Work?

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does orgreenic work?What characteristics of a cookware, specifically a pan, do you usually consider before buying one? Years ago, many people really didn’t consider anything. they’d just grab one and rush to the counter. It was not long before they realized that you should be very careful in choosing the most beneficial and effective cookware since the quality of the food you will be cooking will depend greatly on the quality and features your cookware has.

To aid the helplessness that many people now feel because of the low quality of kitchenware products which the current market offers, OrGreenic kitchenware presents to you Orgreenic pans that claim to be truly better and much more unique than those currently available in the market.

An OrGreenic pan is made of a non-stick natural ceramic top that is said to avoid flakes, chips, and wear-offs. Also, it is popular because it is claimed to be non-stick up to any temperature, it retains heat much longer, and it cools off its handle, which is unusual when it comes to pans. In addition, with OrGreenic pans’ features, these pans are reported as PFOA-free, which impresses many health-conscious consumers.

The Claim
Aside from what was mentioned already, Orgreenic pans can still surprise you with many of its not-so-popular but truly cooking-helpful and time-saving features. The most popular and useful feature of OrGreenic pans is their non-stick physical property. Being non-stick is important to a pan to avoid PFOA which is considered a human carcinogen.

Considering this characteristic in buying a pan should be crucial because some coatings that are present in non-sticking pans can wear-off onto your food and that should be a serious concern. An OrGreenic pan requires very little or no oil at all. This characteristic of an OrGreenic pan is best for those who can’t afford to have more oil in their system and also for those who would want to be economical on their cooking oil stock. It is also easy to clean. These benefits are possible also because of the pan’s non-stick properties.

OrGreenic pans can also cook certain foods in a much shorter time than those other pans because of its heat-retaining property.

The Hype
The hype comes mostly from the infomercial, which makes most anyone that sees it want to use it. Non-stick pans will always be popular, because food sticking to a pan is one of the biggest kitchen complaints of our generation.

The hype-causing commercial:

The Cost
You can grab an OrGreenic pan for around $20-30 depending on whether you buy it online from the manufacturer, or from Amazon, or if you keep your eyes open you might be able to find it in retail shops.

If you’re already an aficionado in the kitchen, then you won’t need to make any special resolutions to using the pans, but if you’re hoping that they will magically turn you into the next Gordon Ramsey then you have to be more realistic.

Many people spend boatloads on products for the kitchen, in hopes that this will be the catalyst they need in order to cook more. What ends up happening is that these products collect dust on the shelves and rarely see the light of day. First try developing the habit of cooking more using the utensils and gadgets you currently own. If you can get a good routine going, then you can introduce things like OrGreenic into the mix without worry.

If you evaluate the product, you may see that it is equipped with better physical properties than an ordinary pan has. Also, it is sold at quite a reasonable price with a lifetime guarantee and health benefits. So, there is no need for you to speculate deeper because OrGreenic is nothing but the best. With everything that the OrGreenic pan can equip and benefit you, we definitely recommend you to try using it in your own kitchen.

Final OrGreenic Review

With so many positive reviews that have come in, it’s hard to imagine so many people being wrong. They say that OrGreenic pan had made them more worry-free of their foods because of the pan’s PFOA-free characteristic. Well, that PFOA-free characteristic has truly made the pan more unique than others on the market.

Also, it can cause you to use fewer ingredients when you use it because the pan makes it reasonable enough not to use extra butter, oil, or other non-stick coatings. Every benefit that you may get from this pan is because of its characteristic of being a non-stick pan. With this, it is right to say that OrGreenic can be trusted to improve your life, or at least your life as a wannabe chef.

Our Recommendation
OrGreenic pans have proven that they work. It is safe enough to say that these work and they are effective enough in helping stay-at-home moms and dads as they work in the kitchen. So, we recommend you to buy one now before you miss out on the special bonuses the product comes with.

Official Website: Orgreenic

Alternatives to Orgreenic Pans

If you are looking for a similar product, but don’t trust the Orgreenic Pans, then get a NuWave Perfect Green Frying Pan.

Or if you want something with more reviews, get a 10″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri. It has great reviews on Amazon.

What do you think? Does the OrGreenic work or not?

80 Customer Reviews on “Does OrGreenic Really Work?

  1. It’s not completely non stick. But what pan is? Most decent frying pans are almost the same price. Food definitely has gotten stuck to mine but I’m a bad cook haha. It’s the best frying pan I ever bought though and soo much easier to clean. I forgot to season mine for 2 years so I’m doing it now. Haha. Remember to do it every 6 months so the non stick works better.

  2. I’ve had one of the frying pans — the round one with no lid shown in the picture above — for about two years. I believe ours was purchased in the as seen on TV section of CVS. I now remember I seasoned it when I first got it, but forgot to do it ever again. You are supposed to season it every six months. But I’m guessing you may need to do it more often if you use it a lot or abuse it.

    I used it primarily to cook eggs, to heat up pre-cooked frozen chicken, and sometimes to cook sausage. I think it is hard to find a non-stick pan that lasts a long time and will still cook skinless sausage without it or residue sticking to the pan. Up until very recently, nothing stuck to the pan, and even the sausage residue was very easy to get off. The links themselves didn’t stick.

    However, lately everything, even scrambled eggs, sticks to it. I believe it is because I haven’t seasoned it since I got it.

    I liked this pan so much I was looking for another one on line when I found a YouTube video on seasoning the pan, and it said you have to season it every 6 months. The guy was seasoning it in order to restore it from some abuse, and it seemed to work. I’m going to try it.

    I believe you have to treat this pan specially, but not too much differently than you are supposed to treat Teflon/Teflonish pans. And it is easier to maintain than a cast iron skillet. It does not work as well as an excellent quality Teflon-ish pan (as far as non-stick properties.) However, in my experience, it works much better and for much longer than a poor to middlen’ quality Teflon-ish pan. I think the heating characteristics are good: it is substantial enough to have even heating.

    In case you are wondering why I say “Teflonish” it is because I believe there are a lot of variations of Teflon coatings, and some of them have their own brand. Not all “Teflon” pans are created equal. Some are excellent, and in the case of some, it would be much better to have no coating at all.

  3. I would beware. Seasoned mine, only hand wasted, no metal, ect. too. Worked great for a while, then suddenly down hill fast. I, and it sounds like you even more so, were luckier than most and got a period of good use first. But I warn you, it WILL come. I though like you, then learned the hard way. The pans will go down hill fast and become completely useless. Take my advice, get what remaining use you have out of them and prepare for a complete loss.

  4. Mine had instructions for seasoning in it, but don’t worry: I seasoned mine and had the exact same experience you did. You at least saved some time by not seasoning it since it is garbage either way…

  5. Very annoyed at mine. It worked well for a few months. Now, however, everything sticks or burns on the surface. And yes, I fully and properly seasoned the pan before use. I have to take an old credit card to scrape the bottom of its dark, stuck on film every time I use it. At least with a plain metal pan I could use a scrub brush and clean it easily. This sticks and then I can’t event use anything to easily clean it to avoid scratching. A piece of junk. They found some suckers and stole our money. Don’t buy.

  6. They dont last, works at first after seasoning, but after a few times of use, eggs stick like crazy!!! I would not buy this again, and would not endorse it at all. Trying to find out how to get my money back without all the ridiculous shipping cost.

  7. My “green” pan ended up in the garbage. Stuck every time and got disgusted and tossed it!
    Waste of money.

  8. I bought one for frying eggs. I was hopping for something better than I had been using. From the start eggs stuck and would not slide out of the Orgreenic pan. Even using a spatula the eggs are not easy to remove. No happy camper here!

  9. I’ve had mine for about 2 years, and I do not work for orgreenic. It’s my “go to” pan for eggs. Over easy eggs are easy to make. I do not use the pan dry. I add a pat of butter (not margarine). Hand wash not dishwasher.
    I can only wonder if all the people experiencing sticking are leaving soap residue on the pan or if they are over heating the pan when seasoning it. I just don’t get it. Mine works fine.

  10. Awful. Just awful. Bought 2 from TV. The phone call was miserable, which should have been the first clue. First few weeks of using the pans, just like on TV. Then…awful, just awful. The word non-stick shouldn’t apply for anything. All-Stick. Everything. Its going in the garbage. I’m going to risk cancer with PTFE…because those, truly are nonsitck.

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