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does orgreenic work?What characteristics of a cookware, specifically a pan, do you usually consider before buying one? Years ago, many people really didn’t consider anything. they’d just grab one and rush to the counter. It was not long before they realized that you should be very careful in choosing the most beneficial and effective cookware since the quality of the food you will be cooking will depend greatly on the quality and features your cookware has.

To aid the helplessness that many people now feel because of the low quality of kitchenware products which the current market offers, OrGreenic kitchenware presents to you Orgreenic pans that claim to be truly better and much more unique than those currently available in the market.

An OrGreenic pan is made of a non-stick natural ceramic top that is said to avoid flakes, chips, and wear-offs. Also, it is popular because it is claimed to be non-stick up to any temperature, it retains heat much longer, and it cools off its handle, which is unusual when it comes to pans. In addition, with OrGreenic pans’ features, these pans are reported as PFOA-free, which impresses many health-conscious consumers.

The Claim
Aside from what was mentioned already, Orgreenic pans can still surprise you with many of its not-so-popular but truly cooking-helpful and time-saving features. The most popular and useful feature of OrGreenic pans is their non-stick physical property. Being non-stick is important to a pan to avoid PFOA which is considered a human carcinogen.

Considering this characteristic in buying a pan should be crucial because some coatings that are present in non-sticking pans can wear-off onto your food and that should be a serious concern. An OrGreenic pan requires very little or no oil at all. This characteristic of an OrGreenic pan is best for those who can’t afford to have more oil in their system and also for those who would want to be economical on their cooking oil stock. It is also easy to clean. These benefits are possible also because of the pan’s non-stick properties.

OrGreenic pans can also cook certain foods in a much shorter time than those other pans because of its heat-retaining property.

The Hype
The hype comes mostly from the infomercial, which makes most anyone that sees it want to use it. Non-stick pans will always be popular, because food sticking to a pan is one of the biggest kitchen complaints of our generation.

The hype-causing commercial:

The Cost
You can grab an OrGreenic pan for around $20-30 depending on whether you buy it online from the manufacturer, or from Amazon, or if you keep your eyes open you might be able to find it in retail shops.

If you’re already an aficionado in the kitchen, then you won’t need to make any special resolutions to using the pans, but if you’re hoping that they will magically turn you into the next Gordon Ramsey then you have to be more realistic.

Many people spend boatloads on products for the kitchen, in hopes that this will be the catalyst they need in order to cook more. What ends up happening is that these products collect dust on the shelves and rarely see the light of day. First try developing the habit of cooking more using the utensils and gadgets you currently own. If you can get a good routine going, then you can introduce things like OrGreenic into the mix without worry.

If you evaluate the product, you may see that it is equipped with better physical properties than an ordinary pan has. Also, it is sold at quite a reasonable price with a lifetime guarantee and health benefits. So, there is no need for you to speculate deeper because OrGreenic is nothing but the best. With everything that the OrGreenic pan can equip and benefit you, we definitely recommend you to try using it in your own kitchen.

Final OrGreenic Review

With so many positive reviews that have come in, it’s hard to imagine so many people being wrong. They say that OrGreenic pan had made them more worry-free of their foods because of the pan’s PFOA-free characteristic. Well, that PFOA-free characteristic has truly made the pan more unique than others on the market.

Also, it can cause you to use fewer ingredients when you use it because the pan makes it reasonable enough not to use extra butter, oil, or other non-stick coatings. Every benefit that you may get from this pan is because of its characteristic of being a non-stick pan. With this, it is right to say that OrGreenic can be trusted to improve your life, or at least your life as a wannabe chef.

Our Recommendation
OrGreenic pans have proven that they work. It is safe enough to say that these work and they are effective enough in helping stay-at-home moms and dads as they work in the kitchen. So, we recommend you to buy one now before you miss out on the special bonuses the product comes with.

Official Website: Orgreenic

Alternatives to Orgreenic Pans

If you are looking for a similar product, but don’t trust the Orgreenic Pans, then get a NuWave Perfect Green Frying Pan.

Or if you want something with more reviews, get a 10″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri. It has great reviews on Amazon.

What do you think? Does the OrGreenic work or not?

80 Customer Reviews on “Does OrGreenic Really Work?

  1. It’s not completely non stick. But what pan is? Most decent frying pans are almost the same price. Food definitely has gotten stuck to mine but I’m a bad cook haha. It’s the best frying pan I ever bought though and soo much easier to clean. I forgot to season mine for 2 years so I’m doing it now. Haha. Remember to do it every 6 months so the non stick works better.

  2. I’ve had one of the frying pans — the round one with no lid shown in the picture above — for about two years. I believe ours was purchased in the as seen on TV section of CVS. I now remember I seasoned it when I first got it, but forgot to do it ever again. You are supposed to season it every six months. But I’m guessing you may need to do it more often if you use it a lot or abuse it.

    I used it primarily to cook eggs, to heat up pre-cooked frozen chicken, and sometimes to cook sausage. I think it is hard to find a non-stick pan that lasts a long time and will still cook skinless sausage without it or residue sticking to the pan. Up until very recently, nothing stuck to the pan, and even the sausage residue was very easy to get off. The links themselves didn’t stick.

    However, lately everything, even scrambled eggs, sticks to it. I believe it is because I haven’t seasoned it since I got it.

    I liked this pan so much I was looking for another one on line when I found a YouTube video on seasoning the pan, and it said you have to season it every 6 months. The guy was seasoning it in order to restore it from some abuse, and it seemed to work. I’m going to try it.

    I believe you have to treat this pan specially, but not too much differently than you are supposed to treat Teflon/Teflonish pans. And it is easier to maintain than a cast iron skillet. It does not work as well as an excellent quality Teflon-ish pan (as far as non-stick properties.) However, in my experience, it works much better and for much longer than a poor to middlen’ quality Teflon-ish pan. I think the heating characteristics are good: it is substantial enough to have even heating.

    In case you are wondering why I say “Teflonish” it is because I believe there are a lot of variations of Teflon coatings, and some of them have their own brand. Not all “Teflon” pans are created equal. Some are excellent, and in the case of some, it would be much better to have no coating at all.

  3. I would beware. Seasoned mine, only hand wasted, no metal, ect. too. Worked great for a while, then suddenly down hill fast. I, and it sounds like you even more so, were luckier than most and got a period of good use first. But I warn you, it WILL come. I though like you, then learned the hard way. The pans will go down hill fast and become completely useless. Take my advice, get what remaining use you have out of them and prepare for a complete loss.

  4. Mine had instructions for seasoning in it, but don’t worry: I seasoned mine and had the exact same experience you did. You at least saved some time by not seasoning it since it is garbage either way…

  5. Very annoyed at mine. It worked well for a few months. Now, however, everything sticks or burns on the surface. And yes, I fully and properly seasoned the pan before use. I have to take an old credit card to scrape the bottom of its dark, stuck on film every time I use it. At least with a plain metal pan I could use a scrub brush and clean it easily. This sticks and then I can’t event use anything to easily clean it to avoid scratching. A piece of junk. They found some suckers and stole our money. Don’t buy.

  6. They dont last, works at first after seasoning, but after a few times of use, eggs stick like crazy!!! I would not buy this again, and would not endorse it at all. Trying to find out how to get my money back without all the ridiculous shipping cost.

  7. My “green” pan ended up in the garbage. Stuck every time and got disgusted and tossed it!
    Waste of money.

  8. I bought one for frying eggs. I was hopping for something better than I had been using. From the start eggs stuck and would not slide out of the Orgreenic pan. Even using a spatula the eggs are not easy to remove. No happy camper here!

  9. I’ve had mine for about 2 years, and I do not work for orgreenic. It’s my “go to” pan for eggs. Over easy eggs are easy to make. I do not use the pan dry. I add a pat of butter (not margarine). Hand wash not dishwasher.
    I can only wonder if all the people experiencing sticking are leaving soap residue on the pan or if they are over heating the pan when seasoning it. I just don’t get it. Mine works fine.

  10. Awful. Just awful. Bought 2 from TV. The phone call was miserable, which should have been the first clue. First few weeks of using the pans, just like on TV. Then…awful, just awful. The word non-stick shouldn’t apply for anything. All-Stick. Everything. Its going in the garbage. I’m going to risk cancer with PTFE…because those, truly are nonsitck.

  11. I’ve seasoned it plenty. We’ve had it for a year. It’s gone downhill fast. This morning I used it for hashbrowns and my cast iron for the bacon and eggs. The cast iron is washed and put away, the orgreenic is STILL soaking. Waste of money. On another note, we have ceramic Cuisinart fry pans at our house in town that require no seasoning and work perfectly. You get what you pay for.

  12. Nothing beats a properly seasoned cast iron skillet! Don’t waste your money like I did on OrGreenic anything!

  13. Everything sticks to Orgreenic frying pans. From day one after seasoning as directed food sticks. I tried to make eggs over easy, I had to carefully loosen the egg with a plastic spatula so I could turn it over. Once I loosened it and turned it over the yolk stuck and I couldn’t get it out of the pan without the spatula and of course the yolks broke. No big deal just take eggs over easy off the menu. Try scrambled eggs! Nope stuck even worse! Everything I have tried to cook sticks to the pan with a few exceptions water, cooking oil and nonstick sprays. The review this website gives OrGreenic is BS and that leads me to view everything they say about anything highly suspect.

  14. I have 2 of these pans & seasoned them when I got them, they worked ok the 1st time I used them but now can’t even fry bacon in them they stick like you would not believe . Would not recommened them to my worst enemy! They totally suck!!!!

  15. I have the same problem. The whole set was bought as a wedding present, I don’t have any problems with the rest of the pots and pans, but on the other hand the frying pan has given me problems since the first time I used it. I DID follow the seasoning directions to a T, but never the less it still sticks HORRIBLY!! I’ve gotten so frustrated with it I hate to even use it. There supposed to be a lifetime warranty, what do I have to do to try and just get the frying pan replaced seeing as how I received it as a whole package deal? I know that at the time the whole pots and pans package bought for me was well over $200.

  16. I bought the whole Orgreenic set and I absolutely love it. I have been using it everyday for 2 yrs. I seasoned each piece (not the lids) and they are hand washed and no metal utensils at all. I have the cookie sheets and baking pans also. I am going to buy more so, I can get rid of my old aluminum and steel pots and pans.

  17. For those of you who love your new or relatively new Orgreenic cookware, what I say to you is just wait! For those thinking of buying, beware. My wife and I bought a full set of Orgreenic pans about a year and a half ago. And in fact, without seasoning, they worked great for about 2 months. I would have recommended them. Then all foods began to stick, and stick and stick worse, whether food was cooked at low heat, with butter, with oil, with non stick spray. Within another two months they virtually GLUE any sort of food to themselves. All the pans, and all the pots; none have escaped failure. The only way to clean them is to soak for a lengthy period of time in soapy water and then really scrub them with an SOS pad or a jackhammer! They still look great, but so what?
    By the way, there was nothing on the boxes or the literature with them that talked about seasoning them, it sure isn’t in the commercials, and who would think to season a pan advertised as non-stick that shows you can blow a fried egg off of it and is healthier to use because you don’t need to use any oil or butter?

  18. Piece of junk. Everything sticks. And the green coating DOES flake off.
    That being said, I might still believe it was less toxic than the Teflon pans.


  20. Went to an Estate Sale, saw a Orgreenic fry pan, as seen on late night TV. It looked clean, smooth and unused. Brought it home, washed it just in case, and tried to cook a couple of sunny side up eggs. The TV shows them slipping around and sliding off onto the plate. No Way. They were frozen to the pan. The residue came off fairly easy, but I am glad I only paid 3 bucks. There was no instructions, and since I do not have an oven, “Seasoning” is out of the question. From reading all the above testimonials I would say you should be able to spot the “SHILLS” a mile away. I am glad I only blew 3 bucks another piece of junk. Here is how to cook Sunny side up eggs perfectly every time.

    First use a COLD fry pan. Spray with Pam spray. Butter flavor works well. Carefully crack your eggs and drop each into the pan, as many as you want to cook at one time. Pan should be level while you do this. Drizzle about some water into the pan around the edges. I use a shot glass to measure the water. Put a fairly tight fitting lid over the pan, and place it on the burner. I usually turn on the burner then, on high, until steam starts to comes out from under the lid. It only takes a minute or two. I then turn it on medium for another minute or so. Remove the lid, and check the doneness. We like ours with the yoke soft, and white all firm. Scoop each out onto your serving plates and you are done, with minimal mess, and everyone gets served hot eggs at once. To paraphrase Cheech and Chong, “We don’t need no stinkin orgreenics!”


  22. better than the teflon but the pans non stick does not last for more than couple of months and I always hand wash the pan. not happy with the quality and will not buy more.

  23. I saw the information and it looked great, but I was totally skeptical so I didn’t bother to purchase. However, later when I ordered something else I got the small 8″ pan as a free gift. Ok, so it was free so I thought I’d try it. I seasoned it as the directions said. It also says to use lower heat, which I have been able to do. No, it won’t cook an egg without oil, tried it! But if I use just a touch of spray it does good on anything I’ve tried so far. I’ve had it nearly a year and have even purchased the larger 12″ skillet as well. The 8″ is really great for me during the day since I’m the only one here, I can heat something up for lunch easily. The 12″ is better for family sized. It’s not perfect and the infomercial does hype it….but it is pretty good and safer than the Teflon type. But don’t think you won’t have to use spray or oil at all, just not happening!! I’m toying with the idea of buying the entire set. The cookware set I have now is stainless steel from the early 1960’s that I inherited from my mom, and everything sticks…however soak it a little while and it cleans up pretty well.

  24. Mine worked great for the first few months. You could fry an egg without butter. Now, as most of the reviews say, 1/2 the scrambled eggs stick to the pan and you have to soak it for an hour just to get it clean. I’ve reseasoned with the same results. My seasoned cast iron pan works better.

  25. Are you cooking at much too high a temp? Mine cooks great! But I still only cook at half the max heat my stove goes to.

  26. Son gave me the large frying pan last year for christmas. Heavy duty pan that should last for years. Seasoned pan and worked well for about a week, now EVERYTHING will stick to pan even after reseasoning it still will not work, even with oil. It is too bad I was expecting a much better product,but thats the way of the world these days, always a scam and always JUNK!! I will use my cast iron.

  27. I’m not sure what these people are doing wrong?? NOTHING sticks to my Orgreenic! I made a dozen crepes yesterday with no oil, no cooking spray, no butter in the pan and they were all PERFECT! I’m not sure why anyone would complain about having to use a spatula on eggs, but then again, I don’t know why anyone would risk using Teflon. I bought my pan at Walgreens because I don’t trust the infomercial companies — lots of bad billing practices go on with those companies. But I love it and I can’t wait to get a whole set!

  28. I’m not sure what these people are doing wrong?? NOTHING sticks to my Orgreenic! I made a dozen crepes yesterday with no oil, no cooking spray, no butter in the pan and they were all PERFECT!

  29. I purchased your orgreenic fry pan (12 inch). I seasoned it the way instructions directed. It never did fry anything without sticking so I seasoned it again, no change!!!!!!!!! I would like a replacement . But from the other comments above, I guess I will use grease and fry as before orgreenic.

  30. I wish I had checked here first.
    First the 19.96 pan came in with a 37.56 bill. after talking to three “managers” the bill was adjusted
    First use of trying to chip pancakes out of the pan. I tried to season it again and the handle broke off. They could give a crap less. It seems that the handle is not covered by the lifetime warranty.

    Lets just stop the madness. Humans are animals and animals need fat or oil in their diet. spray the stainless pan, cook your food and move on.

  31. I love eggs over easy too. I have the small fry pan.I put a pad of real butter in and cook my egss to perfection. I’m even getting pretty good at flipping them without a spatula. But after about 6 months, they are all sticking.

  32. I bought a set of Orgreenic Cookware. It worked as advertised for about 6 months. Then it began to stick.Not a happy camper here. 🙁

  33. It sounds like it doesn’t live up to what it says it does when it comes to being non-sticky. But it’s good to know it still good for cooking other things without too many problems too. However, it looks a bit too ineffective to be considered a frying pan worth using. It’s good that it’s environmentally friendly but sometimes that’s just not enough to get the job done unfortunately. Vanessa B even mentioned that it’s never completely clean as I should. I’ll be sure to steer clear of these pans when looking for something that’s both environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time.

  34. To my knowledge, there is only one substance that can be used in a frying pan without any kind of oil or fat to prevent sticking. That substance is Tungsten Carbide, and these pans are not made of Tungsten Carbide. If they were, that would be the selling point. I say this because my grandfather bought a Tungsten Carbide pan (much to my Grandmas dismay- it was not cheap) but my goodness, it really cannot be beat. You can literally cook anything in it and it will not stick. So basically my point is ignore anything other than Tungsten Carbide when it comes to frying pans.

  35. I try to avoid Teflon lined pans and bakeware as much as possible. I focus on using stainless steel and I research bakeware to make sure their nonstick surfaces do not have Teflon before purchasing them because I know how harmful it can be. It is so great to see a line like this one hit the market, and I’m relieved that it actually works! I was able to snatch up an Ecolution pan or two from a local grocery store and I love the way that the nonstick is natural yet it really works. I haven’t been able to find that brand anywhere, though, so this is a good alternative.

  36. I have an orgreenic 12″ skillet, you need to season these pans like cast iron. Orgreenic says lightly oil and put into a preheated oven at 300 degrees for 1 hr, then let cool completely. I followed instructions and it worked like a charm…until about a week ago. The pan started sticking, some food left its residue on the pan and I can’t get it out, I re did the seasoning process tho food still sticks.

    Once you experience sticking the pan seems to be shot. Unless someone knows the antidote, how to get the stuck food residue (and its residue, soaking won’t do it) off the pan, its just another POS. You can’t get tough (sand paper) on it, you’ll ruin the coating.

  37. I am a simple cook as well; work and I am happy, I do not need the science either. These are fantastic and i use them for literally everything.They are so good, I make the intention fit the product even if it is not the intended use! Why, because when i barely have to clean a pan I am a happy camper so thumbs up !

  38. Wow, I had really wanted to try these but the reviews have me second guessing my desire to get them. Right now I use conventional nonstick pans, and I also have a cast iron pan. The nonstick pans get scratched up easily and I worry about chemicals leeching into my food. I also cook with tomato sauce or other acidic foods and I heard that these are not good for use in nonstick pans. My cast iron pan is pretty safe, I know, but cast iron is so finicky. It rusts so easily, and you can’t clean it with soap so I feel like it’s never completely clean. I wish there was a safe nonstick option that really works!

  39. Orgreenic pans are awesome in my opinion. I’ve had a couple issues though. Like the kid cleaning one and scratching it with a fork or something, or sometimes the cleaning isn’t as easy as advertised. But over all they have been a cut above any others I’ve used.

  40. Bought this pan at Walmart about two months ago. I am in the 5th day of soaking and scrubbing this green pan. Sooner or later it may clean up. As long as the pan is partially black with burned on food, I may as well use my cast iron pan, and as it were I am. I bought a pan at costco about 2 years ago. It had a life time warranty. It also was supposed to be able to have a not stick easy to clean surface. That got cruded up in magnificent style. Costco refunded my money. Think I will just buy the Kirkland stuff in the future, should I desire another pan.

  41. Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many unhappy orgreenic pan users. My husband, son and I are disappointed with the pans too. Seasoned as directed before first use, and seemed it was going to be a good thing…then, sticking eggs, potatoes, bacon, etc. We keep using them though, and sometimes not too much of a sticky mess and not soooo hard to clean up with a little soak. I’ll try seasoning them again, like I do with my cast-iron skillet. Here’s hoping…

  42. The Orgreenic sucks, there are better alternatives, and you have to make it non-stick yourself using oil – kind of like priming a wall.

  43. I have two of these rip-offs. Yes if the skillet is clean and sprayed with non stick oil they cook pretty good without sticking too much. Everything else is a nightmare, sticks worse than any skillet I have owned in the 54 years I have been married. Even bacon which as you know has a high fat content. I am soaking mine right now, trying to get the burnt crud out of it. DO NOT BUY!

  44. I was given an Orgreenic pan for a gift. I usually use the old cast iron skillets and swear by them. I know from using them that they need special care and seasoning to work, but that they will work for my lifetime if I use them correctly. So, I knew that seasoning is important to do right. I was a professional cook for many years and also taught commercial food service at a tech school. I agree with the negative comments on here, especially about the eggs. They stick from the moment they hit the pan, no matter what temperature I use, or if I use oil, pan spray or nothing. My kids like to comment that you can blow them off the pan like they say in the commercial, but only if you use dynamite! I am glad it was a gift and I didn’t spend money on it. It does work well for the kids to boil and make Ramen noodles, but they can make those in pretty much anything. Not impressed at all and figure most of the good reviews on here are provided by people who troll these sites for the Ogreenic company.

  45. I bought a set of Orgreenic cookware and I am disappointed. Food does stick to it. I wasted my money buying this crap.

  46. I did a bit of reading before purchasing my Orgeenic fry pan. I made a note of the importance of seasoning the pan before the first use and followed the instructions to the letter (provided with the product). I have used the pan mostly for cooking eggs. It worked quite well the first 2 or 3 times! After about 6 uses, frying eggs always creates a complete mess. You can’t even get a spatula under the eggs as it seems to burn to the pan almost immediately. (Yes, I have experimented with varying amounts of cooking oil, using the bare minimum cooking temperature, re-seasoning the pan, absolutely NOTHING I have tried works, big mess EVERY time). As far as cleaning the pan, it’s actually not so bad, as scraping it with a rubber/plastic spatula removes the burnt food without damaging the surface. The quality of the food is another matter (unless you always wanted scrambled eggs anyway). I’m ready to bring it to a metal recycling facility to recover the few fractions of a cent that it’s worth to me now…

  47. I agree with Jonathan. We purchased an orgreenic pan and seasoned it as per the instructions included in the pan. Everything we tried to cook in this pan stuck, even if we used cooking spray. i like the concept but so far i’m not impressed with this product.

  48. I also “seasoned” the pan before first use. followed directions to the letter. Fish sticks, eggs stick. Am i suppose to season it for a hour every time I use it because that not worth it. Start cooking the pan it self an hour before i cook my dinner WITH oil then cook with the pre-oiled pan?!?!?!? Its a scam. I use it to bake with these days. I have burnt mac and cheese on there a few times and it does come off easier than a regular pan but STICK FREE?? NOT A CHANCE!!!

  49. My daughter suggested buying this pan for my wife’s birthday . Apparently my wife seen this pan and had mentioned how she would like to try one herself. So my daughter and I bought this pan for my wife’s birthday this year. We have now had this pan for two weeks and use it approximately every other day.Needless to say we are VERY HAPPY with the two frying pans we had purchased. I plan on buying the whole set soon. I wish this product was out long ago. It would have saved so many cooking disasters we’ve had in the past. To those who individuals who created this pan; my hat is off to you.Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! This is a five star product.

    Joe Dellenbusch
    Mayville Wisconsin

  50. I got the orgreenic pan from Walgreens.I have seasoned it 5 times and it still sticks.I hate this pan .How do I get my money back?????

  51. i bought this pan after watching the commercial and the eggs just sliding around on the pan. i suck at flipping eggs so i figured this would help. eggs stuck to pan and did not just wipe out. had to soak the pan and scrub it clean..just saw the ad for the new flap jack pan…not sure if i will waste more money. would love a refund, but did not save receipt

  52. I jut got my first orgreenic and thought it was B.S. but it works freaking good! It was at wal Mart for 19.99 and I needed a new pan so I was like, I might as well try it. The thing works amazing for a college student and eggs slide around with ease I don’t even have to use a spatula, but I do have to wait til it’s cooked enough to where the liquid of the egg won’t just spread, but they still come out sunny side up with no brown burn spots. It’s the best skillet ever.

  53. I am soooo disappointed. I prepared my pan before cooking in it according to the directions. Unfortunately, everything sticks. I am like some of theother readers, I have to scrape and scrape with a spacula. I even put oil live in the pan and where the oil isn’t…it sticks. I tried “seasoning” it again hoping that would work….it did not. I was given mine through a friend so I can’t very well take it back to Wal-Mart….I am soooooooooooo disappointed.

  54. You don’t understand the negative comments.. and I don’t understand the good ones. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! I am so frustrated that I can’t make a simple egg in this pan! Apparently eggs are the worst (from reviewing the comments). Have you been able to make an over easy egg in this pan with NO sticking? If so, what specifically did you do to achieve this success. How exactly did you “season” it? Maybe I didn’t do it right. I hate to give up on this pan.. but GEEZE I am so ready to chuck this pan an orgreenic lake!

  55. I bought one Orgreenic frying pan to try it. Love It! I posted about it on my FB page and had quite a few people comment they also love them. One person said they bought the whole set and threw away all of their other pots and pans! Everyone at work also said they tried them and loved them! I have ordered the 10 piece set and feel confident I will love them. I don’t understand the negative comments about this product.

  56. I have two of these and they are junk. I’ve spent enough time in a kitchen (I’m almost 60) to know how to season and use a skillet. No amount of seasoning makes these pans non-stop. If you buy them, just remember: you were warned.

  57. mine dont clean well either..seems to grab the paper towel if i try to wipe clean.. i got away from teflon yrs ago and bought a set of hard anodized that work pretty well (better than the teflon)..i would suggest trying some of those out if your concerned about teflon at all..think i got the whole set of three pots and three pans with lids and spatulas for $89 or $99..mine are “wearever” brand but im sure there are other brands to try also. ive cooked a ton in them and actually a friend put my one skillet in the oven after a late night of drinking and forgot and fell asleep.pan was on 450 all was burnt to hard coal..cleaned up pan, and still works great.that was over a yr ago. i am a little upset that the handle has a few cracks in it tho from the abuse but still cooks great.

  58. its not just you..just all us nieve people who bought into a “quality product”…mine do the same and is completly junk..i love eggs over easy and droped a few f bombs myself tryinh to make them in this pan….

  59. “season” as coating pan with oil and heating in oven for x amount of time and letting it cool on its own..not “seasoning” with spices tells you how on the packaging..anyway. these pans are still completley false advertising..i only use my for cooking chkn breast now as it does brown pretty well but it aslo doesnt clean as easily as my anodized pans and mine also warped the first time i cooked with it…eggs are the absolutly worst to cook in it unless you like scrambled stuck to the pan and scraping out to get them…i wasted a dozen eggs trying to cook them over easy at diff. temps with and with out diff oils, butter, margerine, and lard..lard seemed to work best but still could not keep egg intact and not stick..this pan sucks, and also doesnt come with a lid for $30 (what i paid at walmart) ..i would say dont waste your money or i would happily sell you mine for $10..

  60. After reading these mixed reviews, I am returning this pan–glad I did not use it. The only safe pans to use are stainless steel with thin oil for frying. Plus, warm the pan gradually and don’t set the temperature too high or cook too fast or everything will burn and stick–haste makes waste. Good cooks have extra senses about tempature and temperature control. Experienced chefs can tell cooking temp simply by holding their hand over pans. Also, aluminum is not recommeded for those who have Alzheimers in their family trees. And Telfon and other hazardous pan coatings can kill pets and also cause lung problems and cancer in humans.

  61. I bought these pans over a year ago and they are the best pans I’ve ever used. Seasoning them before using them is very important! Nothing sticks to my pans at all. Sometimes I give a quick spray of olive oil but only for the flavor. I use them just about every night! I love them so much I’m getting my Mom a set doe Christmas.

  62. Orgreenic should be sued for misadvertisement. It is a piece of junk, definitely a non-non-sticking pan. First time, it was OK. Second time and afterwards, it no longer works.

  63. These kinds of reviews are meaingless until someone has used it for several months. Chances are, EVERY “AS Seen on TV” will work as advertised the first time. And maybe even the first 5 times. But like the Sticky Buddy, what matters is how they work months after you buy it.

  64. First of all it is absolutely nothing like the TV commercials. My eggs still came out a mess. Things still burn. It is very hard to clean. I would not recommend this pan to anyone I liked. My teflon coated pan works 100 percent better.

  65. Great product. Brought 6 , 5 for gifts. I seasoned all prior to giving away. Everyone loves them.
    Not really sure of all the problems and bad reviews. Is their a production issue? All 6 are happy with the pans.

  66. I faithfully seasoned mine as instructed and everything sticks to this thing unless I spray it before use. I even seasoned it a second time. For me, this pan is nothing special. Maybe I got a bad one? I recently visited my parents and heard my Mom swearing under her breath in the kitchen. I went to see what I could help her with and she showed me her new seasoned Orgreenic pan that everything sticks to. Co-incidence?

  67. I’m lovin’ this product. I’m not loving the name. OrGreenic? Ugh!

    But you’re not buying this for the name… the corny infomercial aside… I’m curious to try this out.

    Nothing like the idea of completely super non-stick pans for cooking. I’m intrigued to say the least.
    Going to order some soon.

  68. Interesting. There seems to be a lot of split feedback. Well at least it is not too expensive to try out. If anyone wants to buy it safer, maybe get the Orgreenic Pan from Amazon. That way you can return it pretty easy. However, just so you know, you won’t be getting the bonuses that the manufacturer offers, including the 2nd free. So the convenience comes with a price.

  69. I LOVE THESE PANS! I have been cooking with them for 4 days and making all my meals in them wiothout using oil butter or spray. My food taste amazing and even my picker eater kids will eat veegies and rice made in this pan (its the only way I have ever got them to eat them at home).

  70. I bought the orgreenic non-stick pan,Buy one get one for $19.99. Les then a month both were scratched on the inside and out, and for the eggs always needed the spatula wouldn’t flip without it.
    I have a $15.00 dollar Aldie’s Teflon pan that I have had for over two years now without a scratch,and that one I can still flip eggs without a spatula.
    So orgreenic, Not a happy camper

  71. I love that it’s natural but I just don’t trust the product… not by experience but buy having spent on a few cooking product via infomercials in my time. I can’t speak for Orgreenic but my past experiences with “seen on TV” style cooking ware is less than desirable. Until I read lots of positives on this, I’m not going to spend a dime on this. Again just me – if anyone has had good luck with orgreenic, I’d love to hear it. Thanks to the moderators for publishing my comment.

  72. Jonathan, you have to season them before you use them. I’m guessing you didn’t do that?

  73. DO NOT BUY THE ORGREENIC PAN!! Completely False advertisement. Everything, including eggs, stick to it and you have to scrape the hell out of it to get it off the pan. Even using butter does not help. Half of my eggs are wasted because it sticks to the bottom of the pan and WON’T come off unless scraped very hard and piece by piece. I took a picture of it and wish I could post it. A complete scam and waste of money. Should be sued for false advertisement.

  74. These rule!
    I’m not interested in the science that goes in to these pans, i just want them to work and they sure do!
    I’ve had mine for a good few months now and there’s no sign of them wearing. It amazes me each time i use them 🙂
    Good job Orgreenic!

  75. Yeeees!!! Will this make me a better cook???? lol Probably not but there’s nothing I hate more than sticky grub on my pans. Even ones I buy that promise to be non-stick usually end up being horrible.

    I’m definitely going to gives these a try. I hear you Asia about the TV products usually suckin’. I’ve had some luck and have a couple of things in my pad I use all the time like the Bullet for example or the SuperChopper. Some of my friends make bug me about it but they work! At least this is natural – no toxic stuff like many other Teflon type non-stick pans. Hey at least it’s affordable too – $20 can’t go wrong. Will try to post here when I get them.

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