Does the Ove Glove Really Work?

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Does the Ove Glove really work?Ordinary oven mitts leave much to be desired, and the Ove Glove aims to overcome all of their drawbacks. It fits like a glove and can withstand really high heats, but does it really work like their chintzy infomercials claim it does?

If you’ve ever burned your hand while using an oven mitt then you know that while they’re a good idea in theory, in practice they don’t work as well as they should.

If you have a low quality oven mitt, the hot pan you are taking out of the oven may burn your fingers right through it. If you get one that’s too bulky, you might drop the pan because you can’t get a good grip.

What the Ove Glove tries to do is provide a mitt that lets you get a good grip, while withstanding very hot temperatures. By addressing both the issue of bulkiness, as well as the issue of a mitt not really fitting the hand, and not really protecting from long-term or very high heat exposure, they’ve tried to make the best possible oven mitt available. But have they succeeded?

The Claim
The Ove Glove says that it’s made with the same type of material that they make firefighter gear with.

In addition to kitchen work, they also claim that you can use the Ove Glove in other situations, like when changing a hot light bulb, using the barbecue grill, or arranging logs in the fireplace.

The Hype
Getting worked up about silly products is what television marketing is all about. They have to make the Ove Glove seem exciting, so people will be enticed to buy. Even though the ads are cheesy, they are effective and they are good at showing what you can expect when you use it.

The Cost
The Ove Glove is very reasonably priced. You can get a 2 pack from Amazon for $30 with free shipping. So that’s about $15 per glove, and you might be wondering why you’d need two of them. You can just give the second one away, or designate it as the one you use on the grill.

The Commitment
The only level of commitment you need to use the Ove Glove is to replace whatever you currently use in the kitchen with it. It may take a little longer to put it on, because it’s a glove and not a mitten, so you have to get your fingers into it.

The Ove Glove looks and feels just like you’d think it does. Although it is a glove, it’s just the right amount of thickness, not to thick and not too thin. When you have it on it fits securely, and is stretchable for different hand sizes.

When you put it on it almost feels like it won’t work. Your brain is telling you that something this light won’t be able to protect you from heat the way it should. But when you test it out on a hot pan, you quickly see that you’re protected from the heat like never before.

The latest model has silicon grips on it that make it really great grabbing things. It’s a fantastic addition and makes something that already worked even better.

Does the Ove Glove Really Work?

Yes, the Ove Glove works as demonstrated, and allows you to be more nimble in the kitchen without a big bulky oven mitt slowing you down. You’ll have more control, and have fewer burns than before.

Our Recommendation
Grab an Ove Glove and you’ll never look back. One thing you’ll want to make sure of is not to get it wet. The material that is used is great for resisting heat, but not so great resisting water. When it gets wet it tends to stay wet for a long time.

So keep it in a nice dry place in your kitchen and you’ll be glad you bought it each time you use it. It may be kind of pricey for an oven mitt, but considering the job it does it’s worth it.

What do you think? Does the Ove Glove really work?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does the Ove Glove Really Work?

  1. We have not even had ov gloves for a year and I am constantly getting burned today is the worst of all I got burned twice in one day

  2. They work as long as you don’t wash them !!! As soon as you wash them they are just no good . I have one I have not washed. But you know its gonna get nasty ! I’m disappointed ! Wasted my money !

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