Is P90X2 Really Better Than the First?

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Does P90X2 work?The team at Beachbody is at it again and have released P90X2 a sequel to their massively popular P90X. This program is geared towards those that have already completed the first one, but it can also be used if you are new to the world of Power 90 and Tony Horton.

This company is trucking along like a well-oiled machine. They have cracked the code on delivering sharp products, and this is no exception. It’s everything that was good about P90X and it’s just been enhanced and improved using the latest in what we know about how the body works, and how it can be conditioned and enhanced. It’s got the same host, Tony Horton, so if you liked him in the first one you’ll probably like him again. It’s his job to be likable.

The Claim
They say that P90X2 will “tear the roof off your limits”. We tend to believe them, because the original workout was something we’d never seen before as far as pushing it harder than your conventional at-home workouts do. They don’t really get into specifics about how much you’ll lose, or how strong you’ll be, probably because if you’ve completed the first 90 days you’ve already lost a lot of your excess fat, and now you’re more looking more to solidify your progress. It’s easier to drops dozens of pounds and see dramatic results when you’re overweight and out of shape, but if you’re already somewhat fit you have a smaller margin to work with.

The Hype
There isn’t as much hype to this one yet as there was for the original. Perhaps because it doesn’t need to be hyped in order for people to want it. They basically just show the new exercises, showcase the new equipment they’ve developed, and let you make a decision on whether you want it or not. Basically it looks like they feel that if you know them, they don’t really need to talk it up a lot.

The Cost
The cost for the basic package is three payments of $39.95 plus $20 shipping or about $140. You can upgrade to the Deluxe kit for an additional $135 or the Ultimate kit for an additional $225. This may seem like a lot, but compared to the original version the basic version of P90X2 is pretty much the same price. You do get a lot more in the upgrades, which we go into further detail on below.

The Commitment
90 days is deceptively long when trying out a program like this. It’s definitely enough time to see impressive results, but you have to stick to doing the exercises and eating right for the entire time. IF this is a drastic change from your usually lifestyle, for instance if you are trying to go from sedentary to P90X2, you probably won’t make it the full 90 days. That’s why it’s important to start off slow and build your way up, because that’s how you achieve long term results that don’t regress.

They do refer to the X2 as being a level beyond X so technically you should complete the first program before attempting this one, to get the most benefit. You don’t necessarily have to complete P90X, you could do something like Insanity as well, because both will get you to that level of fitness.

Base – You can get all of the benefits from the DVDs without having to upgrade for the equipment. This set gets you 12 workouts as well as a guide to get you into the right mindset to push yourself for another 90 program. You also get the fitness and nutrition guides, as well as a specialized calendar to help you keep it all straight.

Deluxe – This gets you everything that the Base kit comes with but throws in 2 more workouts, a foam workout roller, a stability ball, and 2 medicine balls.

Ultimate – This includes all the things in both the Base and the Deluxe kits, plus 2 more workouts, what’s known as a RumbleRoller, and PowerStands by Tony Horton.

It’s up to you which one you want to go with. We’d suggest just getting the Base, as it has everything you need to complete the 90 days. However sometimes it’s good to invest in things, as it can help with motivation. If you know you’re the type that would say something like “I didn’t spend $365 on this to let it collect dust!” then you may want to put your money where your mouth is, get the Ultimate set and just tear things up.

This works if you work it. It’s good to be excited about getting fit and losing weight, but be sure to be strategic as well. Don’t plan your 90 days when you know it’s going to be hard schedule-wise. Plot it out so that your 90 days falls outside of any vacations, traveling, prior commitments, or a busy or hectic season for you. You want a solid 3 months where you can get into a routine and get off the grid as far as eating socially and traveling around. You want your same bed, your same workout area, and your own kitchen to prepare your meals.

Final P90X2 Review

P90X2 looks like it definitely improves upon the original, and will help you go even further in your fitness. This isn’t just something they whipped together to make money with. It’s been 9 years since P90X was released, so they’ve had time to come up with something that can take your body to the next level. They most likely took into consideration all of the user feedback from those that completed the challenge. There will probably be a P90X3 at some point, so get yourself in shape for it.

Our Recommendation
If you’re a fan of the first P90X, definitely grab P90X2. You won’t be disappointed, and Tony Horton has done his level best to make it fresh and new and push you to new heights. If you completed P90X and were looking for something to get motivated about again, this is it. If you haven’t done P90X yet, give that a go first, as it’s not only our recommendation, but also from the people that make it. P90X2 will always be there waiting for you once you make it through the first round.

Official Website: P90X2

What do you think? Does P90X2 work or not?

Customer Review on “Is P90X2 Really Better Than the First?

  1. I’ve been wanting to get P90X for the longest time so long that they made a 2 and I didn’t even know about it. Man I love those P90X commercials and the name is almost part of pop culture if you ask me.

    Here’s the thing and I’ve read a lot about this program. It works – it REALLY works and it’s serious stuff for serious heads. It isn’t for the faint of heart so don’t except to get by if you’re a lazy one. Also consult with your doctor if needed cause the program is rigorous to say the least.

    All that being said – the results will come and it is pretty incredible from what I’ve heard for some time. Again that for P90X – I’m thinking this second edition must be just a good probably better.

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