Does Strawberry Giant Really Work?

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Does the Strawberry Giant work?If you love strawberries then you will probably be interested in something like Strawberry Giant by Gardener’s Choice. The concept is that it can grow many more strawberries that you would the conventional way, and they say you can grow sweet and delicious strawberries from your very own home. This is a very versatile fruit, and something that would come in handy in the kitchen for things like strawberry pancakes or strawberry shortcake, but does it actually produce as many strawberries as it says it does?

Strawberries are one of the country’s most favourite fruits. With soaring produce prices, enjoying those red and juicy berries may not be happening as often as you would like. If you’ve thought about growing a bundle of your own strawberries at home, it’s a wonderful thought, but it can be a demanding task and we all know that a hectic schedule will make it even hareder. Strawberries are not only appetizing, but they also have great nutritional value. One strawberry is already high in vitamin c and is a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and omega-fatty acids. It wouldn’t make good health sense to stop eating them because of the price.

The Claim
Strawberry Giant claims that you will be able to grow your own strawberry bushels and harvest ripened berries within 60 days. There are a lot of factors that can stop a plant, as well as its fruit, from cultivating, so this is a pretty bold claim. Growing your own strawberries can take anywhere from 3-4 months, and some might not even grow and be able to be harvested until after a year or two. Another claim that Strawberry Giant makes is that it grows all year round. Imagine having a good harvest of strawberries every other month.

The Cost
The Strawberry Giant plant is being offered at a price of $10.00. You do still have to pay a processing & handling fee of $6.95 for a grand total of $16.95. Not only do you get one strawberry plant, but you will actually receive two which doesn’t sound so bad, but you have to pay shipping on the second one, which will bring your grand total to about $24.

The Commitment
Every gardener knows how much commitment is required in order to make your plants grow and flourish. Tending to a strawberry plant is just like tending to a relationship. It needs your undivided attention or you won’t see any results. The climate and temperatures have to be appropriate in order for the plant to thrive. Once that has been taken care of, you need to make sure that the plant gets enough nutrients and this is obtainable through well-kept soil. And last, but definitely not least, plants need to be watered. Think about yourself being under the heat of the sun for the whole day without drinking at least a glass of water. You’ll be absolutely parched! That’s exactly what’ll happen to your strawberries if you don’t water them enough.

So, does Strawberry Giant really work? Based on the responses received by those that tried it, Strawberry Giant is one big flop. There were quite a number of customers who placed orders for the Strawberry Giant hanging garden only to receive dead or almost dying plants in the mail. A lot can be said about a product if you haven’t even begun to use it and it has already failed you.

For those who had no problem with their plant being dried-out on arrival, getting the berries to grow was their obstacle. After 60 days, many complained that there were no berries even appearing. The lucky few who were able to pick a few strawberries after 60 days exclaimed that the strawberries stopped growing afterward.

One of the biggest concerns of customers — and this was quite shocking — was how difficult it was for them to reach customer service. Most stated that they never received a receipt along with their purchase. Receipts are necessary when making purchases such as these, that you could potentially have to return. Others stated that they were overcharged, and some even claimed that it took too long for the funds to be debited. Those that said they were overcharged probably didn’t realize that they had to pay shipping for the buy one get one free offer. However, no one really wants to go through all that just to grow and eat strawberries.

Final Strawberry Giant Review

We’re giving the Thumbs Down on Strawberry Giant based on all of the negative reviews from previous customers. If it was better executed, perhaps it would get our recommendation, but we just can’t give it the go ahead when there’s so many people complaining about it.

Our Recommendation
Take a pass on the Strawberry Giant and look for a better way to grow your own strawberries at home. If you dedicate a little bit of space to it you can make a nice little strawberry patch in your backyard for about the same price.

What do you think? Does the Strawberry Giant work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Strawberry Giant Really Work?

  1. I’m really interested in getting this. It’s so nice looking and I love strawberries.

    Reading this review makes me think twice about it though. So many negative reviews can’t be wrong. Oh well, will look for other alternatives. Thanks for posting this honest and helpful review. You just saved me some $$$. Thanks Guys!

  2. There are much better ways to grow strawberries at home. I have 8 plants in a home made wooden trough, part filled with chicken manure and topped up with compost. Plants in and came really strong in their first year. This is now their second year and they’re looking really healthy. No need for special containers etc when growing fruit and veg… just do it the natural way

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