Does Pai Skincare Really Work?

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Does Pai Skincare work?If you’re all about going organic, Pai Skincare would be something that catches your eye. They’re one of the few skincare companies out there that are made with organic ingredients. But can you get results from products that are organically made, or do they lose their effectiveness by not containing anything synthetic in them?

When you take steps to keep your skin healthy and looking its best you are often forced to use products that are made with all sorts of chemicals, man-made ingredients, alcohol, acids, and plenty of others. In some instances you end up doing more harm then good because these things will dry out your face, cause your skin to get red, or make you break out with zits. This is especially true if your skin is very sensitive, or fair.

The Claim
Pai Skincare claims that because it is made with organic ingredients it is less irritating to sensitive skin. They also say that their products contain no chemicals and no alcohol, so you won’t have to worry about them drying your skin out. While so many companies out there brag about all of the ingredients they contain, Pai is pretty happy to do the opposite and list all of the things their products don’t contain. This makes it rather refreshing, and suggests that there is a lot of unknown ingredients in many of the skin care products out there that aren’t good for your skin.

The Hype
Any time you use the word organic you are playing on people’s preconceived notions of what that means, and are essentially allowing yourself to charge more for your product, because of the perceived value. However, in this case it only makes sense that you would want to use organic products whenever possible, because your skin is your largest organ, and if you are always bombarding it with toxins there’s no way for your body to get rid of them, so they’ll just be absorbed and held onto.

The Cost
Pai Skincare ranges in price depending on what you go with. They range from about $35 to $50 or more and seem to be on the premium side of skin care product price points.

The Commitment
With skin care you have to be committed to keeping up with it every day, and make it just as automatic as brushing your teeth. A lot of people just want to use a product when they have a problem and then go back to ignoring their skin until the next problem occurs. The better way to do it is to take care of your skin regularly, so that you avoid the problems that can come with neglect. That way your skin always looks its best and you don’t have to think about it any more.

You have to remember that Pai Skincare is not your ordinary skin care products you see on the shelves of the local supermarket. By using high quality ingredients and putting a lot of thought and attention into what goes in, they are trying to separate themselves from a lot of the mass produced products that are created in a lab out of synthetic substances.

Users are really liking the Pai line of products. The most common feedback is that it makes your skin feel better right away, and takes about a week or two of continued use to see the best results. It is likely that those that said it didn’t work for them did not stick with it to the point of seeing the results they wanted, and judged it too quickly.

About the Awards
They have won some awards with some of their products. It’s not really the award that makes it special, but the mere fact that they are being awarded at all that counts. With so many products out there that are not award worthy, it’s interesting to see that they’re creating something that is. It’s one more think we like about Pai, and contributes towards our overall verdict.

Final Pai Skincare Review

There’s a lot to love about Pai Skincare products. They’re doing a lot of things right at this company and they give the feeling like they’re really trying to help people make their skin look better, and not just trying to make a buck. It may sound cheesy, but in today’s world it’s nice when you come across companies like these.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve been struggling for years with products that are too harsh for your skin type, you should definitely give these a try. Browse their selection until you find a product that seems right for you, and give it a try. If you have success with the first one, you can then add to your collection until you have the right mix of products to stay in control of your skin and always look your best.

What do you think? Does Pai Skincare work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Pai Skincare Really Work?

  1. There have been research done on some of the most expensive household name skincare products in the past and it had been proven that no matter how expensive, they were pretty much all the same in terms of their effectiveness. That’s why I like using organic skincare products, because why spend hundreds of dollars on products that are no better than your good old vaseline. I read some reviews on Pai Skincare products and so far I haven’t come across a single bad review. So let’s see how good it is.

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