Does the Paleo Recipe Book Really Work?

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Does the Paleo Recipe Book work?The Paleo Recipe Book is designed to give you more menu options if you’re trying to follow the increasingly popular paleo way of eating. Since there are so many foods that you’re not supposed to be eating on this diet, it can be hard coming up with new things to eat, so it’s important to broaden your horizon and have a lot of go-to meals. But just how good are the recipes that are found in this book?

Paleo is short for paleolithic, which gives a hint at what era they took this method of eating from. The theory is that once we started farming and relying on agriculture our bodies weren’t able to adjust to this new form of eating and that’s why we’re not able to properly digest things like breads and dairy. It’s an interesting concept and if you’ve read up on it and decided to try it, or if you’re already following it, you’re probably wondering how you can get the most out of it.

The Claim
The Paleo Recipe Book claims to have over 370 recipes in it that are easy to make, and that will both satisfy you, help you lose weight, help you sleep, and give you more energy. They make a lot of claims about what a paleo diet is, and how it can benefit you, mentioning things like our ancient ancestors not having the diseases we have today like heart disease and diabetes, and not having the problem of a growing number of obese individuals.

The Hype
There’s a lot of debate as to whether a paleo diet is effective or if it is just another fad diet with some pseudoscience in the form of archaeological assumptions that seem to make sense, but don’t necessarily hold up under scrutiny. For example, it has been noted that eating like a cave man might not be the best thing in the world, since our lifestyle is so much different. You have to consider that they were hunters and gatherers back then, had shorter life spans, and ate their food out of necessity, not because it was the latest craze.

The Cost
The Paleo Recipe Book is $27 and comes with an assortment of bonuses that can all be downloaded instantly after payment. It’s also covered by a 60 day money back guarantee that’s backed by ClickBank. This lets you try it out without worrying if it’s worth it or not. If you find that the recipes are worth the price and that it’s made a positive difference to your diet, then keep it. But if you don’t think that it was worth the price, or you realize that these sort of foods just aren’t your thing you can always return it without a hassle.

The Commitment
This book works best for those that are already committed to eating according to the paleo diet method, and are looking for meals that they’ve never tried before, or different ideas they may not have thought of. If you’re just testing the waters on this diet you might want to try out a few free ones you can find online first, and then get this recipe guide if you like what you see.

The Paleo Recipe Book and the bonuses that come with it really lay out a comprehensive assortment of recipes that you can use to make the most out of this Stone Age diet. It’s not necessarily easy to think like a cave man in our modern times, and it’s even harder to figure out how all of these foods can come together to make a delicious meal, so having it all in one place, and broken down into simple steps is very convenient.

One bonus is a booklet of desserts that you can make. Dessert time is really important if you’ve got a sweet tooth and plan on sticking with any diet for the long term. It can be tricky coming up with dessert options that don’t use any processed foods. You can enjoy things like cookies, pies, and muffins that you maybe thought were off limits while on this program.

Final Paleo Recipe Book Review

The Paleo Recipe Book is getting our Solid Try rating. The recipes that are in it are well thought out, and are very descriptive so you’re not left wondering exactly how to prepare the meals. The bonus 8 week meal planner really puts it over the top, and if you’ve been having a tough time coming up with meal ideas this will give you two months of meals to consider. Of course you’ll probably just end up with a list of favorites that you can repeat on a 2 or 3 week cycle, but it’s nice to have backups to go to so you don’t get bored.

Our Recommendation
Compared to the fad diets that are out there that don’t really back up their methods with any sort of logic, this seems to be a decent alternative. There’s nothing in it that is very bizarre, and by cutting out bread and dairy you should see some pretty immediate health benefits. It does rely pretty heavily on meat, so if you’ve been looking to go a more vegetarian route you’ll probably be turned off. But if this diet seems to suit you we recommend trying out this recipe book because you don’t have much to lose with the guarantee in place.

What do you think? Does the Paleo Recipe Book work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does the Paleo Recipe Book Really Work?

  1. This seems like a great resource for people on a Paleo diet. I wish I could do it…I’ve heard so many positive things about a Paleo diet. However, I’m not a big meat eater at all…and just the thought of making and eating all that meat and bone broth makes me not feel so good. 🙁 I have seen this diet work for so many people though, so I think if you’re willing to make some big changes to the way you eat, and also commit some more time to preparation, then by all means go fo the Paleo diet!

  2. 370 recipes for less $30 is a bargain really. I was planning to follow a strict paleo diet but it seemed too difficult to come up with different menus for the entire week, so this pretty much has everything that I need to get started as soon as I get the book.

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