Does Peel N Patch Really Work?

Does Peel N Patch Really Work?
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Does Peel N Patch Work?There always seems to be something around the house that needs repairing. It may be a small hole in the wall, or maybe a pipe that has sprung a leak. What if there were a solution for a quick and easy fix. There just might be with Peel N Patch.

The Peel N Patch is very much like the name suggests. You just peel off the protective backing from the patch then apply to the object you want to repair.

The Claim
There are a lot of claims being made about the Peel N Patch. Such as it can be used on any hard surface. Then they address the temperature that is often a problem with a lot of these products used to repair different items. The Peel N Patch is being promoted as being able to handle temperatures between 30F and 365F. This is good temperature range.

The Hype
The hope for the Peel N Patch is that it is both waterproof and weather resistant which make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Then the real bonus is the ease of use. If you have had to work with other types of repair products in the past you know first hand about how messy this can get.

The Cost
The Peel N Patch is being advertised as starting at $19.95. This is probably because it is available in three sizes. The $19.95 is for 3”x6” patch with a buy one get one free with additional shipping costs.

The Commitment
The commitment for the Peel N Patch is no more than what would be needed for any other type of repair product. In fact, according to the promotions it is a lot easier and a lot faster to use. One thing you are going to have to do in most cases is sand and paint the Peel N Patch after it has been applied to the object you are repairing. If it is something that you want to restore to a nice finish.

The evaluation for Peel N Patch is a little difficult to do. One of the testimonies indicate the user has been using this product for four years. Yet, on the surface it seems like a new product. There aren’t a lot of independent reviews on the internet about this specific product. Although there are similar products with names very close to this. Also, the Youtube video promoting the product is quite new.

Final Peel N Patch Review

We are going to be a little conservative and give the Peel N Patch a try/buy. If there were more feedback pertaining to customers who had used it in different ways, then we would be more prone to considering a thumbs up rating. It is an innovative product but it tends to be a little pricey. It may be cost effective for small items. As you can cut a piece off the patch in the required size. By the same token if it works as good as what it is being promoted to do then the cost is reasonable.

Our Recommendation
We have talked about many different types of repair kits in the past. If you have something specific that you want to repair you may want to check to see if any of these kits are applicable to that specific type of item.

What do you think? Does Peel N Patch work or not?


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