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Does PetArmor work?PetArmor is a brand of flea control for cats and dogs that is priced lower than competing products like Advantage and Frontline Plus. They say it works just as well with the same active ingredients, so we had to check out how well it proves it in real scenarios.

The bane of many cats’ and dogs’ existence is fleas and ticks. Take those out of the equation and they’re probably going to have a pretty nice life. For several years now there have been products available to treat your pet on a monthly basis so they aren’t susceptible to these biters. At first they were only available from your vet, but now you can buy them directly and apply them at home. The only beef that many pet owners had was about the cost involved.

The Claim
PetArmor claims that it’s a way to keep fleas off of your pet, not only because it kills and repels adult fleas, but all because it kills the eggs that end up turning into fleas later on. They say it kills a variety of parasitic pests in addition to fleas, like ticks and chewing lice. They say it works quickly, and lasts a long time, up to 30 days so you don’t have to keep applying it every day or every week.

They also say that it’s waterproof, so if your dog loves to get wet you don’t have to worry about it. They also say you can use it on pets that are as young as 8 weeks so your puppy or kitten doesn’t have to suffer. And perhaps the claim that gets the most attention is that it’s priced better than the competition, giving it a distinct edge if it lives up to the rest of its claims.

The Hype
Pet owners want the best for their dogs and cats, so promising that they’ll have a better quality of life automatically adds a bit of hype to a product. Also, asking consumers to compare your product to a well-known competitor is a bit of a risk, but it’s one that they take here.

The Cost
Alpecin claims that it’s not as expensive as competing brands, and since this is a product that you’ll use on an ongoing basis it’s good to keep costs as low as possible. We found one version of it at Wal-Mart for $28. We also checked out several other online retailers and saw that the average price was around $30 for a one-month supply. Comparing that to $50 or more for other leading brands and it’s clear to see that they’re winning the war on price.

The Commitment
Since this is only applied monthly it means that there is not a lot of commitment on your part as the owner. Be sure to mark your calendar so you know when to reapply it, as this can be a stumbling block and cause you to miss an application, allowing the fleas and ticks time to regroup and reattach. Compared to using a daily or weekly treatment this is a much smaller commitment level, and when you consider that you won’t be having to give your pet a flea bath, or use products like flea collars, flea sprays, or other methods, this is pretty easy for the owner.

The biggest question that seems to pop up is whether PetArmor works as well as Advantage or Frontline Plus. From everything we’ve looked at the results show that it is just as successful as these other products. Doing a cost comparison reveals that it’s also cheaper across the board. So you’re getting the product you need and paying less for it, which is a double bonus. The reason most are skeptical about the product is because of its lower price point and they want to make sure that they’re not getting less by paying less. We’ve determined that this is not the case here.

Getting the application process is crucial here, as some pets don’t really like it when it’s time to get their flea medicine. Be sure to get someone to help you if you know that your pet doesn’t like to sit still for these sorts of things. Also, approach them in a calm manner so they don’t get overexcited or overanxious. It’s not painful for them, it’s just a matter of applying it in the right spot. Follow the directions and tips that are included to increase your chances of success.

Final PetArmor Review

PetArmor is getting our Thumbs Up rating, since user feedback for it shows that it works just as well as other top sellers in this market, and at a lower price point. There’s no reason to pay significantly more for flea control for your pet when it does the same job or better. One claim we were specific about verifying was the one that states it works on a broad range of blood-sucking insects. Users have confirmed that it works at eradicating all of these sort of bugs, so you can have the peace of mind that your pet is protected.

Our Recommendation
Keeping your pet safe from biting and burrowing insects is a top priority, so you don’t want to overlook it. This represents a quick, easy, and monthly way to make sure that they can go about their business without getting bit up. That makes it a great product to try out for your cat or dog, and it gets our recommendation.

What do you think? Does PetArmor work or not?

82 Customer Reviews on “Does PetArmor Really Work?

  1. After giving my dog a dose of PetArmor Plus I broke out in terrible welps ALL over my body. He tolerated the med’s seemingly well, it seemed.
    Just wanted to give some of you a heads up.

  2. My cats have flees, I’ve used another (more expensive) flee med & did good, due to financial issues, I’ve gone with Petarmor Plus & my cats are covered in flees more than what they were & flees all through my house AGAIN!!! They are constantly scratching! I definitely would NOT recommend this product!!! WASTE OF MONEY! Next time I will go with the more expensive product.

  3. My cats have flees, I’ve used another (more expensive) flee med & did good, due to financial issues, I’ve gone with Petarmor Plus & my cats are covered in flees more than what they were & flees all through my house AGAIN!!! They are constantly scratching! I definitely would NOT recommend this product!!! WASTE OF MONEY! Next time I will go with the more expensive product.

  4. We used the flea spot treatment (PetArmor) on our 14 lb poodle around 9:30 PM. The next morning 6:30 AM she was lethargic and not eating. Within 24 hours she developed a fluid filled mass on her neck then within a a couple days she developed a fluid filled mass on her hip that the vet kept diagnosing as a “hematoma” but could not explain how/why she spontaneously developed a hematoma. Both masses rapidly increased in size filling with more bloody fluid. Our Poodle has been evaluated in the VET ER/follow ups; prescribed antibiotics, labs, xrays, biopsies, and aspiration of the fluid….Labs/pathology negative for cancer. Worked up for possible salivary gland mucocele and now given the working diagnosis of Autoimmune Disorder. The fluid filled masses finally ruptured but the mass on her neck slowly returns. The veterinarians are not interested in hearing about the flea product used less than 12 hours before the symptoms began. In fact the vets say the flea drops are safe and not absorbed into the system which is the exact opposite of what I’ve been reading! Our poodle was perfectly healthy until we used the PetArmor Spot treatment.

  5. Do not waste your money on this product. Used it in 3 very small dogs (all about 5 lbs each) and it did nothing to control or kill fleas. Will never buy this product again.

  6. I’ve tried different types of these types but After the vet said u can use the less costly brands but just pay attention to the ingredients. They said common sense plays a big factor. You must always treat your yard, and read. If it states the ingredients are equal and it’s less expensive than the higher cost then that’s going to tell u what to do. I use the plus on the products along with always reading the precentages. Plus I get more for the money as well. A+++ on pet armor plus

  7. On 6 17 21 at 12.15 I called to make some information known but got smoke blown up my ass by heather and Luke I don’t want a refund I want my pets to stop suffering they are not in my yard and I don’t want to subject them to dipping I WANT SOMETHING THAT WORKS I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER AT THE VET FOR WHAT IT COST

  8. First of all you need to be smarter than the box. There is a difference between Petarmor and Petarmor Plus.

  9. I don’t know what is the difference. PetArmour doesn’t seem to work for my dogs. It states that it is supposed to kill and repel. My dogs pick fleas right back up. Once we go for a walk.

  10. I just used PetArmor Plus a week ago. We have never had fleas, but maybe my hubby didn’t spray the yard as much and the fleas are worse. Plus my daughter let her friend bring in an infested pup and a lot of rain this year. Anyway, the store was out of frontline. Wish I would of gone to another store, my dog is scratching and I found a flea. Maybe shes gained weight and the dose is border line enough dosage. Although our vet said even if it says 22 lbs, it would still work for 25 lbs. I’m going to give her another dose. The smaller dog seems fine.

  11. This product does not work. I got rid of all my dogs fleas. Then less than a hour later they were back. Do not waste your money

  12. Hertz Petarmorcat flea medicine didn’t work at all on my 2 indoor cats. They’d been bathed, carpets had been cleaned, and I used the drops exactly as directed, even clipping fur away from the skin to be sure of contact.
    I didn’t save the box, but my receipt, as a few days after using the drops, I put on same brand flea collars, which I got a complete refund on a week later. Anyone know how I can get a refund?

  13. Pet Armor and/or Armor Plus does not work very good period. I am allergic to fleas and we used the Pet Armor and it has done nothing for our cat!

  14. Fleas are attracted to the heat of the light, or you can use a dish of hot water, any kind of dish soap will work- need to break the surface tension of the water to drown the fleas.

  15. say what? either spit out that wad of bubble gum/chewing tobacco or learn how to talk/type … wow…..

  16. My question is: does PetArmor and Frontline have the same percentage of Active Ingredients?
    Do they both claim UP TO 30 DAYS effective.
    My experience with PetArmor is that it works well for about 2 weeks. Would it be safe to reapply before the 30 day mark?
    Yes, I also treat my house, Vacuming everyday. My 1 cat is indoor only.

  17. You know that every one of these flea treatments have warnings about causing complications in dogs with a whole range of medical issues. Or you SHOULD know. So what makes you think another product might not have killed it outright completely, no almost, like fully dead animal. You sound very reasoned and comprehensive in your comment. OR like a shill.

  18. lol sure it did. I’ve used it for years now on all of my pets and they’ve been in near perfect health(with the exception of an infected scratch on a cat). I love how you just say it almost killed yours with no explanation what so ever. You act like a shill.

  19. Applied this to our pet (dog) and within a couple of hours she suffered a seizure and progressive neuro complications. We have taken her to the vet and she is currently being treated for neurotoxin problems due to Pet Armor Plus spot on flea and tick treatment. She has no energy, pants constantly, shakes, has an unstable gait while running into walls and staggers to the left when walking. It has only been a week so there is not prognosis on what the outcome will be for our beloved pet.
    There are no warnings on the box about neuro effects and when the company was contacted they stated the EPA regulates what they can place on the box, including warnings. We will be filing a complaint with the EPA as well. I do not recommend this product as it is can be very medically devastating to a loved pet.

  20. I too am disillusioned by all of this combativness, and am considering walking away from the flea and tick extremists forever.

  21. My child was reading about the product and ask me why some people are using bad words. Its sad for a child to see this.

  22. I use pet armour. I have a big dog and small dog. Pet armour works great so far. I’ve been using it for over a year. I’m saying just like people some medicine works for some and others have to use something different. I think this is the case with flea medication. You have to use what works for your pet. I’m thankful pet armour works for my pet pets because its less expensive.

  23. It appears you are in error about the cost. You said it cost around $30. for a one month supply. Actually, the $28. package at Walmart for 4-22 pound dogs has three applications and is therefor more like $9. an application.

  24. They don’t list the thirdproduct and it can’t be found on the internet. Why is that? I can only guess that the third ingredient helps make it work better and only Frontline has it. You get what you pay for.

  25. Hi my name is Danielle and my dog got fleas for the first time. I have been using a spray I got from Walmart it has peppermint oil in it. And I also put pet armor on my dog

  26. The active ingredients in both PetArmor and Frontline are the same. Fipronil and (s)methoprene and the same concentrations.

    Living in Florida, and being a vet tech, I pretty much have a doctorate in how to get rid of fleas, why you can’t get rid of fleas, and all things flea related. We are basically the flea capital of the world.

    If your pet has fleas, you not only have to treat the pet, but also the environment. The flea eggs and larvae get spread all over the environment – floors, bedding, pillows, anything the pet comes in contact with. Also, if you have wood floors, tile floors or baseboards, they can get trapped there. You can kill the adult flea. You can kill the egg. You cannot kill the larvae. The larvae can live indefinitely in that state until the right conditions are present for them to hatch. The only thing you can do is either remove them (vacuum the hell out of your home, including baseboards) and remove the bag/wash the canister, launder the bedding and other surfaces. And treat your yard. All pets must be treated. and because of the flea life cycle, you must treat every 2-3 weeks for several months to ensure you get them all. If you neglect to do any of this, and you have a heavy infestation, they’ll just come back in a few weeks. Trust me on this one.

    if you use topical treatments you cannot bathe your pet with regular shampoo. It must say approved for use with topical flea products. Also, in some areas where certain products are over-used, we’ve found that fleas can become tolerant of the active ingredient, and switching up to a different product often helps.

    In addition, my dog loves for me to actually use the hose attachment from my vacuum on him. He’s a double coated newfie mix and bathing is a major endeavor. So I vacuum him a couple of times a week, get all the dirt and anything else off him in addition to flea meds. And he LOVES getting vacuumed….he falls asleep.

  27. I use Pet Armour for my 11 yr old dog and, the last two pkgs, I’ve used, has such a small amount of the liquid, that it barely wet a few hair on his head! Most of the hair was dry and hard to see any liquid on the part where it was applied! Held a new tube up to the light, and saw, only, the tiniest amount at very bottom of tube….almost empty! Can’t believe this can protect my dog for a month from, anything!!! Next time I’ll purchase a better brand….. BeCAUSE I don’t feel I’m getting what I paid for!

  28. I’m having the same problems as others I’ve seen on here I have used the pet armour for three years now this being the third summer and the last couple of applications haven’t seemed to work r at all I’m not sure if I’ve gotten a bad batch or the fleas are becoming resistant to the product. It has always worked very well in the past I’m going to buy a new box and hope it was just a bad batch if not I think I will try something with a different active ingredient

  29. I’ve read these comments on your site and realize people have no idea of the fleas life cycle, I am a veternarian and own 17 beautiful fur babies,, frontline did not renew their liscence for their product and that is how pet armor came about. You also need to treat your entire home with a spray as flea eggs can be hidden in mattresses ,couches ext. I recomend getting a flea spray such as knock out or one at your local feed mill or tractor supply store and treat your yard as well with seven dust and you shouldnt have any further problems,.

  30. Thanks Doc, I thought that may be the case. PetArmor Pro Advanced has worked well for me. My dog will chew himself bloody when bit by a Deer Fly, Mosquito, Horse Flys. Fleas are an issue also. I was told he is allergic to them. One Flea, that is all it takes for him to ravage his body chasing it all over. I switched to PetArmor Pro Advanced for two reasons, firstly Frontline is way too expensive, I can not even consider it, secondly, Avantange and Avantics cause my Dogs skin to blister. he seems to be in pain when I apply it. I am pleased that PetArmor Pro Advanced leaves only a mild irritation to the application site. I guess I have to accept it. So far so good with keeping the Fleas off of him. Haven’t found one. The flys still try, while most are repelled. With all the rain here in the region where I live. We don’t spend much time outdoors, too many bugs.

  31. ANY AND ALL of the people judging and criticizing the people that help any rescued animal are all ASSHOLES!!! The people that are actually doing something to help these lost, abandoned or hurt animals are WAY BETTER people than the DIPSHITS on here that do nothing but judge and criticize!!! GET A HEART AND GET A LIFE!!! GOOD LAWRD, YALL ARE FUCKING MORONS!!!!

  32. It has the same exact ingredients as Frontline plus. You must be reading the wrong labels or different products like petarmor advanced. Pet armor plus and frontline plus have the exact same ingredients. 9.9 % fiponol and 8.8% methocly how ever you spell it

  33. The product gets absorbed into the fatty tissues in the skin, the same as the chewable products do. Neither products repell flea or ticks, but will kill them after they bite the animal, so animals will continue to pick up the pests. The amount of pests one may see will definitely depend on the length of the on going treatment with a product, over time the pests will be fewer, until one thinks the animal is pest free; However, the pests will continue to jump on the animal, bite, and die.

  34. The product gets absorbed into the fatty tissues below the the skin, the same as the chewable products do. Neither products repell flea or ticks, but will kill them after they bite the animal, so animals will continue to pick up the pests. The amount of pests one may see will definitely depend on the length of the on going treatment with a product, over time the pests will be fewer, until one thinks the animal is pest free; However, the pests will continue to jump on the animal, bite, and die.

  35. Actually, the active ingredients in Frontline Plus are fipronil and (S)-methoprene. These are the same ingredients in PetArmor Plus

  36. We live on a farm and I used to be a County Humane and rescue worker. I have seen fleas by the millions on the rescues we have done. We have always used Dawn (Original blue) on the rescues. Fleas and ticks came off the dogs and cats by the hundreds when we wash with this product. It also seems to have a lasting repel factor as well. I use it full strength on my own pets with 100% success. It may take a few baths if you have a large infestation but it works. Only use the Blue Original Dawn. Rinse well of course. We use it on our horses too and although it doesn’t seem to work as long, it does repel flies. I put two drops in the washer when washing their bedding as well. I can tell you that I believe in it as we have not had fleas in over 10 years once I started using Dawn. Remember they also use it to wash the wildlife rescued from oil spills! Good Luck!

  37. We’ve had the same issue. We applied PetArmor, and it worked great. When it was time to reapply, the fleas came back within a week or so. We figured it was the batch, so we picked another 90 days worth. We applied a dose, and saw no change at all. The fleas lived right through it. Not sure why it stopped working. We’ll be heading back to Frontline.

  38. Well you are BOTH wrong, and shame on you for judging someone’s knowledge without having the facts. There is pet armor which has the same active ingredient as Frontline. And then there is Pet armor plus, whiich has all the same active ingredients as Frontline plus. Both are exactly the same including the percentages of the active ingredients. So Kime knew what she was talking about. Ya’ll are the ones who are incorrect, and on here fussing at each other over it. Calm down! And have a blessed day 🙂

  39. Jessica you sound a little too involved with the other person. Arthur may have been hard on her but he was absolutely right! She put herself up there by advocating a product without doing reasonable,critical research. People may make a decision based, in part, on what they read here. Thank you Arthur. Btw, not only is Arthur correct but I tried PetArmour. It performed so poorly I asked for and received my money back. I have very good results with Advantage or Frontline. Ive used both and have no complaints for either.

  40. I used Pet Armor on my dog-it worked, no fleas. At the same time I applied Frontline to my cats & they’ve still got fleas. I don’t why one worked & the other didn’t, this was just my personal experience.

  41. NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH ADVANTIX BUT THOUGHTI WOULD TRY THIS! Horrible product. Never had fleas likes this summer and this product didn’t even begin to help after 2 mths

  42. To Bduro . I know. So hard to pay those prices. I purchased Capstar from vet in January. Had a surprise of fleas in WI winter.Paid $60 for 3 app. Still fleas in spring. Tried Pet Armor.Better results. Still, be careful and read your products.

  43. I live on a farm & have multiple rescue cats & others that have just been dropped off. I’ve always bought Frontline Plus but last month I decided to try PetArmor just to see if I could treat them effectively & save money too. I don’t know yet. They’re due another treatment this week, so I’m going to try one more time just to be sure. Also, my vet told me another way to save money is to buy the x-large dog pkg. I empty each vial into a pimento jar & draw up .5 ml for each cat. Ppl will tell you not to do that, but he assured me it was the same & in the 10 yrs or so since I started, it’s worked great & no problems at all. Saves a lot of money too if you have more than a few cats.

  44. You put bowl of water with Dawn blue dish detergent few drops. Then put light over the bowl. Fleas are attracted to the light fall into water and die.

  45. I grew up on a working crop farm and had cows and horses and a 40 odd count menagerie of small domestic animals. Unless you have done the same, infestation is word you truly do not know.people would dump all manor of pets out in the back roads to die or fend for themselves. These were our pets but they worked for a living, from mousing the barn, to taking on packs of more than 30 coyotes to defend our livestock.

    I used to get ‘”generic F+” as our large animal vet called it, by the quart. It was half the cat version & half the dog version of the fipronil/S-Methoprene cocktail shares by Frontline+ & PetArmor+ so it was the same Fipronil %, and 1% more S-Methoprene than the dog formula and 1% less than the cat formula. We had a little weight chart and we put it on the cats, dogs, goats,, bunnies etc.

    After I moved away as a adult I took some with me and only having a couple of pets instead od 40 it lasted a long time. Both my current vet in Seattle, my previous vets in Sacramento and Philadelphia, and my farm vet have all advised me one time or another that the products are all the same including the fact that Merial buys the Fipronil & S-Methoprene from the same raw chemical producer. This is further backed by the fact that Merial sued Seagrants around 2010 not for trademark infringement but for PATENT infringement. That means Merial was suing because the products were shocker, THE SAME! My personal opinion and that shared by my vet is it’s ‘Pet Elitism’ as he calls it. Just another that makes folks better and more self important because they take better more expensive care of their better pedigreed pet. The same thing is common in the GMO fresh primal must be refrigeratorated boutique pet food that costs as much as a lot of the food feeding low income families. Get over it people, it’s the same shit. And I still does my cats with .5ml of the 89-132lb big dog.

  46. I have always used Frontline on my 7 year old Boston Terrier until losing my job about 6 months ago when I was forced to let my beloved pup go untreated. About a month ago the fleas started showing up. I did everything I could to get rid of them for free, including nightly baths and combings, daily vacuuming and washing of bedding. Doing all of this religiously I was barely keeping up. A few days ago I was in a dollar store and noticed they sell a single dose of Pet Armor for $6 so I gave it a try. Within 24 hours I couldn’t find a single flea on my pup. Problem solved. Thank you Pet Armor.

  47. Well for everyone put there I have a 140 pound yellow lab and a 45 pound pit bull and 2 beatiful basset hounds I used frontline plus and mt 2 basset hounds are still covered in fleas the other two are good so I think I will try something else I have used petamour and it did help with fleas this was last year so let’s see frontline I still have fleas I vacuum every days and treat my yard I think it is what works for you so there stop fighting about it to each it’s own have a good day people

  48. I have two dogs, a 60lb German Shepherd and a 30lb mixed breed. I have always used frontline and my dogs never had fleas. I tried to switch over to Petarmor to save some money. Within two weeks my dogs were infested with fleas. Have to go back to Frontline again I guess.

  49. Its called Experience Arthur, when she works first hand with these Animals everyday and Applies this product to these Animals everyday, I would accept her opinion on this product over some Moron like you running that hole in his face.

  50. I tried Frontline on my cat once and it burned her skin. And unless you are a chemist you can not tell if one is stronger or not. All the negative comments and arguments do not prove anything. Only fact can prove anything. With anything that is designed for animals, there are always someone that will say other products are better. But if it work for you, then that is all that matters.

  51. Frontline Plus and PetArmor Plus do, in fact, have exactly the same active ingredients in exactly the same amounts. (Fipronil 9.80%, (S)-methoprene 8.80%) the remaining, inactive ingredients are not specified. Also, @ Gregg, the fine print on the PetArmor box ACTUALLY states “*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Merial, the makers of FRONTLINE® Plus for Dogs. FRONTLINE® is a registered trademark of Medial.” As far as effectiveness goes it seems to be working about as well as Frontline Plus does, although recently it doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. That may have something to do with insects building a resistance/tolerance to more commonly used pesticides as has been seen with roaches, ants, etc.

  52. petarmor, did not work near as good as frontline for us. I know it’s suppose to be the same as frontline but it doesn’t work as well. I now have my dogs on frontline, and much better, yes it costs more, but my pets are more comfortable.

  53. I have been using Pet Armor/PA Plus ever since it became available. It has always done exactly what the package claims it does. Due to a very mild winter, I have to start using it early this year – boo!

  54. Wasn’t really sure what to do after reading the comments, but got to this last one and it helped allot. I’m going to go to the store and try it myself. Thank you for your advice @Gregg. And your common sense.

  55. Just applied PetArmor about 3hrs ago to the puppy we adopted from the shelter. She’s not infested, but has enough fleas to know they are there. I have already seen fleas coming to the top of her coat, not sure it is killing them though since when we see them we try to kill them ourselves just to make sure. So not sure of effectiveness yet, but will see. As far as price we bought it from Dollar General after refusing to pay what the other store I went to wanted for Frontline. I don’t know about other stores, but with the ones I went to it was about 1/8 the price of Frontline. With that said I really hope it does work and I am going to at least give it a good try. If I haven’t seen that it is really working by the time we can give her a bath after her spaying surgery I will give her a flea bath and later find FrontLine as cheap as I can. I see all the comments about comparing to Frontline and I think what a lot of people are doing is comparing it to FrontlinePlus, which is not the same as Frontline either. The PetArmor states on the box , if you read the fine print, that it is made by the same company that makes Frontline so they are benefiting no matter which one you buy so they have no real reason for false advertising. What I think is really going on is that when they developed FrontlinePlus they probably started marketing the original Frontline as PetArmor that way they are doubling their source of income. Anyway if the price your paying is as low as what I paid ,what is it going to hurt to give it a try and a real review instead of running other people down for their honest opinion which is what you came here for after all, at least that is what I came here for.

  56. Works great, less expensive than others, my cat was treated one dose and flea’s totally gone the next day. Used a cat comb every day before the treatment and would get 20 our more flea’s. Now can’t even find one. Use the bowl with light to get the one’s in my home and that works great. So nice to not have flea’s. Thanks for the comments, that’s how I heard of this product. Could not afford to buy the others.

  57. I bought pet armour only because my husband said it would work just as well as advantage anyway I wasted my money. This did not work. I would never use this again. I put ut on correctly I cleaned all pet bedding. I had my yard sprayed. And a week later my poor dogs where kicking. They had fleas bad. I wish I could get my 60.00 bucks back. I have a tiny dog and a medium-sized dog so I have to buy two didn’t packages. I have tried frontline plus its works ok but I love Advatage. Its by far the bedt fkea and tick medicine I have ever used on my pets. Thank goodness for different web sites because if you really do ypur homework you can find it at a reasonable prices.

  58. I bought pet armour only because my husband said it would work just as well as advantage anyway I wasted my money. This did not work. I would never use this again. I put ut on correctly I cleaned all pet bedding. I had my yard sprayed. And a week later my poor dogs where kicking. They had fleas bad. I wish I could get my 60.00 bucks back. I have a tiny dog and a medium-sized dog so I have to buy two didn’t packages.

  59. I have two large dogs and 4 cats…I normally use PetAmour but for some reason for the past two months IT HAS NOT WORKED….they start scratching within 2 weeks…and I think oh well they must be grooming or something….one of the cats got a severe down to the raw skin rash at the application site and scratched it raw..she was 19 years old and today the vet put her down as she was having a collapse of her immune system. As she lay under anesthesia, I happen to look through her fur and saw 5 fleas scurry as I parted her hair…SHE WASNT DUE FOR ANOTHER APPLICATION FOR TWO WEEKS….My other cats are also scratching but now I know the Pet Amour is no longer working on them. I had a flea infestation last year and again was using Pet Armour…this year there was no infestation and I really thought we were all flea clear. I am very upset. Will no longer use this product…rather pay more and be safe, me and the animals.

  60. Guess what. There could be quality control problems at the manufacturing site and some lots or batches might work while others do not. The Petarmor that I bought for my dogs did not work and please don’t say I don’t know how to apply it…its quite simple.

  61. Inactive ingredients can facilitate proper absorption, etc so the formulation in other words does matter. I used this product for a few months, applied exactly when and where it was directed and not one but both still got fleas. Never had that problem with Front line or Advantix!

  62. Frontline and rotator are shot I wood get 1 application of avintage the extra large dog and treat 3 dog a
    100 pound bulldog and a pit and a pug and wood not have no fleas for over 30 trust me best shit u can get

  63. I have 8 pets. 2 dogs and 6 cats and the cost of Frontine was killing me. I tried Petarmor and was beyond disappointed. All of my animals continued to have chronic flea issues and 2 got tapeworms from eating fleas. I then had to pay for worming medication. Ugh!!!! I tried the Petarmor the following month and still had fleas. I finally realized it had to be the treatment so I switched back to Frontline despite the brutal costs and it was worth every cent. My animals were flea free within days and continue to be so. Sometimes the cheap comes out expensive. Regardless of the claims, it worked better for me and my situation. Try Target stores. They often offer a reward Target gift card ($5,00) on pet purchases.

  64. Arthur, that is quite a rather harsh thing to say, IMHO. The box CLEARLY advertises to have the same exact ingredients as Frontline. If Kime is wrong, it is most likely because they did the same type of unsure, APPARENTLY INCORRECT (according to YOU), reading and LISTENING to marketing that I did, which is that the two products ARE identical in their active ingredients. This HARDLY makes this person stupid or innately ignorant. Therefore, for you to just generalize that their innocent assumption automatically makes them a horrible option for rescuing animals is a pretty ignorant statement on YOUR part. You hardly know this person. It is pretty far reaching for you to just assume that not reading the actual ingredient list percentages makes them a bad person. Would you not agree with that? I mean, seriously? I am simply pointing this out based on the statement that you wrote, by the way. When you accuse a person of something, please be aware of the fingers pointing back in your direction. I suspect that you are accusing someone of being too ignorant for a responsibility. I believe that the ignorance lies with you.Judge not, lest ye be judged. Just me, of course.

  65. It contains Fiprinil, the same ACTIVE ingredient as Frontline, right? I understood that the inactive ingredients, although different, would not affect the product’s effectiveness, as they are a carrying agent; rather, a way to get fripinil onto the animal. Is this incorrect? Does Frontline contain another active ingredient that PetArmor doesn’t?

  66. It doesn’t have the same ingredients. It only contains ONE ingredient that is the same, making it two totally different products. You wouldn’t say a candy bar is the same as mole just because they both have chocolate would you? If this is your research, I would never trust you rescuing an animal.

  67. How can you say something works better if you have not done a scientifically controlled test? All you did was put the medicine on a dog and see if it worked. There are WAY TOO MANY VARIABLES! I call bull shit and if this is your “does it really work” process, I call bull shit on your entire website.

  68. We rescue cats. We’ve used Petarmour for several years. It does the job. We order on line from Walmart, 20 boxes (3 doses per box) at a time. It’s not just a little less expensive, it’s a lot. Petarmour has the same ingredients as Frontline. Why wouldn’t it work as well.

  69. I have had a good result with Petarmor on my 3 infested cats. Since it contains exactly the same active ingredient as in Frontline , I fully expected it to work as well and I was not disappointed. Considering it was half the price it is very economical, which is a concern for me since I live on Social Security.

  70. I’ve seen this product around before and have used this with previous pets we owned in the past for their convenience. It’s painful do your pet to have fleas, ticks and lice invading their precious fur. These tiny creatures manage to cause your pet to violently itch themselves or could even cause them a lot of pain if not dealt with accordingly. But then pale in comparison to Frontline which does a much better job, like Alex mentioned. So if you need something to relieve your pet from inconvenient itching or pain, you should consider either this or get better results with Frontline instead.

  71. I think the people who say this product does not work did not use it correctly. I have two cats and applied PetArmor to them because we had a flea infestation after all the rain that has been in New York. After reading many negative reviews I felt the need to try this product and leave a comment. After Two days of being treated my cats are flea free. I think this product works well and I will continue to buy and use this product. The negative reviews must be from people who work for or have stock in Frontline of Advantage. I am one very happy customer and so are my cats.

  72. PetArmor is one of the least effective products on the market. I used it only once and I still regret it. PetArmor worked on my dog only for a few days, before he started bringing back home a lot of fleas. After only two weeks I had to take my dog back to the vet and put another repellent on him. From my experience I can tell you PetArmor can’t be compared with Frontline, even if it’s cheaper. In my opinion there isn’t a repellent out there that works 100%, but Frontline is the closest to keeping your dog flea free.

  73. This was one of the first brands of flea, insect, and chewing lice protection products that my husband and I purchased for our pet after he was adopted. We live in more rural area where there are a lot of crops and fields, which can obviously increase the bug count. Had we been living in a less rural area it may have worked better but for us it did not. Eventually we switched brands to a stronger, more prescriptive kind at the vet’s office. Yes, it was more expensive but for our situation it was the only protection that would work.

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