Does CholesLo Really Work?

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Does CholesLo work?CholesLo claims to be an all natural way for you to get or keep your cholesterol levels under control. They offer it as an alternative to potentially harmful pharmaceuticals with long lists of side effects. But does it work nearly as well, and can you rely on it?

There has been a surge of naturally-based products hitting the market in recent years, as more and more people are looking for a way to not rely on prescription drugs each day. The advantages are pretty clear, but only if these natural products can be as effective as a drug. One trade off is that since they aren’t as powerful, you typically have to wait a bit longer to get the results you’re seeking, with several weeks or more being an average time, rather than the near-instant results you get from a drug.

The Claim
The makers of CholesLo claim that it can lower your cholesterol by 30 points in just one month. They also say that it works to both lower your bad cholesterol, and raise your good cholesterol, while lowering your homocysteine levels. They say it doesn’t contain any drugs, and it’s made with organic ingredients, and that these ingredients have been clinically proven to work. They also say that their product is guaranteed, and they back it up with a one-year guarantee.

The Hype
The hype comes from the large number of people that have cholesterol problems, and have their doctors recommending that they go on prescription medication. Compound this with the large number of potential side effects that come with these drugs, and the fact that some of them end up getting recalled due to too many complaints and lawsuits.

The Cost
For an all-natural supplement, CholesLo is not cheap. They have it priced at $50 a bottle, with a discount on 3 bottles that effectively brings the per bottle price down to around $43. Most health plans won’t cover this type of supplement, so when you compare the cost of this to the cost of taking a prescription, it all depends on what your out of pocket expense is after your healthcare provider pays its share.

The Commitment
This supplement is meant to be taken daily, which is similar to a prescription, so the commitment level is basically a break even. If it works as described you could expect better doctor visits, less reliance on prescription medication, and less money spent on more expensive drugs. Also, since high cholesterol is a precursor to a host of other conditions, you could potentially be saving yourself from time in the hospital, and adding more healthy years to your life.

CholesLo realizes that it’s essential to back up social proof with some hard data. While they don’t reference studies done on their actual product, they do have an extensive list of scholarly articles which break down each of the ingredients it uses and show that they’ve been used to treat high cholesterol and shown promising results. By creating a sort of cocktail out of these ingredients they’re able to treat a few different problems at once, so you’re getting a well-rounded product that should help you with many facets of heart health.

Depending on how bad your cholesterol levels are, you may need to take a prescription drug first to get them to a reasonable level, and then you can use a supplement like this for daily maintenance. Only your doctor will have all of the information necessary to give you the best advice. Be sure to consult with them before starting with a supplement like this, especially if your goal is to stop with a prescription.

Final CholesLo Review

CholesLo is getting our Solid Try rating. They do a good job of providing plenty of data on each ingredient, with clinical proof that these ingredients have shown signs of it helping with cholesterol and other circulatory issues. The combination of these ingredients, paired with the positive user feedback makes this a good product to try out and see how it works for you. The price may be a little high, but with their guarantee in place, you’re protected if it doesn’t work for you. And if it does work in your situation, it would be well worth the cost to keep your cholesterol in check.

Our Recommendation
Taking a comprehensive approach to your cholesterol is key. Dietary and lifestyle changes go a long way when practiced consistently over a long period of time. Adding this to your overall strategy seems to be a good step, but be sure to check with your doctor if you’re going to attempt to transition yourself off of your prescription. They’ll be able to advise you on whether your specific situation is conducive to trying an herbal supplement like this.

What do you think? Does CholesLo work or not?

99 Customer Reviews on “Does CholesLo Really Work?

  1. I’ve been using CholesLo for 3 years and I’ve maintained regular levels without any statins. I was taking Crestor and Liptor and refuse to take them because of the side effects. This product has been proven and several testimonials to back it up. Give it a try and see if it works for you. BTW, my total Cholesterol was around 290 and is now around 230 with no major diet changes.

  2. I started using CholesLo after Lipitor gave me an unwanted side effect. My cholesterol went from 110 down to 160. I have no side effects and have been using it for 8 months now.

  3. I highly recommend this product CholesLo has kept my cholesterol low enough for a few years.
    T his is after Lipator verly nearly ru9ined my musles.

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