Does Alpecin Really Work?

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Does Alpecin work?Alpecin is a hair loss treatment that is pretty unique in that it uses caffeine in order to stop your losses and make hair stronger. There are a few different versions, so we’ll go through them all and see which ones work better than the others.

When it comes to hair loss you’re probably pretty motivated to do something about it, as it can be a serious blow to your self esteem and self image. Of course the earlier you catch it the better so you can minimize the damage done, and potentially get your hair to grow back thicker, but many would be happy if they could just stop the recession.

Many hair loss products focus on DHT and are classified as DHT blockers. Then there are the vastly popular kinds that contain Minoxydl, including the well-known Rogaine. This is the first product we’ve reviewed that makes the case for caffeine as the answer, and includes caffeine in all of its products.

The Claim
The makers of Alpecin say that their lineup of liquids and shampoos will help to stop your hair loss, and can make it thicker, stronger, and healthier, even if you’re genetically prone to losing your hair because of your family history. They say that the secret lies in using caffeine and applying it directly to your hair rather than drinking it. They say that simply leaving the product on your hair for 2 minutes is long enough for it to do its job, so you can rinse it away just like you do with ordinary shampoo, and it will continue to help your hair for the next 24 hours.

The Hype
All hair loss products contain some inherent hype because of the strong feelings they conjure up in those that are fretting about losing their hair. This hype leads to easier sales because many hair loss sufferers will try just about anything in order to get some relief, which leaves them susceptible to all sorts of theories and explanations for why hair loss occurs and what can help.

The Cost
There a few different options when it comes to using Alpecin, and they each have a different price point. For example, you can get their hair energizer shampoo for around $8 for a 9 ounce bottle. You can get a 7 ounce bottle of their after shampoo liquid for around $10. Overall these prices are fairly cheap when compared to other hair loss products and treatments. But you also have to consider the fact that this is an ongoing cost, you’ll have to keep up with the treatment to benefit from it, but this is the same for most hair loss options.

The Commitment
The shampoo versions are easy enough to incorporate into your daily routine, since you simply switch out your current shampoo for this one. Just remember to leave it on for an extra 2 minutes, which may require bringing a waterproof stopwatch into the shower because 2 minutes can seem like a long time. The after shampoo liquid just takes a few minutes to apply as well, so your overall involvement in the process is pretty minimal.

The do cite their studies for the effectiveness of caffeine on testosterone levels, and how well a shampoo-based product can penetrate the hair and scalp to be effective. This is a step beyond other products that don’t reference any clinical trials or back up any of their claims with anything resembling hard data. Of course all of the testing and research in a clinical setting doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t translate to real world results, but if you look at the feedback it’s getting from users, it’s pretty clear that it’s producing the desired results for many who try it.

They have a “baldness calculator” that will walk you through a series of questions to see how old you really are as far as hair loss goes. At the end it recommends which product is right for you based on the answers that you give in the questionnaire. This is a nice feature because it recognizes that not all hair problems are shared by all, so it allows for some customization to get at the real problem.

Final Alpecin Review

Alpecin is getting our Solid Try rating, based on it working for a number of users, and because they offer a variety of products to cover a broader spectrum of those with hair loss issues. Be sure to browse through all of their products before making your selection, to make sure that you pick the one that is right for you. Of course there’s no guarantee that your hair will respond to this sort of treatment, but we feel that it’s worth trying when you consider all of your different options, and look at the results that others are getting from it.

Our Recommendation
Battling your hair loss requires daily effort and a strategic and thorough approach. Unless you’re willing to accept your baldness 100% you’ll have to do your best to delay it as much as you can so that you can have as much hair on your head as possible for as long as possible. The results from Alpecin suggest that it’s worth a go, especially if you’ve tried other products in the past and didn’t have any luck. It’s the first product we’ve reviewed for hair loss that is using caffeine as the active ingredient.

What do you think? Does Alpecin work or not?

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