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Does Flexinail work?Flexinail says that it’s a way to keep your nails growing healthy and strong, preventing dry brittle nails and maintaining a nice appearance. Since it’s using organic botanical ingredients instead of chemicals it would be a great natural product for your nails, just as long as it works. So let’s find out if it does.

Fingernails can take a beating, and if you are prone to having chipped, broken, or otherwise unhealthy looking nails you’ve probably gotten pretty frustrated with the state of things. Toenails get a workout too, always being crammed in socks, shoes, sandals and other footwear, leaving them susceptible to fungus and breakages. It’s easy enough to neglect our nails until the problem becomes readily apparent to onlookers, and by that point you just want a quick fix.

The Claim
The makers of Flexinail claim that it will handle almost all of your nail problems including chips, breaks, peeling, or dry and brittle nails. They say it does so not by using a bunch of chemicals, but rather by using organic botanicals to provide your nails with the nutrients they need for optimal growth. They say that it only takes a few seconds per day to apply.

The Hype
Having your nails in tip-top condition is key, and if you suffer from any of the conditions that this is supposed to help with, you’ll definitely be drawn to it. This is especially true if you have tried other nail products in the past with mixed results. If this really can turn nails around and get them back to their naturally healthy state, it would be worth the hype involved.

The Cost
You can get a total of four bottles of Flexinail for $80, and this should last you six months. They also offer a version for toes which goes for $24. The interesting part about their products is that they offer a 100 day guarantee, which is more than three times the amount of time you get to evaluate competing products. This is in light of the fact that it’s fingernails we’re talking about here, and they only grow a millimeter at a time so it may take a while for you to be able to make up your mind if it’s working or not. This gives you ample time to make a decision.

The Commitment
You’ll need to brush this on the same way you would a fingernail polish, and you’ll want to stick to it daily to see the best results. They say that depending on the state your nails are in, your results will vary in regards to time, so if they’re in pretty bad shape you’ve got the longest time to wait, and if they’re already in pretty good health they’ll just start getting better and better.

When deciding whether or not to go with Flexinail you have to weigh it up against your other options. Only then does it make sense to go with it, since it is a natural product and covers a wide variety of nail problems. They are taking a different and more sensible approach to healthy nail care, and are in line with what your nails would grow like under optimal conditions. You wouldn’t want to simply harden your nails for the sake of making them stronger. They need to be able to yield to pressure and bounce right back to their original shape.

Since they are using as many organic ingredients as they can, and focusing on botanicals that are known for nail health, the likelihood of an adverse reaction to it is lessened. Our fingertips end up touching all sorts of things, so it’s nice to know that you won’t be transferring this chemicals into food, or onto your pet, or into your mouth or eyes.

Final Flexinail Review

Flexinail is getting our Solid Try rating, the product is well-made and gets plenty of third-party positive feedback. The price is slightly high for what it is, but since it should replace all of your other nail health products it’s easily justified. They say you should use it daily, but after a few months you can probably start switching to maintenance mode, using it every other day or every three days so that it doesn’t have to be such a big expense, and you can keep your nails in awesome condition.

Our Recommendation
Since most of the products for nails contain strong chemical ingredients, we recommend finding products that are all-natural and use naturally sourced products so you’re treating your nails as well as you can. It’s nice to have a nail health product in your nail toolkit, since most of the other products like nail polish and nail polish remover tend to be pretty harsh on our nails, and getting acrylic nails can be really brutal.

What do you think? Does Flexinail work or not?

38 Customer Reviews on “Does Flexinail Really Work?

  1. I have always had weak, brittle nails and terrible cuticles. I have been a sucker for ALL the magic “potions” forever, and my nails have always snapped or torn easily. I have been using Flexinail for about a month (nail + cuticle, 2x per day) and it has dramatically improved both my nails and cuticles. They just seem “nourished” and healthy. The guarantee made the product worth the gamble, and the results have turned out to be worth the price. Will purchase again.

  2. I had the worst peeling, splitting nails imaginable. No, it doesn’t work overnight. Yes, it works, but you must have patience!

  3. Have been using flexi nail since the end of Nov.2020. I put it on mostly in the evening. Actually put on a coat, let dry and re coat. Have not missed an evening. Faithful lover of nails. Nail are now short and even and look good. My question is am I using it to much because I believe they may be a little brittle and not normal for my nails. A couple have broke when hit accidentally.??? But, I’ve had a consistent crack on a nail for years. I do think it may be gone. Needs to grow a little more to know for sure. That alone makes this worth my nightly ritual. Hopefully I get an answer soon about brittleness. As of my experience I think its great and will keep using nightly.

  4. This is truly a miracle and worth every penny. For 3 years I tried everything to improve my nails, nothing worked. The “dip” had destroyed my nails. My nails were paper thin, peeled continuously. I was at my last straw and saw flexi nail. I had nothing to lose but more $. It does take the 3 months. After 1 month I noticed a difference, enough to not give up. Now at 3 months my nails are strong, long, thicker and NO PEELING… It is truly a miracle…..

  5. I was a skeptic, but was desperate due to COVID (no access to gel manicure) For the first time ever, I have pretty nails.

  6. I just placed an order for the product. After ordering, I decided to look up the ingredients (which I should have done before ordering). I feel a bit lied to because their website says: “It is NOT a chemical nail hardener and has NO formaldehyde and NO toluene.”

    However, the ingredient Diazolidinyl urea is a formaldehyde releaser. Why do they say that the product does not contain formaldehyde when it actually does. In the definition for Diazolidinyl urea, is noted as being a formaldehyde releaser, meaning it releases the carcinogen formaldehyde slowly as it degrades.

    I believe the website should not indicate NO formaldehyde. It is very misleading. I asked them for an explanation and will update once I receive one.

    All of the other ingredients seem like they are great and would benefit nails. I’m still willing to try the product but do not like misleading information.


  7. Even though I can miss a night in the time I’ve been using it, about two months now, I see a noticeable difference in my nails. I’m a gardener and I’m HARD on my nails, and now they’re no longer brittle, they’re more resiliant (probably would be even more so if I was just that much more consistent) and I actually have nails that are all the same length – admittedly I keep them short, but they’re uniform now. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

  8. As I’ve gotten older, my nails are more brittle and peel terribly. I stopped wearing any kind of polish because it seemed to make my nails worse. I saw this and was pretty desperate as my nails had peeled so badly and were very thin. YOU HAVE TO STICK WITH IT! It took about a month or more for the bad areas to grow out. Now, what is growing is healthy and not peeling!!! Don’t give up too soon. It’s a winner!

  9. I have had brittle nails for a few years now. I have tried dozens of products including prescription products. This is by far my favorite. Easy to apply, even with my shaky hands. You do not need to remove it, as some other products I have tried. Great value.

  10. I am just now trying the product. I have a suggestion or two for tipping bootlegs. I used to be a manicurist. Place the bottle in a jigger since it is low but usually has a thick bottom. The other suggestion is use an old fashioned clothespin. Open clothespin and set on bottle at the bottom which will make it less tipsy.

  11. I would have liked to help you through any concerns you had but I can’t seem to find any record of purchases from you with the name you used in the review. Perhaps if you email me directly at FlexiNail I could help with your concerns. You definitely need to stop the cycle of severely splitting nails before nails can be healthy.

    I would also disagree with the over priced comments. One order will last 3 to 6 months and is very little compared to the cost of salon visits every two or three weeks. Email me and let’s see if we can’t put a plan in place to get your nails in really good shape finally. Derek

  12. A few times a year we get complaints that a product shipment hasn’t arrived through the mail. These instances are VERY rare and we work to resolve the one or two times this happens. We have a new toll-free number 888-401-6245 for anyone concerned (as the old mailbox limited the number of messages and could not be kept up to date). This is no longer an issue.

    Also, we sell on Amazon ( search FlexiNail ) and shipments go directly from Amazon to you.
    Sorry you had trouble leaving a message but that has been resolved. Derek

  13. I’ve bought a ton of Flexinail and have given it a red hot go but sadly, it didn’t work for me. At first I thought it did, but realised it was because I was generally protecting my nails and avoiding the tough tasks. However, now after a couple of years of spending a lot of money on Flexinail, I think it is a fail. I have severe vertical splits which stop any growth in its tracks after around 2 weeks. Bad ridges and also the nails will just snap off for no apparent reason. I have never done the gel nail thing as I think that is a health hazard. Rarely wear nail polish. The products are very over priced too for such a small amount. I am disappointed.

  14. Been trying this for a couple of weeks only, always had gel nails but so costly to keep up. Feel positive & hopeful this will help. Already seems to help cuticles so that’s a plus. My only complaint so far is the odor, really don’t like the smell but will endure for the sake of beauty!! What we women do!! Will keep everyone posted as to results.

  15. Just received Flexinail. Here’s hoping it works.
    One Suggestion would be to change your bottle as it tips over very easily and the product spills out. Make the base of the bottle wider.
    I will do another review in a couple of months after I’ve given the product ample time to do it’s job.

  16. I am in my mid-sixties with a large family, so my hands are constantly in the water. My nails were in horrible shape with peeling and breakage. I tried Flexinail for 4 months and I was not as regular about the application as I should have been (traveling or tired or forgetful). After 4 months my nails were stronger and the peeling stopped! As that was my main complaint I am very happy. My nails never did get very flexible and still break occasionally, but when I stopped while traveling for 6 weeks, the peeling started again. I am back to Flexinail for the last 2 weeks or so and the peeling has mainly stopped progressing again. I am off to order another supply. Thanks Flexinail! I just wish the bottle base was bigger as I spilled most of 2 bottles with clumsiness. 🙂

  17. Sorry to say, flexinail did nothing for my nails.I was committed to following thru to the 100 days and have but my nails look worse than I’ve ever seen them. The product even at best results is way over priced considering the 2 little bottles barely are enough for the trial period. I will be returning to products I used before and adding olive and coconut oils. i do expect a full refund.

  18. I have tried so many different products on my nails and cuticles and supplements for decades and nothing ever worked until Flexinail. Since I’ve only been using the product for a short time, I’m sure that more wonderful changes are to come, but already I see significant and positive changes. I wanted to get a handle on this now before gardening season really begins (I try to remember to wear gloves, but it doesn’t always happen.) I would also highly recommend the Flexinail for cuticles as that was always a major problem area for me as well. My first order came from Amazon and I just ordered a special package directly from the company—after reading some of the comments here, I hope it arrives soon without incident. Thank you for a great product Flexinail that is helpful and not harmful to our nails and cuticles!!

  19. I really want to try this product I used to use revive a nail and that worked great however its hard to find now, it don’t know why it was the best thing that worked for me.
    so I really want to try your product as soon as my income tax comes in I will be ordering it. I hope it works just as good as the other product I used to use.

  20. Hi
    I am using Flexinail, however it may do what it states, I have been using it for over a month. I put it on a lot during the day and let it dry naturally. I don’t rub it in. Should I?
    I only got it as I am hoping it will stop the horizontal ridges, I am wondering will this stop it?.
    I believe it is diet that will actually stop it, and this product will only thicken which stops the splitting. Am I write.

  21. Disagree with the reviews. Expensive product. supplements DO work. Biotin/keratin are key to strengthen nails. I would not suggest this product. I did one hand with flexinail and the other with coconut oil. My nails are healthier with the oil! Save your money folks. If it’s natural it shouldn’t cost more since there is no refinement to it.

  22. I love this stuff. I had my doubts about it working also. I had ruined my nails with years of having solar nails applied (similar to acrylic powder). They were peeling to the point that if you looked at the ends, you could see multiple layers of the nail. They would peel and tear and I have one permanent split. I also tried biotin and various other B vitamins but they made no difference. I began using flexi-nail twice a day over bare nails. I tried to remember to wear gloves when my hands are in water or I’m digging in the yard or pulling vines and weeds, but didn’t always remember. It is a little more than two months later and even though for the last 3 weeks I have only used it every couple of days — my nails look amazing. You can look at the ends and see only one solid layer. This is the best they have been in over 15 years. I just ordered more of the product and I don’t ever want to be without it. I also have begun to avoid polishes with formaldehyde. I order through Amazon.

  23. I have used Flexinail in the past and I know it works. For an unknown reason, I stopped using the produc and started having manicures . My nails are terrible now. Can I use old product or would I be much better off using new product? Thank you.


  24. I have never endorsed a product before……………EVER!! Having said that I have never used anything that had such a fast acting response. My nails within a week started looking better. I have been told that when you age your nails begin to split and get thin. This is helping that problem. Now I am not embarrassed to have a manicure when I get my pedicure. There is only one issue and certainly not a big deal…………the odor of the product is a bit odd. Smells like stale cigarettes to me. However it does dissipate after a couple of minutes. I do not know how I came to read about FlexiNail but I’m glad I did. A tad pricey but to me well worth the money.

  25. I have been checking my mail daily for a month for the Flexinail package and am tired of waiting.
    Tried to call to speak to someone but no one answers, it goes to messaging and the box was full so I am unable to leave a message as well….
    This is a very trying situation.

  26. I would love to try this but the order I placed never arrived and despite 4 emails to the company asking were it was I have had no reply.
    That is BAD Business and I am very POd

  27. Thank you for posting the comments!! FlexiNail will take a couple months to get the old damaged nail to grow out and start seeing the results. I know you were taking daily supplements and now only once a week. I can tell you that you can stop the supplements if you want and just make the daily thin applications of FlexiNail and you will stay happy. It is nice to hear from people that don’t write testimonials taking the time to write in. Thanks, Derek

  28. I have to admit we are bad at answering the phone. We wanted people that could answer all the technical questions and that just isn’t practical for us to have someone on the phones all the time. We do reply VERY quickly to the email address we leave on the phone message or you can email me directly :

  29. After 20 years of hiding my nail I can finally show them off. Flexinail took a while to work, I’d say about 2 months of daily use before I noticed any real change but now the cracking and peeling has stopped and I only use a little every day. I’ve been using for 6 months now and plan to continue using it.

  30. Hi, I hardly ever write reviews, but had to add one here. I have had horrible nails for a long time, to the point that I was using super glue to hold it all together under nail polish. I tried nail hardeners, with formaldehyde (bad idea) which nearly ruined one of my nails and every over the counter nail product imaginable. I took Biotin and Collagen supplements too. Nothing worked until I started using Flexi-Nail. I leave a tube next to the couch so that I can use it while watching TV, I keep a tube in my purse, etc. Now to be fair I am also still taking one Biotin capsule a week. For a while I was taking one a day, but between the one capsule of Biotin a week and using Flexi-Nail a couple of times a day, I now have decent nails. I have been occasionally rubbing lanolin on them also and a friend told me olive oil would work too. So there you have it. Not sure if it was the Biotin or Flexi-Nail, but something is finally working.

  31. Hi Evelyn. I’ve been using Flexinail for a while now and have seen great improvement. You use it first thing in the morning, before wetting your hands. You want the flexinail to be the first thing to soak into your nails…not water. I use it sporatically throughout the day when I know my nails have been out of water for at least an hour or so. You just need to brush some over the nail and the underside…you don’t need to soak the nail with it. The longer you can wait to rub it in your hands, like hand lotion…the better it soaks in. My nails crashed and burned several years ago due to age and thryoid problems and it has helped. The hardest part of the flexinail routine is waiting the 3 months or so (depending on how bad your nail are) to see results..but you will see results.
    Blessings, Evelyn

  32. Hello i’m Evelyn and I just brought this product also yesterday ,but I wanna know how did you use the product .how many times a day ? And how long the product need to be on the nails ?
    Hope you help me for that .
    Thanks and waiting for your reply

  33. I am a classical guitarist and must have strong, flexible nails. I have been using acrylic for years, but want to get away from it as it ruins your natural nails. i just started using this product yesterday, hope it works as well as they claim.

  34. you never answer your phone which makes me believe if I had a problem or wanted to return your product ( that I have not purchased yet) noone would be there to answer my questions.

  35. Flexinail does everything it claims and more. I began using it early April 2013 on flaky, splitting, really short nails that would not grow. It is now June 21, 2013 and I have a beautiful, long, strong, flexible nails, with white tips. I can’t believe the difference. I will never stop using this product. I now only have to apply a thin layer once a day. I would recommend if you use polish and remover to use formaldehyde free and acetone free products though. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed.

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