Does Skin-Eze Really Work?

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Does Skin-Eze work?If your dog is suffering from allergic reactions of the skin Skin-Eze may be able to help. It’s presented as a all-natural way to help your dog’s allergy problems, but user feedback seems minimal, and there isn’t much in the way of documentation that it works.

Dogs can be allergic to several things, just like us humans. Even though they’ve been domesticated for thousands of years, they still haven’t fully adapted to life indoors, and can be susceptible to dust, mold, and even their dog food. It’s important to get to the source of what is causing their reaction, and do your best to limit their exposure to the things that are triggering their allergies. That’s a better system than trying to treat the symptoms.

The Claim
The makers of Skin-Eze claim that their mix of herbs and spices does the trick to get your dog’s skin back to its naturally healthy state. They say that if your dog is having a reaction to a seasonal allergy you’ll be able to just give it to them when they’re at their worst, and if it’s an all year allergy issue you can use the maintenance dosage regularly. They say that since it’s not a drug you can give it to them as long as they need it, indefinitely and they won’t build up a tolerance to it.

The Hype
If you’re the owner of a dog that has skin allergies you are well aware of what a problem it can be and are likely tired of watching your furry friend suffer. No hype is really necessary for a product like this, other than stating what it can do and how it helps.

The Cost
They have Skin-Eze set up in small, medium, and large sizes based on your breed so you’re getting enough of the product to cover them properly. The small version goes for $89, the medium for $106, and the large for $135. The price might seem high at first, but quickly appears reasonable if you’ve checked out competing dog allergy products. And if it stops your dog from scratching itself silly you might think it’s well worth the price.

The Commitment
If you’ve tried several products for your dog’s skin and haven’t been able to find a solution, this could help ease your troubles if it makes it so you can stop looking and evaluating different options. We do recommend taking them in to find out what it causing the allergic reaction, and if you do decide to use this, bring it to the vet first to see if they think it’s OK for your particular dog. There are either tablets or pills that are given to the dog, so it is easier than using shampoo or other topical solution.

The ingredients in Skin-Eze are all natural, and they say they’re using human-grade herbs. The specific mix that they’re using includes herbs that are used for specific purposes, like antifungal or antimicrobial properties. When used together they are supposed to leave your dogs skin free of the allergens, and hence free of the symptoms. Some users say that it’s best to start with a product like Skin-Eze, and then follow it up with other products meant to help with dog allergies.

When it comes to your dog you don’t want to treat them like a guinea pig and just start using product after product on them in hopes that it will work. Pet products are not subject to the same kind of standards that human products are, so you have to have a discerning eye and really evaluate whether you should be giving something to your dog or not. They say that Skineze is safe and all-natural, but use it sparingly at first to see how your dog reacts. You don’t want to make the problem worse for them.

It would be nice if they had more third party reviews from owners that have tried it. This is because dog owners are typically some of the harshest critics when it comes to evaluating products for their pets, so you get the real 411 on a product. It’s a bit odd that there isn’t more in the way of feedback, not counting the testimonials at the official page which can pretty much be written off as best case scenario.

Final Skin-Eze Review

We’re giving Skin-Eze the Solid Try rating, as it has been shown to be a help for some dogs, and certainly a better choice than some of the chemical-laden products out there designed to get them to stop itching and be at peace. The best success that was had with this is when it is used in conjunction with other products, so it may be a matter of finding the right mix of products that work synergistically for your dog’s particular problem.

Our Recommendation
If your dog suffers from skin problems it’s best to take a comprehensive approach rather than rely on one product in particular for them. Our recommendation is to have your dog tested to find out what they’re allergic to, and then try to limit their exposure to it. That way you don’t have to use a product like this, and you’ll know exactly what is causing it. It may be a little harder at first because it will require a vet visit, but over the long run it will help them on a daily basis to live allergy free.

What do you think? Does Skin-Eze work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Skin-Eze Really Work?

  1. I fell for the advertising and purchased the “kit” for my basset hound. I applied a minimal amount of oil to her skin and the smell alone almost made me ill. It’s way too florally and sweet. My dog’s skin turned bright red and she went nuts trying to rub it off on the carpet. I had to bathe her right after and then slather her with cortisone cream. It is now three hours later and the smell is still lingering. I might try the pills but now am leary. Also, there is no return on this stuff so don’t waste your money. Homeopathic products should not cause any discomfort.

  2. I bought the capsules spray and oil plus the shampoo. About $150.00. The oil makes my dog very red. The capsules didn’t help at all. Nor did the spray. The verdict is still out on the shampoo.. I wish there was a money back guarantee.

  3. We tried all medications offered by our vet without any relief. We live in Florida where the allergies for dogs is horrible. We purchased the product and began with the 2 tablets daily. It was almost immediately she had relief. I bought the shampoo along with the pills, she loves the shampoo. What a great product for us. I recommend it to everyone.

  4. I was turned on to Skin Eze about 10 years ago. I was visiting my sister in Florida and her chow Boo Boo had absolutely no hair from his chest all the way to the tip of his tail (looked like he had been shaved) even worse he stunk. You did not want to touch him. It looked like mange. Not quite a year passed and I’m back visiting with my sister and Boo Boo had all his hair and it was beautiful, lustrous incredible, truly amazing. I had to know what she had done Skin Eze was her response…Wow!!!!! About six years ago my BFF had a couple of her dogs with the same symptoms and couldnt bare to touch her babies. She felt horrible but they stunk so bad, had open sores she just didnt know what to do. I told her “I know what you need to do order Skin Eze” I even told her “I’ll tell you what if that stuff doesn’t work I’ll give you your money back. she asked “do you work for this company”? NO but i have seen what it did for my sisters dog. She now is the one that says she’ll give their money back if it doesn’t work.
    We were informed that what our dogs had was a yeast infection not mange. So many times the yeast infection is misdiagnosed for mange and the yeast must be healed from the inside out …I can only hope that Skin Eze will work for you because that is a nasty and stinky condition.


    PS. I have not been paid for my testimony. I only hope that it will work for your beloved pet.

  5. First of all, I have read reviews were this doesn’t work for some dogs, but for my Pitt Bull it works great. My 4yr old Pitt, Gracie, suffers from pretty bad allergies all year round. She breaks out and and scratches to the point were she is peeling off her skin and getting bald spots. I was using Apoquel which was costing me over $3,000 a year. I couldn’t afford it anymore and started looking for any other solutions. Skin-eze was an amazing find for us. Now I’m spending around $450 a year. One thing to note, I did notice if I miss a dosage or even give it to Gracie more then 3 hrs late, she will start breaking out again, but as long as its on time, she is doing great. I’ve been using this for about 4 months and I’ve been a little hesitate to take Gracie out the country to run, unsure if it would keep up with all the allergens out there rather then in the city, I finally gave in and took her out last weekend, she did fantastic, she has a few irritated areas, but as soon as she got her bath she cleared up. She looked better then when she was on Apoquel after running in the country. I absolutly recommend trying Skin-eze, because if this will work for your breed of dog, its fantastic and a great price.

  6. My dog is sensitive, she came with a highly delicate skin for a South African Mastiff, as a pup, she had puppy mange and grew out of it, but the slightest irritant she will break into hives. Her chow is for skin sensitive dogs. Each spring around pollen time she gets the itchy paws, belly and pelvic floor notorious symptoms. We live in Florida, if it’s not pollen, then it’s mold and mildew. Nothing I have tried, even going to lengths of making her food, which is a lot for a dog this size, worked. Cortisone works only during the time it is given. This year Cortisone worked for a shorter period, then didn’t work anymore. She is getting older now and I felt horrible giving it to her but it was the only thing that would give at least temporary results. She will be better during the day, but a night, it is a nightmare for both of us. Creams, sprays, vitamins, medication, shampoos – you name it – zero results. She is an inside dog for the most part and sleeps in my bedroom.
    I found this product and since I am a loyal fan of oriental medicine for myself with great results, why not my best friend too? The cost is near the price I would pay for Cortisone and none of the side effects. My dog is 112 lbs. I gave her 6 capsules the evening the product arrived and six more before bed.
    We were in a full blown episode of hives, itchy, and miserable licking. The results? It was the first peaceful night we all had in quite a while. NO LICKING, NO ITCHING! Her hives are all but gone, the skin on her belly not inflamed. This morning gave another 6 capsules. She seems calm and peaceful, free of torment. I did not notice her stools loose this morning, they appeared normal. No vomiting. Ate breakfast chow as usual. Morning siesta, as usual, minus licking and itching.
    All I can say is what do you have to loose? Skin-eze seems to be working for us and it has been less than 24 hours in duration of the first dose. In a few days, I will back off on the dose and re-evaluate how many capsules we need. Not everything works for everyone, that is well known, everyone is wired a little different. For us, it is working. So happy- money well spent.

    P.S. I was not paid for this testimony or associated with the product in any way other than giving it a try.

  7. I have been giving my dog these pills since the spring time using the shampoo and sprays and honestly I noticed if anything his itching and biting at himself only got worse. Also, his urine is so powerful it actually stained my concrete patio and the smell was awful. I really thought based on all the positive reviews that this would be a help.

  8. For some this may be helpful for their pet’s allergies, but for my dog it was completely ineffective in any positive form. We actually noticed that she began developing a rash after a few days of taking this product. We stopped and the rash went away and we gave it another try to make test if it was indeed this Skin-eze that was the provoking factor and indeed the rash reappeared and her allergies were no better. A very expensive risk to take, For us it was a total waste of money.

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