Is Somxl Really The Solution You Need To Get Rid Of Warts?

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SomxlSomxl says that it can get rid of your warts, even genital warts, in the comfort of your home. Sounds great if it works, so let’s see what actual users are saying about its effectiveness.

What is SOMXL?

SOMXL is a topical cream for removing warts. It is clinical strength, which works really well at doing its job. SOMXL treats and prevents most warts. It is FDA approved.

SOMXL  is a fast-acting, maximum potency cream for wart removal. It is the number 1 wart remover on the market.

See Your Family Doctor First

Prior to using this product, you should see your family physician to ensure the areas you want to treat are indeed warts. It could be that you have something like Molluscum contagiosum, which are not caused by HPV and are different from genital warts.

What Are Warts?

hand warts

  • This skin problem is something which grows anywhere on the face or body and usually has a rough texture.
  • They can resemble a cauliflower or a solid blister depending on where they are located on the body and how thick the skin is in that area.
  • Viruses cause warts.
  • The viruses are in the human papillomavirus (HPV) family.
  • Palmar warts grow on the hand, while Plantar warts grow on the feet.
  • It is quite common for people with weaker immune systems to have these.

What are the Different Types of Warts?

Plantar Warts


There are different types of warts which are:

  • Common warts
  • Filiform warts
  • Plantar warts
  • Palmar warts
  • Pigmented warts
  • Flat warts

What Kind of Warts Can I Use SOMXL On?

wart treatment

SOMXL can be used on common warts on the body, plantar warts, facial warts, genital warts, anal warts, penile and vaginal warts. If this product is applied to other skin tissue that is not affected with this condition, it will not affect the tissue.

SOMXL is extremely effective on Genital Warts due to its composition of Ozone, and Methyl Salicylate which prevents the risk of burns in sensitive skin areas. The cream is safe, gentle and painless.

How Does SOMXL Work?

SOMXL is a dual-action clinically tested cream.  It has two functions. It breaks down the wart structure as it penetrates it. Once it is removed the cream will then restore the tissue to its original state prior to when this skin problem was growing.

SOMXL works in 3 stages.

In the first stage when you apply the cream to the wart, the cream helps to dissolve keratin. Keratin is what this skin condition is  made up of.

The second stage of the topical cream is to dissolve the wart itself.

This product contains Ozone which affects the activation of white blood cells, which directly boosts your immune system to fight off foreign bodies in your bloodstream. Ozone also helps to increase circulation and oxygen to the treated area helping the skin to repair itself from the effects of this skin problem

What are all the Ingredients in SOMXL?


SOMXL contains the following ingredients:

  • Deionized water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Birch Oil
  • C13-14
  • Petroleum
  • Methyl Salicylate
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Mineral Oil
  • Ceteareth 20
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Diazolidinyl Urea
  • EDTA Disodium Salt
  • Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

If you have an allergy to any of these ingredients, it is not recommended that you use this product.

How Do I Use SOMXL?

SOMXL  should be applied twice daily. Once in the morning and once in the evening. You only need to apply an amount equivalent to the size of a match head. Once you have applied the cream then you need to massage it into the affected area for about 1 to 2 minutes. This product is for external use only.

Safety Note: If your skin in the area to be treated is irritated, do not use until your skin clears up.

When Will I See Results From Using SOMXL?


As everyone’s body is different result times, can vary from person to person. However, on average you can expect to see results within 5 days.

Benefits of Using SOMXL

There are many benefits to using SOMXL for removing this skin problem.


The most important benefit of removing these is you will no longer have the worry of them getting caught or torn on clothing and running the risk of them bleeding. Warts have blood vessels in them, which normally can be identified by a black dot. It you were to get them caught on something, they could possibly bleed heavily.


Lets face it, they are ugly. Very few people feel comfortable when they have warts which are exposed for others to see. It can be quite embarrassing. Removing warts with SOMXL can help you regain your confidence as you will no longer be self-conscious about warts.

This wart removal cream not only removes the wart but it also renews the skin back into its original state prior to getting the growth. There is no worry about scaring. Genital, penile and anal warts can be very embarrassing during intimacy. This can actually affect your sex life. Removing warts in these areas can prevent this type of embarrassment

Where Can I Buy SOMXL?

purchase of wart removal

SOMXL can be purchased at most Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacies and  Medical Supply stores. It is also available at Walmart and Rexall. You can also check with your local pharmacy to see if they carry it, or perhaps they can order it for you. Visit the SOMXL website and you can order it online. Amazon is currently out of stock.

How Much Does SOMXL Cost?

When you order it online from the SOMXL website it the price is $23.95 plus shipping and handling. When in stock Amazon sells this product for $34.95 with free shipping. Prices for this product at other retailers may vary slightly.

Customer Reviews on SOMXL

review on warts

55% of customers who provided reviews on this product rated it 5 out of 5 stars. There are a few mixed reviews about this product. However, you should keep in mind that not all products work for everyone.

One customer stated she was diagnosed with genital warts and tried various other products and nothing worked until she used SOMXL. She stated that it works exceptionally well and noticed a slight tingling feeling when the product was applied, which in her mind, meant the product was working. She had great results in removing her genital warts with this product.

Another customer used SOMXL for the same reason, genital warts, she was impressed by how fast the product worked and liked the minty smell of it. She said it was very easy to use.


If you are struggling to get rid of unsightly warts, we recommend you try SOMXL. It is a very safe and reasonably priced product. It may be exactly what the doctor ordered!





161 Customer Reviews on “Is Somxl Really The Solution You Need To Get Rid Of Warts?

  1. It took so long to come from new Zealand. I feel it helps with the itchy anal warts but I’ve never had one fully removed. Also didn’t stick with it for more than 5 days and I had the accelerator. Feel it’s easier to go to a doctor to get them froze off. If itchy I recommend

  2. It’s a scam, please do not purchase from this site.

    The positive reviews are made from the same people who scam you.

  3. First of all, if you read the Amazon reviews, a lot of them are works for word the same but with different users (fake names).
    I tried this cream, applying it exactly as noted and sometimes even covered it w medical tape for the day.
    8 weeks, zero change whatsoever.
    People on here who have it work for them clearly bought this accelerator cream that most likely has something that actually may work in it.
    Wanna get results without buying this? And not go to a doctor ?

    Apple cider vinegar. Fold over a little square of Kleenex/toilet paper, put it on the area and cover it w tape or a bandaid. Switch it two to three times a day for 3-4 straight days.
    Warts will scab over and that’s when you stop doing it. They’ll dry up/scab up and go away. THAT actually works.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Tried Somxl for 3weeks, absolutely nothing. Total scam, please beware this cream will not help you at all. Pretty lowlife scam, preying on people, no refunds, no nothing. Really wanted to believe that it works, but sadly a waste of time. Went and got cider vinegar and although it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, it made and immediate effect. Two days into it now and warts are definitely after shrinking. Please people, don’t be a mug like me,

  5. This product really works! I suffered two years with this nasty wart. I tried the ACV treatment and manymore of these so called home remedies but nothing worked.

    I read these comments a few weeks abo and gold myself that I should give it a try and once it would work I was going to write a review about my experience.

    It took around 15 days for the wart to remove and make my skin clear again. Don’t forget to hydrate the skin first before applying the cream for the best result!

    Good luck all and everything will be fine!

  6. How do I reach customer service??? There is only one number listed on their page and when I call it it states that the number I’m trying to reach is restricted?????

  7. I would love to leave a review of the product but it never showed up. The company kept saying several business days and then kept coming up with excuse after excuse why it was late. After a few weeks I asked for a refund and they said they would but never did. Now I am having my credit card do the work.

    Stay away from these scammers.

  8. I’ve been using the cream for a few months now, and I’ve got no real change. Sometimes they seem harder to see, but always seems to be about the same. They were mild to begin with, I noticed them as soon as they started to come up, got the cream in about 8 days and started treatment immediately. I’m using the accelerator and the somxl, but I get no burn that everyone talks about. I’ve tried using lots, using a little, rubbing lots and generating heat, or being soft. I’ve tried rubbing till all the cream is gone, leaving white chalky patches after it goes white. I’ve tried using the accelerator first, using only somxl after a shower (no accelerator) to no avail. We’re talking about 3 months here. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong maybe?

  9. Hi Melissa, i ordered this off a website off the net. It said 7-9 days. On the 9th day I contact the site. They said give it another day or so. On the 13th business day to my surprise it was in the mail. Today is my first day using it … we’ll see what happens.

  10. The way it works is to put a lot on it and rub a lot until u feel burned then put more and leave it on then after few days when you see the head tip of warts are white , it means they got burned and you are on the right track and you can stop using maybe if you donot see any left and then wait at least 10 to 15 days to heal and gone. this did not work for 2 weeks maybe a month or 2 months.

  11. I have been using this product SOMXL for two weeks now and it looks as though it’s making the worts spread. Has anyone else had this reaction?
    Thank you for any assistance with this.

  12. So I got a good reply here so listen up. I got a wart that I transferred from my hand to the tip of my penis right where the shaft begins. I did this by masterbating when I was trying to rid of the wart on my hand. Sure enough I started to notice a couple of bumps on my penis and I freaked the f out being I had the wart on my hand for yrs and it came back everytime as I would only try and cut it out with a utility blade. So I looked online and tried all types of home remedies from apple cider vinegar to banana peels to only make things worse. Long story short I went to urgent care and the dr. Was clueless but looked online and came back with somxyl.. best way to use it is as directected . I used the accelerator as well . Had very little contact as possible including clothing buying boxers that fit tighter to reduce the rubbing on warts. Also showering slot if possible 2/3 × s a day and rubbing the warts with soap. All I can say is after having them for over a yr and plenty of trial an error I can finally say I’m about 98% wart free but I will continue this till I feel 110% wart free. I feel so blessed to finally be at this stage so I had to put my results out there. Also no scars or trace are visible at this point. This is not easy to get rid of but definitely possible.. much luck

  13. It worked 100% for me for anal “flat” genital warts by using the Cream AND Accelerator for about 10-15 days. It stunned me when it worked, because, I know warts to be quite resistant to treatment. I TOTALLY BELIEVE AND RECOMMEND IT.

  14. Doesn’t work after ordering somxl with the accelerator but only getting the creme not accelerator beening using for 2 weeks and nothing …crap

  15. I ordered the product, never arrived. Blair McKinnon will not send another to replace it and I have to try and get my money back from Paypal as he will not issue a refund, maintains it is on its way, but will not provude proof it was shipped, and expects me to call overseas to his shipping provider, Quantium Solutions, a two star shipping provider out of New Zealand. Seems like a giant scam. One order promise my ass. I’ve never had such a hard time from any seller, ever, in my history.

  16. Although customer service wasn’t really helpful, I tried to remain calm after sending 3 emails about the location of y product. They pretty much told me the same thing over and over without any tracking information, but reassured me that it would arrive. It did arrive but it was far beyond 7-9 business days…more like 20

  17. look im only 15 and i dont have a job. So i dont have alot of money. Im 85% sure what i have is genital warts i dont know how because im a virgin but thats not the point.Im reading some of these comments saying this company is a scam. i was wondering if this is just the company posting all these comments for publicity. please reply if you dont work for them, i really want to get this if it works i have so many HOT girls that are trying get it on with me but its so annoying when i have to back out of those situations and have to make lame exuses.(by the way theres no way im going to the doctor to get checked out, dont suggest it 😉

  18. I have one Question for whom use it ??
    If its gone by somxl is there any chances to come back again ??

  19. You guys are correct with the burning it took for ever to be delivered. But I’m on day 1 so I’ll let u know

  20. I had great results when I found this product and now I can say 3 months later I’m still free from the warts.

  21. I have used Somxl for 3 days, I have a huge breakout. I used a prescription that was very painful. I looked up something for the warts and found Somxl. It took a while to get here.I started it the next day.I purchased the accelerated as well. It does burn but no more than I can stand but I have a high tolerance for pain. This is my only hope besides painful surgery. I’m crossing my fingers that it works. I’ll let y’all know how things come out. I’m going to place a second order since the tube only has15 grams, and I don’t want to stop using it without giving it a good chance.

  22. Great product. Got accelerateor as well! I saw an improvement after 1 day! I’m in England and the NHS prescribed Wortex didn’t work! Arrived 6 business days after purchase and cost £40.this wart took 4 months to go prior to this

  23. Once it arrived I used this as directed and it was effective removal of the symptoms, they are still gone and have not come back.

  24. I was worried that this cream mite burn as its such a sensitive area but it was genital to use and effective at the removal, so Somxl is really good for treating down there.

  25. So i spent 65 dollars on vidaro and it didn’t do anything for me and I applied it for a good 6 weeks. So I searched and found somxl and decided to purchase it. Mine came in 9 business days exactly in a round container. Mine also is a green container and not the color that they list. So I began to apply it waited 2 weeks nothing was really happening. Then I read about organic tea oil and let me tell you the tea oil is legit. I’d apply the tea oil first then the somxl and they started turning white which is good! Then I got to 3 weeks didn’t really notice to much more so I read about putting a bandage around them as well and I’ve been doing that for 3 days and finally most of them disappeared so if anyone is having trouble try what I did worked for me

  26. I thought the same thing when I got mine but ya mines green and doesn’t have it listed I’m at the end of week 3 and most are gone but I also put organic tea tree oil on then the cream then bandaged it and has been working finally

  27. hi Brandy, just wondering if receive a green coloured package of the cream but the ingredients did not list ”’salicylic acid” ? i think they might have sent me the wrong one.. did it work for you’?

  28. hi juan, just wondering if receive a green coloured package of the cream but the ingredients did not list ”’salicylic acid” ? i think they might have sent me the wrong one

  29. I just wanted to say I had great results with this stuff, it really does work to get rid of these things.

  30. I was worried that this product would not work for me because I have had the infection for a long time and other things didnt work but I can say truthfully that this cream can remove genital warts no matter how long you have had them

  31. I did not receive my order. I’d followed up a lot of times. I’d requested for the tracking number but they cannot provide. I requested for a refund since I did not receive my order but I they refused. I think the product is not real. This is a scam so please do not be be fooled by this product. Hope someone will shut down their site.

  32. Got my product not long after I ordered it and found it worked to get rid of the genital warts. It also didn’t burn which was a relief as I had used another treatment and found I couldn’t complete treatment because it was to painful. Definitely a good product to try.

  33. I ordered from the actualy website and my packaging looked completely different from what you see and it took OVER A MONTH for shipping. It comes from new zeland 0

  34. I’m real pleased I found your cream to remove my genital warts, it didn’t cost much and it worked real well for me. I just wanted to let you know that it worked for me.

  35. This product was totally effective in my case and the warts are all gone after not a lot of time. Privacy was great too as I didnt want others to know what I ordered.

  36. I just got my 15g tube in the mail and applied it for the first time last night. You were right on the money about the packaging and I thought the same thing, “Should I really try this stuff?” You were also spot on about the heat. Man, I was on fire! Fortunately it only lasts a few minutes and fades. I applied it again this morning, got through the burning session. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll check back in in a few days.

  37. I order somxl cream last Novemeber 23, 2017 but the product does not deliver. They get my payment thru my credit card twice. What shall I do? Can you help me regarding on this matter. Thanks.

    Mr. Robert D.

  38. Hello everyone yes its does work
    I just start using the Somxl yes its burn a little bit but thayvmeans its working
    ill let you guys know how down there doing sometime in June
    Hopefuly my warts should be gone by then.
    Dont be scared if you want to have sex again use this stuff

  39. I had suffered with perineal warts for many years.
    The acid treatment that was prescribed by my doctor was too painful to endure so I stopped treatment. The infection eventually settled down and covered an area approximately 5cm x 2cm. I was told that my immune system would eventually defeat the virus but the warts would remain. SOMXL’s job was therefore to remove the growths, which it has done.

    Treatment was initially very slow and not entirely painless. The burning pain was very short lived but after several days, I needed to suspend treatment to allow my skin to recover using pure aloe vera gel before resuming treatment. The accelerator cream also made a huge difference to the effectiveness of the treatment.

    It has taken three months and two tubes of SOMXL but I am now clear and unmarked.

  40. I found this cream easy on my skin, I didn’t apply much but it only effected the wart in my case and clear new skin came through and now everything is clean and new. I recommend.

  41. I strongly recommend it!!!

    this is true! i had some warts on my genital (i am a man). it always worried about that

    it was not too big but i can see that. so i went to the hospital to remove it.

    I got many types of creams from 3 hospital (to be honest, they didn’t recommend laser surgery because of the size of wart…) but every cream didn’t work properly

    one day, i found this cream. at first time i feel something different from this(it’s quite strong cream)
    i searched about this cream. This cream’s material is some chemical to burn your skin
    it can be dangerous but as long as you use properly, you can check the change so quick!!
    i lived with my genital wart for 3 years. it was happened due to HPV Type 6.
    but now i removed half of it just for 2 weeks.
    At the moment i reduce to quantity of using due to burn of my skin but i start to use this again soon
    In my case, i used this cream twice a day (morning and night) for a week daily.
    but after a week my skin get burn and the surface of skin. After few days, the skin became to scab and when i removed the scab, the wart was removed with scab!!!!!!!!
    make sure if you get hurt from it, reduce the quantity of using or take some rest for few days.
    Don’t be crazy. i’m not advertising of this if you have small genital wart by HPV Type 6, try this one !!

  42. My Treatment arrived fast and when I used it it started working after a few days and was all cleared up in 10 days, I have tried other treatments before this one that didn’t completely clear this but Somxl did, so I would say try this, if others haven’t worked.

  43. Ordered this over a month ago and it never arrived. They are incredibly difficult to get in contact will and ignore what you say in the email just to tell you it will be there soon but are unable to provide proof of shipping.

    This company will steal your money DO NOT BUY!

  44. The treatment worked pretty well for me. The warts are all gone now and the area is clean. Certainly worth trying if you have this problem

  45. Hi , I got their product as I ordered it , took 4 days, I’m in the US and it worked just as they said it would, cleared up in less than a week. Also what I was worried about was that it would burn because it uses Salicylic acid but it didnt at all, so All I can say is it worked for me.

  46. ***** BE AWARE ***** This company is a complete spam and has been reported to Google (Ad Network), and to a financial regulator.

    I purchased their product, and twice they said it was sent out, and it never arrived. Do not be FOOLED by such a company.

  47. I’ve been using this cream for about a week and its definitely removing my warts and best of all I have had no side effects at all like I did with the first med I tried.

  48. Spoke too my Doc and he agreed the ingredients are what is used to get rid of the little buggers. I received my cream today, burns like hell. I have used apple cider vinegar and bi carb soda mixture for 5 days before and did notice a reduction in them, this mixture did sting a bit at the start, but now I have this and the accelerator, I’m looking forward to seeing them gone soon.

  49. Good results for me with Somxl. Its easy to use and they cleared up well. I’m all good now. Thank you guys.

  50. Once I started applying the cream the warts started going away. I was so happy to see your product working and helping me get my life back

  51. I take back what I said about the company. The return rate on a new bottom was much faster than anticipated and they were very kind. Still awaiting results

  52. I got this product from the clinic when I was diagnosed and started the treatment straight away. Not much happened in first couple of days but after that they started shrinking away leaving my skin normal again. I would recommend getting Somxl to get rid of these things .

  53. My results were very good with Somxl, What was good is that after it was all gone the skin was back to normal, I was worried that even though Somxl got rid of the warts that there would be marks or discoloration in the area, it was a little bit pink after they were gone but its all back to normal now. Good Stuff.

  54. Somxl Didn’t work for me i used this stuff and the accelerator religious for 6 weeks although there are lots of positive reviews so maybe a bad batch or just me.
    However what did work for me was a combination of Immune Booster Vitabiotics, Green Tea and Garlic supplements. I used Aldara and Green tea oil (Pure 100%) on off days. I used tweezers to remove the the warts and then put the aldara on for two days consecutively and used green tea oil for the remaining two weeks (Still have 5 weeks worth of Aldara only used two sachets) . I have used this technique on 5 warts and touch wood they havnt come back. I also got the HPV vaccine as my theory is your immune system needs to fight the virus thus getting the vaccine can surely only help identify it.
    Hope this helps

  55. I’m just here to say how well this worked for me. I did try one other product that I wont mention that didnt work but this stuff was very effective.

  56. Just reading the post above, It’s impossible to remove the wart virus from your body, you can remove the symptoms and they may not come back but you cannot remove the virus, that’s medical fact. There is no cure. Anyway I wanted to say that I used Somxl and it did remove the wart symptoms, which I am so pleased with and they have not return as yet.

  57. I recently end natural treatment from herbalist healer which i used to got rid of my genital warts i only applied the treatment for one week, it so amazing i have eliminate this disease out from my body, i also recommend everyone suffering from this horrible disease should also be cure you can reach Dr sam via email;

  58. My problem was gone after 2 weeks using this stuff and its not come back which is a huge relief to me.

  59. This stuff is good! It burns like hell but i have about 10 in my butt & they all are shrinking! Took awhile to get here but works!

  60. I Am firmly disappointed with my purchase. The bottle was completely broken and all the ointment was inside the box. It also took 3.5 weeks to arrive. DO NOT BUY. Customer service is also almost impossible to speak with and located in New Zealand.

  61. Just wanted to let others know that this cream can work, I used it 3 times a day instead of 2 like they say and it went from not doing much for the first 3 days to making them shrink away within the week, so give it a shot if its not quick enough for you.

  62. I’m just pleased this is all over and my warts are cured. This stuff does work to remove warts on sensitive skin and I’m pleased they are gone.

  63. I got it with the fast applicator and it’s good so far the burns are a bitch but they gone down after 1 day for me I got the fast whatever too but wear gloves it does stain your finger idk for how long but it isnt permanent

  64. My first thought was that I was going to have this problem forever which was so depressing 🙁 but I have removed this problem from my life with the help of Somxl. It was easy to use and results have been what I hoped for, thank you so much Somxl for creating a cream that can mean so much to a persons life 🙂

  65. My results were really positive and I had had them burnt off once before and didn’t want to go through that again when they came so found Somxl and they went away again but more importantly they have not come back. I would say try this cream.

  66. I wouldn’t usually buy something like this health wise without seeing a nurse but I was pretty embarrassed, so I thought I would try a couple of things from the internet first, one didn’t arrive till later but Somxl had, so I tried it first, not much change in the first few days but after that I did get improvement until they were all gone after 10 days, I’m also please to say they have not come back at this point.

  67. This is one of those problems which you don’t talk about and info would be real helpful, so I wanted to tell others how well Somxl worked for me, it didn’t take long to show some improvement so I was on the right track, all in all it took just two weeks to fix everything up and leave no scars. I would recommend Somxl.

  68. This is one of those problems which you don’t talk about and info would be real helpful, so I wanted to tell others how well Somxl worked for me, it didn’t take long to show some improvement so I was on the right track, all in all it took just two weeks to fix everything up and leave no scars. I would recommend Somxl.

  69. Once I knew I had this problem I went straight to the internet to find something that i could use at home and Somxl came up first so i got it and it arrived quite soon. I started using it straight away and I saw the results on about the 3rd or 4th day, from there they just got smaller and smaller until gone with no visible sign they were ever there. Definitely worth trying if you have genital warts.

  70. I have read the other reviews here which makes me wonder whether this is just competitors writing bad reviews because I notice I didn’t have to prove I actually purchased this item like I had too on other sites (seems dodgy) but this cream has helped me so much, I don’t have much money so my doctor got me this stuff instead of Aldara which was 5 times the price ! I just prayed it would work at the lesser cost I could afford. Within two weeks I saw the warts going away, also the itching stopped right from the start which was a relief. So I would just like to let you all know, this treatment worked for me, try it.

  71. Um…genital warts are still very contagious. Don’t just whip it out because you think they’re gone, or they have diminished in size. Get tested, and wear protection! “Pimpled for her pleasure” IS NOT A THING. Don’t spread!

  72. Are…are you telling people to use honey on their vagina? that is VERY, VERY WRONG. That will cause the worst yeast infection, UTI, etc, that they have ever had in their entire life. DO NOT PUT ANY KIND OF HONEY OR SUGAR IN YOUR LADY CAVE.

  73. This stuff does not work. I ordered it, arrived about a week later. I have used the whole tube as directed and it hasn’t done a thing. It burns a bit when first applied and there has been no changes in over a three week period. this stuff is a joke and a waste of money. get some proper medicine or see a DR. and get proper treatment!

  74. Well it took long to receive about 3 weeks but I put it on and it seems to be working the wart it’s almost gone and I only used it twice , it burns like hell and it smells minty or like icy hot or tiger balm or something it does leave a mark on the finger that I’m applying it with like a white residue, I think it works

  75. I ordered this product 2 different times and never received it there is no contact number for this company so if you order this you wont be able to get a refund even if it was returned to them i wouldnt buy this product scam fraud etc.

  76. I reluctantly bought this product off the web as you hear a lot of horror stories with regards to dud/fake products. I wasn’t too confident about going to the doctors, mainly due to the fact I always seem to see a woman and more importantly it’s always really cold in there if you know what I’m saying!! So after a year or more of having the warts now (which wernt too bad in reality) I took the plunge and bough a tube of somxl. I’ve now been using it for the past 3 days and the main offender has probably shrunk by about half, so I’m more than impressed with this product so far!! Fingers crossed by the end of the week they will have vanished. With regards to the burning sensation there is a slight heat to it but unless your a total wuss then just man (or woman) up and take the pain soldier. I am seeing a girl for a date in two weeks time so hoping this situation will have been resolved by then so I can show my little fella off loud and proud with my mojo back in full flow and not feel ashamed about whipping him out in the field of battle!! I know you can get ribbed condoms so just think of it as pimpled for her pleasure ? Good luck to you all and thank you somxl, why didn’t I know of this product a year and a half ago!!

    Firstly, the item won’t arrive, then when you complain, they immediately blurt out if you use the PayPal resolution system, “your genital wart treatment was posted” what company treats patient confidentiality like this?
    secondly: Blair McKinnon seems to be the guy running disputes, he is a confrontational angry little man that will do anything not to refund you.

  78. look forget this stuff and and other similar creams
    Just use bees honey 3 to 4 times a day… job done

  79. Please do not buy this product its a scam. The tube didnt have a seal on it or have a name on the tube. But i used it anyway this crap doesnt even work didnt do nothing . So i emailed the company and ask the for a refund and he told me to send it back so i did and it been over 2 weeks and still no refund. Its a scam trust me if u buy this product ur gonna be pissed. The smell of this stuff was some kind of menthol. Plrase order u some tca and it will take care of anything.

  80. Please do not buy the somxl it does not work and when they send the medicine thete wasnt a name on the tube neither was a seal. If you buy this somxl you will be dissapointed because on there website if your not satisfied they will refund your money. Its a scam i been wating on a refund forever and still nothing. They keep giving me the run around. Please dont buy this piece of crap medicine thats in a tube its not real. Just think before you buy this trust me.

  81. It didnt work at all burned my balls and shaft . There a tingling in my finger and the tip if my finger was white. This is a stupid scam. I ask for a refund he was hateful and never refunded me the money back. Please do not buy. Some of these ppl on here commenting of this page works with that factory trust me. Dont give these people your money. Your just waisting your time with it.

  82. This aint worth 1 dollar says it doesnt burn but in fact it burns like hell. Number 2 it does not work. And number 3 do not buy this cream from new zealand its fake dont waist ur money.

  83. This stuff is amazing!! It really really really works!! Only in 2 weeks, all my warts are removed and now I feel alive again! Worth trying 🙂

  84. day 6 i think results are great it seems it pulls it from the inside out my clusters got bigger and now reducing in size =)

  85. Day – 3 Application one i think i put too much on that was crazy 3 min of icy hot lol I think its working seems as though my tiny things are getting more tiny.

  86. 2nd application today The burn isn’t as bad as the first time lol. So it doesn’t last that long and no your fingers don’t burn, as mentioned in prior comments it only gets sensation to the infected area. looking forward to seeing the results!

  87. I got mine in 7 days was impressed since it came from New Zealand and they dont fuck around. Package came in small tube with mo indication of what it does.

  88. I got mine in 7 days faster than I thought, just started the application today I will let you know if it works Day 1!! =)

  89. Same thing happened to me. I ordered this on April and it took me almost 2 months to receive it. What i did was asking for a tracking number and they tracked that for me and found that mine was missing. They replaced it with a new one and yeah it arrived within about a week after that.

  90. I ordered this product over a month ago and still haven’t received it.
    Starting to think it is a scam!
    I’m very dissapointed!

  91. I just got my SOMXL yesterday, (we forgot to check the mail Monday) the very first thing I noticed was the tube package it came in said “Cosmetic Cream” ! Lots of nosey people in my house so definitely a HUGE PLUS! I’m on my third application, and I didn’t get the accelerator. I have to say I’m thrilled. It’s really working, and as I said, I’m only on my third application! The first one burned, but since I’ve tried other products that hurt way worse, I’m not going to complain! My third application this morning had a minor warming sensation and that was it. Got a question for the other ladies out there, did any of you notice your labia feeling softer and slightly slick after a few hours of applying? Gotta say, so far, I have to give it 5 stars. Didn’t even take the whole 9 days to get to me.

  92. I love this product. It really works! Your warts won’t be gone in a week – that’s a pipe dream. But be diligent and apply it every day, and you will see results! The burning sensation is pretty intense and lasts about 30 seconds until the warts begin to die. I had three smaller warts and 1 larger wart. The three smaller warts were gone in a month. I am still working on the larger one but it has reduced in size over half. I have used up a tube of this stuff but it’s worth it. I am going to have to order another tube to finish the job!

  93. Listen people! For some people this thing magic! And I am one of them! I am not a Somxl employee.. It worked so fast form e… I am sure my lifestyle change helped also. Stop booze ect… lots of sleep eating right. And I also admit my warts where of the smaller size. But gone in 1 week. And I can tell from the no more buring when applied. When applying this, the wart will burn for a minute. Now I apply to the same area that is clear? Nothing. Thank god for this product. And KEY!! LIFE STY:E CHANGE!!! Let your immune system do its job… stop doing what hinders it!!!

  94. UPDATE: It is now May 19th. I have used somxl vigilantly twice a day. My outer lying warts are all gone. The ones that were on my anus are all but gone. They’ve taken a little longer to go away but every time I apply they seem different and smaller. I didn’t get the accelerator but I’m still happy with the speed at which they’re leaving. It still burns but only for about 30 seconds. Grit your teeth and bear it! It’s totally worth that little bit of discomfort. I’ll be wart free soon and I couldn’t ask for more! !

  95. Took about 2 weeks to get to the uk maybe just under put it on for first time tonight some areas more burn than others nothing too bad lasts 30 seconds smells like deep heat will let you nknow how it goes

  96. I purchased somxl from their website on may 4th. It arrived in my mailbox may 10th. I was super excited because after reading the reviews I thought it was going to take a little while to show up. I started using it that night. Once before I go to bed and once when I get up in the morning. I did not purchase the accelerator. It is now may 12th, I’ve had a total of 4 applications. Tonight before bed when I went to apply my 5th application, I could not find over half of my trouble spots. I had three small clusters, about 4-5 warts each around my Anus and vaginal opening. I now only have 2 warts all together and they are almost gone!!! I couldn’t be more ecstatic! This product smells like bengay and though it does burn when you first apply it, rubbing it into the skin helps ease the burn and the sensation does not linger long afterwards. Nor is there any discomfort caused by using the restroom. When I first discovered the beginnings of warts I took to the Internet looking for a home remedy. Lots of people said Apple Cider Vinegar (acv) works. It does, but at what price! The burning and pain acv caused was constant and lasted for weeks after I stopped using it. And I seriously contemplated a trip to the ER every time I had to use the restroom. After that experience I was leary of somxl because the reviews mention it burning and some people said they had to use it less frequently because it burned so bad. Well let me tell you this, after using acv, somxl is a cake walk in the pain department. In short, I would highly recommend this product. It’s decently priced, it came quickly, it is working quickly even without the accelerator, and the pain factor is minimal. Two thumbs up!

  97. mine took about a month to arrive. I emailed the confirmation order email back and got a reply within hours. They said because it comes from new zealand it would take some time but assured me my order had been processed. it arrived, but yeah, took about a month. I’m using it every few days, I get the burning/cooling etc, dunno if my results will be better than getting surgery. i reckon Ill just be as consistent as possible, if i dont get real changed by the end of this tube, ill get the surgery. feck it.

  98. All I can say is this product worked for me and warts disappeared within a week. If you have genital warts it works but if you have something else then not sure, so better get it diagnosed before you start treatment and rather than think it’s not working

  99. This product started working for me IMMEDIATELY. I myself was skeptical but tried it anyway because a wasted $30 is better than the alternative solution. I am not paid to say this, I’m simply more than happy about the results I’ve already started seeing and would like to reassure anyone else who has any doubts.

  100. When i purchased somxl i read every detail. They have a guarantee that if you start to run out of the product and still have warts they will send more. I would go that route first. I have been using the somxl and accelerator cream for 6 days. As everyone states it does have a burn to it but not as bad as everyone says unless they are just that sensitive to it. Seems to be flattening my warys but not much difference yet.

  101. I got this product with 2 months ago…i bought 2x(accelerator and cream).I used in every morning,afteroon and night but seems without effect…I’m so dissapointed…i read a lot of review before to order this product and i was very happy but now i’m just dissapointed…i’m just thinking to give up because seems in my cause didn’t help me and i can’t understand why…after 2 mounth my warts are still there.

  102. Ok so here’s the deal
    I got this and after trawling the Internet found this product.
    Oh yes the burn was horrible just as bad as freezing!!!so I emailed about the product and what I could do to reduce this as I was becoming less inclined to use as directed.
    I was then told in the reply to use emu oil before hand and then apply and this should totally eleviate the burning altogether.
    “Yeah right” I thought but brought emu oil anyway.
    Well they was right…it does get rid of the burning completely.
    I’m now able to apply day and night and not feel anything…
    Try it!!

  103. I have used this cream 2x now. The first time was for a rash on my shin that would not go away for months. It worked like a charm.

    So when I had warts on my Gentiles, I picked up another tube and got to work. The jist of using this product is to stick with it and to feel the burn!

    It does burn the affected areas and that means it is working. It will take awhile as you apply morning and night. If it gets too intense you can back off the frequency and still attain the desired result.

    It has been three weeks and I am out of the woods. I watched the affected area become very red at first and have endured the burning that takes place when you apply (especially after a hot shower).

    Now all looks great and I am a very happy man!

    I still had some accelerator cream from the shin thing and used that from time to time as well.

    I am very happy with this product and will always have some handy for any wart or issue.

    For me this is a definite BUY!

    Life is good again.

  104. I’ve only got two warts. The first week I didn’t notice a difference, the second week they are almost gone. Stuff burns but the burn doesn’t last long. Smells like dencorub or deep heat. I’ve also been dabbing a little ACV because I read good reviews. I’m taking lysine, vit C and zinc and drinking lots of water. $30 well worth the money. Packaging is totally discrete
    Thumbs up!

  105. I’ve only got two but it’s working on them. For the first week I didn’t see any difference but after week two they are almost gone. It burns a lot but the burn doesn’t last long. Smells like deep heat or dencorub! I’ve also been taking supplements (zinc, vit C and lysine) and drinking a lot of water.
    Also been dabbing a little ACV once a day because I read good reviews.
    The discrete packaging is good. If someone saw it in the cupboard no one would know what it was. $30, worth the money for sure!

  106. I just received my stuff in finally. I’ve been reading all the reviews and everyone is complaining about the package it came in. They said it would come in a discreet package so you wont be embarrassed by the product and no one knows your business. I for one am thankful it comes designed as “skin care cream”. I only have one small wart so hopefully this product works and I can write a good review. For the money it is well worth a try. If it doesn’t work oh well I will move on to try something different.

  107. I have been using somxl for about two weeks now. It smells like icy hott and feels like it to. Ouch??? I was getting impatient and decided to get tea tree oil
    To see if the would help, read that it is safe to use, and can help heal genital warts. I stopped using somxl for a couple days and switched to tea tree oil. Mind you both burn. I just switched back to somlx again today. The wart inside my vagina is pretty much gone. The one on my anus is still there. (But slowly shrinking) I’m a little disappointed and discouraged. But the one on my anus is larger in size, so probably going to take longer to get rid of. At first I used it way to much. I’m out of the applicator tube but still have the regular left. And boy does it burn even more without the applicator??? still going to finish the regular tube. However not sure what to do after its all gone if my wart isn’t gone. I don’t want to buy more if it’s not working. Anyone have any suggestions on larger warts? Might try different products. Tea tree oil also seems to help also. I’ve also been taking vitamins and drinking lots of water. All of this iswork in progress. Glad the one inside my vagina is gone. It takes time and Patience. Still unsure whether somlx or tea tree oil is working better. Ugh what a hassle. I guess my suggestion is to be patient and take vitamins drink lots of water. And try tea tree oil. Might help.

  108. Just got it. Took 9 days exactly to get here (NZ to CA) and today one with 3 or 4 small sized warts. Somxl burns like a mofo, that’s for sure. Hope it’s worth it, though. All the reviews seem great.

    Will check back.

  109. Have been using it for about 8 weeks…nothing seemed to be happening for about 6…the last teo weeks…big difference…just a little roughness…I am positive they will be gone by the end of the week…gonna order another batch just to have on hand if they come back…Happy buyer.

  110. I’ve been using it a week now it does burn quite bad but it soon passes after a minute or so, I’m actually quite pleased with it at the moment they seem to have shrunk loads I m feeling they might be gone in another week, I thought it was dodgy stuff when it came through the post the packaging didn’t look like somthing u cN buy over the counter, but try it, I will keep u posted to see if they completely go.

  111. Thank u so much for ur review. I’ve been reading reviews all day and yours has been the best so far.. I’m really consider getting this product but I’m still nervous & timid about it.. I only have one question..what was the time fame from start to finish.. Was it months or weeks?

  112. Thank u so much for ur review. I’ve been reading reviews all day and yours has been the best so far.. I’m really consider getting this product but I’m still nervous & timid about it.. I only have one question..what was the time fame from start to finish.. Was it months or weeks?

  113. Same thing happened with me. I was getting ready to call and complain and then all of a sudden it was in my mail box. I was really glad and I also noticed it came from new Zealand so that’s probably what took so long.

  114. I bought Somxl – what was it – maybe a little over a month ago? I read all the reviews out there on this little tube of cream, and I figured I give it a shot. I had the money, it seemed like it *could* be successful for me, and I really couldn’t stand seeing and feeling the little cluster of warts build up on my girlhood (who does?). Let’s start with the cons first so we can get them out of the way:

    Length of time to receive it: 2 or so weeks. It’s not the worst of the worst, since the packaging and shipping doesn’t really determine the product’s use, but it does kind of stink wanting to rid of these warts so badly and seeing nothing in the mail for weeks.

    White stains on your fingers after application: it’s not permanent (it doesn’t even last a whole day), but no one really wants to go out in public with white blotches all over your hands. I know it’s something in the ingredients (even toothpaste does this), but yeah… just a minor annoyance, but again it really doesn’t determine the product’s success/failure rate.

    Burning sensation: time to get a little personal, but we’re talking *genital* warts here. Mine were located on the inner lips of my vagina. Some were a little close to the vaginal opening, but nothing ever inside. The first time I applied: it didn’t really burn. The second time: same. The third time: started to feel a little tingly. The forth time: kind of started burning. The fifth time: definitely burning. The sixth time: yup, I’m actually on fire. I thought I would get more immune with each application, but it just seemed to get worse (the burn, that is). I had to stop using it, because I honestly couldn’t bare through the pain anymore. I was disappointed, because not only did I have to suffer through the burning, but the warts were still there (with NO improvement!). I didn’t order the fast applicator, but I thought I would see some changes at LEAST by the third or forth day. I discontinued using Somxl and was highly disappointed…

    BUT! A few days passed and I decided to give it another try. It did the same thing: first day was okay, and by the sixth or so time it started to burn again. It was then I started using it sporadically: I’d apply it in the morning, but not the night. I’d skip a day or two and then use it again. It wasn’t a speedy process, but…

    It actually DOES work: was it just my imagination or didn’t I have more warts than this to begin with? This might sound crazy, but it worked best for me when I DIDN’T follow instructions (or maybe the warts just needed time to “accept” the cream?). As soon as the first wart disappeared, it seemed like they all started following suit. I had about – hmm… maybe three individual warts and two clusters (about four warts)? The warts were slowly diminishing and the clusters were becoming non-existent. I still had one wart that was stubborn to follow suit, but after one sporadic application – just one – it got soft, and after two it was completely gone (this was just last week). So yeah, it was a crazy and somewhat painful adventure, but after month and a half (yeah, unfortunately, it seemed to take that long) they are GONE. The biggest pro that is, but here a few side pros I got when I used Somxl:

    Bathing day and night in getting ready for application: it sounds silly, but it did get me smelling nice 24/7. I felt more refreshed and maybe – just maybe – examining your hygiene a bit closer does help with the process. I bought a new loofah and Olay body wash, so maybe one recommendation I would suggest would be to do the same (in other words: throw out the washcloth and soap bar and splurge a little!).

    Drinking more water: I promise I’m not a secret healthcare professional trying to make you eat/drink healthier, work out, etc., but I wanted to let you know that I DID drink more water during this time. Whether it helped or not with ridding the warts, you have to admit that you always feel better after chugging a gallon of water when you have Dr. Pepper still resting in your fridge…

    So yeah, that’s my experience with Somxl. Does it work? Yes. How’s the process? Sucks. But my word of advice is don’t give up. Of course, seeing a doctor is probably your best bet, but this is about Somxl and I’d give it 7 out of 10 (1 point for burning, 1 point for taking so long, and 1 point for false advertisement… sorry, I know that’s the job of the website to praise the product, but you can’t help feel cheated when you’re promised your warts will be gone in a week and they’re still crashing at your place a month later).

    Thanks, Somxl 🙂

  115. This bull crap doesn’t work at all done be fooled and waste your money on this crap in a tube !

    Get some tca 90% and apply to the warts but be very carful it’s powerful stuff ! Tca acid destroys the wart and the roots of the wart it’s what doctors use and yes it works .

  116. Took me 11 days to receive (not bad at all). It did burn my fingertip and there is unbearable burning at first, but well worth the pain. It does work, and well.

  117. This product works and feels great! Clearer shaft and balls in a matter of weeks.. The burning is temperary but also a bit arouseing…

  118. Haven’t received anything.. You can’t even call them..this is crap. I am very frustrated I order this almost a month ago.

  119. I totally agree I order this almost a month ago and have not receive any thing.. Very frustrated. U can’t even call them

  120. Please believe the reviews. This stuff does work and the burning sensation is not as unbearable as you may think, but yes it does feel like your are on fire, even if only for a few moments..
    My two warts, side by side, though have taken since last Nov 14 to go, although I have not been that diligent in applying every day.

    Persevere and you will get results I am sure, and may take time, but boy is it worth the wait.
    Me starting to become myself again…

  121. I ordered the product on March 15th and still haven’t received or gotten my money back. I contacted customer care who didn’t help. They only said it would take 7-9 business days and it has been 12. Very frustrated.

  122. I used both the Somxl cream and the accelerator, and it wasn’t really working. The cream smells minty and nice, and it has a cooling/burning sensation. I imagine it’s pretty painful if the warts are bad, but mine were tiny and it didn’t hurt, just tingled. I didn’t see results for about a week, so then I switched to using ONLY the accelerator cream. It worked within a couple of days, and it doesn’t even tingle, and it’s odorless cream. It worked really well with a little trial and error! Definitely would recommend.

  123. I was VERY skeptical about this product when I purchased it, but I was desperate to find a solution. I was prescribed a cream by my doctor that cost 500 dollars and after 2 months there was NO change at all!!!! After just 1 week using this product I was completely cured!!! I have to say it was not painless, but the burning was temporary and the results were incredible!! I cannot say I’ve ever had any skin product work as well as this. PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy Somxl it really does work!! So thankful I found this product!

  124. it burns so bad lol right on the bellend feels honestly like someone lit a match and held it on it….

  125. Somxl worked great for me, it does burn a little when putting it on your genitals but believe me it’s worth that bit of pain, I used it for around 8 week’s and by the end of the 8th week there was no warts left and wasn’t even any mark’s of where they had been. I was really embarrassed by the warts so tried a couple of other products before buying somxl and both of the other products failed to clear them so was over the moon when tried somxl and got rid of them in a matter of weeks. Thank you very much somxl and let’s hope you can keep offering people this great product.

  126. It’s my 5 day and I feel warts much smaller. I said I feel, because they are inside vagina. After spending over $1500 (I had no insurance) on doc appointments, condylox, cryotherapy and still having them, I thought my sex life is Over!. I’m finally getting back my confidence, because it’s really works. I don’t know how soon it might come back, but at least I know how to fight it. When you put on affected area, it has very strong cooling/hot sensation but few min after it goes away without any scaring or sides effects, it’s very enthusiastic, because I had a bad scaring from other treatments and even worst side effect liquid solution. I’m absolutely recommending this cream.

  127. Iva had one cluster that has plagued the inside crevice of my inner thigh for 5 years and NOTHING worked! I got Somxl and the accelerator last week and 5 days ago the cluster was jagged and collie flower esque. Today it is really rounded off and slick and about 1/3 smaller than it was 5 days ago. I tried Terrasil and all the others to no avail but Somxl seems to be doing the job and doing it well. The packaging is really generic looking and kind of makes u think “do I really want to try this?” But don’t let the package detur you. Now one heads up… It smells like the muscle ache cream icy hot. Now here is the really big heads up. If u put it on non affected skin/healthy skin it doesn’t have any sort of feeling whatsoever to it. You put it on the wart cluster and it turns hot… Very hot! There is a minute of almost being unbearable seething when you first apply it to a cluster but I’m guessing that is Somxl doing its thing. Highly recommend.

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