Does PhotoReading Really Work?

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Does PhotoReading work?The PhotoReading system is billed as a way to use your whole mind in order to absorb information with more comprehension and understanding. We’d all love a way to keep up with the constant flow of information out there, but can something like this really work?

Speed reading systems have been around for years, all claiming that you can read books as fast as you can turn the pages. The benefits to this are self evident, no matter who you are this would greatly improve your quality of life. It would make you better in your profession, doctors could learn more about the latest medicine and treatment options, chefs could learn more recipes, parents could learn more about child raising, students could more easily grasp their material. It’s the Information Age, there is great value in harnessing information at a greater speed.

The Claim
The creators of PhotoReading claim that their program helps you to engage more of your brain, and to take in mental photographs of what you’re reading instead of having to read each word and sentence separately to make things make sense. They say that the system is easy to learn, which would set it apart from speed reading programs that require weeks or months to get the hang of. With something like this you have to believe that it can work, so making it easy to understand is important, because if you’re skeptical, and then the results take a long time, the likelihood that you’ll just give up increases.

The Hype
Hollywood has something to do with the hype on this one, as anytime a character in a movie is supposed to be highly intelligent there is usually a montage of them reading a book by flipping the pages as fast as they can, and it’s understood that they are reading and understanding as fast as they flip. You’ll often see the character with a pile of books surrounding them, implying that they’ve just read a library’s worth of books in a matter of hours.

The Cost
PhotoReading is broken up into two different payment methods. You can learn it at a live seminar for $750 or they have an at-home study course for $245, or $530 for a deluxe version. They say that no matter which one you go with there is a satisfaction guarantee in place so you’re not at risk if it doesn’t work out for you, or if you change you mind about it. They try to justify the prices by asking how much 200 hours is worth to you, stating that this is a conservative estimate on the number of hours you’ll get back each year by being able to read what you need to read in less time.

The Commitment
They claim that this is an easy system to learn, so if you think that reading faster will only come from hours and hours of studying how to read faster, you might be pleasantly surprised by the ease of this program. That being said, it’s still going to take your time, energy, and effort to apply yourself and learn this, no matter how easy it is. Once you grasp it though, it should represent less time being spend reading, or you may find that you read even more than before because you just want to learn more things now that it’s easier.

The PhotoReading system has a few things going for it that we haven’t seen in other reading systems. First, it’s one of the only programs we’ve seen that has an accompanying live training seminar. They feel pretty confident that they can teach this method to you live, and that you’ll be able to see such a difference with it that you won’t want to ask for your $750 back. Next, they have it set up so that depending on how much you want to spend, you can get involved for a little, or a little more. At no point is this being offered at anything resembling a rock-bottom price, which could be a marketing ploy, but also if you have a system like this and it works you can pretty much charge what you want since it likely won’t get refunded.

Final PhotoReading Review

The PhotoReading system is getting our Solid Try rating. The feedback on it is solid, and the results could be life-altering. Even if you only get a fraction of the results promised, it would still be an epic investment because you’d have such a greater ability than what you currently have. One way to try it out is to just get the basic unit, as this is meant to contain everything you need to get the system down, and see marked improvement. You can always attend a live seminar later if you feel that you need to, or see if you can upgrade and get the deluxe accessories by paying the difference.

Our Recommendation
Gaining the ability to read much, much faster can’t be understated, and while the lure of being able to read as fast as you can turn pages in a book might be enticing, simply doubling or tripling your reading speed would have drastic effects on your life. Not only that, but they are stressing that you’l comprehend what you read more, so you won’t be wasting time rereading things and wondering what the author is trying to say, or wondering if you’re missing key concepts.

What do you think? Does PhotoReading work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does PhotoReading Really Work?

  1. While I understand the value of being able to read through books with the speed of an android, I am not quite sure I am sold on this, especially with a price tag as hefty as this one. Having said that, the $750 price tag probably suggests that there is something to this. Maybe I’ll ask someone to give it to me for Christmas?

  2. I’ve wanted to learn PhotoReading for a long time, but I never got around to saving up the money needed. I have some friends who went to the live seminars and they say it really works, but only with technical books. Novels are much more complicated. A few months ago I’ve bought the book, but you don’t learn anything just by reading it. It’s more confusing than helpful, because the PhotoReading system looks rather strange at first and the only way to truly understand it is to ask a lot of questions. This fact was confirmed by my friend who took the course as well. I really like this system and I plan on taking the live seminar as soon as I save up the money for it.

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