Does the XHOSE PRO Really Work?

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Does the XHOSE PRO work?The XHOSE PRO is the follow up to the enormously popular original XHOSE, and boasts some new features that are supposed to make it even better. So how well does it stack up to the original?

You’ve likely seen an ad for an expandable hose, because the XHOSE came out at roughly the same time as a bunch of other expandable hoses, and it’s hard to tell which one came out first and which ones are the imitators. Often the only difference is the color, so

The Claim
The main claim by the makers of the XHOSE PRO is that it’s a new and improved model of their original, with brass fittings and a higher quality material so it’s more durable. They say it’s covered by patents, which checks out, and should put an end to the debate about which expandable hose came out first.

The Hype
Riding off of the success of the original seems to be a very effective way of selling a boatload of your next product. It’s pretty interesting to note where they’ve made improvements, particularly on the brass fittings, and making this a little stronger than the original so it can be used for professional jobs, or in a professional role where it’s getting daily use and still expected to work every day.

The Cost
At $46 for two of them, the XHOSE PRO costs a bit more than the original. There are different prices depending on which size hose you want to go with. You can go all the way up to 75 feet for $90 for two. Comparing that to $36 for two of the original 25 foot hoses and you can see that they boosted the quality without boosting the price too much.

This version has a lifetime guarantee which involves just paying the shipping and handling charges and having them send you out a new one without having to buy it again. That’s something the original model didn’t have.

The Commitment
If you’re a professional that uses a garden hose everyday you won’t have to worry about getting your use out of this hose. If you’re just a hobby gardener or weekend yard waterer you might not use it as much as you’re hoping to. But overall it should reduce your level of straining and fighting with your current hose due to its lightweight nature and shrinking ability.

As long as you’re using the XHOSE PRO the right way you shouldn’t have any problems with it. That being said there are a few things that need to be done in order to get the best experience with it. First, you’ll want to make sure that you’re turning the water on at the source and not leaving your hose sitting around with the water on. This can put a constant load of pressure on it and will wear it out quicker than if you only run water through it while it’s being actively used.

The other tip is to use a nozzle on the end of it, like a spray gun. While it isn’t necessary, it will get you the best results possible and will increase the likelihood that you’ll enjoy the experience. This will give you added accuracy for what you’re spraying, and it will make the entire process of using the hose more enjoyable and easier on the hands.

It’s important to note that this is the same company that made the original XHOSE, they have now partnered with DAP to get a name brand on their product. It’s a good partnership because it adds even more credibility to the hose, as DAP has been a trusted name in the home improvement industry for decades.

It’s interesting to note that they’ve made this one even stronger and more durable than the original, yet they have managed to keep it light so that it retains the same benefits. They must have been listening to customer requests and complaints and designed a hose that addresses those and turns them into new features.

Final XHOSE PRO Review

The XHOSE PRO is getting our Thumbs Up rating due to the fact that they took an already successful product that has been tried and tested in the real world and shown to be effective, and made it better. They didn’t have a lot of room for improvement, but they found a way to do it anyway with the brass fittings.

Our Recommendation
If you didn’t already get the XHOSE and are wondering if you should pay more for this one or just go with the original, we’d recommend paying a little more and then not having to worry about buying another hose ever again. Just be sure to keep your receipt, which is easy to do because it will be in your email archives, and take them up on their lifetime guarantee if you should ever need to use it.

What do you think? Does the XHOSE PRO work or not?

107 Customer Reviews on “Does the XHOSE PRO Really Work?

  1. I purchased the big boss hose at meijer 6-2-2019. Hooked it up i do like the hose. I went to water my plants on Wednesday 8-7-2019 and noticed that the hose was wet so looked and there’s a small hole in it . I would like to know where can I send it to get a replacement.

  2. I purchase the 100 ft Xhose Pro advanced Plus+ used it 3 months first summer, last summer and this spring it sprung a leak, and pretty soon numerous leaks really unusable now…apparently a years warranty so 89.99 down the drain. I would not purchase another one of these hoses… my old hoses lasted for years and years.

  3. Bought two of these, the first one blew the end off where you screw it onto your spigot and the other I only use sparingly. They are no better than the initial hoses, just cost more and are defective in a different area. Absolute crap. Here’s an idea, make an xhose pro repair kit for your crappy hoses and we wouldn’t care as much.

  4. Had the hose for 2 weeks. Worked good as long as I left the hose running a little while I shut the water off at the main valve. But my daughter used it and the very first time she turned the nozzle off at the hose end it exploded right at the brass fitting. I am so done with these hoses. Tried several of them and they all exploded. I thought this last one looked pretty strong, but it wasn’t. Just another $50.00 down the drain.

  5. Bought a DAP X-Hose Pro for my wife to use gardening. First time she used it, it leaked around the brass fitting. As much water came around the fitting as came out of it. No help from the company. More junk. Thought with the DAP name it would be better quality, but sad to say, that is not the case.

  6. I purchased a big boss xhose pro advanced plus and after half a season it sprung a large leak in the hose” I followed all instructions. the hose is a great concept but bad product I would like my money back Number 80313 09550 thank you

  7. To: Melanie @ Natrional Express
    My 4th and last hose just broke. Now I have a confirmed 100% FAILURE RATE on the X-hoses I purchased at $35 each.
    They are garbage. The claim that they are “Built to last” is just not true. Unless you mean they will last 3 months, then pop

  8. The proposed settlement resolves a class action lawsuit (the “Action”) relating to Defendants’ products called the XHose, XHose Pro, and XHose Pro Extreme (collectively the “Covered Products”). The Action is called Bergman et al. v. DAP Products Inc. et al., and it is pending in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Court Case No. 14-cv-03205-RDB. The Action alleges that some of the advertisements for the Covered Products were false and misleading, that the Covered Products are defective, and that Defendants have breached express and implied warranties for the Covered Products. Defendants deny all allegations of wrongdoing and liability asserted in the Action. The Court has made no determination that any of the allegations are true, and has made no finding of liability or wrongdoing.

  9. Holy Smokes! I still give this hose a five star rating, under the assumption that YES one day (later rather then sooner if you read the instructions & follow their suggestions) this hose will indeed pop or leak. But if they replace the hose via lifetime guarantee then it’s totally worth it to me. It’s like going to a casino and being ticked off because you lost your money. You don’t go expecting to win, but rather have a fun evening! You don’t purchase this hose expecting it to last FOREVER! It lasts one summer or maybe two before you use the lifetime warranty for you next hose! Not having to drag around huge heavy hoses, or seeing the giant sucker hanging from the side of my home like a weird goiter is totally worth it and gets 5 stars from me. Just saying…

  10. don’t know. Took it out of the box, hooked it up and it was full of holes to a point it would not work. After reading reviews, going back to the store where I bought it and going to get my money back and not going to bother replacing it.

  11. Bought 100 ft hose last summer. This summer it leaked and split. The hose was not abused not left in sunlight just isn’t up to the job. Consigned to the garbage. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY,

  12. The XHose Pro is 100% garbage. I bought 4 of these hoses ($35 each) and 3 of them have failed, and that’s since Feb 2016. In addition, at “The Official XHose Pro Website”, they offer no help whatsoever.
    They don’t even want the broken hoses back! Why would any company refuse to study their Failed Product? And they refuse to advise where to ship them, for a thorough Quality check? And I’d ship them at my expense.

  13. They do exist! There are hoses that say they’re safe for drinking. We bought one from Home Depot. It happened to be blue. It costs more than your regular hoses. Nice to know, but we’ve never really needed that extra feature (we use it for washing cars, watering non-fruit/veg plants), so we probably wasted our money. Might be good for your uses, however.

  14. I just got my hoses today after waiting 9 weeks to get it in my hand. I connected it to the spigot and turned the water on…BOOM it swelled up and popped and started spraying water everywhere!!

    Do Not Buy!!

  15. Brought from Meijers this summer with a bunch of other things. Didn’t end up using until last week to spary my lawn for weeds. Attached a lawn weed sprayer to the end of the hose and turned it on. I stretched it from my detached garage to the side of my house attached it to the spigot and turned on the water. It blew up like a water balloon. I tried calling a few numbers I found on the web. Most of them said that I need the reciept to exchange it even if I had the box and the bad one. This thing is crap, I’d just like everyone to know not to buy one.

  16. My (2) “blew up” almost along the entire seam; as well as having pin sized holes in them. Additionally, the “BRASS HEAD “that never leaks” sprayed all over the place.This, after only THREE uses. AND…both hoses were in an environmentally controlled warehouse! When we bought them – LIFETIME guarantee. Changed to 90-DAY (on same ones that we bought!) NO refund or replacement (with NEW hose – what the heck). NOW…they’ve “fixed” all the defects. “xhose pro EXTREME!” (give me an f’ing break…Paleeez!) …and NOW everyone is suppose to shell out MORE money. Buyer Beware…YA THINK? The stores in our area (Sarasota, FL) either: have ’em and are trying to get rid of them. Won’t carry them (Lowe’s and others) or, warn you to “keep your receipt so you can return it!”. AMEN! I’m 56. This is (by far) the biggest piece of “(snake oil” <for you older folks out there) JUNK, CRAP, GARBAGE I have EVER purchased in my lifetime. DON'T BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS! THEY ARE DISREPUTABLE!

  17. If you are expecting to get a replacement for a defective X Hose pro forget it.
    I have been trying for months to get one replaced and unless you have the exact time and place you ordered it from they won’t help you at all.
    I even offered to send back the defective hose to prove that I actually bought one and they wouldn’t accept that.
    I even tried to get them to give me the manufacturers contact info and they wouldn’t do that because they said they are made out of the country.
    If I could get the address of the main company I would send it back to them for a replacement and they could see what made it fail.
    I guess they are making so much money selling them that they don’t have to worry about replacing the defective ones.

  18. I purchased one of these black hoses in 3/4″ diameter. It had brass fittings and seemed to be just what I was looking for. Within the first 4 uses, it started spewing water from the nozzle end. I felt it was no good anyway and cut off the end. The plastic inside had broken off. I had purchased from one of those gadget catalogs (big mistake) and didn’t return. I won’t be buying another.

  19. I bought four of these the end of last season. One blow out the third time I used it this season and I just replaced it with one out of the bag. It blow out immediately.

    Please advise.

  20. I bought 3 of the 75ft hoses off the Groupon site. All 3 hoses busted right after we used them. But because we hadn’t used them before the 2 weeks, we couldn’t return them. There junk!

  21. Try to find a telephone number to contact this company and you might get as frustrated as I did. Black hose split which happened outside of warranty period. Waste of money.. Poor quality product!. Will not recommend.

  22. I bought 2 X Hose Pro (25ft each), Less then a year, one went bad, started leaking from one end.
    With only a 90 day warranty are these worth the high cost ??????????

  23. I love these hoses / I hate returning them. Every one of the them have burst. What a great idea to have your hose empty itself and collapse for easy storage; unfortunately they have more engineering work to do on this product. I walk into the store, hand them my old XPRO and they give me a new one. I purchased two XPRO’s so I would still have a working hose until I make the exchange. That hasn’t worked out either. I don’t know if these hose issues can be engineered out or not. I would even take one that does half of what their original performance claims are. I don’t believe the inventor is a liar and thief. Why intentionally build a product that fails (and they will fail out of the box or in just a few uses – and don’t drop it; guaranteed burst soon to follow).
    I believe they can fix their inherent flaws with better internal materials. It may not perform the same but they will work. XPRO had better make some manufacturing changes or they will soon be gone. Frankly I’m surprised they are still around after reading several other sites and customer problems. This is a total shame but these hoses fail and that blame rests solely at the feet of the owner of the company. Save your money, time to return and gas until they fix their bursting issues. They can be fixed but the million dollar question is WILL THEY? This is a DO NOT BUY recommendation.
    PS: When they work, I love this product; but they have a very short life cycle. Let’s hope they fix their issues in future production runs.

  24. There needs to be a CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE on this rip off Company.
    They have made millions on us suckers buying this xhose junk.
    Where is there address phone number or email to get ahold of them with all these problems with this junk product they sold. ????????

  25. I bought 2 hoses. They both developed leaks. They each were replaced and the same thing happened to the replacements. Now they want me to pay shipping and handling to replace the ones that broke.

    Never again

  26. I purchased the 50 ft X-hose on Saturday, hooked it up to the spigot and turned on the water. The first 30 feet of the hose expanded as advertized, then there was a blowout and the water poured out of the side of the hose. I would have liked to get at least one use out of it before it failed.

  27. I received 2 of the Xhose pro as a gift and they both split open in less than 7 months. I can’t send them back because I have no paperwork on them. If you like spending money on junk then these are for you.

  28. I was using the hose to water my garden when I noticed that the water coming out of the hose smelled of plastic or chemicals. A few of my pepper plants have died. I immediately quit using it

  29. I’ve used the original and the Pro versions of the Xhose, and ALL of them have failed. The Pro hoses actually failed sooner than the original ones did. It isn’t cost effective enough to send them back for repair, and we’ve actually been able to repair them so long as it’s the connectors that fail, or shorten them if the length of the leak in the hose itself is close enough to one of the ends to be worthwhile. But, they just fail again. We won’t be ordering more, even though I personally find the convenience of the hoses to be worth re-ordering the original style.

  30. I need to know where i can send 2 hose because they both broke

  31. i had the first xhose, it broke in several weeks. I am older and it was great as it was light weight, so I ordered the new and improved and got an extra one “free”. Well the first time I used one, it expolded and I ended up paying to send the “free” one back. So I did not pay for them but paid postage to send them back! I think it is a scam!
    I am very disappointed in the product and see they are advertising again. I would stay away from this company and product!

  32. hi Steve,
    I have 2 off these hoses and haven’t used one yet, but the other one is will not let the water out
    it’s good to about a foot from the male value (where the water goes out)
    then it just colapes …. I know my husband could fix this – but we want the Permant directions.

    Thand you for your time!
    Donna and Jim White
    Spokane WA
    509-994-1344 if you want to call and talk to Jim

  33. Bought the x-hose pro, with the brass fittings, last summer and used it a couple times per month. At the end of the season, I stored it inside my house away from the cold.

    This year, I went to use it for the first time and the inner tube burst or detached as soon as it built any pressure. I read how some have tried to repair it but I don’t think it’s worth it. I will stick to the regular hoses which have lasted me much more longer than the x-hose Pro.

    Even if the regular hoses were to break, they are much easier to repair and much cheaper than paying any S/H to replace them.

    Basically, save your money and don’t bother with these products whether it’s the x-hose or other similar products.

  34. I have returned 4 x-pro hoses for leaks. Now I have 8 hoses, 2 25′, 2 50′ and 2 75′ that don’t leak. Happy? Not quite. 6 of them have lost their on/off turn knobs. The valves have no dents, we use them carefully. I assume they were on when I go them, but I’ve been using them a lot lately and realized that I can’t turn them off without having a spray head. I really need replacement knobs and the screws for them. Customer service told me that they would replace a few hoses but I try to be environmentally correct and replacing the hoses seems to be a really bad idea. I’m also in California where water rationing is a serious reality. Please send me the replacement parts.
    Thank you.

  35. I have been waiting for my back-ordered 2 75′ XHose Pro product since they were ordered on December 8th of 2014. Finally got 1 of the 2 hoses several days ago but no reference regarding the 2nd hose. THERE IS AN 800 NUMBER TO CALL SO WRITE THIS DOWN IF YOU ARE STILL WONDERING WHERE YOUR ORDER IS – 1 800 554-5925 in Wallingford, Connecticut. I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back with what’s up – I fear it has something to do with the dock slowdowns on the WEST coast ports. They surely don’t fly them in from CHINA!! Their product is probably sitting on a container ship in Long Beach harbor waiting to be unloaded which has been going on since the beginning of January – ships are parked off Long Beach with no place to go until they are unloaded!
    You can also go to and key in your order number or other info to pull up the status of your specific order.

  36. If you use a pressure regulator at the faucet , you will have a lot better luck with these hoses. I purchased the pocket hose and several of them broke or leaked right away, Last year I went to D&B Store and was told to use a pressure regulator, and purge the hose each time and keep out of the sun when not in use. Or Cold weather. I did this and did not have any more trouble with the hoses. I am handicapped and can’t drag those big hoses around anymore, so I love these hoses. They just need a little TLC and they are great, also buy from a store, so you can return them if something happens, No hassle.

  37. Thank goodness for reviews, I was about to buy one,, I’ll go one further I will never buy any DAP product again, they make other plumbing products.


  38. Bought my x hose last summer 2014 thought it was great till it burst what a load of rubbish for something so expensive gone back to hoselock may kink now and then but want burst

  39. On the 4 th use the end blew off , can’t be reattached .what a waste of money . I returned it a month ago asking for my £56-98 .to be returned but still waiting . If you call they keep you hanging and then don’t call back . Customer care ????
    Still waiting .

  40. Purchased a 50 ft and a 25 ft. 50′ blew apart in less than 4 uses right behind the cheap plastic fitting for nozzle. They will not replace it !! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. A rip off company !!!!

  41. I bought the hose a few months ago after seeing it advertised on TV. Delivery took about 6 weeks. I used it for a couple of weeks according to the instructions and then it sprang a leak. Four weeks later about two feet of the seam leaked rendering it useless. This is a lousy product. Don’t believe the hype.

  42. I purchase two of the original X hose and one lasted about 2 months, the other lasted a week. Neither were left with water in them but they blew up on normal garden use anyway. They are junk – save your money!

  43. I purchased a Blue X-hose from a local retail store. It lasted about a month before it split. Will be looking for my retail receipt to ask for my money back. I will not purchase another.

  44. Do not buy the x-hose pro! They are a total ripoff! I ordered 2 75′ ones and had one as a spare only needing to use it only after the first one failed after on two uses. It split from the cut-off valve they uses and went down the hose about 4 or more feet. I would advise anyone not to waste their money. Also it took about 4 months in order to receive them. Once again don’t waste your money!

  45. Great Idea even works , sort of! BUT, I have tried first the Green one… lasted a couple of times.
    Then I tried this one, the black Pro with high quality brass fitting, not plastic. The first one lasted just 5 days of heavy continuous use with my RV…

    May tow a truck, but can’t handle 15lbs of water pressure for more than just a light watering of your grass.More improvement and quality is needed. Would recommend for light use around the house. But after the reviews its apparent it will not be suited for any use.
    Another poor quality problem , likely from CHINA. What a waste such a great idea.

  46. This product does not work! I have had 4 lots as replacements and EVRY tim ether burst within a week. Having taken on apart to find the inner tube is just a stretchy ‘silicone’ type tube there is no way they will ever work without bursting. The stretch tubing just cannot stand the pressure because it has to be soft stretch rubber to shrink back into shape. All it is is a short stretchy rubber tube constrained within a fabric outer tube that makes the inner hose stretch longitudinally. If you connect the inner without the outer it blows up like a billon then explodes. Great fun but useless as a garden hose. No one has ever had one that lasted more than 6 months I bet.

  47. I purchased 2 50′ hose’s. I didn’t even open the second hose. On the first use of it the hose split in the middle. Very difficult to contact the company. the 90 day warranty seems to be useless to me. I need HELP!

  48. How do you get in touch with them? I don’t see any e-mail address or phone number. There is a problem with my order and I need to talk with them. Please help!

  49. I purchased the xhose pro earlier this year at a home and garden show. It was 50 ft hose so paid $50 for it. ( Last year I had purchased one of green expandable hoses with the plastic fittings, while one fitting cracked, it was still usable, lightweight and I really liked it…. so when I saw these with the brass fittings, I thought I had really scored!!! NOT)….I haven’t even gotten to use it once and the outflow fitting blew off when I tried to shut the valve to let it fill up!!! Will try Steve’s instruction on how to repair it, but I wouldn’t waste my time and money on another one. Unfortunately, I talked both of my sisters into buying them also. My bad….
    Also doesn’t seem to be an easy or customer friendly way to handle this problem…..shame on these people.

  50. I love the idea but it looks like the failure rate is 4/year in light duty use of the XHose Pro. I would continue to continue to purchase or exchange the product but their customer support people need to go to charm school. I told them that I was not interested in sending my warranty claim into a warehouse with my credit card number attached, due to all the credit card fraud. Their response was that I could include a check in the box, I do not understand the logic behind that suggestion. I simply suggested that they need to have a different means to (i.e. paypal) recipe the shipping fees for the hoses.
    I guess I return to the heavy FLEXION hoses at least their people have it together.

  51. Steve – great instructions. I just purchased an xhose pro, used it just once, and the hose busted at the inlet fitting, which is near the hose bib. Could you please provide similar instructions on how to repair the inlet side? I would assume that it should be similar to the outflow side, but who knows. Thanks!

  52. Regarding the hoses: the original Xhose had quality issues, at least one of which continues in the new product. As to the company servicing customers, they replaced two of the old “Blue” models which had failed for two new black hoses at no cost to me! (they charged me and then fully refunded all funds after they shipped the replacement, which is what they said they would do.). My only out of pocket was shipping them the old hoses back. ($8). That is honoring the obligation. The blue models were not made to be easily repaired. The black Xhose can be. Here is how:
    Problems with the product; they do exist. There is a design flaw with the new Xhose Pro. It can be repaired but it requires a bit of time (15 minutes) and some patience. Maintenance issues are occurring at the outflow end because that is the part getting twisted and turned in normal use. The failure is the junction of the rubber hose and the brass fitting. The brass is sharp and the rubber is soft. The rubber will eventually be cut. This is when, not if. (if the gentleman who helps me maintain the yard handles your hose, this could be just a few hours). This is a design flaw. However, not to worry. The clue that your hose is damaged; turn on the water, tighten the valve built into the brass fitting at the end. If water is squirting over you and the ground, there is a tear in the internal rubber tubing inside the Xhose.
    The remedy is to disassemble the Xhose and pull the internal rubber hose off the brass fitting. Cut the rubber hose a bit shorter and reassemble. You will need tools; most indispensible is a bench vise. (At least 4 inch) You will also need a large adjustable wrench, scissors, a standard small to medium screw driver. Keep a clip handy to capture the rubber hose so it doesn’t shrink back into the fabric outer cover (I will call this cover the ‘sheathing’). I used a potato chip bag clip. You will need to clip the rubber hose near the end.
    The brass fitting is a two part assembly, there is a hard to see seam roughly in the middle of the part. Hold the body of the fitting in a vise just behind the threads. DO NOT ALLOW ANY TOOLS to touch the threads. You will not be happy when you go to screw the spray handle back on! Unscrew the bottom of the body using your adjustable wrench. Note how neatly the two fit together. You will want to put them back just as snuggly. Upon removing the bottom brass cover, you will see a black plastic clip retaining the sheathing on the brass body. under the sheathing is the rubber hose. These four components are all there are. The plastic clip can be gently prodded off the assembly with a standard small screwdriver. Gently, the plastic clip is not particularly durable. If you do crack it or even split it in two as i did, no worry, it will still work. Just put things back as you found them. Once the brass cover has been slid down the sheathing and out of the way, the sheathing slides easily off the brass assembly exposing the rubber tubing (aka hose). The rubber hose will also slide off, but a massage will be required to remove it. Use the same massage technique to push the rubber back onto the brass tube later. Cut the rubber hose removing two inches (this should remove the damaged area). IF YOU WISH TO MAKE SURE you got all of the damage rubber tube, stretch it out. Really far!! The rubber hides the small tears and holes nicely, but when tugged in the long direction, those invisible holes become quite apparent. Cut and discard all bad rubber tubing. THen push the rubber tube back onto the brass fitting. (all the way up). Then the sheathing has to be pushed OVER the tube and finally the black clip has to slide over the sheathing and matched up into the 3 small protrusions in the brass casting. (if you look closely at the clip, you will see three notches that match the brass body protrusions). Finally the bottom brass cap which was unscrewed at the beginning of these instructions must be replaced. All of the reassembly requires being gentle and massaging things back into place. Use your wrench to tighten the brass cap.
    This has been way too much writing. There is a ‘FIX’ that can be done at disassembly that will permanently fix the problem so the repair need not be done ever again, but that will have to wait for another time. If anyone wants to go further with the permanent fix, post your request and I will advise. Steve

  53. This purchase was a real disappointment. I’ve blown both of the original hoses I received, and today, one of the replacement hoses using it for the first time. I’m going to demand my money back. DAP needs to get their name off this product, as I thought it would be a credible manufacturer.

  54. I ordered the 50′ XHOSEpro with the promisr of a 2nd 50′ XHosepro for additional shipping and handling. Did not see anywhere I could indicate I wanted the 2nd hose so assumed both would be shipped and my credit card would be charged. Wrong!. Received one only. I want my 2nd 50 ft hose and I will pay shipping and handling . I need t know how to bring this about.
    Order No. 147-96043300138155411301
    124 Pittman Rd. , Kokomo, MS 39643

  55. Yes, even regular hoses now state that a person is not to drink from them. Guess we didn’t know about that as kids, and I’m glad I didn’t. Hose drinking was fun.

  56. What a load of crap. I’ve been through 2 greeen hoses and 2 black hoses. Life expectancy 7-10 days.
    Too bad, great idea, lousy R & D and manufacturing. Returned the black hoses. Wanna bet if
    I get my money back. If not see ya in court.

    Attorney at Law

  57. I thought this hose was going to be great but on the third use while washing my wifes car I suddenly lost water pressure to discover that the X-hose pro failed! It burst in three different locations! What a piece of garbage! I waited almost 9 weeks for delivery of this item I’ve been mislead by the marketing BS again! So anyone else out there, do not purchase this hose! I’m returning these hoses and will get my money back. Never ever again will I purchase a item like this again on-line. I will purchase only if I can see the item in a store and return it!

  58. Well it’s 9-7-13. I thought this hose was going to be great but on the third use while washing my wifes car I suddenly lost water pressure to discover that the X-hose pro failed! It burst in three different locations! What a piece of garbage! I waited almost 9 weeks for delivery of this item I’ve been mislead by the marketing BS again! So anyone else out there, do not purchase this hose! I’m returning these hoses and will get my money back. Never ever again will I purchase a item like this again on-line. I will purchase only if I can see the item in a store and return it!

  59. Well it’s 9-7-13. I thought this hose was going to be great but on the third use while washing my wifes car I suddenly lost water pressure to discover that the X-hose pro failed! It burst in three different locations! What a piece of garbage! I waited almost 9 weeks for delivery of this item I’ve been mislead by the marketing BS again! So anyone else out there, do not purchase this hose! I’m returning these hoses and will get my money back. Never ever again will I purchase a item like this again on-line. I will purchase only if I can see the item in a store and return it!

  60. My mistake on last review. The open/close valve is actually metal. No complaints on this hose so far.

  61. I tried to purchase one of these and was told it would 2-4 weeks for delivery. After 4 weeks I called their number and was told it would be another 2-3 weeks for delivery. 3 weeks later I called again and was told it would be 2 more weeks because they were so popular there was a backlog of orders. I cancelled the order because there was no assurance I would have it in 2 more weeks. I went to Menards and bought the standard on that day. They may be good but until they get their stuff together on customer service they are useless. I live in Wisconsin and after September I need to trade the hose for a snow shovel.

  62. I want to make a correction. I mentioned in the review of the XHose Pro I submitted yesterday that the open/close lever was plastic and maybe a breaking concern if dropped. Upon closer inspection I see the lever is actually metal. My mistake for not checking it more closely the first time. The brass fittings and metal open/close lever should stand up well to regular use. I’m only on day two of using these hoses but so far so good.

  63. Update on order. It’s 8-30-13 and I finally received my order of the X hose pro 50 ft length. I inspected the hose right out of the bag. I yanked on both ends, twisted on both ends and the hose remained intact. The brass fittings are really durable and the one side has a ball valve. I think the only thing I have to worry about on the connector is the plastic handle. I then went outside and hooked to faucet. NO LEAKS! The hose covering is definately a higher quality over the plastic fittings version.Although I’m still reluctant to give the hose a thunbs up on a one time use, I’m more confident in this hose and will be surprised if it fails. I review again after multiple uses and provide feedback.

  64. I ordered two 75′ XHose Pros on July 7, 2013 and they finally arrived August 29th. I noticed the card in the box says they have a 90 day guarantee and no mention of the lifetime guarantee they boast on the website. The brass fittings are solid and the valves inside look to be of good quality. The only part that is plastic and maybe a slight concern if dropped is the open/close lever.

    I took the hoses outside and put them to the test. Both hoses performed flawlessly. With a nozzle attached the water pressure was good. Maybe not as good as a regular hose, but the stream coming out reached maybe 80% of the distance of a regular hose with the same nozzle. The valves are a nice touch and make switching nozzles or attaching/removing a second hose really easy. I like that the hose drains itself of water as it contracts. The weight of an empty hose is extremely light; maybe about 2 pounds. Storing a single 75′ hose takes about the space of a 10″x12″x6″ bag.

    So far I’m happy with my purchase. Everything seems durable, but only time and use will tell if the XHose Pro really is a quality product. So far I’ve only been using it for one day.

  65. Its pretty obvious that the person who wrote this article didnt actually try the hose or compare it to the old version. You can tell for multiple reasons.

    1) There is little chance that the reveiwer could have even received a hose, considering people have been waiting for 2-3 months just to get theirs.
    2) The reviewer said that the original one “an already successful product that has been tried and tested in the real world and shown to be effective.” – Everyone knows that the original hose is the biggest POS on earth and youre lucky if it lasts you more than a day. There are 0 good reviews on it from anyone who has ACTUALLY tried it.
    3) Nowhere in the article does the reviewer describe actually touching or using the hose. The reviewer just regurgitates what is said on TV or in the marketing materials.

    So thanks for giving this your “Thumbs up rating” based on not actually using it for one second. You are just influencing people into buying this piece of crap when clearly every should be staying away from it until they work out their quality and customer service issues.

  66. I think its time to take these folks to the State AG, who is very good, and put them out of business once and for all.

  67. I have been seriously considering ordering the X Hose Pro, but after reading the reviews I’ve decided not to order at all. If customer service is that bad, and customers are receiving the wrong product and not getting any satisfaction when they try to contact the company, it just tells me the company isn’t the greatest overall. Especially when orders seem to be constantly on back order. It seems people are paying their money and not receiving anything but aggravation in return. After all, you might have a good product, but if you don’t have good people working in customer service it will make you look bad.

  68. BEWARE

    Today, I cancelled my order for the Xhose Pro. I order it on June 15, 2013. It was never shipped. I waited two months for it. My gardening season is almost over and that is what I wanted the Xhose Pro for. I can’t use the hose during the winter. I am very disappointed.

    When I cancelled the order with customer service, I was not offered $10 off to keep the order as others have stated they were offered.

  69. I ordered my xhose pro with brass fittings and I hoped this hose be the ONE! better than all the rest I waisted my hard earned money on…Like everyone else I feel so SCREWED to have bought into this bull shit SCAM. I cant wait to get my PRO HOSE…hahahaha PRO my ass IM BETTING!!!

  70. {{{ BEWARE }}}


    I have been searching all over the Internet for just one consumer who has received the XHose Pro. There seems to be many people who have ordered the XHose Pro but I can’t seem to find anyone that has actually received it.

    Please be careful if you plan to order the XHose Pro. You really do not want to get into a situation like I and others are experiencing.

    I ordered the Xhose Pro directly from their website at I ordered it on June 15, 2013 and I have not yet received it.

    I sent an email to their customer service and instead of getting an answer they told me to call a phone number. Obviously, they do not want anything they say to be documented in writing. Otherwise, they would have responded by email.

    I called the number and a live agent did answer. I did not have to wait on hold very long. The agent told me that the Xhose Pro is back-ordered. I told him that their order status web page is not updating with any information. He said that the order status page only has two statuses, “In Process” and “Shipped”. The agent never took any information from me to look up my order with. He said that my order would be shipped in about a week. That was WEEKS ago when he told me that and I still do not have my Xhose Pro.

    I will wait a bit longer but if I do not get my order soon, I am probably going to report to authorities that this company has been collecting credit card information and does not seem to have the advertised product.

    They have not charged my credit card but they should not be collecting credit card information for a product they do not have. This company has probably collected millions of consumer’s credit card numbers. I am wondering what they have in plan. I sure hope my credit card information is being kept secure.

    For those who want to contact Xhose customer service, here is the phone number: 800-554-5925

  71. I have been thinking of ordering 2 50′ Pro XHoses thinking they would be good quality. I have gone through 3 of the “Pocket Hoses” and they have all burst in the middle of the hose under normal use. I love the concept and the compact light weight but after reading these reviews about the product not standing up to expectations and the poor customer service I may have to find another alternative.
    Too bad. Maybe someone soon will improve this product so it can handle water pressure and create more positive feedback from their customers.

  72. I just cancelled my order for the x-hose pro hoses -DONT BUY THEM THEY ARE SELLING A PRODUCT THEY DONT HAVE. I have waited 5 weeks and when I called to find out where it was they told me they don’t have any in stock and it wouldn’t be until possible September before they would have any product. This would be 10 weeks from order date-They are selling a product they don’t even have!!! Be careful folks.

  73. A piece of junk is right. I purchased the x-hose pro(buy one get one free) for $59.00 in June 2013. They arrived 2-3 weeks later. The hoses leaked within two weeks of arrival. I called the number on the website that was provided. I spoke to Melanie on July 1st, the 11th and again 24th. I informed her that both hoses blew major leaks. She informed me on July 1st that replacement hoses will be sent to my house. I asked when will they arrive she informed me by the following Monday.Weeks go by, and I haven’t received my new hoses. I made a second phone call and spoke once again to Melanie and her condescending attitude. (Like it was my fault the hoses broke.) She informed me that they were on “back order”. I would get then as soon as they were in. It is now the end of July and summer is half over, and the hoses still haven’t arrived. They don’t stand behind their product at all. Don’t waste your money- these hoses and their lack of customer service(Melanie must be the only employee) are the WORST!!!! I will be making a 4th phone call to get my money back. CRAP, not worth the money or energy wasted!

  74. A piece of junk. Shame on them, for selling this cheap made-in-China junk to honest hard-working Americans. Shame on you, DAP! Do not buy this hose. It will not last. I had it for a month and thought it was terrific. Then it broke! After one month! Bye, bye, $59.00!

  75. I ordered two x-hose pro hoses on June 24,2013 and I am still waiting for delivery of the order. According to their website, delivery should be expected in 2-3 weeks. Don’t waste your money on the plastic fitting versions. They leak really bad. I tried one after another and finally gave up after returning 5 hoses. I really like the kink free and weight of the hoses as compared to the traditional hose. I’m hoping these brass fitting are the deal or I will return to the heavier but reliable hose.


  77. I ordered two 50′ xhose pro’s. About 4 weeks later I got two xhose’s with the black plastic fittings instead of the brass fittings (the pro). When I called them to let them know I was sent the wrong items, I was disconnected after a 20 minute wait. I then emailed them and it said to call them! The infamous “do loop”. Perhaps getting the regular xhose was in fact an oversight and not the “bait and switch” technique (as I suspect).
    I have disputed the charge with my credit card company and have not yet resolved this issue, so I have not used the xhoses they sent me as I am waiting to return them whenever the dispute is resolved.
    For my two cents worth, I’d stay away from them purely on their customer service (or lack thereof). I can’t imagine dealing with them on the lifetime guarantee. You will never get a live person on the phone to get a RMA number much less a new hose!
    Save your money and your sanity – STAY AWAY!!!

  78. I can’t even get to the point to find out if they work or not! I ordered two 50′ hoses online on June 11th — they said delivery is 2-4 weeks which I figured is way too long but if they worked it would be worth it — It’s July 12th and no hoses — I just called their Customer Service dept and she said “How can I help you”” like nothing’s wrong. I said “Summer’s going to be over — where’re the hoses?” On Backorder was the answer — we only get shipments every two weeks – it’s like first come, first serve and yours are scheduled to be shipped out the middle of August! The only ones I see in the stores are the ones with the plastic fittings so I’m going to wait it out a little longer – unless I get into a mood and then I’ll call them up and cancel.

  79. I purchased two [original] and was so pleased I bought two more BUT each deveoped leaks around the cheap plastic fittings within 4 months and became unusable The hoses work exactly as advertised and are very convient. The cheap fittings would nix any thought of another purchase. I have odered the Pro X hose with metal fittings and do hope the problem I’ve had has been solved…..stay tuned

  80. Can 2 of the 25 ft. hoses be connected to each other or do you have to order the 50 ft. if you want it longer than 25 ft. ??

  81. brian- the psi on the dap xhose pro is 250 psi. go on the website, it says it right on there.

  82. Brian, I can’t speak to the limits of the hose, but your water pressure is going to cause you problems with toilet valves, faucet seals, washer hoses, etc. My first indication that mine was high was the pop-off on the water heater triggering. I installed a P ressure R educing V alve on the main coming in and took it to 60 from 100. No more burst hoses, water heater issues, frequent toilet valve replacements, etc. The noise of the running water when showers and sinks were on was greatly reduced also. Thank goodness a clothes washer hose didn’t burst while we were away!

  83. I waited 7 weeks to recieve mine after ordering. finally cancelled order, they charged me for the prodcut the same day i cancelled order. The next day a card was in the mail saying they were sorry for not sending product yet. order still cancelled, had bank cancel transaction. if you need to contact someone to inquire about anything – good luck. Website is garbage, nowhere on there to post comments, no contact number, etc.

  84. What is the pressure limit on the xhoseprô as my original split at 90 psi.

  85. I am impressed with this website and will use it again for reviews on products.

  86. I would like to find more about the non-potable warning that all these collapsible hoses come with. They warn you not to drink out of them, fill pet water dishes, or things like that. It makes me wonder if it’s safe to water my vegetable garden with it. Digging a little deeper, they claim this is only because, by their nature, hoses are laying on the ground being exposed to germs and stuff. If that’s the case, why don’t regular garden hoses come with the same dire warnings?

  87. I bought 2 5ft hoses from you and one of them split the first time I used it. I would like my money back not the hose I’m not satisfide with the hose .

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