Does Plaque Attack Really Work?

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Does Plaque Attack Really Work?Plaque Attack is marketed towards owners that want a quick fix for their dogs oral problems. Is your pet’s breath getting really bad, or do they have visible plaque on their teeth and near their gums? This is a common problem for many pets, as it’s rather hard to brush their teeth on a regular basis. A simple solution would be great, but only if it’s safe for your pet to use on a regular basis.

Oral care for your pet can be tricky, because they don’t usually sit still long enough for you to brush their teeth, and they just don’t understand what it is you’re trying to do. Most pets don’t like having their teeth brushed and will squirm, move their head, or try to get away when they realize what time it is. There are a few of these doggy dental sprays that are on the market, all claiming to painlessly and effortlessly remove plaque and freshen your pet’s breath.

The Claim
Plaque Attack is designed to work just by being sprayed into your pet’s mouth. This is all that’s required, and you don’t have to brush it in, or keep their mouth open for a certain amount of time to let it dry, just spray and you’re done.

They also say that it’s safe, and the lady in the infomercial is shown spraying it into her own mouth. Of course, there’s no way to tell what was in the spray bottle that she used it, and it could have easily been filled with water. She also could have spit it out after filming, and brushed her teeth right away so this really doesn’t mean anything.

They claim to be veterinarian approved. With many of these type of products you’ll often see either a doctor recommendation, or in this case a veterinarian that approves it. It is not very hard to get a doctor or a vet on board with the product as long as you compensate appropriately and your product doesn’t seem too harmful.

The Hype
Mostly the hype comes from just how easy it is to use Plaque Attack. This is how they appeal to owners that are fed up with trying to brush their pet’s teeth, and just want an easy solution.

The Cost
You can pick up Plaque Attack for less than $20 which includes free shipping. Be sure to do your own research before you buy it because its safety is rather questionable and you don’t want to jeopardize your pet’s overall health just to potentially fix their oral problems.

The Commitment
There isn’t much commitment involved with Plaque Attack, because convenience is one of their major selling points. When compared to brushing your pet’s teeth, this should be far more easier and something you can keep up with on a regular basis.

Here is the biggest reason to believe that this doesn’t work, or isn’t safe for your pet. If there was a spray-able solution that would remove plaque from the teeth, why isn’t it being marketed to humans? It seems a lot easier than brushing your teeth, and much more effective as well. This is because in order to be sold to people it would have to undergo a lot more tests and get approved by the ADA.

But shouldn’t our animals get the same high level of verification and testing? We shouldn’t treat them as guinea pigs with products that we know very little about. As the owner, it is our responsibility to make sure that nothing enters their system that hasn’t been fully tested.

Final Plaque Attack Review

There are mixed reviews on whether or not Plaque Attack really works, with some people saying they noticed results right away, and other people saying it didn’t work at all. One major concern was for your pet’s health. Sure, they may have whiter teeth and fresher breath but what is the product doing to their internal organs?

Cats and dogs have different body structures than humans do. Everything is on a smaller scale, so it doesn’t take years and years to see effects that these natural ingredients have on the body. Also, cats and dogs differ from one another in many key areas, so developing a product that works for both of them is tricky, and usually comes with complications.

What’s absent in all of the data available for Plaque Attack is any research that was done in regards to the safety of using this product long-term on an animal.

Our Recommendation
There are better ways than Plaque Attack to cleaning your dog’s teeth and keeping their breath fresh. A regular dental cleaning from the vet is the best way to go, even though it might be expensive. Also, you can give your dog dog biscuits, or your cat cat treasts to freshen their breath on a daily basis. This also provides nourishment for them as well. There are just too many unknowns when it comes to using Plaque Attack, so we can’t recommend it in good conscience.

What do you think? Does Plaque Attack work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does Plaque Attack Really Work?

  1. It’s been several years since I wrote my review and I was struck by some things that were claimed in the article. that nobody has touched on. The author brought up points that need to be responded to. **I included quotation marks, but what is in them is not word for word. I did that to quote the IDEA of what was conveyed.
    “Maybe your dog’s teeth are cleaner, but what is it doing to their internal organs?”
    t’s funny, because on their page and on the bottle you can clearly see that the spray is just natural oils and extracts from plants that we eat all the time.
    “Why isn’t it marketed to humans?” Why aren’t a great many things marketed to humans? There are hundreds and probably thousands of things that our ancestors knew and did to help with everyday health issues that genuinely did and still do work, but our society ridicules anything that isn’t unnaturally forced to combine in a laboratory by some overpaid person trying to do something better than what is naturally provided. Sure, the unnatural stuff might work better, but to quote the author, what is it doing to your internal organs? I’m a walking example of how damaging modern, scientifically created chemical medications are. Granted, a lot of holistic stuff is a hoax, but not all. There are natural ingredients that do wonderful things. From my experience and by approval from my vet upon learning about the stuff (somebody with a lot of training and education and as a professional who looked into my dog’s mouth and did full checkups on my dog annually, this stuff works. Not only that, but it works well.

    “A regular vet visit to have their teeth cleaned is the best choice.” You see, actually that isn’t true. In most cases, the dog or cat has to be sedated to have their teeth worked on. It’s a traumatic experience for both their mental state and their physical state. On top of that, sedation for pets carries substantial, proven risk that can oftentimes be too high for some pets. In those cases, the majority of animals no longer get oral care. Poor teeth and gums can be equally dangerous and can lead to other health problems, even some that are fatal. This spray is just plant extracts with the final, and therefor the least abundant ingredient being natural grain alcohol. It’s not traumatic to get sprayed with something that all of my dogs have always loved and think is a treat.

    “There are no studies to prove how effective it is.” Yeah, nobody studied willow bark tea to see how effective it was at alleviating pain, but it worked anyways. There were no studies proving how effective sodium bicarbonate was a alleviating indigestion, but even that worked. I’m not worried with HOW effective it is, as long as it is ENOUGH effective. The only thing I did for my dog’s teeth is use plaque attack. Every dog that I have used it on has much better oral health than every dog I didn’t use it on. It’s effective enough.
    The point is, this product works and is far safer to use than the sedation required for professional vet performed teeth cleaning. My vet sees the results and knows the health of my dogs and is more than a little impressed. While not all of them are, on occasion, natural products can be beneficial and even more effective than artificial counterpart.

  2. We started using plaque attack when our dog was still very young. When he was 8 years old we moved to a new home and got a new vet. The vet was amazed to see how healthy ours dog’s mouth was and was certain we brushed his teeth on a regular basis. The truth is we never brushed his teeth one time throughout his life. The vet told us that whatever we were doing was working great and that we shouldn’t change a thing. Outs dog lived a long healthy life and when he died, he still had all his teeth and they were all healthy.

  3. Bad raps anyone can leave as well as good comments. I have found that this product works as stated and very well. Molly is 10 yrs. and I have been using Plaque Attack for many yrs. It works great and our vet was so surprised at what we used and how clean her teeth were. She was shocked to learn we weren’t brushing her teeth but using this product.

  4. Our dog’s breath is much better with Plaque Attack. Surely it’s doing something good.

  5. About 11 years ago, I rescued a 3-legged little fox terrier. The Vet said he was about 10 years old. He had bad plaque and the Vet wanted to put him to sleep and clean his teeth. I thought he was too old and might not wake up from anesthesia. Two of my friends had lost their elderly pets that way. I got Plaque Attack. Sam is now 20 years old and has lost a few teeth, but the Plaque has kept his teeth clean. He’s lost a few due to age, but not due to dental hygiene!

    Now I have a cat who needs it, and found this site when looking on the net. Glad to leave this post! Sam and I love this product! I tried TruDog, but it has alcohol in it and burned Sam’s mouth. Plaque Attack does not, and he might shake his head due to the spray, but there is no pain. Every night, I wash his little face, brush him, and spray his mouth! Love my little Sam and Plaque Attack!

  6. I am not a vet or professional animal health care person. However I have used Plaque Attack on my dogs for 11 years with no problems. No health issues, dental problems or any type of illness. My dogs have always been healthy. Your recommendations of taking the pets to a vet may be more dangers for some dogs. The vet sedates the animal in order to clean there teeth, so the dog doesn’t bite the vet. The sudation can kill some dogs. Like the pug nose ones with really small air ways. You also recommended giving them a biscuit. I have given my dogs every type of dental biscuit & stick that is made, NONE of them work plus some of them made some of my dogs sick. I highly recommend Plaque Attack Triple care dental spray for dogs. I have never tried it on cats. My cats somehow keep there teeth clean all by them self. I check there teeth often & have never had to clean them with anything.

  7. Plaque Attack Triple care dental spray DOES WORK. It is the only plaque control for dogs that I have found that does work. My only problem is finding Plaque Attack where I live. Yes, I can order it on line at a number of different places from $9.00 to $24.00 for a 2.2 oz. bottle. However the shipping is outrages. Most of the online sites that sale Plaque Attack charge more then a local store plus they add twice the price for shipping. I had to pay $21.00 for a $9.00, 2.2oz. bottle the last time I ordered it. I would like to be able to find it locally or find a place to order it where the shipping was reasonable.

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