Does Miracle Foot Repair Really Work?

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Does Miracle Foot Repair Really Work?If you’ve got dry, itchy feet, Miracle Foot Repair promises to be your knight in shining armor. Not only will it smooth out all the dryness, repair all the cracks and calluses, but it will do it on the first application and provide long-lasting relief. Or so the manufacturer says. Can you buy into all of the hype, or is this just another product making bold claims, but not backing them up?

The feet do get put through a lot, and are expected to get us to where we need to go without causing too much fuss. This can make them really dry and rough, and it’s a common problem for many people. Some of the symptoms experienced with feet are cracked heels, and hard, rough skin on the heels. Calluses can even develop as well as extreme dryness all along the bottoms of the feet.

Another symptom is extreme itchiness of the feet, including between the toes which can be a really frustrating problem. Some people can have cracked and flaking skin, and be afraid to wear sandals in public because their feet look so bad. Miracle Foot Repair hopes to change all of that, and they’ve been building a broad fan base for quite some time now.

The Claim
They bill themselves as a miracle cream that will solve all of your foot woes and bring you back to the way things were before you started showing signs of cracked, dried out feet. Some of the claims they make are that it provides instant relief once you put it on. They also say that it works the first time you use it, guaranteed. That right there is enough to make most people give it a try. Most store-bought moisturizers only work for a few minutes and then your feet quickly dry out again.

They go on to claim that they can turn dry, bumpy skin into smooth, silky skin overnight. The secret, they say, is aloe vera. But not just any aloe vera, they go deep inside the plant and extract the innermost part of it calling it Ultra Aloe.

They also claim that if you don’t have the money or the time to get a full pedicure treatment at the clinic this is the product for you. However, in contradiction to the claim they also recommend that you massage your feet 3 to 4 times per day with a dab of Miracle Foot Repair. It seems like this would be nearly as time-consuming as getting your feet professionally taken care of at the salon.

They further state that you’ll get deep and long-lasting relief because it accelerates the renewal of cells on your feet. It also hydrates your skin and is safe for diabetics, although we don’t know why it wouldn’t be safe for diabetics. They say that it contains 60% pure aloe vera extract and that it is a bestseller.

The Hype
For those with dried and cracked feet there is no hype at all when talking about this problem. Itchy, cracked feet can be the bane of your existence, and leave you desperate for something that provides relief, especially immediate releif. Also, if a product works, rattling off all of its benefits is not hype, it’s just stating the facts.

The Cost
Miracle Foot Repair is cheap. You can get their free sample from their main website for $4 shipping and handling. Or you can get a full-size bottle from Amazon for around $8 with free shipping. No matter how you cut it, this is pretty much the same price as moisturizers off the grocery store shelf.

The Commitment
Although the makers of Miracle Foot Repair say that you should massage your feet 3 to 4 times per day with their lotion, you might find that you don’t need so many applications. However, if you do have a really bad condition you may need to follow the regimen and be committed to sticking with it to experience the full results. The few negative reviews that this product has gotten are from those that didn’t treat their condition as many times as they should have.

There is almost a unanimous consensus from actual users as to whether or not Miracle Foot Repair works. The majority of people rave about it and say that it works just like it’s shown to in its infomercials. Any product that make such bold claims as instant relief will surely have some naysayers, but the worst feedback given is that it’s just a good moisturizer, but not a great moisturizer. There isn’t anyone that says that this product simply does not work.

One peculiar thing we noticed is that they say it provides instant relief from the first application. Why would you need to apply it three or four times per day if it works the first time?

Final Miracle Foot Repair Review

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Miracle Foot Repair actually does what it says, turning dried out cracked feet back to normal in short order. Obviously, you just can’t beat a pedicure, but this is the next best thing to getting your feet pampered.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve tried several methods to get your feet soft, smooth, and silky, but with no luck, you owe it to yourself to try Miracle Foot Repair and experience the results. Although we can’t guarantee that it will work for your specific condition, for this price you have to try it for yourself and see what happens.

What do you think? Does Miracle Foot Repair work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does Miracle Foot Repair Really Work?

  1. I purchased this cream while on vacation because my dry feet had cracked and had become painful to walk on. I had tried other creams but nothing had worked and after 1.5 weeks of misery I picked this up in a Walgreens. I got immediate relief from the tenderness in the cracked spot and after applying it a couple more times before bed, woke up the next morning to significant healing. I’ve already recommend it to my diabetic mother. This is a great product and I will never be without it again.

    (This is a real testamony of my experience with Miracle Foot Cream and I did not receive any incentive to post this review.)

  2. i have serious case of dry cracked hands and as a result of one of the leading hand creams not working so well , i was told that i should try a foot cream . i came across Miracle Foot and decided to try it , in just a couple days the itching has stopped and i can actually feel it working . i was ready to give up and spend money on doctor visits .

  3. Be sure to watch when you’re ordering how they slip in additional items or quantities and they’re not transparent.

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