Does the Pocket Hose Really Work?

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Does the Pocket Hose work?The Pocket Hose is supposed to expand to its full size when you’re using it, and then shrink back down to a more manageable and light weight when it’s empty. It seems like this will become a staple for most homes that have gardens or plants, or for those that like to wash their cars. But of course, only if it really works.

Recently there’s been an onslaught of these expandable/retractable hoses hitting the market. The first one we noticed was the XHOSE, and then came the Flex-Able hose in green instead of blue. We’re not sure which actually came out first, but they’re essentially the same product. Now comes the Pocket Hose into the mix, which is very similar to both the XHOSE and the Flex-Able Hose.

The Claim
The makers of the Pocket Hose claim that it won’t kink up on you when you’re using it, and that it won’t get tangled and twisted as you go about your business. They also say that it can fit into your pocket when it’s not in use. You’d have to have pretty big pockets, but we get the idea, it’s small and portable when it’s not full of water.

The Hype
No one can argue that the traditional garden hose is in serious need of an upgrade. It’s got way to many inherent flaws that make it prime for a replacement. But these hoses put on a razzle dazzle show during the infomercials, making it seem like they solve all of these problems and are the new hose of the 21st century.

The Cost
You can get a 25 foot hose for $21 which includes delivery. They have varying prices as you go up the ladder of lengths, and the longest hose you can purchase is the 100 foot version for $48. Comparing that to the Flex-Able hose you’re saving $7 on the 25 food example, and comparing it to the XHOSE you’re saving $6. So it seems they’re trying to compete on price in order to try and make up some ground in the expandable hose market. We were able to find a 50 foot Pocket Hose at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20 and you can pick it up in store to avoid shipping charges.

The Commitment
The big pitch here is that this hose is going to help you avoid back strain from lugging around your big heavy garden hose, and also help you from struggling with storing your hose once you’re done with it. For those that do a lot of watering in the garden, or use their hose to water their lawn, this should make those tasks more enjoyable.

Real world tests are showing that the Pocket Hose works as advertised, with a few drawbacks of its own. You may be used to leaving your garden hose out in the elements between uses, but to make sure that your hose stays in good shape you should disconnect it and store it in a safe place so that it doesn’t get weather-beaten. Since the product is relatively new there aren’t any reports on how well it’s able to stand the test of time.

Final Pocket Hose Review

Overall we’re giving the Thumbs Up to the Pocket Hose. It’s able to do what it says it can do, and it comes in at a price that is lower than competing hoses offering the same features. It might require a little more care and attention that a traditional garden hose, but with all of the added benefits you’re getting, it’s a good trade-off and makes this a worthwhile purchase. Look for it offline at places like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond for the best savings, you get twice the hose for less money.

Our Recommendation
If you’re going to get this hose, you may way to go with the larger sizes rather than the small, especially if you have a decent sized yard. Even at the 100 foot size you’ll still be able to easily manage the hose since it’s light weight, and since it will shrink down in size when no water is being forced through it. Users have said that the 50 foot size means you’ll have to disconnect and reconnect the hose to get to different areas of your yard.

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What do you think? Does the Pocket Hose work or not?

79 Customer Reviews on “Does the Pocket Hose Really Work?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. One month and the hose failed in a way that normal hoses wouldn’t, costing me a hundred in water bill.

  2. I bought the 50 ft Magic hose at (on the internet) for $5 – Yes, that’s $5. but the faucet connection is the wrong size. Haven’t used it as yet, but I really didn’t expect much at that price. I keep hearing about the $20 plus many are paying and I am shocked. I didn’t really have that much faith in it but it came nicely packed and with extras, such as a variable sprinkler, and a extra thing that can hook up to the kitchen or bathroom sink. It does only have plastic connectors, but who can complain at $5. Took about a month to arrive here (From China) but that included shipping.

  3. The ad lays lifetime guarantee ??
    How does that work, are we ABLE TO TAKE BACK TO STORE AND HAVE IT REPLACED ?

  4. On my third 50′ hose in 7 months…WATER PRESSURE is their problem…material can’t handle it…THEN Walmart STARTS a new “rule” for their stores…NO MORE REFUNDS or GAURANTEEs if you’ve had the item longer than “90” days…??? …is this a notice telling its customers, WE ARE NO LONGER SELLING QUALITY PRODUCTS ?????

  5. DO NOT waste your money!!! I just threw out my 3rd one. They all explode. Love the concept. But one of these manufactures should fix this problem. Until then, don’t buy it.

  6. I think the concept of this hose is wonderful.However, I purchasedthe 50ft. Hose and loved it. UnfUnfortunately, it busted after 2 months of use. I even unhooked it after every use and stored it indoors. That’s a lot of money to spend on a product for it to take a dump after only 2 months. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  7. looking at reviews the ones with brass fittings get good reviews

    but the ones with plastic get bad reviews(they leak)

    I have not tried either but was hoping to buy some as gifts

    you might be able to add rubber washers to the plastic ones to stop the leaks

  8. Bought the 50′ Pocket hose. Used it once and it sprung a leak in the center of the hose. Had 2 of the X Hoses. They last 4 – 5 times before they leaked. No guarantee on the X Hose. We’re going to try and return the pocket hose. Still haven’t seen a flexible hose that does what is promised.

  9. I bought one a couple of years ago & saw the same thing – Don’t drink from this hose. I call their number & asked if I could water the dogs & horses with it & their answer was –
    Try it & see what happens !
    So I used it only for watering the grass twice before it blew up on me.
    I did not take it back because I did not like their answer to using it for my animals & it was a piece of junk, anyway.

  10. I have actually purchased all off these hoses including the new ones with brass fittings.Every last one of them has exploded within 2-3 months at the MOST.Save your money and try and get a lightweight hose with an adapter for heavy spray.These things are junk and will be until they figure out how to stop the tube from slipping down the outer expanding shell.After slipping the outer retractable part fills with water and simply explodes.This is an engineering problem and probably could be fixed with an extremely long lasting strong adhesive to keep the tubing connected to the top of the water spout.Maybe they are seeing how long people will keep waisting their money until they fix it,but I am done for the fofrseeable furure with these pieces of garbage.

  11. You are full of crap.I certainly know how to follow menial directions and you either work for these people or have used the hoses a couple of times.Several thousand PEOPLE ARE ALL “DOING IT WRONG:.BUT YOU ARE THE GENIUS GETTING IT RIGHT.They burst because of a simple flaw with the tubing.After prolonged usage,the tubing slips no matter how fastidious you are with the storage and everything else.eVERY LAST PERSON HAS THIS PROBLEM BUT YOU?i WAS BORN AT NIGHT,HOWEVER OT WASN’T LAST NIGHT.yOU SIR,ARE A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I got the xhose pro the more expensive one with brass fittings. The hose worked good for about 2 months than it got a leak in it. The 50 foot hose cost $50 or $40 if you have have a 20% of coupon at bed bath and beyond. If you buy one buy it from a store so you can return a leaky hose. The xhose is a great idea that is poorly excuted please redisgn the hose so it doesnt leak.

  13. I cannot carry anything extremely heavy; so I purchased two 50 foot hoses , attached them, and they work great. Nothing leaks; nothing has burst; I have absolutely no complaints. I bought mine from a shelf in a discount store where they sell “as advertised on television” items. I ALWAYS turn off the faucet and empty the water from the hoses before storing them. I just leave them hooked to the faucet but they are in a place in the shade and coiled up. I turn the switch to off to be sure that it does not spray me in the face when I turn the water on again. That way the hoses uncoil as well and are ready for use when I flip the switch to release the water. My friend left hers in the sun and did not turn off the faucet; naturally they got hot and burst. She has purchased another 75′ one, is now turning off the water and emptying the hose when she finishes and is extremely happy with it. I suspect some of you didn’t hook it up, empty it, or store it properly or possibly you got a rotten hose and now think all of them are the same. Sorry about that!

  14. I’m on my 4th one. Yes, they do burst after a few months. But I, buy it at Walmart, keep the empty plastic container with the receipt in it, and they replace it “no questions asked:. I actually love it: the light weight, doesn’t kink, doesn’t take up much space when empty, easy to hang up on a hose hanger. I think they’ll figure out how to make a durable one soon.

  15. I went through three 75 foot pocket hoses in under a month. All of them burst. I finally went back to a real hose.

  16. Not worth the money .. I have bought two. first one leaked second time I used it. Thought is was just a fluke. bought another one .. this one lasted a little longer the leaked. I did not put any thing heavy on them, or any thing else to damage them.. great idea but just does not last

  17. No it does not work. It is a fabulous idea and I wanted it to work. But it sprang multiple leaks in 4 days and I have rather low water pressure. Not to be deterred I bought a second. And a third supposedly 3x stronger one. All had many leaks within a week, without a thorn or scratchy plant nearby. When I returned the first, the customer service rep at walmart told me these are returned several times a day, every day due to leaks. She told me all of the brands they sell are the same and break- pocket hose, flexible hose, xl hose. 🙁

  18. So….I ordered the pocket hose online March 31st. Understood it takes 4-6 weeks to arrive. Well, today is May 19th and they said it was on back order. I cancelled the order. I guess I will never find out how bad it sucks. Maybe I should go to Walmart and pick up one, but….with all the bad reviews?

  19. Nothing but pure junk, had three and all blew within a month, this thing is a rip off.

  20. pocket hose won’t last – had 2 of them no more than 3 months. leaking profusely around black fittings where it connects to other one. just pulled apart. only used 3 or 4 times, kept in safe place off the ground. not worth money at all. who manufactures?

  21. Bought 2 Pocket Hoses. One popped after 4 months, the other popped after 6 months. Just wanted to warn everyone else. Don’t buy it.

  22. I have purchase both the pocket hose for $20 and the x-hose for $39 (both 50 ft). Pocket hose leaks x-hose works! I love my x-hose only small problem I see is the pressure or water flow is not as strong as a regular hose. But when I water flowers it is perfect.
    Even if I have to buy a new one once a year I would do it for the ease of use.

  23. Today, I cancelled my order for the Xhose Pro. I order it on June 15, 2013. It was never shipped. I waited two months for it. My gardening season is almost over and that is what I wanted the Xhose Pro for. I can’t use the hose during the winter. I am very disappointed.

    The Xhose Pro sounded like a great improvement over the other flexible hoses with brass fittings and thicker fabric on the hose but I will never know. What a shame!

    When I cancelled the order with customer service, I was not offered $10 off to keep the order as others have stated they were offered.

    If anyone needs to contact customer service here is the phone number:

    National Express Customer Service

  24. Does any one else think this is unfortunately named? I mean, really? The pocket hose? They know that’s a euphemism for a penis, right? is that the point I wonder? I mean, if it is, who the hell are they selling it to? And for what purpose? I can’t believe that the name for this thing passed through the board meetings and no one went, um, why are we naming this thing after a penis? Are we trying to be funny? Is this a ploy to sell more hoses? Because honestly, I don’t think that’s going to work. I mean, I can see what you’re doing with the whole, ‘it will fit in your pocket’ approach, but seriously? This is the name we’re going with?

  25. Yup…Pocket Hose is total garbage. I’m on my third this summer. Got them at Walgreens. Thankfully they exchange/replace with no problems. However, this time I’ll be looking for a refund. Too bad, it WAS a neat idea.

  26. I bought 2 fifty-foot hoses at Wal-mart. I think they work awesome. Ive read a lot of bad reviews
    on here and i wonder if people are following the instructions. You have to turn water off when your done using it and disconnect from tap so its not under constant pressure. I bought
    quick release connecter so you dont have to screw and unscrew connecter. They are plastic and could see them breaking after a while.

  27. I’m glad I read these reviews before purchasing a newfangled hose – maybe we shouldn’t try to improve upon the old reliables? Sure, they are unwieldy at best, and threaten to throw our backs out every time we roll them up and drag them from yard to yard, but maybe if we just think of it as exercise we wouldn’t even DREAM of searching out something with the unfortunately name of “Pocket Hose.” The convenience of something lightweight that folds flat is tempting, but with seams on both sides, it makes sense that they’d leak immediately. I’m not sure where the people who give this product a ‘thumbs up’ are posting their reviews…

  28. this hose sucks so bad, gay people cant even suck a golf ball through it

  29. we should never drink water from an hose. Bill Nye mentionned it in one of his recent show. I would not be worried about vegetables. They are just protecting theirself I assume.

  30. I purchased 2- 50′ Pocket Hoses. I wanted to give my Mother one of them for her yard. I used my Pocket Hose three times. It is now leaking where the nylon hose meets to the plastic output just before you get to the nozzle. I’ve been very careful with this hose as I thought it was delicate. So I have no idea why it is leaking. It’s a good concept, but it didn’t last long for me.

  31. I bought two pocket hoses separate tranactions. First on started leaking in one spot, then three other spots. Then it burst open. I returned it and decided to try another one thinking that maybe the first was just a lemon. Second one started with a small leak and then burst open with a loud pop and scared the crap out of me.

  32. Bought one, it got a pinhole leak within days.
    Bought a second one, the hose seperated from the nozzle within 3 min of use.
    Why would I buy a third ?

    Solution ?
    Bring back manufacturing jobs and quality control to the good old U.S. of A !!!

  33. Purchased three pocket hoses all of them have burst at the hose connection.Cost to much to ship back.

    I have taken apart and applied a hose clamp – works great now with no leaks! Use an Allen tool to take apart, cut the medal band with a Dremel Tool, slide hard black plastic part back up hose until later. Slide hose clamp over hose and put inner hose on fitting them outer yellow hose tighten clamp. Then put black hard plastic up to hose clamp and wrap with duck tape.

  34. I bought two, one for the back and one for the front of the house. This was the best hose ever, I love using it. Except after one day the one hose broke at the connection. So, I returned it and got another one. Now the other hose broke at the connection. The hose actually comes off its connector. PLEASE fix this defect. I can’t believe I’m the only one with this problem. I am not rough with the hose, nor do I pull it by the connections. There is another brand out there (blue color) I may just have to try that one.

  35. They should call this the “Garbage Can Hose”. Bought a 50 ‘ one and it lasted 2 days before blowing out under light water pressure. Returned it to WalMart for a new one, The side of the hose blew out as soon as I turned the water on. Went back and got a refund. If you fall for this piece of garbage make sure you buy it at a local store and save your receipt for your refund.

  36. i bout the flex hose at wal-mart here in clarksville tn for the 19.99 price plus tax . had it for about 3 weeks and it just burst in the middle of the hose so now i,m pissed off. you would think if it was made to be though that it should be just that………………!

  37. From the research and reviews I’ve seen on various sites especially you can see the pockethose works as advertised but made cheaply so will spring leaks for simple use like being rubbed against a rose bush and the plastic end connectors seem to fail rather easily as well. I’d say avoid… It seems like the flexablehose is the best product so far as far as these retractable mini firehoses go but I haven’t really seen any reviews on this product yet so at the same token can’t recommend either.

  38. Bought the 50′ at Walgreen – used it twice before fitting all broke, tried to glue – didn’t work, threw it in garbage.don’t waste your money

  39. i have 3 pocket hoses hooked together and have been using them almost daily for ~ 1 month. They work GREAT! Other than a minor amount of leaking at the nozzle they work perfectly fine. It’s true I can’t find a good nozzle to use with it, but leakage is mamnaged just fine if I hold my hand over that spot. I live in FL so I make sure not to leave it in the sun but it’s not a hassle at all to take it apart and drain it after each use. I have been using it daily and it makes dragging 100+ feet of hose a breeze. I don’t know how long the’ll last but so far no problems.

  40. Bought 3 50 foot x-hoses in Dec 2012. First one burst after 2 months. DAP did send a replacement and I did not have to return the defective one. Last week the second one burst. I do love the concept and the easiness of use, but the quality of all types of the expandable hoses with the cheap plastic fittings is extremely poor. From day one all of mine leaked from the cheap plastic fittings. I would not buy any of them again. The only one that may have a prayer of working is the new x-hose pro with brass fittings and supposedly more rugged material in the hose itself. Has anyone had any experience with this version? I haven’t seen any real reviews on this one yet.

  41. What GARBAGE!!! I bought a 50′ at walgreens and can’t return because I do not have the ‘origianl’ receipt and bought a 25′ through Pulishers Clearing House but I have to pay s & H. I loved the hose so much I gave our wrap-up thing and hose away now we will need to purchase another. Flex Hose does not live up to what they claim. SCAM. The ends just popped off, I got soaked. You can bet with my big mouth I will let the world know what I think Of the amazing FLEX HOSE!

  42. Bought the 50′ hose at Bed Bath and Beyond about 3 weeks ago. This evening the faucet connector started spraying water (much like everyone else’s complaints.) careful handling seems to make no difference. Will visit Home Depot tomorrow for metal fittings. The hose is a great idea but too cheaply made and the plastic connectors are not up for the gentlest of handling.

  43. I purchased the Pocket Hose to have something portable in the winter to supply water to my horses. I wanted something light to carry in and out of the house to prevent it from freezing. The attachment at the end to turn the hose off broke failry quickly (the little handle that turns the ball inside broke). I replaced it with one I had in the barn. I haven’t had any other problems. It drips a bit where it is connected to my hydrant, but so do almost all hoses I’ve ever put on it after a while. I’m still using it now after 5 months, and I love the lightness of it. I’m going to get another 25′ so I can reach the outside corral better. The instructions to not leave it out in the sun or cold doesn’t bother me. The only reason most people leave a hose out is because they are such a pain to reel in or coil up out of the way. With the pocket hose, it’s so light, it’s nothing to grab up and set aside. So far no kinking problems or leaking or splitting.

  44. Xhose pro has brass fittings. Only available in th US at present from I’m gutted I’m from th UK. If anyone from the US would buy and forward to me in the UK I would appreciate it.

  45. Flex-Able or Pocket Hose, whatever they want to call this loser, is CRAP! I bought 3 of them and within a month one burst and the other two leak so badly from the hose bib they aren’t worth using unless one doesn’t mind wasting a lot of water. No, my traditional hoses don’t leak from the hose bib.

  46. Yes this product looks very cool and works great a few times but in my experience they get holes in the lining somehow and break, I am preparing to return my second hose to Target tomorrow. I purchased one and it broke and thinking/hoping it was a fluke I purchased exchanged it for another one, this one broke in less than a week. I’d just go ahead and buy a standard hose and deal with the occasional kink. Its worth it not to be frustrated when you turn on your hose and discover the water gushing out of the center somewhere.

  47. I got a 50 ft.flexhose from a friend,I use it in the backyard and it works well,so I decided to buy a 75 ft. hose for the front,the first time I used it it worked ok but the 2nd time it started to leak and it sprayed way in the air,it looked like a pin hole on the inside,I didn’t see any damage on the outside.
    I called the place where I bought it they said we will sent you a replacement right away and we will give you a return label free of shipping charge.I got the replacement hose and watered the
    front and when I was done I was ready to turn off the water it strated spraying in two different places.
    I like the idea very much but whatever they use on the inside must not be very strong otherwise it wouldn’t spring leaks like that.I may have to go back to my old hose again until they fix the problems.

  48. I purchased the pocket hose with the intentions of saving space and thought it would be a nice idea to have one. But as soon as I hooked it up and turned it on I got sprayed all over!! The other problem was after maybe two uses the hose split right down the center and the hose was junk…do NOT waste your money on this “new concept”.

  49. I agree. metal connection will be great, and if the hose can handle pressure… it tend to burst at standard city water pressure. a great concept which was produced badly.

  50. Was it difficult to put the brass fittings on the hose. I bought the Xhose last year
    and had no problem. I might want to put the brass fittings on the hoses before
    this Spring/Summer seasons begin. I have a 50 ft hose in the back for the patio and
    a 100 ft hose in the front (coming out of the garage). loved the hoses when I used
    them in 2012. Hope 2013 is not a bust.

  51. The pocket hose does not work, nor does the flex-able hose, for the same reason. I bought a 50-foot hose yesterday and used it to wash the car. Before I finished, the water pressure blew the end off the hose, and it’s not like we have high water pressure. I had hoped that this manufacturer would have made a better product. The same thing happened with the flex-able hose I bought 6 months ago. The connections and components on both are cheap. Don’t waste your money.

  52. The pocket hose sounds like a good idea but the 1st time I used it , it separated at the coupling and the water flooded my garage, it is cheaply made. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  53. You guys in America can at least try this at a cheap price. We are ripped off in the Uk . We are charged
    £49 ($1.6 = £1) for 25ft, £69 for 50ft, £79 for 75ft and £89 for 100ft. I would need 2x 100ft so at nearly. £180 it is a scary prospect if it is as bad as some of you say.
    It would cost you guys about $270.
    I fancy a Bose Wave lll but we are charged £600 (US 900) Whereas you are charged $500.
    Cheers for your reviews

  54. waste of money. pocket hose,haha…my money in their pocket. do not waste your money.

  55. The Pocket hose leaked at the connector the first time used. I bought 2 hoses at Bed Bath & Beyond. Will be taking both hoses back for refund. A friend did give me an X-Hose and so far is working but I agree with the comment put brass fittings on both ends. I am a widow and very much in need of a lighter weight hose.

  56. I would also like to know the warning for drinking or using it for herb and vegetable gardens. So far I have enjoyed it. but I also use it to fill the pond that birds and cats drink from.

  57. Sad to say that the idea is great, however the Pockethose we purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond burst after about 5 uses. We had no problem with leaking. It attached and unattached easily, was easy to store, but we had expected it to last longer. It proved to be a waste of money.

  58. I love the pcket hose but the connections kept leaking. I put brass fittings on both ends. Works great.!! Not rocket science but sure solved the problem.

  59. I was given a Flex-able Hose as a gift and I love how it works. It is much easier to drain this and bring it inside than to wrap up a dirty regular hose. However, I grow vegetables and the warning on the product insert says: “The Flex-able hose should never be used for potable water use, do not drink from the hose or use the hose to supply drinking water. An outdoor hose may be exposed to conditions that can be hazardous to human health.”
    Does anyone have any information about why they post this warning? Does the material leach PCBs or something, or are they just worried about contaminants and bacteria/fungus that might be picked up in the yard?

  60. This hose looks like an improvement on the standard rubber garden hose. It is not. The idea looks simple enough but when you buy one and get one free the price far exceeds a conventual hose. Like most items made in China they look good in the advertizement. Truth is that there is no attention to any detail. Before even using the hose I noticed that the cheap plastic connection was a piece of crap. The threads galled when screwed into a brass faucet. I turned it on and it sprayed water all over me and anything close by.. In trying to get the hose off the faucet the plastic broke and I would up having to cut it off. And that when you can really see how cheap this is. It cut like butter. I don’t believe I have ever seen a piece of plastic this soft. Don’t waste your money on this until they replace the connection with a metal one. And then I would be ready to send it back. This is just another piece of crap from China…..DO NOT BUY !!!

  61. Bought the 50′ pocket hose @Walmart for $20 plus tax. Only problem I have is the galling between the plastic hose fittings and any attachments you may want to use. Galling is that skipping, sticking feeling you get when you screw metal or pipe threads in to another similar or dissimilar material. I used PTFE (Teflon) pipe thread tape on the male threads of the hose and spigot. Know that hose fittings are plastic and will be prone to cracking and breakage if mishandled or exposed to freezing temperatures if full of water. Always drain after use and avoid excessive sun exposure to nylon sheath as it is highly susceptible to UV damage. I hope manufacturers will soon provide board with brass fittings although that would make hose more expensive.

  62. They say don’t fix what isn’t broken, but I don’t think that’s always correct. For example the traditional hose surely does the job it was meant to just fine, but it could surely use some improvements and that’s where these newer and more innovative hoses come in. There are several brands so I don’t know which I’m getting, but I’m definitely upgrading my hose with one of them.

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