Does StoneDine Cookware Really Work?

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Does Stonedine Cookware work?StoneDine cookware bills itself as the only cooking set you’ll ever need, which is a pretty bold claim considering the wear and tear that pots and pans go through for the average household. But they’re pretty confident that their cookware is made to last, mostly due to it containing actual stone in the construction. But can these really perform as advertised?

A top-notch cookware set is at the front of most at-home chef’s list of things to have in their kitchen. Since it’s the focal point of most meals, you’ll want a sturdy fry pan, pots of various sizes, and matching lids so each pot and pan can be easily covered. Even though they’ve tried to make this a complete set, you’re only getting 8 pieces, and that includes the lids. so for many aspiring chefs there will be plenty of room left to make this a full collection.

The Claim
StoneDine claims that their cookware set is non-stick, easy to clean, and resists scratching and wear and tear because of what it’s made of. After some digging around we found that they’ve been around for some time now, and were once called StoneLine. The reviews on these pans are iffy, and there’s no concrete evidence that they’ll provide the same sort of performance that is depicted in their promo ads.

The Hype
The hype here is in them saying that you won’t ever have to replace this cooking set as long as you own it. Most people know that these lifetime sort of statements hold little water because few people ever take them up on the challenge. Also, their ads play a big part in the hype, as they show the host putting a bunch of actual stones into the pot and stirring them around. You definitely wouldn’t want to do that with your current non-stick cookware, and it shows that the materials used can handle abuse but still not stick.

The Cost
The advertised price is $30 with an extra $28 in shipping, plus a host of bonuses they say totals $146. Here’s the details of what you’re buying into: They’ll send you the entire package so you can try them out, which includes an 8 piece cooking set and a knife set as well. If you don’t cancel your further orders you’ll be billed $30 each month for 9 months for a total of $300 plus the $28 shipping. If you do return it, they’ll give you the first $30 back, but you’ll be stuck with the $28 in shipping, plus whatever it costs to return the items to them.

The Commitment
You’re the best judge at determining if you do enough cooking to potentially drop $330 on a cookware set. If you feel that you will definitely get your money’s worth then you likely have the commitment level already in place. But some people see a cookware set as a way to bolster the amount of cooking they do at home. This rarely happens, and what is more likely is that the set will collect dust from non-use. First establish the cooking habit, and then invest in a good cookware set – but not this one.

Even though StoneDine seems like a good deal when you first see it, the price is enough to turn most people away. It’s as if they’re living in some sort of bubble where people aren’t able to find fantastic cookware sets for the same price or cheaper in just a few clicks. This offer might have worked about 20 years ago, but these days it’s too easy to find competing products that don’t need to be sold on a trial basis because they’ve already got plenty of positive feedback from actual users.

This is a can’t lose situation for the makers of StoneDine. If they ship out the product and it gets returned, they still pocket the difference between what it actually costs to ship, and what they charge. If it doesn’t get returned, they get a steady flow of cash for the next 9 months. They have a 12 year warranty, but details on how that works are not provided until you receive your set in the mail. Be sure that it will be set up so they pay nothing in order to honor it.

Final StoneDine Review

Save your money on this one. While they do put together an attractive offer, for the money you’re paying you’re better off getting a highly rated cookware set that has been peer tested and approved. For the money we’re giving StoneDine a Thumbs Down. For this to be a deal they would have to offering pots and pans that rival the kind that professionals use in top kitchens, and we couldn’t find any trace that this is the case.

We’re always on the look out for awesome kitchen utensils that make your job easier. At first we were excited to see the StoneDine offer, but were less impressed the further we got into the details. Rest assure that we’ll keep our eyes open for the next latest and greatest cooking marvel to hit the airwaves.

Our Recommendation
Check out this awesome 17 piece cookware set that we found that get stellar reviews and clocks in at $80 less that the StoneDine set, and has free shipping to your door. This really has everything you need to emulate your favorite TV chefs and feel like you have a pot or pan for every kitchen job under the sun.

What do you think? Does StoneDine work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does StoneDine Cookware Really Work?

  1. i called them to get a new pans i bought the whole set and they told me no so i will never buy this stuff at all every again me and my husband paid over 480.00 to the whole set

  2. I love the set that I bought but am needing to talk with someone regarding the warranty.

  3. I purchased a 8 piece set. The handles become loose on all but the frying pans the worst and if not continually tightened you will move the frying pan to a counter top and everything will hit the floor. The glass lids,the handles are a composite and will eventually break. The non stick surface does wear out and 4 months ago I sent in using priority mail and the address supplied by stone dine on their brochure sent with the set and I never received acknowledgment of reception or a fixed or new pan so please use my review with much thought and I wish I had never bought my set. Never will I purchase anything else from Stone Dine. To say I am a pleased customer would be an understatement.

  4. We have had this cookware for five years and I love it! We eat scrambled eggs for breakfast a lot and these skillets are the first I have used that are effortless to clean up. The only one that shows any wear after 5 years was the one I let water boil dry in…but it still is fine and doesn’t stick. I really can’t believe the reviews were not better!

  5. i bought the set 3 years ago and it is the only set we use, just this year the large frying pan has started to stick and peel in the center due to knifes and metal utensils being used on it….but we have been extremely happy and satisfied with the whole set including the knifes.

  6. My husband bought the set for me and I love it. It cleans up easy and it is truly nonstick. My mom got one of the green organics ceramic nonstick and it doesn’t even come close to comparing with StoneDine.

  7. I actually bought the Stone Dine Cookware and use it every day. I have not been able to scratch it, even though I have used metal utensils (not often). I do not use any oil and clean up is a breeze. Nothing sticks to this stuff. I love my Stone Dine and I have never found any other pan that actually lives up to its advertising like this one has. I have had mine for about two years.

  8. some of the stuff you mentioned are true but here is one thing you didnt mention alot of people dont have 200 bucks to pay right off so 30 bucks a month may fit the budget it would be like getting something from a rent a center place you pay more in the long run because do dont have the funds to pay for it all up front

  9. Yeah, I kind of felt iffy about the lifetime cookware claim they were making. No cookware can last forever and that’s just a fact of life. I was still hopeful that I might have found a quality cookware, but I’m glad I bumped into this review for sure. Forget stonedine, I’ll check out your other recommendation.

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