Does Power Bed Really Work?

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Does the Power Bed Work?There are a lot of different household items that most people have to invest in. One of these is the furniture for the bedroom with the bed being the most important item. There are plenty to choose from and making the right choice is important. The wrong bed can make for a lot of sleepless nights. For those who like the new beds that are out but can’t afford the price, they may be interested in the Power Bed.

The Power Bed mimics in part some of the standard adjustable type beds. It can raise the upper portion of the mattress or the lower section.

The Claim
According to the promoters of the power bed, it may assist with neck and back pain, snoring and provide a more comfortable sleep for those who cannot get into a proper position.

The Hype
The hype for the Power Bed is that it is an affordable solution for those who cannot afford the expensive price tags that come with the beds that are promoting the same benefits.

The Cost
The cost of the Power Bed is broken down into three payments of $29.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. So it works out to approx $100. The order includes two contour pillows as a bonus.

The Commitment
The commitment for the Power Bed really comes with the realization that you are not going to get everything that the more expensive beds offer. Keeping your thinking realistic is going to be important as to how satisfied you are with the bed itself.

It would appear as though the Power Bed is an addition to your current bed. As it talks about converting any size bed into an adjustable bed. It does not include the mattress but only the unit capable of lifting your current mattress to the height you desire. It is basically a strong inflatable pillow that creates the lift. You can go from flat to medium height, too high. This may not be for everyone, but for some, it may be just enough of what they need. They may not need all of the other things that some of the adjustable offer. So why pay for something that isn’t going to be used. This Power Bed may be ideal for older people who just need some height in the head and neck area. They usually will use stacks of pillows for this. For caregivers looking after individuals who need this, the Power Bed may be a much better alternative. It is true that one can get lifts with pillows but this is a nuisance, and they never stay in position.

Final Power Bed Review

We are prepared to give the Power Bed a try/buy. There is not enough feedback as yet on the product itself or its durability. But the concept of what it can do is a positive one, and we can see that it could be a good alternative for some.

Our Recommendation
If you are interested in something similar to this but is meant for making your old mattress more comfortable then check out Bed Renu.

What do you think? Does the Power Bed work or not?

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