Does Urban Float Really Work?

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Does Urban Float Work?For those that want to be pampered, they often think about going to a spa. Here there are a variety of treatment and services that may be available for different purposes. One of the new services that are becoming available is Urban Float.

Urban Float is a treatment service of its own that specializes in a treatment called Urban Float. What it focuses on is the relief of stress, pain management and for the promotion of better sleep.

The Claim
According to the promoters of Urban Float, their tag line is renewed, refresh, revive. Which pretty well sums up what Urban Float is all about. It is actually floatation therapy that is being implemented. The claim is that there are some studies to back up the benefits of floatation therapy. The benefits encompass, physical, mental and emotional.

The Hype
The hype about the Urban Float treatment is that it has all the components necessary to make one feel good on several different levels. Just the fact of being able to relax in this type of setting is an excellent starting point.

The Cost
There are several Urban Float locations, so it is a matter of seeing which one is closest to you and what promotions are running. You may be able to get your first float for $45. Which normally would cost $90. There are options to buy packages or memberships.

The Commitment
The first commitment to Urban Float is to start with an open mind. Learn a little more about its benefits. Then determine how this floatation treatment could benefit you the most. This will allow you something to compare the results to once you have completed your first treatment. Then following this provided you have gotten the expected results you can then decide on just going for package deals or taking out a membership.

If anyone has ever just floated about in a pool of water, then they will have some idea of how floatation works. Now put this experience in a proper and controlled setting and just imagine how much better the experience would be. The treatment makes sense, and many have reported that it is most mild calming. When the body is relaxed then quite often chronic pain is reduced at the same time. Get rid of the stress and reduce the pain and these are both ingredients for being able to enjoy better sleep. A lot of people are looking for natural resources to help them with their stress and anxiety and it doesn’t get any more natural than an Urban Float Treatment.

Final Urban Float Review

We are going to give Urban Float a thumbs up. It is rapidly becoming popular as can be seen with new outlets planned for the future. A lot of the feedback about Urban Float is very positive.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for other methods to help you relief chronic pain, stress and promote relaxation, you may want to think about the Nayoya Acupressure Mat.

What do you think? Does Urban Float work or not?

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