Does the Purple Mattress Really Work?

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Does the Purple Mattress Work?There a lot of products that we rely on for both necessity and comfort and our mattresses that we sleep on is one of these. Of course, there are tons of these on the market, but is the Purple Mattress considered to be one of the best?

The Purple Mattress as you can guess is a mattress. It is using a different technology that what you will find in a traditional mattress. It is using technology called hyper-elastic polymer.

The Claim
The claims for the purple Mattress is based on the technology. Claims are being made that is has free air flow, and it sleeps cool. It is supposed to have pressure relieving capabilities.There is no free motion transfer and the claims include that it is hypoallergenic.

The Hype
Aside from all the claims being made about the Purple Mattress, the convenience of having it delivered to your door in a neat compact roll is something that can be classed as impressive. A word of warning however. If you have to return it or want to, repackaging it can be a real challenge.

The Cost
The cost for the Purple Mattress is going to depend on which site you are buying it from. If you buy it from it is currently being listed at $1,399.cdn. At Amazon its $999. But Amazon doesn’t ship to Canada so this would be for US clients. Also its called the Purple Bed on the Amazon site.

The Commitment
First, you have to determine do you really need a new mattress. Then secondly are you ready for one like the Purple Mattress? If so then there is no big commitment, other than ordering it and giving it time to de-compress as it comes rolled up.

Overall we like the idea of being able to order a mattress online like the Purple Mattress. The technology behind it makes sense. Then depending on which site you are looking at, there is a lot of feedback on the Purple Mattress with it getting 4.2 stars out of 722 reviews on Amazon. On the Purple Mattress site there are a lot more positive reviews. Some of the negative complaints from at least one or more dissatisfied customers has been it didn’t expand to where it was supposed to be its fullest capacity. Another one was it was too firm.

Final Purple Mattress Review

We are prepared to give the Purple Mattress a thumbs up. Simply because it is using modern technology. It’s nice to get away from the box spring type. The price is not cheap but then look at what you are paying for.

Our Recommendation
The Purple Mattress is not the first mattress that we have talked about and with the way that technology is taking off with this type of product it won’t be the last. Another mattress that we talked about that is gaining in recognition is the Casper Mattress.

What do you think? Does the Purple Mattress work or not?

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