Does the Pill Identifier Really Work?

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Does the Pill Indentifier Work?There are times when pills gets put in the wrong container. Or, they have been sitting in the cupboard and you are not sure if the pills are in the right container. Or, it could be that you found some pills in your teen’s room and you have some concerns. There may be a way to help you identify these and that is the Pill Identifier. However, the Pill Identifier is only for consumers in the United States.

The Pill Identifier is a program that you can access online. It may be able to help you identify the pill you are wanting to know about by its imprint, size, shape or color.

The Claim
While the Pill Identifier website is claiming what the Pill Identifier can help with, it makes no specific promises. There is a detailed disclaimer right on the home page of the site that clearly states that the site and its resources for identifying the pills being checked will not be held responsible.

The Hype
The hype for the Pill Identifier is really having one source to go to that has a large amount of data about the different pills that have been manufactured that can be checked in one place. It really saves time for those that want to check a certain pill so they don’t have to try and go to every pharmaceutical site to try and identify it. That method would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The Cost
There is no charge for using the Pill Identifier, however you must agree to the disclaimer before you can continue your search for information.

The Commitment
The commitment for the Pill Identifier really is making the decision that you want to try and identify a specific pill. If these are your own medication that is one thing. If however, you are suspecting someone of taking drugs for example and you are trying to determine this by checking out the pill or pills through the Pill Identifier then this is different.

There is no doubt that the Pill Identifier is a resource that a lot of people are interested in. The indicators are that it gets searched for around one million times a month. It is known as the Pill Finder Wizard. Naturally a parent is concerned if they happen to find pills in their teen’s room or in their possession and they are not sure what they are. Before jumping to conclusions it may be better to know exactly what the drug is. Having a resource like the Pill Identifier can be really useful for at least becoming knowledgeable as to what the pill may be without jumping to conclusions. Also, seniors sometimes tend to mix up their pills and the Pill Identifier may also be a good resource for the caregivers to determine what these are.

Final Pill Identifier Review

We are going to give the Pill Identifier a thumbs up, but we cannot stress enough that this is a resource that should be used with the proper cautions. Any doubt as to whether the proper identification has been made using this resource should encourage the user to talk to their pharmacist or health care provider.

Our Recommendation
Another problem that can arise with pills is not remembering to take them or being able to follow a proper schedule. The Ezy Dose may be really helpful with this.

What do you think? Does Pill Identifier work or not?

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