Does Purrfect Arch Really Work?

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Does Purrfect Arch work?The Purrfect Arch is designed to both groom your cat as well as give them something to scratch and claw at. It looks simple enough, which is actually a good thing in the world of inventions, but will cats really use this?

Cats do need a fair bit of attention, but also tend to keep to themselves a lot. This product makes it so you can give your cat the space they need, but also make sure that they’re getting groomed and getting a massage so they feel good. This would be useful for those that are out of the house for most of the day and want to make sure that their cat doesn’t get bored and start ripping things up around the home.

The Claim
The makers of Purrfect Arch say that it not only attracts your cat to it, it brushes your cats fur so that you don’t have to. They say that because it is infused with catnip your cat will naturally be drawn to it, so you don’t have to worry about buying a cat product that is going to go unused. they also say that this should put a stop to them scratching and shredding up your furniture and other household items. They say it’s veterinarian approved, and it’s hard to see why a vet wouldn’t approve of this.

The Hype
Cat owners want what’s best for their cats and so there’s a growing number of pet toys hitting the market as it becomes clear it’s an easy sale. Since cats are always looking for something to play with, and many cats are not fond of being groomed, this seems like the perfect toy to kill two birds with one stone, but at the same time it’s basically just a brush on a board.

The Cost
They send you two Purrfect Arches for $31 total including shipping. They also send you two bags of catnip with it.

The Commitment
The big draw to this product is that you can set it down in your cat’s area and basically not have to look at it again, unless you want to. Your cat should naturally just go to it and pass by it or through it so it can do its job. You may have to attend to it on occasion to remove any excess cat hair it picks up, but other than that it doesn’t require any batteries or use up any electricity, nor does it take up a lot of room like some cat toys do.

If you set aside for a moment the simple design and manufacturing required to put together the Purrfect Arch, it’s really not a bad invention. So what if it only costs a dollar or so to make each one – if that – if it works it works and what we’re seeing here is a product that is actually well thought out. Your cat doesn’t have to actually pass through it in order for it to work, they would simply do what many cats do, which is pass by it. The way it’s made it doesn’t matter, as long as your cat rubs up against it it will do what it’s supposed to, brushing your cat’s hair and picking up any loose ones.

You will know best how your cat responds to catnip, and how well they will like rubbing up against a object like that. If they are always rubbing up against your furniture and using it as a scratching post as well, you can bet that they will be using this instead, since the bristles will feel better to them than your couch. Since the bottom of these is covered in carpeting they can use it to stretch out their claws by digging into it. The use of catnip will make it so they prefer it to your other household items.

Final Purrfect Arch Review

Purrfect Arch is getting our Solid Try rating because it has covered a lot of what cats need, is priced at a decent level, and in the world of cat products we haven’t seen anything exactly like it. It’s recommended for cats that get left alone most of the day, so they can go get a catnip re-up, get what feels like a massage, and get their hair groomed when no one is around.

Our Recommendation
Even though you wouldn’t really want to take them up on 30 day guarantee due to the way the prices are set, it’s still in place and you can get $15 back if you don’t like the way this works for your particular cat. For products like this it would be nice if you could get more of your original purchase price back, since there’s simply no telling how a cat will respond to it. The catnip does tilt the likelihood that your cat will like it back in your favor, but you just never really know until you get it home and unboxed.

What do you think? Does Purrfect Arch work or not?

22 Customer Reviews on “Does Purrfect Arch Really Work?

  1. I bought the Perfect Arch, received 2 of them, and if it were better made, it would work, and last. But unfortunately the arch is very flimsy, and within the week, the cats had dislocated the arch from the base. I do not recommend it. A few years back there was another cat arch that worked very well, but I have not seen it on the market.

  2. I bought the Perfect Arch, received 2 of them, and if it were better made, it would work, and last. But unfortunately the arch is very flimsy, and within the week, the cats had dislocated the arch from the base. I do not recommend it. A few years back there was another cat arch that worked very well, but I have not seen it on the market.

  3. There are no such allergies to Felines. It is very, very rare. Of course, if the cat is shedding, anyone could/would sneeze or blow their nose or scratch their face and nose etc. But an allergy to a cat is very rare.
    Ask your Doctor and ask for the truth.

  4. I like the idea of this so bought a simple gutter brush and bent it into an arch. It does the same thing and the cats like it. I agree about testing to see if the bristles come out before using, it could be very dangerous for them.


    BEWARE -TERRIBLE HARMFUL PRODUCT!! – Cats love the bristles, but the BRISTLES ARE NOT SECURED IN STEEL SPIRAL. CAT CAN EASILY PULL BRISTLES OUT WITH TEETH AND SWALLOW THEM, CAUSING SERIOUS INJURY, EXPENSIVE SURGERY, CHOKING OR DEATH. If bristles make it into back of throat or esophagus, cat can panic and choke. You will not be able to pull the bristles out and have to go to the emergency vet – very scary, expensive and potentially FATAL FOR CAT. DO NOT BUY!
    I had one of these arches by another manufacture for years for my previous cats and they loved it, the bristles could not come out and it worked perfectly. Like many other things outsourced to the cheapest Chinese manufacturer, the quality has gone to zero.
    If you can pull the bristles out with your fingers, your cat can pull them out with his teeth. Take the Arch away and demand a refund, no matter how long it has been.

  6. Hello April,
    Do you have an old “long/wide tooth” hair comb lying around somewhere not being used anymore?
    You can pick one up at your local dollar store.
    Just run the comb thru the bristles over the arch … works great!

  7. Total scam. Charged me 50+ before even approving the transaction and the 800 number is invalid to cancel !

  8. I have been thinking about getting one for my new long haired kitten…he is going to have massive hair and already my house is full of him everywhere lol…my question is…HOW and HOW HARD IS IT TO CLEAN THE BRUSHES??? I havent heard any where how to clean them…just pulling off teh cat hair will take my brush for my hair i can’t get all of my hair how easy is it to ditch the hair on the arch? and just pulling it off won’t work with me..just curious…thanks:)

  9. Just got this in the mail today and my cat loves it. Ozzy is an older cat (14 yrs.) and i first rubbed the catnip on the carpet then put it on the floor and he laid inbetween the brush arch and fell asleep. So it was a good purchase since he is a picky cat.

  10. My oldest cat, a tom, was crazy about it before I even got it unpacked. He had the brush wrapped around his stomach and was pawing at the carpet within seconds! He doesn’t even need it put together. He was so happy to get it. My other two are very interested in it but are not quite sure how to operate it yet. I just got it, so I cannot comment on durability.

  11. I’ve seen some dumb, useless things on infomercials before, but this takes the cake.

  12. I saw the advertisement on tv which gave a phone # and a web site but the offer was for (two) at approx $30.00 including catnip. Please advise.

  13. This seems like a great idea. I always feel bad for people who leave their cats at home all alone for long periods of time, especially if they are solo cats without any buddies. It is unfortunate that these types of products need to even be introduced onto the market to make cats feel happy when their owners are not around. But I just do not know if any cat would actually use it. I would be curious to know if any cat owners have tried it and have had any success with it. Cats are picky so you just never know what they will like to use.

  14. This seems like a great idea! My brother’s cat likes to be pet sometimes, but only when she’s in the mood. And she doesn’t mind being brushed sometimes, but once again, only when she decides she wants to be. So when she isn’t in the mood for being brushed but her coat is shedding, this would be the perfect thing for her. Especially because I’m allergic to cats, it’s important to keep the cat fur to a minimum. She loves catnip, like most cats, and would definitely rub up against this if it had catnip on it. I would definitely try this product because it’s important to keep a cat’s coat healthy, even when they don’t feel like being brushed. It does seem a little pricey for what it is, even if you do get two of them. I don’t know why someone would need more than one, unless their cats don’t like sharing toys.

  15. I do not own cats but I have several friends and family members that do. I know someone who actually owns this product and have seen it in action. The cats love it, they certainly do walk past it and rub against it. I can’t speak for the grooming aspect, but hair definitely ends up on the bristles. The best part though is that the cats actually like and use this product. They seem to like every aspect of it as it is a dual purpose product. The carpet is used for scratching almost as much as the brush is used. Another positive is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. So for $31, I think the product is worth a try. While your cat may or may not like it, the product will do what it claims to do.

  16. Great item. Really works a treat with my Cat, Flea. He’s one of those cat’s that doesn’t necessarily like being handled, which, as any Cat owner knows, makes it difficult to do anything about that long, moulting hair. The arch and the catnip just seemed to appeal to him and I now just watch as he goes nuts and rubs himself for ages. The hair seems to collect around the arch and I just take it off! This is a great solution for the problem of having cat hair all over your place.

  17. Having just looked at the article for the purrfect arch cat brush I felt I must make a comment. I think this purrfect arch is a great concept and a great thing for cats. Personally, I have two cats and my oldest cat, Ashes, has a tendency to shed a lot, especially in the summer when her winter coat is thinning out. Sometimes I find that with my busy schedule makes it so that I barely have time to brush my own hair than to have time to brush either of my cats so this purrfect arch standing cat brush would be great to brush them on their time and would save me from vacuuming all the time to get up my cats’ fur. I do have one minor complaint though, my older cat, Ashes, has a little extra weight on her and from what I can tell the middle of the arch might be a tight squeeze for her so I think making it just a bit wider would be good for those cats who have a bit more weight and want to pass through the arch and not just brush up against it.

  18. I’m hoping to read something here from somebody who has tried this product. I have two cats that both have plenty of hair coming off, but I’m a little hesitant to send $31 for something that may not work (and only get half of my money back). I feel very fortunate that both cats are agreeable to being brushed, so I use one of those short metal toothed flat brushes with good results. (They also love catnip, but that does not happen with brushing.) The purrfect arch would be really nice, though, for those crazy weeks that get away from me – and then I find cat hair on everything!

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