Does Rain-X Really Work?

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Does Rain-X work?Rain-X makes an assortment of products all with one aim in mind: to keep your windshield more clear during a storm and other elements. They’ve been around for quite some time now, which leads one to believe their products work as advertised. But we took a closer look to see how well they really work.

Driving through the rain is one of the more dangerous times to be driving, so it makes sense to try to take steps to make it as safe as possible. When the three really starts to follow, visibility can get down to just above zero, even with your windshield wipers turned to the highest setting. Things can become exacerbated if you are behind a big truck, as their tires will kick additional water right into your field of vision, even more so when they hit a big puddle. And since you also have to worry about things like hydroplaning, it’s essential to see where you’re going.

The Claim
Rain-X claims that their products will help keep your windshield clear against the elements. Each individual product has its own specialty as to what it is supposed to do, and how it goes about doing it.

The Hype
They’ve been around for quite some time now, and it’s not as if they have a monopoly on things, but there really isn’t too much to compare it to, making it the default choice when you want to protect your windshield from ran. They are also trying to expand their product line into car wax and bug removers, and headlight cleaners, but they are mostly known for their rain repelling products, and that’s mostly what we’re focusing on here.

The Cost
Rain-X products are reasonably priced across the board, no matter if you are getting replacement wiper blades, or a glass treatment that will help the rain repel from your windshield. Compared to other brands of windshield wipers, these prices are very competitive. And they’ve pretty much cornered the market on repelling rain by treating your windshield, so there isn’t much to compare prices to, but at roughly $10 a bottle, it’s definitely providing value for the dollar.

The Commitment
It does take a bit of time and effort to treat your windshield if you’re using a rain repelling treatment, and if you have a rather large windshield. And of course we’re all familiar with the trickery of trying to put on windshield wipers. But once you’re finished with the process everything will be in place and you you can now reap the benefits of your work. When the rain started to fall, you’ll immediately see the results as the rain sloughs off the windshield with ease.

It seems that the efficacy of Rain-X products varies by the type of product, and even by which one you go with. They seem to have gotten the glass treatments down pretty well, and we can personally attest to them working remarkably well. After using it first hand it was remarkable to see water bead up and roll away, so much so that we didn’t even need to use the windshield wipers until it really started to rain hard. And even then it kept the windshield relatively clear in between wipes.

Their wipers seem to be more hit or miss, and this is because they come in so many different types and lengths for the different makes and models of cars. Be sure to check the individual reviews on the wipers that fit your car, or simply stick with the glass treatment solutions they provide, either applied directly to your windshield, or added to your wiper fluid. Their headlight restoration kit gets excellent reviews, and is another step you can take to make sure that you’re seeing as much of the road as possible. When it’s raining at night you’ll be doubly prepared with a treated windshield and clear headlight covers in place.

Final Rain-X Review

Overall Rain-X products are getting our Thumbs Up rating, but you’ll want to be sure to double check on the specific product you have in mind. We can absolutely attest to the fact that when properly applied the rain repellent treatment does work, and provides safer driving conditions when it’s raining, both when it’s just drizzling and when it’s a downpour.

Our Recommendation
A clean windshield is paramount to safe driving, and you don’t have to sacrifice one just because Mother Nature is having a bad day. By taking proactive measures to make your windshield more clean and clear even when the weather has turned nasty, you’ll thank yourself later and wonder why you didn’t do something sooner. This is especially true if you live in an area that gets its share of rain, sleet, and snow.

What do you think? Does Rain-X work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Rain-X Really Work?

  1. I’ve been using Rain-X for decades, and it really does work. (Just make sure you first clean the windshield with window cleaner) I use is generously and wait for it to fog up a little, then wipe it clean. I do the side windows (that’s where you really need it) and mirrors too. I think it’s a must-have for any car, truck, boat, or whatever…

  2. co-incidence…RainX reppells water. Not rocks. Its just a coating on the glass. RainX helps clearing ice and snow off the windows and mirrors very easy.

  3. It scarred my window. Streaks going up and down. I have tried all window cleaners. What can I do to remove it. It’s a VW Beetle and the window is at a sharp angle so it was hard to use and I thought it was dry.

  4. Take a damp cloth with just water and buff the windshield/surface exactly as you would when you apply the Rain-x (circular motion). This will remove the film, don’t worry about removing the Rain-x you just applied, it will be fine so long as you use just a damp cloth with no cleaner.

  5. I have had a horrible film on my windshield since using rainx. Any idea how to get it off. It makes it very hard to see especially in the rain at night.

  6. Oh it definitely does work! Ive lived in Prince Rupert BC Canada for 30 years. It is officially the wettest city on earth! It not only repels rain but stops wiper “chatter” that always occurs when auto wipers turn on and the windshield is still dry!
    But my biggest thumbs up comes from when I use it on our 24ft boat which has no wipers (from Florida). I have new wipers ready to be installed but after using RainX I have never had to intall them!
    I do agree with an earlier post that applications don’t last as long as they used to. Especially troublesome when you must apply RainX when the window is Dry! Well, living in the rainfall capital of the world doesn’t doesn’t afford you many opportunities to do so! Used to apply it on the boat once a month. Now it’s every day/trip! Fix that issue and I’ll give it 5+ stars again.
    Still it’s a Great Product!

  7. I live in a rural area. Rainx was recommended as I travel long distances weekly. First use, 10minutes from home, a stone hit the windscreen and bingo, the chip almost instantly turned into a very long crack.
    Bad luck I thought as I have been driving for over 50years and have never had a broken windscreen. Replaced the windscreen, treated it with Rainx, and then on a long straight road, a truck coming from the opposite direction threw up a stone and bingo, another cracked screen within three days. My query is this: what does Rainx does to the surface / structure of the glass? Does it make it more sensitive / brittle or ?? Anyone have this happen? Is it a total co-incidence of my misfortune? Insurance company is NOT happy !

  8. I bought the RainX water repellent windshield wiper blades (normally I just get their regular blades) and there was absolutely no difference at all in the supposed “repellent” wipers. Don’t get me wrong, they make good wiper blades and when I bout the repellent blades there was no cost adder but in my experience there’s no benefit at all to the repellent wiper blades.

  9. Well I can assure you that it DOES NOT work nearly as well as it did ten years ago.
    I used to apply on the windshield and it lasted literary 6 months despite going thru car wash several times. I also drove in extremely heave rain for hours on the open highway and could not believe that did not have to turn on the wipers. Now it last for only for two big rains after that like you never had it the first place.

  10. My husband swears by Rainx. He is a professional truck driver and he puts RainX on his windshield. He is able to see clearly. We use it on our personal vehicles at home. RainX is perfect for those rains where you don’t quite need your wipers, but occasionally. The RainX allows to see when it is pouring down or a slight mists. You can pick up RainX at Auto Zone or Walmart for around $5.00. It’s cheap and works. You can’t beat it.

  11. I always visit this website to get reviews on products I’m eyeing, but rain x wasn’t something I needed a review by them. I was actually reading a review of something else, but I saw rain x on the related post and I just needed to give my two cents. So here it is, it works folks. In fact, it works so well I’ve been using it for the past 12 years or so. Just be very careful that you don’t accidentally apply it on the inside of your windshield (I’ve done that before 😀 thinking that it would help with the windshield fogging) and you’ll be more than happy with the results. Rain x is definitely one of those products I thought would never work, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was proven wrong.

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