Does Rapid Edge Really Work?

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Does Rapid Edge Work?The time is coming to at least to start thinking about those spring repairs and perhaps there are some paint jobs that are going to become part of the “to do” list. If so the task might be made a little easier if you use Rapid Edge.

Rapid Edge is a device to which you add a roll of masking tape, and then it allows you to quickly mask off the edge lines of your painting project. It accommodates the standard 1″ or 2″ masking tape roles.

The Claim
The company claims that the Rapid Edge allows you to prep your paint area in regards to masking it off 10 times faster. They say that it stops the bubbling and leaking under the tape thanks to its ability to self align.

The Hype
Anything that makes a paint job go faster is usually a product that will draw the attention of the person having to complete the paint job. Anyone that has done this task before will tell you it takes more time to prep than it actually does to paint. The Company indicates that Rapid Edge is what the professionals use.

The Cost
Rapid Edge will cost you $14.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling, and if you want to pay an extra $4.95 for S & H you will get a second Rapid Edge free.

The Commitment
It doesn’t appear that you are going to have to spend a lot of time learning how to master the Rapid Edge as it is supposed to auto align for you. So it’s just a matter of keeping this tool handy amongst your paint supplies and taking the time to use t.

The promo video is very simple and basically just repeats itself. It demos how easy it is to use the Rapid Edge and seems to work well for going around corners as well. All indications are that it could be a time saver when it comes to application. There was no paint demo to show how well the product performed. There are several different products out there with the same name, serving different purposes. So make sure if you are researching this particular one that it is the paint liner that you are searching for.

Final Rapid Edge Review

We are going to give the Rapid Edge a try buy rating, but aren’t going any further than this because we did not see the end results following a paint job after the use of this product, although there is an image that shows good results.

Our Recommendation
Painting is no easy task, and if there are inexpensive tools that you can use to help you get the job done quicker and easier then they are worth investing in. In another review we talked about another paint helper called Quik Brush. So far there hasn’t been any feed back either way related to this particular product.

What do you think? Does Rapid Edge work or not?

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