Does Relax the Back Work?

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Does Relax the Back really work?Relax the Back is a simple platform that you lie down on in order to decompress your spine and ease back pain. It’s supposed to help you relax and to align the spine, but how well does it work in real life.

Back pain is a pretty common problem, and our modern society doesn’t help too much. Many of us are hunched over a computer all day at work, or in the car commuting, which can cause undue pressure on the spine, neck, and shoulders and get us out of alignment. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the posture you take when seated at your workplace causes your back to have a very unnatural curve to it, and that this is the source of your back pain.

The Claim
The makers of Relax the Back say that it works to correct the curve in the spine and that it works in only a few minutes a day. They say that it’s an all-in-one unit that adjusts quickly so that you can change the levels of the arch so you can continue to keep correcting your spine until it reaches optimal curvature levels.

The Hype
Since so many people suffer from a sore back there is a large market of interested consumers waiting for the next big thing in back pain relief. A device like this that requires very little on the part of the user is sure to get some interested eyeballs, and create a stir from people wondering if it could actually work.

The Cost
The Relax the Back unit is $30 and doesn’t list a shipping price. When you compare this to other products of a similar nature, namely the BackBridge, you’ll see that it is a third the price. Also, it’s important to note that Amazon has the Back Magic Plus for less than $30 and is essentially the same product, if not the same exact product just under a different name.

If it can do what it says, it would be far cheaper than regular chiropractic visits, and would be a smaller piece of equipment than an inversion table or specialized office chair for back pain that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The Commitment
All that they say is needed to experience relief is to lie down on it for 5 minutes, twice a day. Because of its low commitment level it should be relatively easy to stick to using it each day so that you can get gradual and lasting relief from back pain.

Relax the Back is also marketed under the name Back Magic and should not be confused with the line of franchises that offer specialty chairs and other back pain products called Relax the Back. These devices are also referred to as lumbar extenders and overall they get good ratings from users. It’s easy to see that the shape of this device is such that it mimics the natural curve of the spine, and that by helping the spine back into this shape you are reeducating it on where it should be, and strengthening the surrounding muscles so that your posture should naturally improve over time.

If you have chronic back pain you might need to use something like this for a month or more before it starts having an effect. You may also want to use it for longer than the 5 minutes twice daily that they proclaim in their pitch. When you get up from using it, but sure to roll on your side first, and do not attempt to sit up from the arched position, as this can undo the progress you’ve made and cause a back spasm. Roll to your side and take a few deep breaths before sitting up fully.

There are ways to get lower back pain relief without having to buy products like this one. Consider the Egoscue Method which is all about performing a series of exercises designed to reintroduce motion into your daily life so that you can put the body back into alignment and be pain free.

Final Relax the Back Review

Overall, Relax the Back is getting our Solid Try rating because users say it works, and this sort of social proof coupled with chiropractors and physical therapists recommending similar products, it appears to be a winner. It’s a solid concept and the fact that the unit is self-contained and easy to store when not in use is a big plus. At this price point there’s simply no reason not to try it out if you’re suffering from back pain and your job requires you to sit at a desk during the day.

Our Recommendation
Back pain should be treated with a holistic effort, including taking frequent breaks if sitting for long periods, strengthening your core muscles, losing weight if needed, and using products designed to elongate the spine and return it to its natural curve.

What do you think? Does Relax the Back work or not?

20 Customer Reviews on “Does Relax the Back Work?

  1. Why is everyone referring to “Relax the Back” like it’s a product? It’s a big national company that makes hundreds of products–mostly chairs. It’s like saying “I like the Macy’s, it fits great.”

  2. I agree with your take on Relax the Back. As I stated in another review for a similar product, back pain is often a complex issue. If a single position were enough to ease the issue, there would be a lot less people suffering with chronic back pain. Having worked in the medical field for years, I have to agree that using a product like this may further aggravate a condition. The only pain this will cure is for those that have pain due to stiffness. Relax the Back will likely increase flexibility to aid that, but at what cost? At least this product has a fair price, however, I feel that legitimate medical advice should be sought before trying to address a serious issue such as back pain.

  3. I too suffer from ongoing back pain due to a past injury but I can’t imagine how this product would help me because, for me, it makes my back hurt worse just looking at it.

  4. I am one of the many individuals out there who suffers from chronic back pain and when I saw information concerning this relax the back product I had to see what it was about. After thoroughly looking into it I have to say that I’m rather unimpressed I cannot imagine how this product is actually supposed to relieve back pain. In all reality the back pain I suffer from stems from an injury I had some years ago and, to me, this arched back pain reliever only looks like it would make me hurt worse. That is the biggest turn off for me, if I could somehow get around how its appearance then I might try it, but it really does just look like it would hurt me more than help me.

  5. $30 is a lot to pay when you can achieve a very similar effect with some rolled up towels. That having been said, I have used devices like this before and they do provide quite a unique feeling of support. Lower back pain is just the worst. It’s strange, because people who haven’t experienced it always seem like they just don’t get it. I think it’s because they can’t see anything wrong and they think you’re faking. But my God, it is the worst. So, with that in mind, I’m actually all for these kind of things, because they do work (I’ve used them and they help) but honestly, you really can get a similar (okay, not quite as good) effect from some towels.

  6. I may just have to try this out. For $30 you can’t go wrong. Like many others, I have back problems, even though, like LS, I work out regularly. My job is on the computer, so I’m constantly hunched over and have to stop and remind myself to sit up.

    I do beleive that this works, for the simple reason that whenever I’m having bad back pain, I prop two pillows under my back and then relax, and I can feel the pain melting away. I’m sure a device developed specifically for the purpose of realigning the spine will have an even better effect.

  7. As someone who has constant back problems it’s ideal to find something that can help remedy these problems efficiently. Especially for those of us like LS mentioned that happen to work on the computer for long periods of time. I’m curious to see whether or not it strengthens your posture naturally. I’m sure a lot of us have that sort of problem. So it would be worth at least checking out seeing as $30 is not bad if it does what it claims.

  8. Another one with chronic back problems here and for $30, this definitely sounds like it is worth a try. While I always am weary of products that claim to solve back issues, this seems to make sense and combined with good customer reviews and the reasonable price, I think I may give this one a try.

  9. I suffer from low back pain intermittently due to an old injury. I do have an inversion table, but it is large, heavy, and cumbersome to take out all the time. I could see this product helping to ease my pain when it flares up, and since it is so much smaller than my inversion table it would be much more convenient.

    The price of $30 is very cheap if the product actually works. My inversion table was several hundred and if this product helped my back as much as the table does it would be well worth the cost. This price point is probably much more friendly for people from a variety of incomes than other options, such as a chiropractor as “LS” mentioned. I will probably look into buying one of these.

  10. I have chronic back problems. No matter how much I work out and stay in shape, the types of back problems I have will never go away. I have to see a chiropractor regularly, but because her services are expensive, I do not go to her as often as I should or would like to. Investing in a product like this would be a great idea for me, and I’m definitely going to try and find it as soon as possible. It should definitely help ease my stiffness, especially after long hours working at the computer.

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