Does Fruitable Creations Really Work?

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Does Fruitable Creations work?Fruitable Creations is a way to make your own fruit arrangement at home, using ordinary fruit you can buy at the supermarket. They’re meant to help you avoid the high cost of edible fruit arrangements that have become popular in recent years, but does it work well enough to do it yourself?

If you’ve ever received a fruit bouquet you’ll realize that they really are a great gift, because they look beautiful and as an added bonus you can eat them. That puts them over a bouquet of flowers that simply gets old and dried out over time. It’s great to take a picture of your fruit bouquet and then dig into it because the fruit is often scrumptious.

The Claim
The makers of Fruitable Creations say that you get everything you need to rival the fruit bouquets you can get from places like Edible Arrangements. The kit includes heart, flower, and star shaped presses that you use to cut the fruit into attractive shapes. They also include a melon baller and a knife that makes crinkle cuts for different designs. They provide the sticks necessary to hold the fruit in place, and they include the foam needed to hold it all in the vase. They say that with the included instruction guidebook you’ll have no trouble getting ideas and inspiration.

They also provide a lot of ideas on when you’d be able to give these fruit bouquets, such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, mother’s day, Independence Day picnics, dinner parties, teacher’s day, and holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween.

The Hype
Saving people money is one way to hype up a product, because we all like to feel that we’re getting a good deal. If you’ve wanted to send someone a fruit bouquet but couldn’t afford to, you’re likely highly motivated to buy a product like this so that you can be able to and not have to worry so much about

The Cost
The Fruitable Creations kit is $23 which includes shipping. For an extra $8, or a total cost of $31 you can also get a vegetable kit that allows you to make decorations out of vegetables in much the same way as the fruit kit.

The Commitment
Unlike having someone else do this for you with a professional service you’ll have to be the one to do the actual creating. You’ll also have to go out and buy the fruit that is needed for it, spend the money on that fruit, and take the time to put it all together. If you like to do that sort of thing, you may not think this is much of a chore, but if you’re not craftsy like that in the kitchen you might have some trial and error to work through before you get the hang of it.

Fruitable Creations works because they give you all of the tools you need as well as the instructions for how to prepare the foods, as well as ideas and inspiration in order to come up with creations if you don’t have a creative bone in your body. If they didn’t provide this you’d have to figure out how to use tools you have on hand, and would have to rely on coming up with new ideas and starting from scratch, or just mimicking ideas you see at places like Edible Arrangements.

Since you get to provide the fruit and vegetables for these you get to have control over the quality of the ingredients you use. This means that if you wanted to you could use organic fruits which are not used in mainstream companies. This means that you will often get a better tasting bouquet, or at least one that isn’t loaded with preservatives. You can also choose fruit when it’s in season and cheaper, visiting a farmer’s market to get the freshest fruit at the best prices by buying direct.

Final Fruitable Creations Review

Fruitable Creations is getting our Solid Try rating based on providing a comprehensive kit that allows you to do everything you need to do in order to make arrangements comparable to the kind you get from professional services. The price point is right on with this and you can make your money back with it on your first creation because of the high cost of having it done for you.

Our Recommendation
This is recommended for those that like to do creative things in the kitchen, and also for those that aspire to. It makes the process much easier than trying to figure out how to do it on your own, and since you can use many of the pieces again and again you can make multiple arrangements over the years so that you can keep the savings going.

What do you think? Does Fruitable Creations work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does Fruitable Creations Really Work?

  1. I wanted to purchase this set for myself, but I have been unable to. I work for my family’s catering business and I enjoy creations such as this. I tried to purchase this item from two different sites and was prompted both times with a statement saying that the link was unavaible. This alone made me question the credibility of the sites in general. It isn’t hard at all it is simply up to the person as to how much effort they would like to put into the project itself. Everything costs money regardless of whether you are purchasing the fruit or someone else. Weigh your options according to your own budget.

  2. I sort of agree with everyone here. A fruit ensemble is a definite nice change of pace over the classic bouquet of flowers but all of this stuff can be found in most kitchens. You don’t exactly need to be a rocket scientist to cut up a mango. All you really need is a knife and a peeler. Obviously, if you don’t have any of the basic items to create this, then it is a good value, but if you are someone who likes to cook, then you can easily do all of this yourself. No matter what though, it is better to get this and spend the time to create it rather than dropping $50 and another $20 for shipping.

  3. I was really liking this product till I read your reply! That’s so true, I really hadn’t thought of all the work that would go into making a fruit bouquet myself. Maybe that’s why fruit bouquets are so expensive? And after all the work of making it, you’d need to give it to the person as soon as possible so the fruit doesn’t get affected by heat or dryness. Yeah, maybe it is better to up just shell out the money for a premade fruit bouquet, or maybe just use cookie cutters to get the fruit shapes without spending the $25 to get this kit.

  4. I purchased the Fruitable Creations kit because last Mother’s Day I called Edible Arrangements to get my mom a nice fruit arrangement. I about fell over when the lowest price was $50.00 and then if I wanted them to deliver the arrangement it would be an additional $20.00. I can buy a nice flower arrangement for $25.00 and they wanted close to $70.00. The Fruitable Creations kit comes with all the tools needed to make great arrangements. The book also gives additional ideas and tips. I have used mine for parties, showers and gifts. It has paid for itself several times over. I love my Fruitable Creations kit.

  5. Well yes i think if you are an artisan of sorts then doing this would be quite fun but for the same price you can get one from a company that already exists done for you and delivered with not as many mistakes as one I could come up with for sure. This may be a way of putting something on your own table for a party or get together but it is not something I would give to anyone of any significance other than someone who knows me quite well because I am not adept that way. I would maybe get a bunch of friends over and have a carving party..drunk ..that may be fun! But everyone would have to chip in for the bunch of fruitables for sure!

  6. You make a really good point. All of those things in the kit are pretty common kitchen items, or easily bought for not much money. The kit is a really cute idea, but not really worth the price when you can just make it yourself with your own materials.

    My friend actually did that. She made an edible arrangement type bouquet for her boyfriend’s graduation, but I think she just cut the fruit into shapes with a knife instead of using cookie cutters. It was probably a little harder, but not by a lot. And it came out looking great.

    I think Edible Arrangements are awesome, and I would love to make one, but I don’t think the kit is necessary to do so.

  7. I have no doubt that this kit will give you the results intended. I do, however, question the value. Geared at people with a creative bone, this gives the freedom to create your own edible bouquet (which do cost a small fortune to order). That said, most people, creative or not, would have the majority of the items needed to create such an piece. I honestly do not know of anyone who does not have cookie cutters, and the wooden sticks are cheap. You may even have those in a drawer as they are pretty common as well. For many, buying an item they need to complete the project would be cheaper than buying the whole kit. Plus, chances are, you’ll get a better quality product. I suppose the real benefit here is convenience; for those that want everything in a ready-to-go fashion, this kit offers that. I personally would stick with not being limited on creativity and buy the products individually.

  8. I agree with Bronco Fan and had a similar experience this past Mother’s Day. I wanted to shake things up for the same old bouquet of flowers. I thought, “Great! Edible Arrangements will be easy to deliver, won’t require too much hassle, and will make her happy.” But the price tag was simply outrageous!! Had Fruitable Creations been around and within my grasp I would have probably purchased it and created the bouquet myself. It wouldn’t be too much of a hassle in our household (we slice and purchase fresh fruit fairly often) and it would have produced a very similar result.

  9. This product addresses that odd section of the market that wants to purchase a large bouquet of fruit made to look like flowers from Edible Arrangements but can’t afford to do so. If you fall into that category, then Fruitable Creations is the product for you. Just bear in mind that this is like a juicer commercial. It seems easy, but remember that you will need to go to the store and purchase all the fruit, then wash and prepare it all to be cut into love hearts and star shapes. If you feel like doing this, then part with the $25. I like fruit, I just don’t care how it is arranged.

  10. It looks like a fun thing to give to friends, family or a significant other but, I don’t think it’s really worth the outrageous price though. It does provide flare and makes something artistic into something edible. I think they would lower the price a bit, they would be more attractive to purchase. But they could be useful for all sort of parties to make something stand out when being able to eat at the same time. Anything that allows you to use your creativity well is something definitely worth checking out!

  11. At one time I looked into buying an Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet for a friend of mine. Although I don’t remember the exact price, I remember being appalled at how expensive they were. I can remember wondering if they would make it as a business as it seemed so overpriced. But with Fruitable Creation, this cost would be greatly minimized. I personally enjoy doing projects and fun things in the kitchen, especially with my children, so this would probably be a good buy for someone like me.

    I have a creative side, but I don’t think you would need much of one to come up with some great ideas that are suggested in the book. With the right tools it sounds simple and easy so I would think this may even be a good gift for someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. Overall, for the price, I will certainly try this product.

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