Does RustOleum ReColor Really Work?

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Does RustOleum ReColor Work?Some people really enjoy carrying out the paint jobs that need doing around the home. Then there are others that find this to be a big hassle. Then there is always the chance that you can’t get the exact color of what the item was originally and that’s a big disappointment. There seems to be a solution for this and its called RustOleum ReColor.

RustOleum ReColor is a product that is applied to an item and it then restores that item back to its original color. It is supposed to make the item look as though it has just been freshly painted.

The Claim
The promoters of RustOleum ReColor are claiming that the product is super easy to use. It is a clear coat and sealant that can make something old look new again. No need for brushes or paint application of any kind.

The Hype
The hype really is the fact that you eliminate all the hassle that comes with painting plus the cost of buying the primer,paint,sealant and brushes. Then of course you can say goodbye to the paint clean up.

The Cost
There are several places where you can buy RustOleum ReColor, but if you buy on Amazon you can expect to pay around $18.

The Commitment
There is still some work involved. You have to apply the RustOleum ReColor as directed.

RustOleum ReColor really is a very innovative product. But RustOleum has a reputation for providing some good products. What makes this product even better is that it can be used on so many different types of surfaces such as plastic, wood, metal or fiberglass, for example. This makes it even more impressive because some of these types of surfaces can be really hard to paint using traditional methods.


Final RustOleum ReColor Review

RustOleum ReColor is going to get a thumbs up rating from us. It has gotten some great feedback. There is no doubt that many that have used not only love how easy it is to use, but the results that they get. The only option you are losing out on is not being able to change the color of the piece that you are working on. If you happen to be happy with the color then why not just restore it rather than have to repaint it? One of the added bonuses to the RustOleum ReColor is that it makes the piece it is being use on UV resistant and is able to retard corrosion.

Our Recommendation
RustOleum ReColor really is a great solution for restoring an item back to its natural color without having to go through all the hassles of painting. Often when going through the original restoration methods it means having to scrape the old paint before you can even apply the new. It is quite amazing that this product is able to restore the original color so it looks new and vibrant. It only takes one hour to cure. If you still feel that you need or want to paint your items then perhaps the Rubbermaid Paint Buddy will help.

What do you think? Does RustOleum ReColor work or not?

Customer Review on “Does RustOleum ReColor Really Work?

  1. I bought this product a couple of years ago and used it on all my vinyl shutters and it removed the hazy oxidation look and restored the shine as if they were new. Lasted a quite a while too. Recently got a notice to repaint my shutters, so will be buying it again and saving money on painting and enjoying the easy application with supplied pads and gloves. Surprised local Lowes, HD and WM weren’t carrying it, so will order online.

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