Does the Save the Marriage System Really Work?

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Does the Save the Marriage System work?If your marriage is on the rocks or at risk, you might think that something like the Save the Marriage System is your last hope. This time in your life can definitely give you that “back against the wall” feeling, but it’s important not to panic and start grasping at straws. Getting help from a guide like this is often a better idea than asking your friends or family what they think you should do, because you need the objectivity that only an unbiased third-party can bring to the table.

Marriage is not easy, which is why half of them don’t work out. For many people that run into a rough spot, divorce is just too easy an option to keep off the table. Staying in the marriage and working things out just seems like too much work when you can just bail and start over with someone new. However, if you really love someone, you’ll make the effort to keep them in your life, and rekindle the feelings that you once had for each other.

The Claim
Lots of people say that marriage and relationships are a two way street, but the Save the Marriage system claims that you can save it even if you’re the only one that wants to. However, this begs the question: do you really want to be in a relationship with someone that is just lukewarm about you, or that needs a ton of persuasion to be with you?

The Hype
The hype is that this is a $47 ebook, and claims so many benefits that even a professional marriage counselor would be hard pressed to get those kind of results with a year or more of therapy and two willing partners.

The Cost
The Save the Marriage System is $47 and is sold through ClickBank. Give it 60 days and if your marriage is still in shambles at the very least you can get your money back for the program. Tip: You can grab a 30 day trial for $1 by attempting to close the window but then opting to stay on for the offer.

The Commitment
You’ll have to take the steps recommended in the book in order to see if it works or not. There might be things in it that you’re not willing to do, or that you think don’t apply to your specific situation. But you have to put your pride on the side and perhaps do things that you’re not comfortable with. Think of it this way: doing things your way has led you to this point. Doing things that put you out of your comfort zone is the only way you’re going to shake up the status quo and affect real change.

Even thought this is a subjective experience for you, you’re not the first person to be in this situation. A trained expert who has seen hundreds of relationships on the brink can identify the similarities between them and can develop a plan of action that should work. People are basically all the same, and typically fight about the same things in one form or another. One key is to stop thinking that your situation is altogether special or unique. Chances are you’re fighting about things that have been fought about for decades.

They cover a lot of the most common things that break up a marriage, including dispelling a lot of the common myths of why you’re having problems in the first place. They also get into the top 5 mistakes that couples make when a crisis pops up. They show you how to have a healthier, and more stable marriage. They also show you how to accurately gauge just how bad of a situation you’re in with an eight-level chart. No matter where you are on this crisis chart, they give you the steps to turn things around and calm things down.

They also show you what to do, tell you what to say, and tell you what to avoid doing and saying that will only make things worse. This alone can put you in a much better place, and get you to not cause further damage. It may seem like you are losing a bit of autonomy to your marriage by using someone else’s words or advice, but as long as you agree with what you’re saying, it’s still your life and your relationship.

This should be looked at as a form of marriage counseling without actually having to visit with someone. By reading through this book you’re getting something very important – perspective. You’re taking a step back and putting some space between your emotions and your mind. This can be a big help by getting you to stop simply reacting to what is happening in the moment, and see the bigger picture. You can then form a strategy and take steps that are backed by a plan, and not just whatever pops in your head in the heat of the moment.

Final Save the Marriage System Review

Hope is a good thing to have, and if you believe that there’s still a chance, then the Save the Marriage System is worth a try. But keep that belief level, because you’ll need it to see you through the difficult road ahead. It’s not going to be easy, but if you stay focused and determined, you should see positive results.

You’ve got to do something to stop your marriage from heading down its current trajectory. This might not be the end-all to your relationship problems, but at least it’s a positive step towards getting things back to how it once was, or getting things to a totally new place that is even better than it was before.

Our Recommendation
This is an easy decision, because it’s got the guarantee in place, and you can download it immediately and start putting it to use today. You don’t want to hem and haw too much on this, because you don’t want things to fester if they’re in a bad place right now. You need to start reversing the damage and stop the bleeding right away so there’s less to repair later on.

Official Website: Save the Marriage System

What do you think? Does Save the Marriage System work or not?

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