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Does ScalpMed work?ScalpMed comes in two types, one for men and one for women, and says that it’s clinically proven to target the cause of your hair loss. We all know that the results you see in TV promos are not typical, but they are still very persuasive. That’s why we looked further into this to see what the details are, and whether or not you can expect it to work.

Losing one’s hair can be a traumatic experience, and out of desperation you might be tempted to try just about anything. Manufacturers know this and so they’re always bringing to market possible solutions that sound plausible. They know that all they have to do is create a shred of hope and they can make a sale. That’s why it’s best to tread lightly when evaluating any hair loss product, take the claims with a grain of salt, and research the active ingredients listed to see what the general consensus is.

The Claim
The makers of ScalpMed claim that they’re treating the cause of hair loss right at the source, which we’re guessing they’re saying is the scalp, since that is where the products are applied. They also say that you won’t need hair transplant surgery, wear a toupee, or experience any sexual side effects from using it. They say that they guarantee the results, but after further research it appears that you only get 30 days to try it out, not 60, and they only accept unopened packages, so you won’t get a refund on the products that you’ve tried.

The Hype
There’s always hype involved with products that say they fix hair loss. With this one they add to it by saying that their formula has been patented, which indeed checks out, but patents are for products that are unique and novel, not necessarily ones that work. Basically they’re selling Minoxidil mixed with other ingredients, so they’ll need to hype it up enough for people to think it’s going to give them different or better results than using Minoxidil.

The Cost
The cost is what raises the most concern. While ScalpMed might look tempting enough at the $25 price point, that’s only for a trial, and the actual price is $80 for a one month supply. If you don’t call and cancel you’ll get billed for the trial, plus you’ll get sent additional product and charged for it at the normal retail price.

When you consider that you can get a three month supply of Rogaine foam for $50, and this is a formula that has been tested and retested and has a high efficacy rating among users, and contains the same active ingredient, it’s hard to justify spending an extra $63 for

The Commitment
They say that you’ll start to see results with this towards the end of the 60 days they recommend for the trial period, which seems rather convenient. You’ll also have to consider the long-term commitment because the results you get with this are not permanent, so you’ll need to keep using it as long as you want to maintain your appearance. You’re also committing to paying these prices if you continue on it for multiple months. While they do have a loyalty program that lowers the price after each consecutive purchase, their lowest price point still clocks in at several times the price of other options.

When considering whether to buy ScalpMed or not, it has to be the clear winner over other competing products promising similar results. In this regard they just don’t measure up, because they only make claims that are just like all the others. The product won’t do anything more spectacular than other Minoxidil products. It won’t work if you’re totally bald, it won’t work on frontal hair loss, and if you stop taking it your hair will start to fall out again. These are all features of Minoxidil use.

One aspect that might separate it from other products is that they say it won’t cause some of the side effects that are reported with other hair loss solutions. Namely they bring up the sexual side effects that have been reported with pharmaceutical drugs like Propecia. But Propecia is taken internally, is not a topical solution like ScalpMed, and does not use Minoxidil, it’s a totally different drug altogether. So the claim that you’re avoiding these types of side effects could be made by any distributor of a Minoxidil product.

Final ScalpMed Review

ScalpMed is getting the Thumbs Down due to its inexplicable price point. Because it contains Minoxidil it will work for those that respond well to Minoxidil. But regardless of whether it works or not, it’s still many times more expensive than other products that contain the same active ingredient. For that reason there’s no need to spend through the nose to try it out and see how well you like it, you can simply buy generic forms of Minoxidil or Rogaine and conduct the same experiment.

Our Recommendation
Since it’s unclear what all of the other ingredients are, and since we know that the main ingredient is Minoxidil, it makes better sense to simply use generic Minoxidil that can be purchased rather cheaply online. You’re just not going to beat Big Pharma to the solution for hair loss, so don’t worry about being left in the dark on the newest most exciting discovery to regrow hair. When it does hit, everyone will know about it the same way everyone found out about Viagra.

What do you think? Does ScalpMed work or not?

43 Customer Reviews on “Does ScalpMed Really Work?

  1. I have an MD, and here’s some medical facts:
    Hair loss is genetic, once you lost it, you wont get it back. all claims about regrowth are fault. Continuous use of Minoxidil products may help minor re-growth in some individuals on back of the scalp only, provided the hair follicles are still there.
    Even hair transplants are not permanent. You will still need to use Minoxidil to keep the transplanted hair or they too will fall after a couple of years or so, because the genetic factors that caused the your old hair to fall is still there. In fact, some honest doctors will recommend you to use Minoxidil after hair was transplanted.
    Hair cloning may be a solution but that is still decades away. Get used to it like I did and adapt a new life style. Once is gone, it’s gone. You will come to same conclusion after spending lots of money on these products.

  2. This product simply does not regrow hair. Please read all the reviews and you will discover that the claims to regrow hair are not researched with factual data.

  3. Followed Directions to a T for the recommended 3 months. Nothing! In fact my wife tells me It seems I lost more hair on back of scalp. They say money back guarantee…. small print. “need to register and submit a pic each month” then submit for money back. I didn’t do that. My loss. Hopefully not yours. I heard there is a law suite …. Don’t know about it. Save your $$$$

  4. I have been using ScalpMED for 5 months and my hair is growing back more than I ever thought it could. This stuff is the real deal!


  6. ScalpMed seemed to work, and but reading the article it wasn’t necessarily any better than generic minoxidil in the women’s formula, so I’ll try that for a while. When I trie minoxidil before I may not have given it enough time to work.

  7. I had thinning on the top and my crown was starting to show. I have been using Scalp Med for about 5 months and my hair feels and looks a lot thicker. I also use the shampoo and it leaves my hair feeling really clean and shiny. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to try it.

  8. Thank you for your post Karl Draw ♡ that is so very true and I love the inspiration. You are truly an amazing person ♡♡

  9. Scalpmed does work! I used it before and immediately my barber noticed that I had hair growing in around the crown area. I didn’t notice any sexual side effects as I was always able to perform, something that always scared me away from rogaine. One thing I did notice ,at the start , was that my scalp would get a little itchy and red but again that was only at the beginning. If I had to rate it on results alone I would give it two thumbs up but since I have to take price into consideration as well, I give it a thumbs up and one down. Remember you have to pay that price for as long as you want those results to stay around. It is a big financial commitment , almost $900 a year is a significant chunk of change.

  10. You guys are idiots. Just because it doesnt work for you doesnt mean its a bad product. My buddy uses this and its working for him. Its not going to happen overnight its gonna take at least 3-5 months, AND you have to use it. Skipping a day or not following the instructions yeah its not gonna work. I bet most of you dont even use this right. I bet my paycheck on it. This is what what friend does. Sprays that peppermint stuff on 2x a day along with one of the capsules. The two small bottles, he sprays on and leaves on for 5 min before he showers. He did that this way for about 4 months and his hair is growing back. It might not work for you, so what. Accept mother nature and move on.

  11. I tried it at first and I thought it didn’t work but I gave it a second chance and eventhough I didn’t use twice a day I began to notice baby hairs growing from my scalp as I did my pony tail. I have no interest in gaining anything but it did work for me.

  12. Have been battling hair loss for some time and tried the club like Chris Knight. It was costly but I gained info that have helped me since quitting. You must keep your scalp/follicles clean with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner (sodium sulfate laureth is the worse), use minoxidil (for life/stopping will cause you to loose hair again), and take DHT Blocking minerals (which I think are really invaluable.) I bought a laser helmet to promote blood stimulation which this club promoted, but rarely use it.

  13. Raziel, before using Propecia go on Web MD and read Propecia’s side effects. They are terrible.

  14. Most of the reactions I hear people talking about is pricing. These people ate price gougers. For the people it don’t work for they have problems and for the people out does work for they get overstocked and gauged.
    Money seems to be the issue before people can see if it really does work long term. I haven’t seen any reviews reviews where people are long time buyers they usually are ripped off badly and their credit is taking a hit if they don’t pay these people

  15. I saw this product this morning on a commercial. I decided to review it thinking, “this should be entertaining”. The review was exactly what I thought it would be. I personally have never used these products and most likely never will. Like the reviewer says, when an actual product that works arrives, we’ll all know. The reality is, that’s not going to happen so get over it. It’s just part of getting old, you know, nature? You cant change the natural process. Stop wasting your money on trying to cure your insecurities and just embrace it! There’s far more to life than worrying about your hair. I am a 57 year old man with thinning hair and a receding hairline, so what. Guess what…nobody cares!! Except of course the ones laughing while they collect your money. Again, get over it and save your money…… spend it on something worthwhile, go to Disneyland instead.

  16. Celebrate your baldness. I started loosing my hair in my 20’s so I have never had to experience hair loss as a sympton of aging. I’ve been single most of my life and have never had problems with dating great looking women.

    A not handsome French Count was asked by his friends, how did he always manage to be involved with such beautiful women? They were truly baffled. When asked, his response was, ” give me 5 minutes and I can talk away this ugly face”.

    Don’t fall for these scams that pray on your insecurities. Be yourself! The most appealing thing you have to offer.

  17. My name is Ivelie I just started using scalp med, I have some allergy reaction all over my body is Ichi , I can’t even sleep and today I have to go see a doctor I can’t take it anymore, I have never in my entire life had an allergy reaction, I am so scared right now I don’t know what to do

  18. What a horrible claim this company scalp med is making ..isn’t there a lawsuit against this fraudulant claim..WHAT A SCAM.WE ALL GET CAUGHT IN IT.AND THEY DONT GO AWAY..LOL WHY DONT WE LEARN ..LOL

  19. Yes scalp med did work for me in fact it was amazing. But the monthly price was too overwhelming and I was a college student at the time I couldn’t afford it so I canceled. They still tried to get another month out of me after I canceled. Ever since I’ve been using different brands of minoxidil but just couldn’t find a brand the had the same effect. Any ideas anyone?

  20. Scalp med did nothing for me except cost me money , I had a local clinic in Clearwater Fl. inject my own cells from my blood PRP four months ago , and a major amount of my hair is growing back expensive though about twelve hundred dollars

  21. I won’t be participating in the scalpmed! Wow, stop using and more hair falls out? Scalp dries out? No thanks!

  22. DO NOT USE SCALP MED. HAS MAJOR SIDE EFFECTS> Headache, dizzy, can think straight, rashes etc. Stay away from this product!

  23. K, I don’t think he works for ScalpMED, I think he has a point as far as cost savings because I also checked out Bosley and they quoted me a cost of up to $12,000 for a procedure that may have to be repeated again in the future due to the loss of the hair that isn’t transplanted now, in other words, I’ve still got some hair on top and all they would do is “fill-in” the bare areas. What happens in the future when the hair that’s there now falls out? Well, I “fill-it-in” with another $12,000 procedure. So, to go on TV and pull at my hair and say: “It’s my hair, it’s my own hair”, I will have to spend $24,000…it wouldn’t be a problem if I were Joey Fatone or Chris Knight or hit the lottery for that matter, but that kind of money I just don’t have, so I look for alternate ways of saving my hair.

  24. Transplant first. Propecia to maintain. Rogain for thickness. Shampoo only once or twice a week. This is what I did and it works! My hair looks better now than it did 15 years ago. Sprays will not work alone. Just save your money and get a transplant . Best thing I ever did for my hair. One more thing- I also use Caboki to fill in my hair.

  25. I stopped usingit for about 2 weeks & used the 5% rogaine foam. I started getting nose bleeds so I went back to scalpmed. Been using almost a month & it doesn’t seem to be working likeit did in the first few weeks i used it. They don’t tell u what happens if u stop using it for a couple weeks & start back up again. I don’t understand why it worked at first but not now. Does the regular 2% rogaine for women work just as good?

  26. This lengthy response strikes me as having been written by someone who works for ScalpMED. Notice how how “Brett” pitches the product.

  27. I have thinning on the top of my head & just above my temples. How come it only works for the top of your head? Don’t you have follicles all over your head? Also it says if ur 40 yrs old or younger…I’m 50 yrs old, does it not work for me? I’m using the trial now but bought the 5% rogaine foam cuz scalp med is just too expensive. I like that I only have to keep it on for 45 mins. The rogaine has to be on 4 hrs. How can the timing be so different?

  28. I was using scalp med when I had hair thinning significantly along the crown of the head. It did stop the hairloss, and even kept what hair I had still their. I just didn’t see the results I was expecting , so I discontinued scalp med after a year of use. Huge mistake I made, I called and canceled my monthly order. Almost immediately after only a few weeks of stopping scalp med, I had significant hair loss, and extreme scalp dryness and irritation. I recently enrolled back into the scalp mad program because it is the only thing I can use thar replenishes my scalps moisture. I use it now just to keep my shaved bald head moisturized. No other product I’ve tried can do this . Is the price steep, that really depends on your own financial status at the moment . Scalp med was working for me, it helped to revitalize my hair , and kept it looking thicker, my biggest regret was stopping the treatment altogether , when you stop using it , it accelerates your hair loss dramaticly. I’m now looking into combining scalp med with propecia, to bring back the hair I lost. I’m also going to go in for a complete hair transplant consultation, because even tho I don’t look bad with a shaved head , I certainly don’t look as good either. Do not discontinue using scalp med if you’ve already been using for more than 6 months to a year. You will experience what happened to me, and maybe even more so.

  29. Brett, did you read the review on this page where you put your comment? The reviewers of this website gave this product a “thumbs DOWN” and explained very explicitly why! This website reviews products in an attempt to help consumers save money and aggravation if the product doesn’t preform as advertised, or has some other unethical issues. On the other hand, if the product preforms as advertised, and is supported by the comments of users, then the reviewers give a thumbs UP!
    You have not upset anyone. This is just a great website to check things out before either getting your hopes up and then be disappointed, or spend a lot of cash that you can’t really afford!
    Good Luck Brett.

  30. Iwill NOT try scalpmed. don’t like what I have read about it. thank you all for your input on this product.I don’t like automatic delivery–it is a way of making money on you.

  31. I’ve never tried Scalp med before.
    But I’m looking forward to using it for the first time. & you guys will just have to forgive me if I’m on the wrong website for seeking a little more information. I do mess up a lot of times accidentally & end up on the wrong page for conversations & questions.
    If I have upset anyone in anyway then I am truly sorry.
    I just get a little confused here & there about where to go for what I’m doing here. That’s all. I probably am on the wrong page to talk about how I feel, what I’m thinking.
    Again thank you for taking the time to listen! Please understand I am not the type of individual who criticizes!

  32. I have a question about scalp med, does it work? I do have a thinning hair problem. Not much as far as balding goes, but definitely some thinning on top & just above my forehead that doesn’t look good. There’s a partial area some men have above their forehead, I call it kind of a letter W just above the forehead. Others have got hair that’ll hang over the forehead a little more without the W thing. & the hair just goes arrow straight across. That’s what I had in the past, today I’m dissatisfied with how I look, Just from looking at my reflection on just about anything, & there is no hidden fact when I look at myself that I feel like I need to make an improvement sooner or later. So I’ve just gotten finished checking out Bosley. About transplants or hair restoration stuff like that, the doctor I’m dealing with wants me to pay over 5000 dollars. Now here I am checking out information on Scalp med. To me 350$ for a 6 month supply sounds pretty reasonable. Its no doubt I am losing my hair. But I want to end this thing before its too late. However I’d like to know whether or not it will irritate your skin. I’ve used hairloss products before, afterwards it feels like your skin is on fire! So I got to know from whoever. & I do want to know the truth. Some people say when you spend a lot of time out in the sun, that can be to blame for this. Hopefully it won’t harm me in any way. If you guys say there’s no risk, no side affects. I guess it can’t hurt to try it out for myself.
    I’ve heard jokes told to me before by other people who are already bald or almost completely bald. They say one day you might look like me, & its not just my family saying this to me, but a few other guys around me. If Scalp Med does what they say, & it works for me, (Then they’ll be in for the surprise of their Life!!!!!!!!)
    If it can help me then I’ll thank the makers of Scalp Med 1000 times!!
    Amen to that!
    See ya later. I don’t know who this email is going to exactly. But thanks for taking the time to listen.

  33. What I have found is that Scalpmed does not give me the itchy bumps that straight minoxidil does and the spray applicator is a much more effective way to distribute it over the scalp. I have used minoxidil for many years. It works for me to keep my hair from thinning any further. The alcohol base in Rogaine or L’Oreal, etc,. are irritating to the scalp (duh). It must have to be in some alcohol base (cheaper?), and the drip applicators (cheaper?) seem to me to be just dumb technology in this day and age. Yes, Scalpmed is basically overpriced minoxidil, but it does not irritate my scalp in the process. And yes, keep track of your shipments…don’t let them drown you with product.

  34. I just saw the infomercial for Scalpmed. It interested me, because thin hair run in my family. So it isn’t worth my time?

  35. Oh,,,really? You mean to say scalpmed is not really work,,I have plan to try that scalpmed,but I red your experience about that,, they are look like scammer?

  36. Stay away from scalp med. These are number one cheater. I stooped using in the month of feb and made the payment for the same but they are still asking me for money. They send it to collection Service.

  37. i tried scalp med and it did not give me the results zx42 gave me and its baout 25 bucks per month

  38. Scalpmed lost me on the price and return policy. I was very much interested at first, but upon review it is a complete joke when it comes to their sales method. Who knows about the product itself, maybe it works or maybe it doesn’t, but they should really be more upfront about their pricing and stop trying to make money off of auto order and such. It does however get some good reviews from some users, so that part of it is still intriguing.

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