Does Scan Stop Really Work?

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Does Scan Stop workThe Scan Stop is designed to keep your credit cards safe, even when they’re tucked away in your wallet or purse. It is designed to block illegal scanners from accessing your card’s data, but the real question is whether or not it really works, and if you even need it.

The problem is presented as this: scammers out there have equipment that can wirelessly beam your credit card information back to them. They can then magnetize a new card with your data, effectively copying your card. They’re able to do this with the new cards that you can just touch against the reader at the checkout counter without having to swipe your card. If your card is not equipped with this feature then there’s no need to worry. And even if it is, there may still not be a need to worry. Read on.

The Claim
The makers of Scan Stop say that by placing your credit cards that have this wireless ability between two of their Scan Stop cards, you’ll effectively block any attempt made to access the data on those cards. They say it’s using a proprietary technology to block the signal. They also say that their cards are durable and flexible, so you can fit them into tight spots and they won’t wear out.

The Hype
The hype comes from overstating just how huge of a problem it is to have cards that susceptible to these scanners. Credit card companies are adamant that a hacker can’t do much with your card’s information, and if anything should happen you’ll be covered. So showing people in the informercial that have had their credit ruined, or are receiving past due notices is pretty misleading. In fact, the system is set up so that a hacker would have a tough time making just one purchase on your card, and they’d have to do that before you make your next purchase with the card. So it seems that the damage would be minimal, and would be refunded by the credit card company and investigated further on their end.

The Cost
The Scan Stop starts with a price of $20 for a set of two cards. Remember that in order to use this you need to have two cards, and then sandwich your credit cards between them. They throw in a second pair of cards, but want you to pay shipping on this “bonus” card. Your final price comes to $32 and you end up with two sets, so $16 per set.

The Commitment
All you’ll need to do is put your credit cards between the two cards they send you. It might make it a little less convenient to access your cards because you’ll have to try to remove the card you want from between the Scan Stop cards, but

The Scan Stop idea is a good one, as it means you can use your own pocketbook or wallet and you don’t have have an unfashionable aluminum wallet or anything else. At the same time it’s not explained exactly how it’s blocking the signals, it’s just referred to as a proprietary technology. Some of the more advanced blockers out there actually reflect the signal back to the would-be scammers, so no matter how powerful their equipment they just get their signal beamed back at them. There are also models out there that light up when someone is trying to get your info and emit a sound so you know that you’re under attack.

Final Scan Stop Review

Scan Stop likely does the job as well as any RFID blocking wallet, but there are a few things to consider here. First, you should check your cards to see if you’re even at risk. There are only particular cards that are at risk here, and those are the ones that have a wireless capability to them, the kind that you can tap to pay because it’s reading the chip in your card. Next, you have to consider that you are paying an exorbitant shipping charge in order to receive these cards, for cards that are billed as being lightweight and could probably be mailed first class in an ordinary envelope the way credit cards are. You end up paying $12 to have them shipped, which is excessive at the very least.

Our Recommendation
This is one item that is overpriced for what it is, when you factor in the extra shipping charges. If you are very worried about someone stealing your card’s information, and are willing to give up the ability to tap your card to make purchases, you can simply put your card in the microwave for 3 seconds. This will fry the circuitry in your card’s chip, just be sure not to leave it in there a second too long or you’ll end up frying your card as well.

What do you think? Does Scan Stop work or not?

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  1. I did a little experiment last week, and with the cooperation of the local hardware store tried to tap with two cards held together. The machine could not read either BUT did recognise that there were two cards there and displayed that message. I think if you have two cards together a sensitive scanner would be confused and not be able to read either like the professional reader did when I tapped it. Does that mean that these Scan stopperss are simply cards programmed with random numbers? I would like to tap one of these ScanStop cards at a checkout and see the message displayed. Any thoughts?

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