Does SciVation Xtend Really Work?

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Does Xtend work?Xtend is a bodybuilding supplement by SciVation that is supposed to be able to help increase your endurance, and reduce your recovery time. Several supplements out there make the same promise, so how can you be sure that this is the one that will actually work?

Between reaching plateaus, getting bored, having the stresses of life nip at your motivation levels, and a number of other potential stumbling blocks, it’s not easy crafting the body you really want. This is doubly true if you are trying to work out at competitive levels and be judged on your physique. If bodybuilding is more than just an idle hobby for you, you’re likely looking for an edge that can boost your overall appearance as well as allow you to spend your time more effectively in the gym.

The Claim
They say that Xtend will help you build more muscle, burn more fat, and recover from your intense workouts more quickly. It doesn’t contain any sugar, which is nice for those looking to cut down on carbs, and it is meant to be taken as you’re working out, so it’s different than supplements taken either pre- or post-workout.

The Hype
Almost every supplement in the bodybuilding niche comes with a good amount of hype. They have to try to sell you on taking it, so they have to make it seem like you’ll be able to have the body you want when you use it. It’s important to see past the hype, keep your expectations in check, and simply take a more experimental approach to it, rather than wrapping up your hopes in it only to be disappointed later. With consumable products like this that are priced reasonably there’s no reason to get bent out of shape because you made a bad purchase.

The Cost
A tub of Xtend containing 30 servings can be found for $23, but there are a number of ways you can buy it, either in bottles or in what they call stick packs, single serving packets you can bring with you on the go. Each one has basically the same relative price per serving, the biggest consideration really is which format you want to use and how much you want to have on stock.

The Commitment
You’re likely already committed to a workout regimen and eating system, and likely have taken other supplements in an attempt to claim your idea body size. This should be able to dovetail into your routine nicely, but it might take a little getting used to as far as remembering to take it during your workouts, especially if you’ve grown accustomed to drinking shakes before or after working out.

With so many reported benefits, like more muscular endurance, more power output, and higher levels of Nitric Oxide, they’ve really set the bar high for themselves. Most supplements of this nature only make a few claims, and are only designed to provide a few different results in certain areas. It’s not very often that you come across a product that is so comprehensive. They’ve designed it in a way that they say you won’t need to take anything else while you’re using this because it provides you with everything you need.

While you’re working out, this should allow you to work out more intensely for longer durations by pushing back the time it takes for your muscles to wear out. By raising the time it takes you to become fully depleted, you’re able to break down your muscles more than you could by just lifting alone. Since muscle growth is linked to the repairing of the muscle tissues, this will allow you to have bigger gains by having more muscle to repair. The formula also assists in the repair process, so you’re covering all of your bases.

One benefit that we can’t see how they pull off is that of improved hydration. The body needs pure water to hydrate itself, so it’s not clear why they believe it will help hydrate you, and not aid in dehydrating you. Aside from that, the other claims seem to be in line with the ingredients it contains, and many real-world tests appear to confirm what their research studies have reported.

Overall, the feedback on this has been pretty phenomenal. What makes it most impressive is there are very few muscle-building products on the market that have relatively unanimous positive feedback, with most of them getting a mixed reaction of fans and naysayers. But with this one there are so many users saying it’s great, with very few drawbacks and a small proportion of those that say it didn’t work for them.

Final Xtend Review

Xtend gets out Thumbs Up rating, as there’s simply too many good things being said about it from actual users. The combination of ingredients being used makes it so you can have the confidence you need that you’re not missing out on any key substance.

Our Recommendation
At this price point it’s one of the supplements you should try if you’ve had limited success up until now with more conventional supplements like whey protein. It’s about finding the right mix of exercises, foods, and supplements that get you the results you need. Each person is a little different, and will require their own unique combination, so it’s a matter of tinkering, evaluating, and trying new things until you get it right.

What do you think? Does Xtend work or not?

Customer Review on “Does SciVation Xtend Really Work?

  1. “Scientifically proven to build muscle and burn fat!” Jesus, they can say anything, can’t they? Okay I’m being overly harsh, but you have to spend a little time actually trying to build muscle and burn fat to know just how ridiculous these claims are. Sure, if you are lifting weights, the muscle fibres tear and you need protein to build them back up. This is the process of muscle building. But these products are not required to do it. They make you think that, by taking them, you will he able to out-do nature. You wont. They are like diet pills. They don’t work in the way that they claim to. Eating eggs and chicken has the same effect.

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