Does Sea Buckthorn Really Work?

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Does Sea Buckthorn work?Thinking about a sea buckthorn product to fix what’s ailing you? It seems like everything on the Earth will someday have its 15 minutes of fame as a wonder cure. This has been around for at least hundreds of years, but has been flying under the radar for most people.

Leave it to Dr. Oz to put the spotlight on it and cause a mini-frenzy for it. But even though he said it works for weight loss, can you really trust his recommendation, and can this natural substance really be effective?

Sea buckthorn is nothing new, it’s just that we’re finding out more and more about it since many manufacturers are trying to sell their products to us. It’s been in the news, on talk shows, and on many health and fitness blogs. But the Chinese have been using it for thousands of years, so it’s not like it’s anything revolutionary. The reason it sounds so great is that it contains a substance known as Omega 7, which sounds better than the Omega 3 we’re all familiar with, just because its number is higher.

But apparently this Omega 7 fatty acid is really good for fat loss, because it’s the good kind of fat, and the body can’t make them on its own. You need to get them from food or natural sources.

The Claim
Proponents of using sea buckthorn claim that it can help with all sorts of things from weight loss, to cardiovascular problems, to healthier skin, and even cancer. But the scientific evidence is struggling to keep up with people’s demands for the products that contain it. Most people seem willing to give it a try anyway, since preliminary findings in mice are showing positive or at least hopeful results.

The Hype
Sea buckthorn made it onto the Dr. Oz show, which is literally a hype machine. It only takes one passing mention of a new all natural substance and people go rushing online in droves to buy it. Not even to research it further, but to buy it. The show itself is less about science and medicine than it is about stirring up frenzies for new fads. And the interesting part is that he usually doesn’t endorse a specific product, so it’s hard to figure out what his motive is.

The Cost
The cost of sea buckthorn products varies considerably with which company you go with, and what sort of product you’re buying. You can get some of them pretty cheap, or pay over a hundred dollars for others. This is because you’re not going to be buying straight sea buckthorn, it will be mixed in with other ingredients, and it is the other ingredients that have a greater determination of the price.

The Commitment
Like with any all natural dietary supplement or topical treatment, you’ll need to use sea buckthorn regularly if you want to see any results. It’s not a one dose wonder by any means, and you’re body is going to have to get enough of it in its system for the positive effects to take place, if there’s to be any chance at all. If you only try using it for a week or two, you’re probably not going to be happy with the results you get. That’s the number one problem people face when they use all natural products. They don’t give it enough time, and are impatient and then turn to chemicals and drugs that have short term results but long term consequences.

That being said you don’t want to use sea buckthorn indefinitely, or for the long term. There are risks to using it for too long, so you want to find that happy place where it does what you need it to do, whether for weight loss or as a digestive aid, and then you step down from it.

Scientists would be working around the clock if they were tasked with trying to keep up with consumer demand for natural as well as pharmaceutical answers to their problems. They do a lot of testing on lab mice, but human trials are always slow and cumbersome. And when they do get results, they’re always questioned as to whether they were just working for a specific company, and whether the data is compromised. It’s all a big mess really, and so there’s no good way to know if this is something that is safe, or whether it will be effective for you.

The good news is that many times people have tried things out before you, and you can read their reviews to try and steer clear of the train wrecks out there. This can help you from potentially serious side effects, as well as save your wallet from some wasted money. For products that don’t have a lot of peer reviews, it’s always best to hold off on it, until you can get a better idea of whether it works or not.

Final Sea Buckthorn Review

The thing that is important to remember when you’re considering a sea buckthorn product is not to get swept up in all of the hoopla. There is no wonder drug out there, and the key to fantastic results is not relying on one thing to save you. You should be taking a holistic approach to whatever it is that you’re trying to fix, whether it be losing weight, clearing up your acne, or healing your rosacea. For almost everything that is wrong with the body, getting proper sleep, eating healthy foods, and getting regular exercise can go a long way with turning things around.

Our Recommendation
If you’re going to try sea buckthorn, be sure that you have a specific ailment that you want to use it on. That way you can more easily gauge whether or not it’s working. Each product out there seems to be tailored to a certain goal, so it should be easy enough to match what you’re wanting to fix with a product that is in line with that condition.

Sea Buckthorn FAQ

A lot of people have questions about sea buckthorn, and unfortunately the only people that seem to want to answer them are Wikipedia and those trying to sell sea buckthorn merhcandise. So we’ve assembled some of the most asked questions out there, and have provided quick answers for you. If you have further questions, be sure to ask them in the comment section below and we’ll get right on it.

Does GNC Sell Sea Buckthorn?
GNC mostly carries the sibu line of sea buckthorn products. These come in a wide assortment of items ranging from creams and serums, to dietary supplements and oils.

Does Sea Buckthorn Cause Diarrhea?
While it doesn’t necessarily cause diarrhea, it can make it worse if you’ve already got it. This is why you don’t want to take too much of it, because it can be used as a digestive aid, but you don’t want to go too far. Only use the recommended dose, and use less if you start to notice that you’re stools are too loose. A suggested adjunct is healthier foods like fruits and vegetables, and less fatty foods while you’re taking it.

Does Sea Buckthorn Help Acne?
Because of its oily nature, many people wonder if it clogs pores and leads to breakouts. It is in fact non-comedogenic, and often added to all natural products that are designed not to clog the pores. There are also several lines of acne products available that use sea buckthorn in them, and claim that it’s powerful nutrients help give the skin what it needs to fight zits.

Does Sea Buckthorn Help Rosacea?
A lot of marketers out there sell rosacea products that contain sea buckthorn, claiming that it helps with this condition. Preliminary findings are pointing to it working, but you’ll want to look further into whether or not it can treat your specific condition.

Does Sea Buckthorn Help You Lose Weight?
One of the claims made by proponents of sea buckthorn is that it can help with your weight loss efforts. The reason cited is that is contains certain types of fatty acids that the body needs. These are the things that help signal to your body that you’re full. If we don’t get enough of them, we keep eating because we still feel hungry. By getting the right amount of them we’re able to stop eating at a more healthy time, and that naturally leads to weight loss.

Does Sea Buckthorn Kill Demodex Mites?
It is commonly thought this it does kill demodex mites, and you’ll want to use the oil for that. Some hair loss sites claim that demodex mites are the reason for balding in men, with many saying that it is not true. But they have also been attributed as the cause of many other ailments, so you should do further research into weather it is a viable solution to whatever you’re trying to treat.

How Does Sea Buckthorn Help With Constipation?
It’s better to use this as a preventive measure, rather than if you’ve already got it. Because it can be thought of as a digestive aid, it will help you process the foods you eat better, and lead to a more natural flow of fecal matter out of your system. If you’re diet is less than ideal, you’ll probably find that you have a fluctuating time in the bathroom, going from one extreme of constipation and then a few days later a bout of diarrhea. Digestive aids like pro and prebiotics can help you digest your food and sea buckthorn also seems to offer assistance.

Is Sea Buckthorn Oil Good For Skin?
One of the main benefits that is often touted is that this can make your skin look and feel better. Many companies out there also include is as an acne treatment.

Is Sea Buckthorn Edible?
The berries are edible, but they’re also very bitter, which is why you’ll rarely find them sold for straight consumption. It’s usually mixed with some sort of sugary substance so that it goes down more easily. They are also never consumed fresh, but dried first.

Is Sea Buckthorn Good For Hair?
Many shampoos and conditioners are starting to include sea buckthorn in them as a way to bolster sales. They claim that the rich nutrients in it make the hair healthier, shinier, and stronger. It makes sense since it is a very nutrient dense substance, and the topical benefits seem to provide better results than ingesting it. It most likely would have positive results, all else being equal.

Is Sea Buckthorn Oil Good For Eczema?
There is some evidence that it should help in cases of eczema, but only in the types that are caused by demodex mites. There are products out there that that include sea buckthorn and are specifically designed to help treat eczema. Be sure to research your different options, and go with the one that makes the most sense to you, or matches which type of eczema you’ve been diagnosed with.

Is Sea Buckthorn Oil Good For Gums?
Dr. Oz said on his show that sea buckthorn oil can be used for healthier gums. Most people give him a high level of credibility, so it’s just a matter of choosing the right product out there, and one that is designed to be used primarily for the gums.

Is Sea Buckthorn Safe During Pregnancy?
There hasn’t been enough studies conducted on whether or not pregnant women should use it during their pregnancy. The overriding thought is that it’s best to play it safe, and the potential positive benefits it might provide would be slight compared to the risks it might include.

Is Sea Buckthorn Safe To Take?
Most studies show that it is safe to take for the average adult. If you are currently sick or otherwise unhealthy you should consult your doctor before taking it. To be safe you should consult your doctor before starting any new supplementation to your diet.

What do you think? Does Sea Buckthorn work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does Sea Buckthorn Really Work?

  1. I am happy to tell you that the wonderful things you are reading about SeaBuckThorn oil (SBTO) are true. Let me just share some of the benefits I have noticed after using the essential oil and the capsules. I am going to be brief because my hands have arthritis which is in full attack mode this morning so it is hard to type a lengthy response.
    1: SBTO softens and moisturizes tissues – cardiac, intestinal, vaginal etc. SBTO capsules are very good for menopausal women who find sex painful because they suffer from vaginal dryness. SBTO caps take care of this quick and nice. This is a benefit that is measureable or observable so you don’t have to guess about whether it is working. I use SBT Wonders brand which is @ $33.00 for a 60 day supply so at @$16.00 a month not too expensive. I have a bit of IBS and this beneficial for that as well. I am not trying to advocate for a particular brand but I am using this as an example to share cost. Occasionally EBay has it for @ $5 less but I use Amazon most of the time. I also use the essential oil called Seabuckthorn seed oil, Levin Rose brand on Amazon and ebay. A 2oz bottle of this is about $19.00. Be careful buying from ebay because they sell this but the bottle they sell is a 1oz .So just be cautious and check for the amount.
    2: Sea Buckthorne comes in two variations–the seed oil and the berry oil. I use both for different reasons. The berry oil has a tendency to stain the skin so I use it mixed with other essentials as an after shower moisturizer. The seed oil is made from the seed and it is a brownish yellow oil that does not stain. This oil penetrates quickly and is a good carrier oil. I first purchased this for my skin but my sister had been complainng about skin mites (demodex) that infected her face and eyelashes and she would spend hours picking at them only to find they were even worse. I gifted her with a bottle of the seed oil and this woman who is never pleased with anything told me two weeks later “I have to tell you something but you have to swear not to tell anybody I said this or i will have to kill you, this stuff really works!” She began to cry and shared how effective the oil was in killing the mites and she was no longer spending hours picking her face every night! And she explained that her skin had never felt so moist, supple, and the skin color was vibrant again.
    This oil is also very beneficial to treat baby skin problems, exzema, diaper rash etc. and a host of other ailments.
    So there you go folks, I have read so many testimonials about this wonderful oil and I believe every one of them. For a treat Google Alexander the Great and SBTO. great story! The only way to know if this stuff is good is to try it, testimonials are good but one’s own experience is the best. There are very expensive brands, low priced and mid priced and I chose the midline because it is effective and I don’t have to go without when I run out. These two products have worked wonders for me and others who have started on it. Be sure to pay attention to the difference between the seed and the berry oil so you don’t have to wash a red stain from your body or pillow cases, but it works well diluted with other oils.
    I hope your experience is a beneficial to you as mine has been starting from the beginning to now. I am still excited about this wonderful product and its variations and I never want to be without it. I would rather go without food. So explore, experiment, see the truth and write your own story.

  2. How long should you take seabuckthorn oil. For dry eyes and how much should you take?

  3. So if the Chinese have used it for thousands of years, it does bring up an interesting question. How many fat Chinese people have you seen in your life? Not many and especially for those who actually live in China. Could it have something to do with this? I mean if they take sea buckthorn on a regular basis, it must have a positive effect on them. Plus, there are three things that I can potentially get a cure with this, diarrhea, pimple, and weight loss. I feel much safer taking something natural like sea buckthorn than some pills with bunch of different chemicals in them.

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