Does Snap 2-O Really Work?

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Does Snap 2-O work?Snap 2-O wants to help you say goodbye to all of the twisting and turning you do wrestling with your garden hose. Many of us have the experience of getting a sore wrist from trying to connect or disconnect a hose. And if you don’t get the threading just right, you can expect to get a shower when you turn the water on. But this system is supposed to snap on and snap off in just about a second. So we put it to the test to see if it actually works the way it is shown to in its infomercial.

It’s often the best inventions that use a common experience of frustration and struggle to create a product that alleviates the problem. While it may not seem like a big deal, if you spend a lot of time outdoors gardening or watering your lawn, this can be a big time saver. It is also great for people with arthritis, as it reduces the amount of twisting with the hand and wrist. It comes with a spray nozzle as well so that you can us it for a lot of different tasks, like cleaning widows, or spraying debris from your sidewalks or footpaths.

The Claim
Snap 2-O claims that all you have to do is install it once, and is ready to go. After that, when you want to change out your hose, sprinkler, or spray gun you simply snap the old one off, and snap the new one on. They say it does this by creating an airtight seal so that no water is lost.

The Hype
Anyone that has ever tried to attach or take off a hose can relate to this product. By connecting on a universal level it is creating hype for itself because people will want to know if it really does work and if it really can save them the hassle.

The Cost
Snap 2-O is $26 for two units which includes shipping. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try it out and test it for yourself and see how it works. There isn’t really anything else on the market like this, and it’s not a bad price for what it does.

The Commitment
This should be a reduction in the amount time spent fussing with your garden hose. You’ll get the most use out of this if you have a lot of different tools you use out in the yard and find yourself switching between them frequently. The nice thing about it is that once it’s set up, you don’t have to take it off ever again. You just start using it to click your hose attachments on and off. It’s really a set and forget installation.

We put Snap 2-O to the test to see how it would perform in a real-world situation. Many times they doctor infomercials to put the product in the best light, so we wanted to see what it does for a real user. In our testing yard we have many sprinklers that we use to water the lawn. It can be very troublesome to switch between the different ones and we thought this was the perfect condition to test out the device. Installing it was rather easy, it screws on just like a normal hose, the only difference is you only have to screw it on once. Once it’s in place the snapping begins.

Snapping between the different hoses was very easy, and it really does just snap on and snap off as quickly as is shown. In the commercial they show it being held over a laptop computer and not dripping any water on it. We would have to say that it would pass that test, because once it’s in place, it doesn’t drip. It’s nice to know that no water is being wasted, and to know that you won’t get inadvertently sprayed with water from a connection that is less than watertight.

Final Snap 2-O Review

The Snap 2-O system is a great invention, and is getting our Thumbs Up review. It is well constructed, does exactly what it says it can do, and is fast and easy to use. If you were considering getting this but needed to know whether or not it works before you went ahead with it, we can definitely say that it does. This makes a great gift for someone you know that is a gardener, or spends a lot of time tending to their landscaping.

Our Recommendation
Grab this if you found yourself intrigued by the premise of never having to struggle with a garden hose nozzle again. It lives up to its claims and delivers flawlessly. When it comes to getting this job done there’s nothing else on the market that even comes close.

What do you think? Does Snap 2-O work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does Snap 2-O Really Work?

  1. The Snap 2-0 is the greatest invention for outdoor hoses. Every time you need to exchange the sprinkler to the regular hose can be such a mess. You have to unscrew the hose, then hook up the sprayer nozzle, but now this is simple. I just snap and then I can spray off my patio, clean windows, then snap back on my sprinkler to water my garden. It doesn’t drip after using it several times. It comes with a snap on sprinkler that fits perfectly. This is a must have for anyone who uses their sprinkler and hose several times each week.

  2. Oh my lord you’re a lifesaver~~~!!! I didn’t even know something like this even existed LOL I need one so badly because this would make my life so much easier. I hate and I just despise switching from sprinkler to hose nozzle. I would have been hesitant to just buy it without the video, so thank you so much for making the review vid, it clearly works as advertised. Thank you~ I’m getting it right now.

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